Tale of Temporal Gifting: Part 2 [Apr '09 Challenge]

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    Tale of Temporal Gifting: Part 2
    Confrontations and Popular Discussions (A Trekbbs April 2009 Challenge fan fiction)

    On the Enterprise D, Kadohata was talking to Riker about an idea...

    “The operative is still in orbit somewhere, we just need to override her cloak somehow,” she said.
    “Do you have an idea on how to do that?” Riker asked.

    “We do know that some Klingon cloaking devices are vulnerable to ionic pulses if their plasma coils are defective,” Kadohata said.
    “That is one idea, but is unlikely that she would have overlooked the plasma coil,” Riker said.
    “It is worth a shot sir” Kadohata said. Riker thought about it and then congratulated her.

    “Prepare the main deflector dish and some of the phaser arrays to emit an ionic pulse,” he said.
    “Yes, sir,” Kadohata said. She then left the bridge to go to Engineering to supervise the preparations.

    On the Enterprise F, Lieutenant Allison also had an idea...
    “So we launch the probes into orbit and when they are in position we activate the tetryon grid. The operative will not see it coming,” she said.

    “It is a good idea Lieutenant. I hope that it works,” Captain Walker said.

    In the Memory Alpha Cyberspace Data's program had been completed and was now fighting the malware. This, in concert with Data's efforts (and those of Anna and the other members of the away teams), reduced the disruption to the subspace network traffic.

    “99% of the malware programs have been dealt with,” Data said.
    “That is good news,” Kezza said.

    The operative had finished her research of Soong Type Androids. I'll say this about Noonian Soong, he designed his creations very well, she thought. There was nothing she could do to stop Data from successfully counteracting the malware. Then I have to go to Romulan space she thought, and there was nothing that the Enterprise's would be able to do about it...
    But then there was another beep. She quickly saw the reason; the Enterprise D was firing ionic pulses in many directions. Nice Try, she thought. She had given the cloaking device a thorough checking over when she had purchased it. The plasma coils were fine.
    She decided to give it a little more time before leaving Memory Alpha.

    “It was worth a try sir,” Kadohata said when she saw that there was no ship decloaking.
    “It was, now we need to think of something else,” Riker said.

    “The probes are in position,” Kellie Allison said.
    “Activate the grid!” Captain Walker said.

    The activation of the tetryonic grid by the Enterprise F's probes caught the operative by surprise. The grid disrupted her cloaking device, making it visible to the Starfleet ships around Memory Alpha.

    “Fire Phasers, disable her warp engines!” Walker ordered.
    The relief security chief barely hesitated, and the Enterprise's phasers struck at the operative's ship.

    The Enterprise D followed the Enterprise F's example and also shot at the operative's ship's nacelles.

    The ship was shaking. “Cloaking device is offline. Warp nacelles 47% damaged, warp efficiency is decreased,” the computer said. The operative raised the shields and activated the ship's weapons and nanorepair units.
    Weapons online. Repair estimate for warp drive: 1 hour. Repair estimate for cloaking device: 3 hours,” the computer said.

    She looked at the damage report for the warp drive on the screen. It was not good, the Enterprise F would be able to catch up to her almost immediately, although the Enterprise D wouldn't be able to keep up, she had to even out the playing field. Luckily she knew how to bypass the Enterprise-F's shields to knock out their warp drive long enough for her to reach the Neutral Zone.

    She started firing with her hybrid weapons systems, which included phasers, disruptors and a mix of the two, at the 1701 F's warp nacelles.

    The Enterprise F rocked. “Report!” Captain Walker said.

    “She is bypassing our shields somehow. There is damage to the starboard nacelle. She is using Phasers, Disruptors and some sort of beam that has properties of both!” the relief security chief, Jonathan Lake, said.

    “Evasive Manoeuvres!” Walker cried as the ship shook again. On the screen she could see the other Enterprise attempting to fire on the Operative's weapons array.

