The Borg in JJverse

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    Assuming that the Federation we saw in the first five seconds of the movie was the same Federation that existed before history changed, then I would have trouble believing that Kirk could defeat the Borg we all know and loved and then loathed. (I will admit that if the Borg Queen continues to become more and more decadent, then her efforts to make Kirk Locutus Model -1.0 would result in Kirk ending the collective forever and the Borg Queen carrying his baby)

    There is another option. Do we really know that much about the 23rd Century Borg? Perhaps they were significantly less technological empowered and dependent. We could, for example, have a story where the 23rd Century Borg show up after having heard about their descendants fun and games with Cochrane and then Archer to invade the Federation. Only they are far from the challenge. Instead of being a race of bionic zombies, they are just a race of zombies. Individual Borg are easy to kill. Individual (but much smaller than familiar) cubes are easy to destroy. But they can still adapt. Instead of having one cube smash 39 ships, we have one ship smash 39 cubes only to find that 300 more or coming and they are more prepared. The race is for Kirk and Spock to defeat them before they become too strong.

    Or something.
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    Or they could just show up because it could make for an interesting two hour film?
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    No! They must be logically and canonically enmeshed in the Trekiverse!!
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    OT, but to be fair, phasers are not lasers. No, we shouldn't see the beam from a laser weapon, but that rule doesn't necessarily apply to a beam of energized particles, which is what a phaser is. Not to detract from your point though -- just saying there are better examples because we actually should see phaser beams :D
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    Like the time we SAW the transfer of memories from one person to another in Dax's Zhiantara?
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    I loved the Borg, but they don't belong in this timeline. I realize this is an alternate reality and anything can go, but I hope they stick to either races in TOS era or create new ones. If you want a scary race, how about Gorn? What could be more scary than a race of monster lizards taking over the ship?
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    Seeing as how how JJ wants to make the ships huge (insert innuedo about compensating here), a cube would be the size of a small moon!
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    The Gorn are the baddies in the prequel videogame (events from which will supposedly be referenced in the next movie):
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    And if they use that line from SW, I'll never forgive him!
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    A, yes - a credible way of consistently stopping an unstoppable juggernaut, with no exploitable chinks in its armor*.
    The fact that this problem has no solution is a fatal weakness of your concept.

    *After this, the writers could take on something easier - like creating a functioning free energy device.:rommie:

    The borg can be impossible to communicate to - too different, too alien - without being unstoppable.
    We are talking about 2 very different attributes.