Spoilers Supernatural Season 15--the final season

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    It's $283 in Canada, which made me laugh. I remember when 1 season of TNG on DVD cost that much, or maybe even more.
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    LOVED the way the show ended. Loved that they actually took a full episode just to wrap up Sam and Dean’s story. Sam and Dean ending up in heaven was the only logical ending and one I anticipated.. They even let us know that Jack and Castile “fixed” heaven.

    Dean wanting Sam to have some normality in his life, finally, actually happened and Dean died bloody like he always said he would. “There’ll be peace when you are done.”

    Has a show ever been this true to itself to the very end?
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    Oct 23, 2017
    The only thing I didn’t like is that they ended it in a way they couldn’t make any movies, unless they base it on the “other” Sam and Dean
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    Well there's The Empty plot thread still hanging. If the CW gets truly desperate when their Arrowverse collapses they could have it invade Heaven in an attempt to kill Jack and go back to sleep. That could work for a movie.

    The only realistic possibility I see for more Supernatural is a Sam spinoff in 15-20 years. He's semi-retired from hunting and with a family, but something something he's dragged back into the game. Kinda like Picard.
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    The alternate Sam and Dean are selfish business men living incognito in Brazil. They would NOT be interesting to watch at all.

    I would rather they did the Wayward Sisters spin off.