Stuff in movies you realized in retrospect was horrible

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    And he's still an ***hole except when he's speaking directly to George and his family, and George just laughs it off. The guy is basically a sociopath who hasn't changed one bit. Does George really not see the kind of person he's dealing with, or is he just banking on Biff's fear of him (over something that happened 30 years ago) to protect him? It's poor judgement. Even if Biff's actions in the past weren't enough to say, "get off my property and never come back", his present actions are.

    Come to think of it, the implication there is that George likes yanking Biff's chain enough that I've gotta wonder what kind of person George really is.
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    I said out, dammit!
    IIRC, He was UNDER a glass-topped coffee table, not inside a box. He panicked comedically, thinking he was sealed in.
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    The whole movie, especially the bookends, was pretty cynical, it could have ended with the executive either getting a comeuppance or facing no punishment and either ending would have felt consistent with the rest.
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    A lot of the movies from the 80s have scenes that seemed raunchy at the time and seem rapey now.

    There's a lot of shows where characters who did unforgiveable things early in the series get rehabilitated and forgiven later. I just watched the episode of Stargate where Col Maybourne tries to intentionally let Teal'c be transformed into a giant insect incubator to use the insects as a weapon. Later in the show, when he's wanted as a traitor and on the run, he has a fun repartee with O'Neall, and later gets rewarded by being allowed to remain as the leader of a village.

    Then there's Ben Linus in Lost who gets to go to the afterlife when characters who did far less for far more understandable reasons have to wander the island forever.
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    Well, Ben was Hurley's second. We never get to see what that relationship was like. Ben may have done much to redeem himself. And as we know that the ghosts on the island can manifest to the living, Ben may have been helping them move on, which would go a long way toward that redemption.
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    I just wanted to see Vincent in the Chapel, to know he was going to 'Heaven'.