The Borg From the Civilian Viewpoint.

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    Feeyalka May awoke with a start to the sound of distant echoing booms of thunder. Only she realized it was not thunder. She stood up slowly, her white night gown fluttering to the floor around her. She looked at her baby sleeping contently in her crib, her small breaths raising and falling smoothly. Feeyalka sighed and looked at her bed, at the usual place her husband would be, she did not expect him to be there, but still reflexively, she did, some small hope still ached deep within her heart, but he was not there.

    Distant flashes of white light drew her eyes to the gentle blowing curtains in the window. She knew where her husband would be. She crunched up her gown in her fists, lifted it above her ankles and quietly tiptoed out of her bedroom. She did not wish to wake her daughter up, it was for the better that she slept so soundly. Feeyalka knew she would never see her again.

    As she burst into a full run outside her home, the full weight of the futility of her actions threatened to collapse her heart, she did not care, with streaks of salty tears welling out from her eyes, she ran even faster, the glowing wheat a blur on her sides. Just one last time she wished to be with her love.

    She arrived, massive gasps wrenching her chest, she had never ran so much so fast. She stopped and stared at him, he sat quietly looking across the gently rolling wheat and the glowing cityscape on the gloomy horizon.

    Surprised, his gaze darted at her, then her chest, than back at her glistering tear stained face. She looked at the phaser in his hand and erupted into a loud string of giggles. He sighed a crooked smile and tossed the phaser onto the ground next to the old bench and motioned for her to sit. Suddenly it felt just like on ordinary day, just like any other time they had sneaked out for salacious rendezvous. She plopped down next to him, he hugged her and drew her tight to his warm body.

    “Looks like it will be one hell of a show.” He whispered gently rubbing his chin in her hair. Up above the streaks of phaser fire and photon torpedo detonations lit up the nigh sky in an chillingly beautiful display of death. They sat quietly an their farm, mesmerized by the morbid flashes of light. Which came every passing moment with less and less frequency, she knew it meant there was less and less surviving ships, less and less ships fighting back. When the last one falls, the Borg will come for them.

    Soon the sky was blazing white with thousand to streaks as the debris of the destroyed starships fell to ground, returning from where they had left.

    “Wow.” She stood up from her husbands embrace and walked out from under the drooping canopy of the willow tree. The illusion of the protective feeling she got from being under the old canopy disappeared as the full might of destruction unfolded in front of her eyes. A warp nacelle careened out of control through the heavens, leaving a glowing blue spiral expanding across it's blackness. A massive clap slapped her body, followed by roaring thundering explosions that threatened to collapse her chest. She glanced back at her husband, who stood staring into the sky slack jawed. He caught her glance and pointed for her to look, she followed his outstretched hand, her eyes grew wide. A half destroyed starship saucer section was plummeting to it fiery death, gasses and plasma erupting all around it. It was being pursued by a Borg cube, that kept firing green disruptor bolts at the falling wreckage. What stunned her still and made her husband come running to her side from under the tree was the fact that the damaged saucer section was still firing full spreads of phaser fire, that boomed like rolling thunder. Both glanced at each other with wide eyed bewilderment, hundreds of escape pods arced out of the doomed ship, most were destroyed by Borg fire before reaching the ground. The saucer blew past them and exploded with a ground liquefying blast, Feeyalka's husband garbed her by her slander waist and squeezed her tight, as the shock-wave roared past them. Then everything became quite, a warm moist trickle ran down the sides of her face. She blinked and coughed the dust clear of her eyes and mouth, she saw her husband doing the same, long streaks of dirt matted blood ran down his face and dripped from his chin on to her dirt caked gown. They both looked at the willow tree, now nothing more than a tortured ashen trunk sticking out of the charred earth, the crown blown away by the blast.

    Feeyalka's eyes followed the blazing fires, the trail of destruction in the wheat, her eyes came to a rest, where once stood her house, was now a roaring plasma fire and molten pool of earth. Her heart stopped in pain, she buried her face in her husbands chest and wept.

    The Borg cubes descended from the dark sky on green pillars of light, the hand of a demigod reaching out to lay waste and death. A green light, detached from the Borg cubes and fell onto the distant cityscape.

    Slowly rotating the Borg cubes lumbered above the shaking couple, Feeyalka looked up just to see the Borg quickly recede back to the cold depths of space. She looked at her husbands face, who smiled and gently kissed her on the tip of her nose. A brilliant white flash issued from the city below them. Feeyalka glanced at the light, she barely had time to register the fact the city was not there and that a huge disruptor wave was racing towards them, her blue eyes melted. Then their flesh evaporated, leaving their standing skeletons. Even than, as the disruptor plasma consumed the planet, the skeletons disintegrated before they could fall.

    This is part of my fanfic novel that I am slowly writing. The woman's death described, she is the sister of my hero/captain.

    Just thought I would post it here, mostly because I though the scene I wrote would be a nice opening sequence in a movie. A trilogy, of course, the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy.
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    Interesting opening but I think you must start from the premis that the purpose of the Borg is the assimilation of life forms, not wholesale destruction.

    The Borg fights if you resist, but even during a confrontation they assimilate new recruits.

    I personnally don't think planetary destruction as a revenge tactic, it would violate their basic programming.

    Please note in STNG First Contact, the scene where ther was a futuristic look at a Borg colonized Earth.

    Recommend you try investigating all the post Borg collapse of all the planetary systems under their control after the Borg Queen was destroyed.

    Immagine a post Borg civilization trying to reinvent itself, even to the point of trying to learn how to breed!

    Good Luck