News The CW network is up for sale

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    I cut the cord and went back to the antenna for non-streaming shows. It's insane how many different free over-the-air TV stations there are. There can't be that many people watching them. The main networks we all know about even have sub-stations.

    Also, there's no such thing as an HD antenna. It's just an antenna so don't be fooled by the sales pitch.
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    Vegas, baby!
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    Can we all chip in and buy it?
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    A fan-owned network? Nothing would ever go wrong! :techman:
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    In my market the over the air UPN became MY NETWORK TV affiliate (and still is today) and the then cable only WB station that was run by my NBC affiliate (which is now their 2.3 sub channel) became the CW affiliate and still is. It’ll be interesting if Nexstar purchases it because they own the former affiliate that became the MYtv affiliate could they/would they strip the rights away?
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    Maybe you change the name and it becomes a tax shelter or something.
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    CBS Stations Looks to Reinvent and Expand Local News (

    I know it's probably just coincidence; however, I do find it interesting that CBS is looking to add programming other than CW/WB shows to its line-up.

    Ironically, before KSTW Channel 11 became UPN then the CW, they used to have a local 10pm newscast that was one of the top-rated in the Seattle-Tacoma market.