The depiction of London in In to Darkness.

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    For the same reason they exist now, where our ancestors would consider what we have today high speed communication and borderline magic.
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    The smart thing to do would have been to imagine so much change that the city would be unrecognizable.

    "Building height restrictions?" Yeah, sure - those aren't laws of nature. Doubt that they'll last two centuries into the future, anywhere.
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    Oct 22, 2017
    This topic kinda reminds me of those 60s sci-fi movies that imagined space colonies and moon rides for everyone by the year 2000.
    Even TOS assumes this rapid kind of technological progression when they say Botany Bay was launched in the 90s
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    While the proximity of the Tillman Plant to the studio lot no doubt made it a convenient spot for exterior location shots, the perpetually sunny and warm San Fernando Valley climate wasn't a very good stand-in for what would be typical at the Academy or SF HQ*. At those sites near the Golden Gate, the cool, gray and foggy weather seen in the 2009 movie is the one you're far more likely to encounter any time you walk outside.

    (* I know: something something weather control, but still... ;) )
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    So London a side what do I think of In to darkness? I think its a pretty solid take on star trek, a bit to violent in places , other than that great.

    NEW FILM NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!?
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