The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I need to get some of those effects. Those are awesome.
Just for information, the flames you see in my picture are what you get in one box. So you only have to choose whether they shall be red, blue, purple or I believe I also have seen pink and grey ones even. Here are some pictures:

Aside fromt he flames, the Bandai people have many other cool things as well! I need to dig into it all yet.
Just a little follow up story to my "Doctor in Dresden". As I had realized too late that I had not dressed him up for the snow and cold. I could have given him a scarf and hat at least. So when we were back home, this happened:

The music box makes music (it plays "Only you")...

... and the globe is a pencil sharpener. The chocolate is real.

That's the Dresden painting by Canaletto there at the wall, and I put it on the mug as well:

Thankfully the Character Options Ten can remove his shoes, the Big Chief one can't do that:

Behind the scenes:

I built the "glass table" from some wire and a playing card box:

The new American Girl, Melody, was introduced today! She is so freaking cute.

She has a freaking recording studio.


She's out in late June. Just over a month before my birthday!!
Cute! Is she bringing a doll of herself with her? (first picture)

My custom made LEGO Dark Archer has arrived! And you get him with two faces. You can either display him with hair or with the mask, bow and arrows on the back.
In my mind, Jack Harkness and Malcolm Merlyn are the same person, so here is Jack with his "other self" in a glass case, ready whenever he needs the uniform (I should do more with the small Doctor Who figures, they are so cute)

picked up the Ben Riley Spider-Man tonight. i think its awesome he comes with alternate head and hands for Spider Carnage.


I just got the American Girl catalog the other day. They do have some cute dolls. In fact, I've bought some over the years. However, they are quite pricey.
Pricey, but very well made. My Samantha is almost 20 and she's still in perfect condition. Some of the furniture and accessory prices are ridiculous, though. Target's Our Generation clothes, accessories, and furniture are just as cute (in the case of OG's diner even cuter) and much less expensive.
I picked up the running change to and variant of the 6" Black Series Kylo Ren (the regular figure, not the Kmart-exclusive release from Starkiller Base). There are some noticeable differences between the variant and the first version that was released back in September, and they're apparent if you know what you're looking for.
Something huge came in today. I don't have pics of it yet but I couldn't wait any longer. I recently purchased the Ghostbusters Firehouse playset. This thing is massive! It's a hair shorter than my workspace table. I'm going to restore and customize it My small scale city just got even bigger.
Sorry for the double post but here's the firehouse. It didn't come with doors but the Gotham city bank playset makes a nice stand in until I get or make new doors for it. It practically dwarfs my other buildings. And there's a giant ghost cat lingering too. :lol:
Does that set come with all four of the original Ghostbusters? I've never seen it in person but I remember new Ghostbuster figures being shown on other websites and they were going to make all four of them.
Sorry to break in to your territory, Kira's Mom, but I picked up the long overdue Marvel Legends Mockingbird today and could only think of that classic panel from Fraction's Hawkeye

The ex-wife, the work wife, and the friend-girl
Does that set come with all four of the original Ghostbusters? I've never seen it in person but I remember new Ghostbuster figures being shown on other websites and they were going to make all four of them.
I don't think so. I got mine used and missing a few pieces. I do know it was made for the toy line based around "The Real Ghostbusters" Cartoon series but I don't believe it came with any figures in it's original run.
Ah, so it's that old. I thought it was a much more recent playset designed to interact with the newer figures. I never collected Ghostbusters toys back in the day so I didn't know they made this. Thanks for clarifying!
This is what I have been working on the whole weekend. I didn't like the first set of pictures (too cluttered) so made some changes. It's for another competition with the title "Futuristic". It will be in May but I want to show them in here early! And I would like to explain how you can have a futuristic scene with ordinary household things. Looking around and getting inspired of which things to use is my favorite part of creating these.

The table is constructed out of many music cassette cases and the plate is a clear plastic lid of a former Ferrero chocolates box.

What you see here on the table are the remnants of an alarm clock that had stopped working. I took it apart to see if I could use any pieces. The cogwheels were in white plastic so I painted them silver to make them look metallic:

The "shelves" are for holding music cassettes. They are supposed to stand horizontally, not vertically. The tubes were filled with sprinkles for baking. The silver balls are still original, the red and green balls are from my childhood collection of marbles. The crystal balls on top are from the acrylic photoholders I once bought to make a "glass table".

I filled the shelves with every metal thing I could find. I was surprised I had so many springs from old ballpoint pens. Some of the shiny silver things are also fridge magnets that look like kitchen tools, I just removed the handles:

The blue thing in the corner is a cakepops holder. I had to file the holes a little bit so the colorful drinking straws would fit into it. I actually went to the DIY shop and bought a set of miniature files I had my eyes on for a while now:

Now comes the best part, my favorite. I have some old technology on display in my futuristic setting. In a previous picture we already saw K-9 and a Cyberman head, and here we have a Russian Sputnik and an Astra satellite. The clear tables they stand on are two halves of a photo cube. The Cyberman head is on a glass candleholder.

The silver plate at the wall is a plate from a cake box and the biggest wheel I once found in a glass of gherkins. For getting them out better I suppose. All the other wheels are things found in Kinder surprise eggs or other plastic leftovers. Told you I never throw anything away! Again I painted everything silver. Such great details!

I didn't want to glue it permanently to the plate so I used Blu Tack. In case you don't know, this is kneadable, sticky, reusable and removable without any remains. Best stuff I ever found. Also for keeping the screwdriver of the scientist here in the hand etc.

For keeping the plate at the wall (which is a wooden shelf) I used double sided tape which is actually for putting photos into a photoalbum. It came down a few times but overall it all held surprisingly well.

"Hey, old buddy, what are you doing here?"

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