    “There is now damage to the port nacelle,” Lake said.

    “Oh no!” Dacet said.

    “What is it?” Walker asked.

    “I cannot tell you much. But the Operative must have taken her weapon from a secret lab in the Commonwealth somewhere...” Dacet said.
    The Captain did not like what her second in command was implying. That the Operative had access to a top secret Starfleet or Daystrom Institute facility and that she had access to information that her captain did not... However now was definitely not the time to pursue such matters. The Operative was still hammering at their warp nacelles, despite the evasive manoeuvres that the ship was executing.

    “Continue firing at her warp engines” she ordered.

    On the Enterprise D, Riker was wondering what the Operative was up to. “Report,” he said.
    “Her weapons array appears to be redundant, and they are ignoring us. They are continuing to fire on the other Enterprise's nacelles,” the relief tactical officer said.
    “This is enough. Put a tractor beam on her,” Riker said.
    “Aye, Captain.”

    The Enterprise D attempted to put a tractor beam on the Operative's ship. However the Operative was able to shake it off.

    Down on Memory Alpha they were aware of the battle above as Data (and the others) continued to fight against the last of the malware.

    “That is it, I am going,” the Operative said. She ran a scan on the Enterprise F's warp nacelles. She saw that they were not as damaged as she had hoped.

    “Computer divert all repair resources to the warp drive,” she said.

    Repair units diverted. Repair estimate at 50 minutes,” the computer said.

    She then laid in a course for the Neutral Zone. “Estimated time of arrival at Romulan Neutral Zone via Galorndan Core, 24 hours at current repair levels,” the computer said.

    She then engaged the warp engines.

    “The Operative has gone to warp!” Kadohata said.
    “Lay in a pursuit course and Engage!” Riker said.
    “Acknowledged,” Ro said, as she laid in the pursuit course.

    The Enterprise D went to warp, following the Operative.

    “The other Enterprise is in pursuit,” Dacet said.
    “Prepare to beam up the Away Teams, as well as Q's companion,” Captain Walker said,
    “Sir?” Allison asked.

    “She may have more information about this situation,” the Captain said.
    “Aye Sir,” Allison said.

    “The last of the Malware has been neutralized,” Data said.

    “But now the Operative is on the run!” Kezza said.

    “The Enterprise-F will be able to catch up to the operative once repairs to their warp engines are complete,” Data said.

    “I suppose so,” Kezza said.

    Away Teams and Anna Jones prepare for beam up,” Dacet said.

    Hernandez tapped her comm badge. “The malware has been neutralized, ready for beam up,” she said. The Away teams and Anna Jones were beamed up to the Enterprise F. Q then flashed himself onto the ship. (Though he remained invisible.)

    The Enterprise D was leaving the Memory Alpha system. The Operative was ahead of them. “The Enterprise F is now leaving Memory Alpha,” Kadohata said.

    “Good, hopefully they can catch the Operative before she reaches the Neutral Zone,” Riker said.

    “Sir, it would be wise to call in other starships in the area to try to stop the Operative,” Kadohata said. Riker thought, 'That is a good point.'

    “Send this message to any vessels between Memory Alpha and the Neutral Zone, and in adjacent sectors: The USS Enterprise requests assistance in intercepting an unknown vessel with high speed warp engines intent upon breaching the Romulan Neutral Zone after departing from Memory Alpha where an attack was attempted upon the Commonwealth's communication infrastructure,” Riker said.

    “Message is sent Captain,” Kadohata said.

    The Enterprise F was still in the Memory Alpha system, though they were at warp 9.15, which was the highest that they could maintain with the damage that they had sustained.

    Captain Walker was in Engineering. “Do you have an estimate of when the repairs will be complete?” she asked.

    “The nacelles should be repaired within 3 hours, though it would take a shorter time if we drop out of warp...” Chief engineer Kenneth Daniels said, and then noticed the Captain having an expression that stated she was not amused at the prospect of having to drop out of warp. “...which is not an option at this time,” he continued.

