SyFy considering doing Cooking and Talk Shows...

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Candlelight, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Candlelight

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    Apr 12, 2000
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    I can hardly wait.
  2. Pingfah

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    Feb 28, 2005
    A talk show that specifically talked about and interviewed luminaries of sci-fi across all it's mediums would be good. But I doubt that is what they mean.
  3. Servo

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    Nov 13, 2003
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    Or some kind of geek debate show that pits Star Trek fans against Star Wars fans, or B5 fans against DS9 fans... sort of like a televised version of the internet. :D

    And any cookery show that SyFy airs has to be hosted by Ethan Phillips in full character as Neelix. :p
  4. kipron

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    May 20, 2001
  5. Pingfah

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    Feb 28, 2005
    This idea rocks. There is an almost inexhaustable source of arguments material too.

    Hmmm, this idea rocks not so much. As much as I think Ethan Phillips is a good actor, Neelix always made me want to punch his stupid neurotic face in.
  6. Bob The Skutter

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    Jul 12, 2001
    Bob The Skutter
    I've recently rewatched season 1 and 2, and how much of an insecure, jealous little fuck is he? He almost seemed like he was an abusive partner the way he treated Kes at times.
  7. God Magnus

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    Jul 10, 2001
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    I would love that kind of show. Perhaps with a segment of well known (and well spoken) genre fans discussing past, present and future events in scifi. It would be a nice platform for retrospectives too.

    I agree though. Sadly I don't think that's what they mean.
  8. Ayelbourne

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Well, they call themselves SyFy for a reason after all.
  9. C.E. Evans

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    Nov 22, 2001
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    In this edition of "Food Replicator Remedies," we will learn how to make fresh (i.e., still living) Klingon gagh and Ferengi tube grubs...

    On today's episode of "Fanboy 911," Jenny finally confronts her boyfriend Todd's strange obsession with comic books and action figures--and asks Dr. Phil to help set up an intervention...

    Pure. Television. Gold.
  10. Kirby

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    Mar 16, 2003
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    David Hewlett would be a great host for this. He is a genuine sci-fi fan, and a hilarious guy to boot.
  11. softfocus

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    Jun 21, 2009
    Haha...this would be awesome. I'd totally watch it! :techman:

    A cooking show on SyFy, on the otherhand, just sounds like a terrible idea. As much as I love food and cooking, I fail to see any way in which it could possibly be an enjoyable or interesting show.
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  12. Temis the Vorta

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    Oct 30, 1999
    The Klingon Chef, this fall on Sci-Fry.

    THE CHEBB Captain Captain

    Dec 23, 2003
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    Wow a cooking show on SyFy...will someone just pull the plug on that channel already....
  14. Harvey

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    Oct 8, 2005
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    I could see a talk show working, but I suspect what we'll get will be stupid and do great in the ratings. The idea of a cooking show on SyFy...what the fuck?
  15. melancholymecha

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    Aug 21, 2002
    it will probably be like those annoying Vh1 shows where they get these actors & comedians no one's ever heard of to comment on different sci-fi fantasy shows or movies or sci-fi topics and dumb it down with unfunny comedy & stuff like "which show has the hottest alien babes - discuss?"

    btw, anyone remember back in the mid/late 90s TNT(or was it TBS?) used to have these cooking shows called Dinner and a Movie where they would show a film & in between segments theyd have a couple comment about the film while they were cooking something that was themed to what they were watching? Maybe theyll do something like that...which would still be lame but whatever.
  16. Dream

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    Dec 2, 2001
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    That sounds like a topic someone on this board would post.:lol:
  17. Aragorn

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    Dec 30, 2002
    "Good evening and welcome to TrekBBS Tonight. Along with Captain Craig and Peach Wookie, I'm Temis the Vorta. Tonight's topics -- Do you have a spider phobia? There may be help for you online. Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series is coming out on Blu-ray, and we have the first look. Also, we'll show you what happened when Jayson went on a blind date with a pregnant S&M dominatrix he met on the Interent. But first, Olivia Wilde was upset by Amy Adams in the quarterfinals of the genre babe of the week December Madness Tournament. We go live to Agent Richard07 with the story."
  18. Mr. Laser Beam

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    May 10, 2005
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    ^ That sounds like a perfect way to relaunch TrekTonight. ;)
  19. Ancient Mariner

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    Jun 3, 2009
    You need to get this onto a podcast.


  20. SeerSGB

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    Oct 13, 2003
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    Didn't they already do this once back in when the network was new? Sci-Fi Buzz and there was another one that was a sci-fi version of a round table show.