The Future of Fake News

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Gary7, Apr 7, 2018.

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    Have you seen this? --> The Future of Fake News.

    No doubt it's fake. The facial movements look quite a bit off. But... this is the closest I've ever seen to a fake video looking like reality. Had they recorded the person reciting the fake speech with him moving his head completely in concert with Obama's head movements, it would be even closer.

    Eventually, some group/team of people is going to perfect this. And then we'll have this serious problem of fake vdeo clips being indistinguishable from real ones. And it's not just some talented media people who might create fake clips here having fun... but the malevolent people in foreign lands that want to inject chaos into our cultures. Russia's FSB organization, for instance. Gucifer. Wikileaks.

    I really think a governmental agency like the FCC in the USA needs to take this impending problem very seriously, in concert with an equivalent European agency. If we take a reactive approach, it'll be too late.

    What could be done? I'm thinking that all video recording devices need to have some kind of security algorithm inserted. Some kind of "video encryption" that can identify if video media is original. It would not be affected by change in resolution... meaning if you take the video as is and compress it, it'll still show as original. But if pixel manipulation takes place, it will be detected. This kind of algorithm would need to be embedded in the firmware of recording devices. So every video technology company would have to provide this in cameras ranging from cellphones to consumer cameras, to high end professional cameras.

    Does that sound feasible? What other possible measures do you think could be taken?
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    No thoughts? Is the general consensus that Pandora's box is opened and can never be contained--permanent state of information chaos?
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    Jul 27, 2001
    Disinformation has been among us since there was any media, yes, this is a bit more refined but still, sources can be checked, events verified, this takes time and people don't have any patience.

    As for a solution: use yer head/common sense, check, verify and don't just walk along with the masses.