    “Continue your efforts Commander,” the Captain said.

    “Receiving a message from the USS Hood Captain,” Kadohata said.

    “On Screen,” Riker said. He then saw the Captain of the Hood and his former commanding officer, Robert DeSoto, on the screen.

    We have received your message Will. Do you have any further information on this vessel?” DeSoto asked.

    “We are sending the sensor information and its projected course now Robert,” Will Riker said. They engaged in some pleasantries as Kadohata sent the information to the Hood.

    Is their any further information?” DeSoto asked, after acknowledging receipt of the information.

    “Nothing that can be said over an open channel, but suffice it to say that the Department of Temporal Affairs may get involved,” Riker said.

    DeSoto knew what he meant. “I see,” he said. “The Hood will intercept the ship within 10 hours,” he continued and signed off.

    In the Enterprise F's Observation Lounge Captain Walker was talking to Anna Jones.
    “Now. What additional information do you have about the Operative?”

    “She is not alone! She is from your time? Correct?” Anna asked.

    “All the information we received whilst we were en-route to New Queensland seems to indicate that, yes,” Michaela said. Anna took an optical chip out of one of her pockets.

    “This has the extra information you need. Feel free to share it with the other Enterprise. Suffice it to say that someone from my time has recruited this Operative and may also be in this time as we speak...” Anna said. The Captain did not like this one bit. She grabbed the optical chip out of Anna's hand and inserted it into the chip-reader slot next to the Observation Lounge's main view screen, hoping that it would be compatible. She found that it was compatible and started reading the information stored on it...

    “Now receiving a communication from the Saratoga, Captain,” Kadohata said. The Saratoga was the third ship, after the Hood, to reply to the Enterprise's call for assistance in intercepting the Operative.
    “On screen,” Riker said.

    He then talked to the Saratoga's captain, Benjamin Sisko, about the situation with the Operative and sent the information about the trajectory of her ship to the Saratoga.

    “We shall intercept the vessel in 8 hours,” Sisko said.

    “The Al-Batani will be intercepting the vessel at the same time, Captain, perhaps you can coordinate a plan of attack with them,” Riker said.

    “Good. We shall do so. Sisko out.”

    Riker signed off as well and waited for more starships to respond to their call for assistance.

    Captain Walker finished reading the information that Anna had provided. “I hope we do capture the Operative and find out if whoever recruited her is in this time,” she said.

    “I do too,” Anna said.

    “Do you have any information that is not on the chip?” Walker asked.

    “No, I haven't,” Jones said.

    “Thankyou. You are dismissed,” Walker said.

    “Thankyou Sir,” Jones said, and left the Observation Lounge, entering the turbo lift that serviced the Observation Lounge.

    “How many ships is that now Commander?” Riker asked after the communication with the Odyssey had completed.

    “That is 10 ships that will intercept the Operative before she arrives at Galordnan Core in 20 hours Captain. I hope that will be enough to stop her,” Kadohata said. Riker silently agreed with her.

    At lunch time Data, Worf, Kezza and Anna entered the Enterprise-F's main crew lounge, the 'Twelfth Dozen'. It was 1 hour and 20 minutes since the ship had left Memory Alpha. “This ship will catch up with our Enterprise in 35 minutes,” Data said as they entered.

    Kezza noticed Samuel and Yolanda waving them over to a table near the windows to the forward Arboretum next door. “We can sit over there while we wait,” she suggested.

    “A good position for discussion. Good idea,” Data said.

    They went over and sat with Lewis and Hernandez.

    As she sat Kezza noticed that Samuel and Yolanda had activated the table's Comm Interface and were 'surfing' the ComWiWeb. “What are you looking for? Indications for any timeline change?” she asked.

    “We started doing that, but we did not find anything,” Yolanda said.

