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    I'm quite impressed both with the effect and the way you used it to enhance the narrative... Nicely done! rbs
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    Yeah! It was by user/writer admiralnat. Seems to have copy/pasted with no problem. Still can't figure out where you get that.
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    Author's notes: This is a part of my Ragnarok series posted on the Star Trek Online forums, focusing on Captain Seifer and his new ship. The Deferi are a species created by STO. This story carries on from "Neutraility for Beginners", but still takes place chronologically from Oroku Seifer's last appearance which was in ULCA 5: "From Hell's Heart", where he helped save a Kelvin-timeline ship. Written in March 2018. Updated my Data reference today based on Picard S3E6 (Spoilers!).​

    Anthology of Ragnarok #4
    "Finders, Not Keepers"

    The Pathfinder-class, with Discovery-class nacelles, U.S.S. Ragnarok trekked altruistically through space. Captain Oroku Seifer entered the Bridge to begin yet another day of saving the universe.

    "You know, I think it's about time the universe owed us one," he said, thinking back to his adventures.

    Aramaki looked up from his tactical station. "That's quite a Kirk-level claim, sir. You ready to back that up with evidence?"

    "Ugh. The obsession people have with truth and verifiable sources is appalling," the Captain deviated. "It's impossible to make arbitrary assertions based in feeding ones ego anymore." He sighed, before looking over to one of the Tomsins. "I retract my earlier statement."

    The Operations officer, and Tellarite, suddenly found himself caught off-guard and fearful he made a mistake somewhere. "Huh? Was I supposed to be taking stenography this whole time?"

    "Captain! I'm reading a distress signal from Covalesence! It's been coded just for us!" claimed Moggs from his science station.

    Seifer smiled, warmly. "Aw, that means they care. Moggs, return message with a digital Thank You Card; one of those animated ones where our heads are placed over a bunch of dancing Orion slave girls."

    "Done," the Caitian and science officer replied.

    Edwards turned from the helm. "Uhhh. Shouldn't we go help them?"

    "Oh, fine. But remember, I was against this," the Captain conceded.


    Later, the Ragnarok hung in orbit of the Deferi colony world of Covalesence, while Seifer, Moggs and Aramaki beamed down to the subsurface. They joined the leader, Cassen and several of his scientists who were scanning the destroyed underground pyramid.

    "Our intensive scans reveal this to be the work of the Breen, as you can see here with the residual polaron energies in the rubble," commented the lead Deferi.

    Moggs did some scans of his own and confirmed with a nod. "It is accurate."

    "Well, of course it is!" countered Segg, one of the Deferi scientists. "You think we've been neutral in our actions here the whole time??"

    The Caitain turned to them. "That reaction in itself lacks neutrality."

    "That's besides the point!" Segg retorted before going back to whatever it was he was doing.

    Seifer looked to Cassen. "Strange that the Breen would feel the need to destroy all this after they had already taken their scans here. Have you been able to translate the pictographs?"

    "Unfortunately, no," replied the alien man. "This form of Ancient Deferi language appears to be assembled in a way that doesn't adhere to our standards of communicative structures. It's like the words and letters were positioned at random for jocularities sakes. But I'm unaware of our peoples having any senses of humor, nor the understanding of what that would entail?"

    The Trill man then reacted to Cassen's meaningful and long look. "There's a Data Stand-Up Comedy program that everyone raves about. It's practically why they brought him back in that old body." He shuddered in fear. "Soooo old."

    "If the Breen came back here to destroy the evidence, then we won't have much time left to track their residual warp trail," Aramaki spelled out.

    Seifer nodded. "Agreed. All those in favor of checking out one of those Deferi neutral coffee clubs and then moving into search mode, say Aye?"

    "Doubtful that course of action is anything remotely productive right about now," Moggs interjected. "And 'Aye' has become agonizingly cliché."

    The Captain sighed. "You guys need to get out more. It's all I'm saying. Wesley saw more social time than either of you."


    Later, the U.S.S. Ragnarok dropped warp before the Breen Sarr Theln warship Leinstien. The Breen were hailed immediately.

    "Enemy vessel, you are in violation of normal-speak," came the hail from Oroku Seifer. "Oh, and the preservation of Deferi ancient sites and such."

    "XXrrrzzZZZkkrrrRRRtTTTT!" Marcel replied.

    "Exactly! Also, what do you mean, Cassen is a lair? He's the most trust-worthy Deferi I've ever met. Not that I've met many. But you get my point, which I may have self-defeated through deconstruction."

    "TTEEFXXSSSsvvvv GGhhhvvvKttt!" Marcel interjected.

    "What do you mean I don't sound convincing and you think I lack self-honesty as a personal trait? That's awfully specific? Also, our space adventures, which are our livelihoods, hinge on mission-givers like him. Never mind. What are you doing here anyway? Plotting things, no doubt," Seifer claimed, with no evidence what-so-ever. "I mean, just look at you, however you are interpreted to be situated."

    "GGDDDVVVvvvKTTtttZch!" Marcel explained.

    "Fascinating. Well, I can't argue with that. The mating patterns of the Regulus Eel-bird are highly complex. —Very well, crew, let's help them," the Captain said, turning to his Starfleet officers. "Do the things!"

