The death of Admiral Forrest in "The Forge"

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    To be fair, most actors like material that CHALLENGES them AS an actor. Adm. Forrest probably wasn't that challenging of a character to play, so I'm not surprised he'd pick other characters (like Klingons) that he found more challenging to play.
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    This will let you embed google photos

    Flickr will let you store up to 1,000 photos free, and should be able to embed directly. There's also but I cannot say how reliable they are.
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    Thank you very much @HopefulRomantic and @Jedman67 for your great help! Sometimes I think Roddenberry's future vision is too optimistic, then real life let me hope again, we can built it together. People help each other without quid pro quo. Thank you!

    So here we are with Mr. Armstrong featuring our ENT uniforms and all our teeth!

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    Which one are you ?

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    I wasn't aware they had regained their senses. (sort of)


    [SIZE=4]sekundant, NICE HAT!!![/SIZE]
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    Anyone who thinks Forrest is bland, is probably comparing him (consciously or unconsciously) to all the other corrupt and downright insane Admirals we saw on Star Trek (with a few exceptions).

    I liked Forrest. He's the type of superior officer you'd want in your corner in the "early days" of space exploration.
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    Indeed. We're so used to seeing evil Admirals that we can't handle it when a good one comes along.

    Although this is a symptom of a larger problem, really: the idea that there can't be any true heroes anymore, that every character (Admiral or not) has to have some evil in them. Those few characters who are truly, unquestionably good people are always written off as bland. It's sad, really, but what can you do. :sigh:
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