    “So we decided to look up popular culture stuff. A'ha here is something,” Samuel said. He brought up something.

    “A historical fantasy?” Worf asked.

    “It looks like it, Magic and warp five engines basically,” Samuel brought up an information page. “Basically it asks 'What if Vulcans were Elves?' And runs with it,”

    “I have heard of this. The depiction of magic is remarkably consistent for a speculative fiction of its nature,” Data said.

    “And apparently there is going to be a Christmas special starring Kiaeliashia sh'Chalaza,” Samuel said.

    “Amazing, I did not know that she starred in holovision!” Yolanda said.

    “Neither did I,” Kezza said.

    Data was perplexed. “Explain please,” he said.

    “She is an Andorian singer. She has adapted ancient Andorian songs into many different Earth styles. Including 19th Century Classical, Country and Western and 1960's-70's Rock and Roll,” Kezza said.

    “Accessing,” Data said, searching his memory for any reference to the Andorian singer. A moment later he continues: “She is hardly known at this time off Andor. This might be the start of her 'big break'.”

    “Interesting,” Kezza said.

    Then a waiter came and asked for orders. Data did not order anything. Worf ordered some Rokeg blood pie with a raktajino and prune juice. Kezza ordered battered fish with vegetables and chips with a lemonade. Samuel ordered a hamburger 'with the lot' and orange juice, and Yolanda ordered a plomeek soup.

    After the waiter had left they continued their conversation.

    “So, Worf? Do you have any favourite singers, actors or authors?” Kezza asked.

    “None. At least not since I joined Starfleet Academy,” Worf said.

    “Ok,” Kezza said. She looked to Data.

    “Other than Sherlock Holmes and similar detective fiction, I have not read, listened, 'watched' or holo-acted other fictions. Although Captain Riker has introduced me to the musical form known as 'Jazz', and Geordi LaForge has introduced me to painting,” he said.

    “I see. Are any of these detective fictions written by any contemporary writers, or portrayed by contemporary actors?” Kezza asked.

    “I fail to see the relevance of your question Miss Allenby,” Data said.

    “I am just curious,” Kezza said.

    “Actually, she is more than simply 'curious', she is greatly interested,” Samuel said. This brought a reaction from Kezza.

    “Samuel!” she said with shock, and slapped him on the arm.

    “Ouch!” Samuel exclaimed.

    “Why did you say that Samuel?” Yolanda asked. Seeing that the tension had risen at the table Kezza decided to spill the beans.

    “Sorry Data, I went overboard there. You see I am neuro-diverse and detective fiction is one of my perseveration interests,” Kezza said.

    “I see. Apology accepted. And I am sorry to say that none of the detective fiction that I have interest in originates after First Contact,” Data said.

    “Am I right in assuming that Botany is also one of your interests?” he continued.

    “Absolutely!” Kezza said, smiling. The meals then arrived and Kezza practically dived into her fish and chips.

    Yolanda had continued to 'surf' came up with something else interesting (to her) as she started into her plomeek soup.

    “Look at this: It seems that a writer is travelling on the USS Excalibur which is near here and a fairly famous writer too,” she said.

    “Isn't the Excalibur also one of the ships that are intercepting the Operative?” Worf asked.

    “Affirmative. But the Operative will find it difficult to best 2 Ambassador Class starships lieutenant,” Data said.

    “Aye, Sir,” Worf said.

    “What sort of fictions are you interested in Lt. Hernandez?” Data asked.

    “I am not sure. Most contemporary dramas. Well, contemporary for the beginning of the 25th Century, that is,” Yolanda said.

    “I've tried to introduce her to speculative fiction dramas, but she didn't like most of them,” Samuel said.

    They continued talking about popular culture, each other, and Christmas, until the Enterprises met up.

    25 minutes later, the Enterprises matched velocities for transport. Data, Worf, Allenby and Jones beamed over to the 'D.

