Teddy Bear in ST: Generations

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    I always figured they were in the saucer section by that point, but trying to move towards a more central/better-protected portion of it.
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    Ah, like so. Yes, judging purely from this movie, one does get a far more military-vibe. Point taken.

    Hm, I'd have to rewatch or find some screengrabs..... I recall that the corridors we saw were the Stardrive corridors, but I honestly don't remember. It's been a while since I saw Generations.
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    Not really, but I'm also not a bad writing person.
    I detailed my objections above. It was fucking ridiculous for the filmmakers to try and wring more emotion out of Data finding his cat than them killing off the character who was the leading man of Trek for decades.

    But hey, I don't agree with you, so obviously I'm just a dumb guy who only watches Trek for the cool explosions, right? :rolleyes:
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    They were definitely in the stardrive section, as evidenced by the fact that it was Geordi who helped them. He was the last one to leave the stardrive section, he sealed it off and notified the bridge.
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