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    I figured I'd share my scratch built model of the Enterprise. It is mostly unique in that it is (to my knowledge) the only true studio scale model of the TOS Enterprise and the only representation of the original 33 inch model (since the original isn't around any more).

    The goal was to replicate the 33 inch Enterprise studio model as she looked in December 1968 when she was last filmed for the series in the episode Requiem for Methuselah. I have a page outlining how I built the model that you can find here.

    This is a handful of shots of the model where I inserted it into images of the original model...

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    And a few normal shots of the model...

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    And more images can be found on my gallery pages...

    Click to view gallery

    I started researching the original studio model 12 years ago, I drafted three versions of the plans (the original version can be seen here), and made two smaller study models (first attempt, second attempt) to aid in my research.

    And all this was because as a kid I had wanted the Enterprise model I saw on the table in Requiem for Methuselah.
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    Nicely done as ever.
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    BEAUTIFUL. I also wanted that model ever since I saw that episode as a kid in 1971, but me and X-Acto knives do not mix. This is the most accurate reproduction of the "long-lost" 33-incher that I've ever seen, and probably as close as anyone's going to get until the original turns up. (I still maintain that Rod Roddenberry has it locked away in a bank vault somewhere... heh.)

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    I like the first attempt

    The saucer doesn't look quite as jarring on certain angles.

    from his making of link:

    The original is long gone and there is no point in a commercial kit of this model when everyone already has the 1/350 Round 2 model.

    Now that is where I disagree. I think Art Asylum needs to scan this baby.

    I want this in as many hands as possible.

    If I had infinate money, I'd have different model parts based on the hulls seen here:

    I like how the author of the print above lined up all the drawings. The II foot saucer underside would look great on the 33 inch drawing--they seem to fit.

    The saucers and secondary hulls would all be swappable.

    I'd most like to see The wider TOS saucer from page 4 here:

    Atop a slightly stretched FJ secondary hull:

    Drawings at least.
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