The next Trek T.V show.

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by Froissart, May 9, 2014.

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    Hello folks i am new to this site but i'am a long time trek fan as i would guess are most of you.For me its been way to long since we had some Trek on the air.So this got me thinking,"Why no trek"????Hummmmmmmmm,well folks it all boils down to 1 thing,and yes its the same thing that everything boils down to...MONEY.The equation is quite simple, Cost of production+viewers+sponsors=MONEY
    Good now thats out of the way lets look at how we can fix this, this to is very simple, but first we need to look at the biggest part of the equation.. The viewers, The one thing i learned about trek fan is that what we want to see is very diverse ,some want classic trek some want TNG while others want Enterprise or Voyager,future,past bla bla bla you get my point.This can be extreme to the point where a Trek fan will not watch a show because its not what he/she want from trek i know people who have done this,and yep there goes the main part of the equation ..just look at Enterprise(a great trek show in my mind)but a few bad eps and not being what everyone wanted = FLUSH.

    Chapter 2 Fixing the problem

    Fixing the problem
    Well here comes my favorite part ,How do we fix this you ask??Well we have to look at What made Star Trek what it is today ,and that would be TOS ,if not for TOS we wouldnt have any of it. What TOS did was it captured the imagination ,every week would be a new adventure something different all the time ,no story arc (but i love story arc's)just stories we all loved.So how do we bring back what made Star Trek great in the first place and at the same time give everyone(The fans,the people who spend money to make the show) exactly what they want?,Easy Star Fleet Chronicles ,What is SFC?Well SFC is a show that can save a lot of money in production while at the same time give every trek fan what they want.SFC would chronicle the events of star fleet from day 1 to well when ever we want,each week we would get a diff show,a different crew(save $$$ on actors)a diff time and place,(Years of trek footage to use)save more$$.after awhile we may see some of these crews again(im sure there will be favs)in story arcs(WOOOHOOO)that may span 100's of years.This would make the show very diverse,just imagine..Next week on SFC 2367 USS Yamaguchi Wolf 359.(use of old stock$$$)a simple story of a ship and her crew in her last days.(would love to see it)We just got to step out of the box,Enterprise wasnt the only ship that had adventures.Hell how about stardate 3045.6 the brave people of Cestus III Outpost ,the hopless fight to stay alive.You get my point ,(I bet just the people here on this site could come up with 100’s of ideas alone) there are so many ships,places,times,dimentions,people,that the story ideas are endless,i see Star Trek fan fiction everywhere that would fit right in with SFC(alot of stories already done)an increase of employment for actors by using a different crew each week and it would be cost effective for the production company,i also hear alot of the old sets are still around(reuse save$$ again),i also see a few small companies making there own episodes for little or nothing and doing (In my opinion) a damn good sets from these guys and save$$$ and help them by doing so.the Possibilities are endless,I hope some smart business person out there see's this and can realize the potential. Well folks just an idea I had.
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    (paragraphs are your friend)
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    You'd go broke building new sets every week for a Trek anthology show.
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    There are still alot of sets still out there that they can buy back or even rent,just google it and you will be surprised at what is still around.Im sure this will never happen it was just some wishfull thinking is all.
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    Very wishful thinking, I might add.
    Besides, a TV show would always relay on a little cohesion, which I don't recognize here at all. It does not neccesarily have to include a story arc, but a recurring cast might help every TV show - at least it has in the past. I believe. That doesn't seem to be any concern of your's if I'm reading/interpreting your post correctly...
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    Does anyone even know what the last successful anthology series was? It seems like it's been a while. If there's nothing recent to suggest the format is viable (i.e. It would get good ratings), a network would be gunshy to launch such a series.

    Also, reiterating the point others have made, anthology series are expensive to produce.
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    Sure an anthology show could work, as for sets you could build a modular bridge that you could change around so it would look slighlty different.

    But that really wasn't Star Trek's problem, I would say :

    It had started to play it a little too safe, when other shows at the time were taking risks.

    It relied too much on the anamoly of the week.

    Inane technobabble.

    There might have been a certain amount of fatigue from producing so much.

    Studio interferance (not that all studio interferance is bad)

    Inconsistant characterisation

    Poor continuity

    Rehashing story themes

    There is a lot to fix, but all I want is consistant characterisation, characters who grow, engaging stories that don't overly rely on technobabble solutions.