The Invaders..ripe for a revival?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by MANT!, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Just finished watching the DVDs of The Invader's first season and will say, I'm wowed by the stories the acting etc. Many of the guest stars were also featured on Star Trek episodes.. but getting to the meat of this post, How many folks would think that with today's uncertain times..(with "terrorists" around every corner) that a re-make of this series would work today?
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    There was already a remake with Scott Bakula. It wasn't bad, but I have no real interest in a remake, especially with a show that has by now had its central plot repeated in multiple paranoiac tv shows.

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    I recorded but never got around to watching Scott Bakula's 1995 sequel to the TV series. Roy Thinnes appeared in as David Vincent again. I hope I can find that videocassette somewhere.
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    Besides it having been done so many times by now, theme-wise, I see a problem with modern re-tellings. Too many times, such 'resistance to invasion' storylines lapse into complete hopelessness, in an effort to show something not seen before. Problem is, without even the remote sliver of a possibility of hope, the heroes' quest can seem ridiculous and pointless. Traditionally, this seems to be embodied as : The aliens have a weakness, which in Mid-S1 is overcome and even used against the heroes.

    You need to move a story along, and keep it interesting. But if you get the feeling you're just watching the story of Earth's final and permanent takeover/defeat and a few stupids that tried to stop it, what's the point? I mean, I can see a series *premised* that way, perhaps relating to Humanity's enslaved descendants or rebel members of the aliens how we stood up anyway, but talk about a limited series.

    To make a story work, neither hero nor villain can be truly invincible.
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    TV series was way ahead of its time, it would have been a natural in the mid 1990's. Unjustly dismissed at the time as Quinn Martin's attempt to make another Fugitive.

    Here's a link to three of the episodes: "The Watchers", "The Valley of the Shadow" and "The Enemy". Scroll down to find them.
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    Revive Invasion from a couple years back. Once they got settled into the plotline, it was good.
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    It seems I've missed or forgotten some series along the way---V, Earth: The Final Conflict, War of the Worlds TV series, Invasion, Surface (if that counts,) The Abyss, not one showed the aliens as winning in the end. UK's Invasion: Earth did, and Threshold distinctly headed in that direction (a prime reason it wasn't that popular I think.)

    Officially, BSG starts with enemy victory but everybody bops along like normal until there needs to be an excuse for the heroes to get mean, whereupon they suddenly remember they are traumatized and hanging on the edge of destruction. In any event the sexy Cylons have already surrendered, and the question is whether only the homely ones are exterminated.

    Nor is it true as far as I know of theatrical movies. As I remember, only The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Abyss showed the aliens as invincible---except in those cases they were benevolent! (I expect that if aliens better and stronger than us teaching us a lesson is kept in the new version Day, it will be viciously attacked.)

    What TV series or movies lapse into hopelessness?

    As to the larger point, invincible hero or villains can work if the story is not about who wins. There are such stories.
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    For a moment I thought you meant the Marvel Invaders :lol: and thought...wait! I thought they were doing a revival of somesorts.