    Continued in next post due to character limit
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    Continuation of above (still part of the challenge!)

    On the Excalibur, Captain Calhoun was annoyed for the umpteenth time as the door from the bridge into his ready room opened. His First Officer Katrin Mueller entered. “He is still demanding to see you Captain,” Mueller said.

    “He is going to keep it up isn't he?” Calhoun asked.

    “Most likely. He wants you, and only you, to tell him why the ship had to change course,” Mueller said.

    “I will go to see him right now,” Calhoun said.

    Captain Calhoun walked to the guest quarters and pressed the door chime button. The doors opened and Excalibur’s guest came to the door fuming. “Who are you? Are you the Captain of this Starship?” he asked.

    “Yes, I am Captain Mackenzie Calhoun of the USS Excalibur, often representing the United Commonwealth of Planets in Sector 221. But I am sure you don’t want to know about that. I am here because you kept demanding an explanation for Excalibur’s course change from me. We have changed course because we are intercepting an unknown ship before it can breach the Romulan Neutral Zone, which I am sure you do not want it do!”

    “Don’t you know who I am?” the guest demanded.

    “Yes. I do know who you are. You are Gerald T. Davis, originating and primary author of the ‘Galaxies of Wonder Cycle’, of which volumes I have read indicate that it is rather padded with description and trivia,” Calhoun said.

    “Padded with description and trivia? That is what makes the Galaxies of Wonder Cycle one of the best Speculative Fiction continuities in the history of the Commonwealth!” Davis said.

    “One of the best in the history of the Commonwealth? Oh please, the Lord of the Rings is better! Not to mention many Xenexian sagas that I can think of off the top of my head!” Calhoun retorted. “You have one of the biggest egos of any so-called ‘popular figure’ that I have met, and that is saying something coming from me.”

    “Starfleet Command will hear about this!” Davis said, and stepped out into the corridor to more directly challenge Calhoun.

    “I am sure that they will, but it will have to wait behind a myriad of other complaints,” Calhoun said. Davis realized that he had gone off topic.

    “Noted; but still, I am sure that Starfleet has other vessels that can intercept that intruder!” Davis said.

    “Yes it does, Excalibur will be the 6th or 7th vessel to intercept it if the previous vessels are unable to stop it,” Calhoun said.

    “Then why divert the Excalibur at all Captain?” Davis asked.

    “Because if Excalibur is not in action it may be that the unknown vessel will be able to reach the Neutral Zone, which may lead to a War, Mr Davis, in which you would not be able to travel around the Commonwealth on Starfleet ships promoting your overblown saga!” Calhoun said, almost shouting as his overly long sentence came to an end.

    “You keep on saying that the vessel is unknown, but I am sure that you do know what the vessel is, and what it intends to do,” Davis said.

    “The nature of the vessel, and its intent, is classified. Therefore I cannot disclose to you any further information. I have told you why Excalibur has changed course and now I am going back to the bridge so I can prepare for our meeting with the intruder. Goodbye.” Calhoun then left, ignoring what Davis was saying, as he went to the turbo lift.

    The Operative jolted to attention as the computer chimed. She looked at a screen and saw that 2 Starfleet ships were close to intercepting her course.

    “Computer, Identify ships,” she said.

    Vessels scanned. 2 Miranda Class Starfleet Ships. Identifications signals and Registration insignia identify the vessels as the CSS Al-Batani NCC 32351 and the CSS Saratoga NCC 31911,” the computer said.

    “2 Captains: 1 destined to be a Bajoran religious figure and war hero, and the other to lead an Odyssey across the Galaxy. This is going to be a challenge! Computer lock and load!”

    Confirmed. Hybrid beam weaponry and Quantum torpedoes online.

    The Operative's ship dropped out of warp and waited for the 2 ships to come to it...

    To be Continued...
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    Between the candle and the flame
    A very exciting part to your story-I do hope you continue writing it.