    Aramaki looked almost panicked. "But, sir, we don't even know what he said? None of us have our universal translators updated!"

    "Still? Oh, fine: They translated the inscriptions from that Ancient Deferi site which describe an ancient planetoid, hidden here by said people. If sayings of words can somehow be translated into truth, then our mission was a lie and these Breen were the good guys all along. —Dominion War excluded, obviously."


    The two ships veered off and began scanning around the cold, blank, emptiness of space. Soon, a planetoid was discovered, hidden in a mass of anti-particles. Both groups then beamed into a cavern, with the Starfleet Away Team wearing EV-suits.

    "Captain, I'm detecting more Ancient Deferi pyramids," Moggs said, as the group suddenly entered into a large cavern where many more of them existed.

    Seifer looked at him. "Mr. Moggs, you know I like to be pleasantly surprised using the classically effervescent 'You better come see this' statement."

    "Uh, 'you better come see this' statement," said Aramaki before realizing that Seifer was standing right next to him. "What the? How long have you been right here?"

    The Captain waved him off. "Forget that. It looks like more Breen, but I don't recognize this group," he said while examining a second plethora of soldiers inside the cavern with them.

    "VVVRRRrKKkkkZZ jjjjjvvrrtt!" exclaimed Kovan, the leader of the new Breen group as he approached and stepped on an embossed stone-tile in the ground.

    Seifer translated. "Kovan is the leader of a pack of Breen Rebels, who also want what Marcel and the Deferi are looking for."

    "GRRggh!" agreed Marcel as he witnessed the effects of the stone-tile prompting several ejecting spears to be shot out at everyone.

    Both the Starfleet Away Team and the two Breen groups scrambled around giant rocks for cover. The ejecting spears continued being fired from the cavern's extraneous internal walls. In the distance, under a giant, blank wall, was a switch and carved images of a man holding a spear.

    "Must be the mechanism to stop this," Seifer presumed, his back to the rock, alongside Marcel. "Or, a lever to fire even more ammunition at us. I'm sure it could go either way."

    Marcel then declared, "VVrrrKGGgghhTTTK nnKTTt!" ordering he and his men to go for it.

    "Captain, no!" Seifer countered, all but too late, as everyone watched the Breen men from the second group, run, dodge and leap over incoming spears. One of the Breen were immediately impaled, and then another: Then another, and another, until Marcel himself reached the end.

    The Breen Captain was the last to be impaled before he was able to pull the ancient lever. Everyone watched in awe as the eons-old defense system halted while triggering another mechanism in the wall, causing the blank area to rotate around and reveal pictographs on what was its opposite side.

    "VVKKRRRDDDxxzzVVrrtttTTT MrrxsssDDDDdd!" said Kovon, reading the inscriptions. "Vrrt."

    Seifer translated for his crew. "This was a city led by the Druids of the Deferi, who were apparently managers of something akin to being called the Deferi Powered-Man. Also, run." He then attempted to process that last part. "Run from what?"

    Suddenly, the entire cavern began to shake ever more. Rocks from the ceiling began to fall, threatening everyone, and prompting Kovon to contact his ship and beam he and his group out.

    "Well this is an odd turn of events," admitted Aramaki. "This whole thing was about a man?"

    The Captain nodded. "Men have been the movers and shakers of the galaxy for eons and eons to come, as well as women. It's about equal actually, if not, more-leaning on the women-side. Besides, Marcel was right about the Deferi, invalidating our very purpose here, and now he's dead, proving the Breen are much cooler than we thought. Pun intended." He then tapped his commbadge. "Seifer to Ragnarok: KKKVVVvvZZZzzrrk! VVrrrrkkk!! BBbvvvrrt!!!?%$^!!"

    "Uh, what?" came the reply from Winry over comms.

    Seifer snapped. "You were supposed to learn Breen while we were gone! Anyway, get us out of here. No rush, though. Nothing bad ever happens during a hasty beam-out."

    At that, the group dematerialized along with several giant rocks as the cave collapsed all around.


    "Aw man, I just got Tuvix'd!" Seifer said as he and his team beamed onto the transporter pad of the Ragnarok, finding several rocks fused to all-over-his-body. "Well, I won't do what Janeway did and reverse it. Rock body stays, everybody," he reassured. "Rock body stays."
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    Great open! Liking the ending too. Captain Seifer rocked.

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Haha, it ended on a kind of sediment. :lol:
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    Author's notes: This was written in April 2018 as part of the Star Trek Online forums Unofficial Literary Challenge #46. This follows up on orders from Menchez to Elektra in ULC 42 for events from ULC 38. Menchez and his crew were previously taken by the Children of Kahn in FC 2-3. Sigon, Deloss and Kronen were last seen unknowingly crossing Elektra in ULC 43. Takarian poetry was last seen in ULC 11, Part 2.​

    Unofficial Literary Challenge #46: What was supposed to be one of the innumerable small performances (song, poetry, interpretive dance, Italian Opera, Klingon Opera, German Opera, etc.) to stave off the tedium of deep-space duty seems to have spun out of control. It was bad enough when that new rating turned out to have been a star on his/her colony before signing up, making everyone choose a far more difficult performance than normal, but then said rating was called for a special mission/redshirted.

