The Musketeers - BBC 2014 Adaptation.

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    Only just found this thread... I've been posting in this one instead.

    I've found this a pretty impressive show after a couple of mediocre episodes at the start, but I'm a little disappointed by the season finale. A lot of things came to a head, but very little of it had any lasting consequences. Characters kept backing away at the last moment and declining to make a permanent change in the status quo. It's a pretty old-school season finale, the kind that's more about reset buttons than major changes to the storyline. Sure, Richilieu's been found out, but he's not being punished because Reasons. Milady's been exiled, but she's still alive and will surely be back (and did Athos really have the right to just permit her flight from lawful authority?). Constance is staying with Bonacieux thanks to a very sudden and contrived bit of blatant emotional blackmail (I mean, the guy is literally holding himself hostage to threaten her into staying). The only real advance is with the Queen and Aramis. All in all, it's a rather timid finale to a season that had shown signs of being bolder.

    Of course, it's ironic that they reset things so completely with Richilieu, given that he's going to be gone next season. I'd been assuming that this storyline was set up to allow him to be written out of the show, but I guess they didn't get the news in time to adjust the story.

    Cool to see Sean Pertwee, though, as always. I don't think I've ever seen him with long hair before; it's uncanny how much he resembles his father sometimes.

    By the way, could someone clarify something for me? I assume "Milady de Winter" is a title, a variant of "My lady." But characters within the story and real-world writings about the story consistently seem to use "Milady" as if it were her first name. For instance, the second Richard Lester movie is The Four Musketeers: Milady's Revenge. Is this just some weird use of a title of nobility, or is Milady her actual (or adopted) given name?

    Speaking of Lester, in reading through the thread I see a bunch of people praising his 1973 film as the best version of the story. I recently saw it on Turner Classic Movies, and I'm afraid I can't agree. It was too goofy and slapsticky, like an attempt to turn it into a Marx Brothers movie, except without any of the verbal wit. I also found Charlton Heston rather boring as Richilieu, though I guess I've been spoiled by Capaldi.
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    I honestly can't remember if Milady de Winter ever had an established given name. Every adaptation I can recall seeing has always just called her "Milady," except for the Disney adaptation, where Athos called her "Sabine." I don't know if that name came from Dumas or if it was just made up for the movie.
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    According to Wikipedia, her aliases in the novel included Anne de Breuil (when Athos met her); the Comtesse de la Fere (when married to Athos, aka the Comte de la Fere); Milady de Winter, Baroness Sheffield (to use the full title); Lady Clarick (sometimes Clarisse or Clarice in translations); and Charlotte Backson. No Sabine.

    Apparently she had a brother-in-law who was Lord de Winter, so I guess that settles it that "Milady" is her title. But you'd think it would be "Lady de Winter," and just "Milady" when she was being addressed directly.
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    I suspect the title just became a name of sorts when the stories were translated back and forth.

    FWIW, the real person the character is based on was called Lucy Carlisle, so that's probably the character's real name too...
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    Her Wiki bio alone sounds like the makings of a great movie.,_Countess_of_Carlisle