The Legend of Korra: Book 3

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    ^ I would have liked a movie too but they made the comics because a movie was rejected.

    As for bending applications in a modern world, it's a fascinating topic. I don't have a lot to say but maybe I will at some future point. I will say this though, bending strikes me as something that has physical or spiritual ties to the earth so bending probably won't work in space or on another planet. The fact that waterbenders need the moon and firebenders need the sun lends credence to this. I'm sure there's more where airbenders and earthbenders are concerned. On earth though, all the tech we have will still exist because only a small percentage of people are benders, but what of benders themselves? They'll no doubt be able to use their abilities in place of tech and the sky's the limit. Literally so if what I just said is correct. Materializing things or making food grow faster are the only things they couldn't do as far as I know.

    Here's a little of what else you can expect...



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    Nicktoons is airing Korra this week! It's at 8PM Eastern and 5PM Pacific.
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    ^Yup, the rest of Book 3 will finally debut on television.
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    ^I'm just flummoxed by their handling of this show.