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    This new (locked) topic is a linked index to various threads in this forum intended as resources for current and aspiring fan-filmmakers or those just interested in the topic.

    If you have a suggestion for another thread in this forum that should be included in this index please PM the moderator!

    Fan films and How YouTube Works
    A brief discussion of how scattering too many versions of your fan film on YouTube can dilute the chances of people finding it.

    The Fan Filmmaker's Primer
    Started in 2010, this is a resource for fan filmmakers, with posts about story boarding, lighting, shot composition, editing, working with talent, etc. It also includes the most detailed discussion of slating (i.e. the clapper board) you've ever seen,

    The Fan Film Writer's Primer
    Started in 2012, this is a resource for fan film screenwriters and discusses screenplay formats, conventions, three act structure, etc.

    The Fan Filmmakers Film Reference Vault
    Started in 2018 after the CBS/Paramount Guidelines were issued. The focus is be on films that pack a punch within the kind of restricted running times the Guidelines set forth.

    What Happened to Starship Exeter—The Completion of a Fan film
    A multi-part, gloves-off, post-mortem of the protracted post-production of the fan film Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection intended as a cautionary tale to current and aspiring fan filmmakers how a production can languish in post production, and how, in one case, they got out of it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.