Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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    If I had to guess, I'd say he's either (a) on assignment for a story( which I doubt) or (b) the fortress is still in the Artic and he's either working his passage there by working on the boat or he's working on the boat to escape Smallville and accidentally finds out that the Fortess is near and leaves the boat. Either way, he has to hide his powers while on the boat. The third option is he's just on the boat temporarily and then moves on to some other job.
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    WB, for all intents and purposes, must be run by the stupidest retards in the history of Hollywood currently. I mean, here you are, with a flagship movie for this Summer, TDKR, that will literally pull each and every eyeballs there are in the world for the next two weeks. Then you have another flagship movie launching next year, MoS, an item with which you failed to (re?)launch a franchise 6 years ago. And horribly failed to launch GL as a franchise last year.

    And ALL they could muster for a teaser trailer for their next year's flagship movie, before your bigass flagship movie this year, is this absolute dreck of a teaser trailer? Really? How could it have hurt even a bit if the far superior ComicCon trailer was released this week? They need a change in WB's marketing department.
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    Which is exactly my point. What is he playing as if there is no Superman figure for him to imitate? In a world without superheroes with capes, where do the kids get the idea?
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    Well, remember that they've got this little film from New Zealand coming out in December. I imagine we'll get something meatier then.
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    Feb 24, 2008
    Not the same audience though.
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    Feb 22, 2006
    Mighty Mouse
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    1. It looks cool, why not?
    2. Actually, there's a Spanish literary tradition in place, ala Zorro.
    3. Modern superheroes are the literary heir to the traditional Greek demigods already, so there's an even older literary tradition from which they are themselves being drawn.
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    There would be very substantial overlap between the audience for TDKR and the audience for The Hobbit.

    As for young Clark wearing the red cape, they could be shots that won't actually be in the movie and are simply a dreamlike representation of young Clark's future, as well as a nod to children playing at being Superman in general, or it could be that young Clark already knows about his Kryptonian heritage and is playacting as Jor-El, from whom he will later draw inspiration from to become Superman.
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    Absolutely horrendous teaser. Dark, moody, depressing, pretentious, much like Nolans Batman trilogy. The difference with Batman is that the dark tone fits the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The Avengers made over 600 million at the US box office, proving that good (superhero) movies needn't be this dark.
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    A man is flying without any visible means of propulsion at supersonic speeds. Whether he leaves white contrails behind him is the least of my fucking concerns...

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    I'm not worried about the marketing aspect. We're still a year out, and the airwaves are sure to be blanketed by nonstop commercials and trailers before then.

    But I DID really want to see the full thing in the theater though. I rewatched it again online, and even in such low quality it's about a thousand times more powerful and moving and effective than the one they released.
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    Eh, it would be cool if it's the result of a serious physics/fluid simulation. But I doubt his boots act like wingtips. ;)

    I hope they at least go the Superman is a bright light in a dark world angle.
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    Sep 4, 2008
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    1. The most likely answer.
    2. Zorro isn't known for his cape. kids imitating him would be using masks, hats, and bullwhips.
    3. I could see something along this line if greek mythology was more popular in-universe. Maybe this scene starts with him watching 300? That definitely has alot of red cape imagery in it.
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    Just saw the Teaser trailers and talk about UNDERWHELIMG and dissapointing :( they need to do better to get in the general audiences.
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    Jun 9, 2001
    Mr. Adventure
    I thought it was cool too and somehow I had missed all the news and had no idea there was any trailer at all out so it was quite a pleasant surprise at TDKR.
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    I kinda like it but I can see why people are underwhelmed by it. It's a bit like the first teaser for Batman Begins - only at the end did you realise that it was a trailer for a Batman movie and not a drama; only at the end of this one is it clear that it's for Superman. It's clearly aimed at general cinema audiences who may not be aware of the movie's existence, not for we geeks who do.

    The end shot of Superman is a little disappointing for those of us who know what the trailer is for. Not quite the same as waiting 10 years to see Clark don the cape and tights in Smallville, then getting a cheapo CGI Superman but I would have liked a clearer look at him.

    On the plus, Snyder seems to have moved away from his trademark style and the imagery here is lovely, while the idea of differing narratives is a neat one. I prefer the Costner one, personally. Crowe seems to have adapted a good voice for Jor-El; whether by design or accident, it seems pitched between Brando and Stamp.
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    I think the thing to keep in mind is that this is just a first teaser to tell general audience that doesn't follow the online fandom that a new Superman movie is coming out. I wonder if they started out the trailer so straight and down to Earth, so that people would be shocked when the showed him flying and put up the title. And we need to remember that the first trailers for movies like this rarely ever show any major footage, most of the time we're lucky if we get more than just a title screen.
    EDIT: Or what Captaindemotion said.
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    Yes, this is something that concerns me as well. I'm hoping that in an all out effort to distance their film from the Donner/Singer films, they won't diminish some of the things that are very basic to the character like Superman's straight forward heroism and over the top "righteousness". One of the things the Donner/Singer films did quite well was show the character with off the charts charisma unshakable "traditional" values.

    Something else that concerns me is that the Nolan/Snyder movie will present Superman as less "super" than the Donner/Singer films did, again in a effort to distinguish their take on the character. The Singer movie in particular, did a great job of showing Superman's incredible powers. I'm hoping that Snyder doesn't think that by making the character say, less invulnerable or showing the limitations of his super-strength, that he makes the character more "relatable".

    IMO, Nolan managed to suck pretty much all of the iconic mystique surrounding Batman out of his 3 movies. I really hope, and I'm not too encouraged by what I've read and seen so far, they don't have a similar plan for Superman.
    Actually, just the sword.
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    Mar 15, 2001
    It's not like they had a lot of choice about what to include in the trailer. The film just entered post-production, so not a lot of footage is going to be ready to put on display at this point. They did what they could with what they had.

    Personally I loved the sonic-boom shot, and I think it alone makes up for the inadequacy of the other available footage. My concern from the start has been that Snyder's hyperstylized filmmaking style would be too great a departure from reality; I think Superman works best in live action when he's approached as naturalistically as possible. And that final shot in the teaser was the most realistic-looking depiction of Superman's flight and power that I've ever seen, with a documentary look that's the diametric opposite of Snyder's usual style. And the rest of the footage had a similarly naturalistic look. So this is the first time I've felt optimistic about what Snyder would do as the director of this film.

    Not crazy about Russell Crowe doing a Brando imitation, though. I want to see a truly new interpretation of Superman and his world. I had my fill of Donner homages in Returns.
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    Dec 7, 2003
    Yeah, so for those folks who think there are too many comic book movies you are getting a 10month break till Iron Man 3 comes out next May. No DC, Marvel or indie comic book adaption film coming out.

    Regarding the voiceover on the trailer, Jonathan Kent or Jor-El, I like both but lean towards the Jor-El one. For me personally Crowe's voice has more regality to it, more resonance so that's the one I like best.