Spoilers The Expanse Season 5

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    Mar 25, 2021
    That scene was outstanding cinematography. It was visceral, emotional...I hope they submit this episode for a best actress Golden Globe for Dominique Tipper.
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    They go into it a little more in on of the more recent episodes of the podcast; apparently the problem is in the scheduling. A show has a certain window in which it can book actors; generally between when they actually know what the shooting schedule is and when they have to start shooting. So far, every time they've been in a position to try and book him, he's been busy for the period that they'll be shooting. No mention is made of his rates being a factor one way or another, so it's probably not a huge concern.

    Also, being in a tent-pole production doesn't automatically mean EVERYONE gets paid significantly more. The star and principles maybe, but the supporting cast are probably either on scale, or a little above if they're especially sought after.
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    I started season 1 of the Expanse two weeks ago and I just finished season five yesterday. I am hooked. This show rules. I’m excited for the 6th season.
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    I'm think of giving this show a go but not sure with all the scandals that surround it, maybe they will remake it as an animtion series some day.

    I'm not a big fan of re-casting another actor with another face, for good ro bad I guess it feels historically wrong I'm not a fan of the way JoeStalin would try to change history i guess by air-brushing some of his commadres out of the photos, did they fire the actor and re-cast him or use their budgets to Photoshop and Paint them out of scenes?

    I wonder can you binge watch the series? I might give this show a go, I read one of the books a while back I didnt love it but enjoyed it and I thought it was ok, I'm almost always up for scifi even annoying stuff like long seasons or B-movie crap and there does not seem to be much else out there. However I'm wondering the the scandal stuff, the harassment, upwards of 30 individuals have come forward with claims about one actors sexual assault behavior...so is the show even watchable now??? Would this be another series self-sabotaging itself À la House of Cards. I seen some of the 'MeToo' stuff and Rapey Weinstein Epstein stories trend by women on Twitter and other platform, the movement spread across the world to Europe and S.America and Asia 'MoiAussi'...I'm guessing they killed off one of the characters / actors in the series to try get the show back on the road?
    House of Cards was one of those hyped shows I had planned to watch, some on blogs and forums said it became unwatchable after the scandals others online said “House of Cards” was dead anyhow and hasn’t been good since season two.
    Would you guys re-watch the scifi show the creepy actor knowing what was going on behind the scenes or would you just fast forward through those moments in the show?
    For now I might just rewatch the Attack on Titan anime or maybe Trek toons, maybe Defiance, there is lot of stuff we can re-watch...maybe I will watch old Stargate, the Mandalorian, Orville perhaps maybe Farscape, Continuum, 12 Monkeys or Twinpeaks or Stargirl or something ... I guess what I enjoyed about Fantasy and Scifi is they try to break ground be creative, get away from the big Hollyweirdo scandals, tell a story without falling into the cliche method of Hollywood storytelling, they make their own style in these shows without applying the whole "Oscarism" or shipper "Soap Opera" in scifi, the scifi story can stand on its won and without applying the behind the scenes actor scandals theory to this situation.
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    I thought the only scandal was with one actor
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    All 5 seasons can be streamed on Amazon with a Prime account. All seasons can be downloaded and viewed on the go, if you have the Prime Video App.

    Definitely check it out.

    As for the sole actor’s misbehavior; which at thus point has been accusations of sending unwanted messages to women and trying to leverage his celebrity for sex. I wouldn’t let that stop me from enjoying the show’s story and all the other actor’s artistry they out into this show. The actor has been punished and written out of the show.
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    The Wormhole
    As I am capable of separating actor from character, I can watch a show even knowing that the actor playing a character I like is in real life a creep.

    Since you're registered on a Star Trek message board, you're presumably a Star Trek fan. Are you bothered watching TMP by Stephen Collins's real life actions. To say nothing of all the things Gene Roddenberry himself is alleged to have done, does that sour your enjoyment of the franchise?