terran empire

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  1. EmperorTiberius

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    Feb 7, 2009
    No divergence in my opinion. Since Mirror, Mirror, I assumed that it is reversed.

    If there was a divergence, there would still be a lot of good in the humanity. Terran Empire is not just an empire in the mold of Roman or British state, it is evil and its members are evil and twisted
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    The mirror universe was the same up until the Farragut crew got caught in the Revolutionary War, where a changed Washington prompted the divergence.

  3. Robert Comsol

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    I seriously have to doubt that. The screencap of the ISS Enterprise revealed the Mirror Universe ship to be the older pilot film / Pike version.

    OTOH, the Terran Empire may have been unable to "clone" the Defiant, so they had a basic lead, but 100 years later they still hadn't accomplished an exact reproduction of the ship. ;)