The Animals That Aren't Dogs or Cats Thread

This is the pigeon that's been visiting from a photo taken few weeks ago. It still visits but not as frequently and seems to be more wary of me. I saw it briefly this morning but it flew away moments later. It's not like any racing pigeon I've seen before and doesn't seem injured or distressed with healthy looking legs and feet so maybe it's been playing me like a fool all this time and that's the problem with wild birds. Get close to you, take all your cornflakes and then give the cold shoulder. I'll make some calls tomorrow and try to identify it because if it is lost and living wild it might not last long. There's an agricultural/animal studies college a few miles away so I'll start there. The fact it's always alone concerns me.

I think someone might need to get out more, literally. I'm not positive but I think things like that can often be signs of psychological issues from being locked up in a stall with nothing to keep them busy for too long. Or maybe they're just weird.

I can’t see anything but it have something like peanut butter further back on it’s tongue. Or like you say if it’s not a one off it could indicate phycological or dental problems but it’s not excessively salivating so probably not dental.
Warning clip could be considered mildly NSFW
The newest Arthur's Acres rescue, Timmy, likes Todd a little too much.
And in case anyone is wondering, yes Timmy is neutered, he was just at the vet last week and Todd had them check to make sure.