The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Oh no, now it really is Driveway Wars!

I never knew that about the Galactic Heroes Wampa! Cool! I always assumed the line didn't have anything like color-changing features.
Yeah that was when the line first started, before it was even known as Galactic Heroes. I think they have a Hoth playset now but the Wampa is just a 2D image but this Wampa is full 3D and can swing it's arm to kill the Tauntaun like the movie. This was the set.
That's the one!

So THAT'S why I've had the phrase "Stompin' Wampa" stuck in my head all these years! I saw that when it was first released and the description on the packaging was catchy and memorable enough to stay with me. :)

I just couldn't pin down the origin until right now!
Funny enough. I think I was 12 when that line first came out and I remember wondering if they were going to make variants of some figures or make new ones and I remember calling Playsckool and asking them if they had plans to continue the line. They said not at the moment and then a couple years later the Galactic Heroes line exploded and made the characters I wanted. I had to have Bespin Han and Luke and I got them. :rommie:
I wanted to do snow angels today as well but the snow already has been gone :( Missed my chance yesterday. Too bad. Next time.

The driveway wars look very realistic! Photographed from the exact right angle. Well done!

As promised, the second part to my Stargate road trip story:

They finally had to realize they wouldn't make it home that night, so they set up camp. Before they all went into the tent, they had a small camp fire going. And surprisingly Teal'c was quite the guitar player!

Just so you know, Nike has made this tent herself! I think it looks absolutely awesome.

Anyone remember Z Knights.

Many moons ago I used to collect these. Basically a cross between Transformers and Zoids. Giant robots piloted by one person sitting in a cockpit in the chest, or head.

They were plastic model kits and when assembled they actually had a walking motion as they were battery powered. At the time I had about 6 or 7 of them.

Found a wikia article on them too.
DC Icon has a hold on me, now. I picked up Black Adam. This one is a New 52 version.

He doesn't have the nice big accessories that Flash and Green Lantern have, but he does have some swappable lightning hands:

It had to be done:
I was thinking "Emperor Palpatine" before I ever got down to the last photo in your post. :lol:
No offense meant, but have you considered using a camera with flash? You have a lot of great stuff, but almost all of your pictures are really dark or blurry. I'm sure we could appreciate them all a lot more if we could see them clearly.
Only thing I have right now is a camera phone, but these are just updates. I have several more step trays to build, about a third of my MU left to set up, all of my DCIH to set up, and all of my other ( ST, Flash, Buck, Black Hole, etc.) to unpack and set up. Then I'll get out the big light.

Those are some very cool Iron Man figures! That's more than I ever see in person except on the pegs of the local toy store or being sold at a flea market! :)
One of the fun aspects of collecting screenused costumes is getting the matching action figure. I sold this hero Kira uniform (in my avatar) and sent the doll too, which the new owner enjoyed. I sold most of my collection to buy a condo, but still have a black and grey stunt Worf from Insurrection and the figure.

This thread is so fun to look at--really enjoying all your pictures.
Back into lurk mode. :D
My treadmill arrived today, thanks to @OdoWanKenobi! That was interesting. The cheapest I found was on the German Amazon under toys, but it said it was unavailable at the moment. But the same name (without any picture) was also filed under foreign books, and there two were left which surely nobody will ever find. I grabbed one of them ;)

I probably should have waited with photographing till the weekend and daylight to not cast those harsh shadows but I was too excited.

Look at all the detail! It's amazing.

I found it surprisingly hard to get a good running pose. The original Flash is quite wobbly, especially at the ankles (who nees feet that can bend sideways? I've never had that before). He often would tumble over to the side, or not stay in the running pose.

Then he was shown how it's done right:

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Awesome! My Flash stands pretty well. In my first pic of him and Hal he's on one foot unassisted. Sorry you got one that's wobbly. I will say to be really careful with the wings on his head. I snapped one of them while turning his head. It's glued back, and you can't really tell unless you're looking for it. Still, a broken figure is a broken figure.
When I'm not collecting figures I'm usually collecting urban playsets. My Sesame Street, Imaginext Firehouse and Gotham City Bank playsets are pretty nice but I've found something pretty cool. Dixie's Diner by Tyco and produced by Epoch who produce the popular Sylvanian Families line. I got it pretty cheap and it's essentially new in Box and complete with all it's accessories and even the stickers haven't been applied which is great because I plan on making scans of them to be on the safe side. This will be a welcome building to add to my street block scene. :)
Just looked it up and you are right. And unlike the typical Epoch stuff that's usually 3 to 4 inch scale figures the Dixie Diner is perfect for 3 to 6 inch figures. :techman: