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    Have to agree here. I must say I don't like Gates McFadden or the "character" of Dr. Crusher. I found her boring, and she just became Picard's kind of sexual tension gf! It would've been more interesting if the empathic Troi was the ship's CMO, IMHO, as I always liked Troi and felt she was never written properly. -- RR
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    ^I like to refer to Crusher as Janice Rand with a medical degree. Troi had potential but they dumbed her in the middle seasons and then decided to give her a brain far too late. Early press for season one, Marina Sirtus said that Troi was the brain of the ship kinda like Spock because Betazoids being telepaths had sophisticated minds. Alas, the writers never did anything with that and gave the brain role to Data.