The Animals That Aren't Dogs or Cats Thread

Finally caught those damn delinquent ducks!
Also, not to be a Dennis Downer or anything, but can we make an unofficial thread rule of only one video or photo per post? These auto-playing Imgur vids keep crashing my iPad, tbh. Unless someone knows how to shut off that ‘feature’/setting? (Help!)

I'm glad you mentioned that. I thought I was the only one having a browser crash problem on my tablet.

I don't know what it is with them, a quarter of the time on my computer they either just don't load anything, and just have an empty spot where the embedded object should be, or I just get a grey background with a spinning loading/buffering icon. Or when they do load and they drag the computer to a halt, or the video is so jumpy it might as well be a discrete set of still images.

Not a fan. But not against the rules, either.

Finally caught those damn delinquent ducks!

Oh, are they ducks? I assumed they were geese, and then the picture made total sense, what with their crimes against humanity and all...