    But the show must go on - as part of Starfleet's efforts to show the return to peace (or the KDF showing the 'poet' side of warrior-poet, or the Republic's efforts to continue culturally reengineering Romulan society, etc.) - they've caught the scent and sent a camera crew to record the performance.

    Guess who was the understudy? Does it go well? Humorously? Or is better to set the auto-destruct and beat the rush to the escape pods, the humiliation sure to be less than if the tapes get out?

    Unofficial Literary Challenge #46
    "I'm a Captain, Not an Actor!"

    The I.K.S. Valentine sat in orbit of Archanis IV firing extensively modified antiprotons into empty space, puncturing a hole into Gre'thor itself and opening a giant portal. When three trapped Klingon ships emerged, Captains Sigon, Deloss and Kronen beamed back over to their crews.

    "Well, it's about time! It feels like those modifications took months," complained the Ferasan, Kronen, from the view screen.

    The Orion, Elektra, crossed her arms. "You know it's still the year 2410 and that we have no down time what-so-ever. Not that you have to worry about as much anymore."

    "What do you mean by that? You have come off awfully stand-off-ish ever since we rescued you from that Chieftain monster," came the split-screen hail from the Klingon, Captain Sigon. "Almost like you intended to do something or another once things were wrapped up."

    Then the Gorn, Deloss, split the screen three ways. "Yeah! Not to mention the fact you 'accidentally' drove a dk'tang through my chest. Good thing there are Gorn hearts all throughout our bodies."

    "Oh, fine. But hidden agendas are a norm and not a surprise in this Empire," she scolded. "The only reason I rescued you petaQ from Gre'thor was so that I could send you back there again— only dead!" And then, "It's redundant now. I see that."

    Sigon's jaw dropped. "You insolent fake-news slave girl! You have finally shown your inherent, randomized treasonous ways! I guess there are just people out there who exist merely to be the enemies of other people with no other purpose whatsoever."

    "It's far from random ever since you murdered Rukkh! I actually liked him! Not to mention the failure you three exhibited by not saving the entire population of Raatooraas from Sage-like destruction," countered Elektra.

    Kronen turned to his view screen counterpart, Sigon. "You fool! You were supposed to cover that up! Next time, you're not invited to my worship ceremony of me. I was going to have more gagh-based streamers and everything."

    "Oh, great, now I'm going to have Klingon dishonor all over me," complained Deloss. "I'm going to be stress-throwing giant rocks for weeks!"

    Elektra rolled her eyes. "Give me a break. You only have yourselves to blame for your ongoing incompetence: Deloss let another Moriarty hologram escape back at our home base, and Kronen has a Mirror Universe double that is more annoying than a Talaxian/Human boy wonder combined! The point is, I have orders."

    "—Orders to have fun and party down!" came the fourth split screen hail from Captain Menchez himself. "Remember, Sigon? Like how you used to before you prevented me from an honorable death? Right?"

    Everyone reacted in utter shock at the old Klingon's sudden appearance from what seemed like out of nowhere.

    "Sir, it was last reported your ship, the I.K.S. Kragoth, its crew and yourself were hijacked by Augments and blackmailed into serving them?" Deloss inquired. "Sure, it was in an RP rather than a ULC, but it still holds." And then, "Oh, the former stands for royal pain, and the latter stands for Unrelenting Loyalty Championship— A week-long test we measure ourselves of quite regularly in the Empire."

    Menchez laughed. "Oh, you four are hilarious indeed! It's like some writer from Sto-vo-kor came down and wrote your lives so epically," he mused. "Indeed, I have been preoccupied and unable to lead our little fleet, but it has been wonderful on my own! The Augments have varied entertainment tastes, which I now see align to that of our precious empire. You simply must join my presentation of the Song of the Dead: A Heart-Wrenching Tribute to Those Lost, Not in Battle."

    The screen then cut out, and the group tracked his extra-long-range transmission to the previously-thought eradicated world of Raatooras.

    "What!? Must've been technology the Augments stole. Oh, and by the way, did he seem different to any of you?" asked Sigon, confused and shocked all at once. "I mean, the hair in a bun was certainly my red flag."

    Deloss snarled. "He obviously requires backup. There is something more going on here. Isn't that right, Captain Elektra? I'm referring to your 'orders,' by the way, if that subtext was not clear."

    "I don't need to be lectured by you three. I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was in diapers!" Elektra said.

    Kronen tilted his head in confusion. "Aren't you the youngest of us all, and Hell-bent on mate-seeking? Never mind. Let's just all agree not to have it out with each other yet and, instead of spectating, we go in and eliminate those mutant-men once and for all."

    "Agreed. After Menchez is back, we will have it out, and not in that Starfleet-harmless-brawl kind of way; I mean actual killing and death and such," explained Sigon. "I want blood and screams. Work with me, people!"

    Everyone just looked at him awkwardly, before jumping to warp and into the mission.


    Later, the I.K.S. Baetal, Masamune, Dragunov and Valentine dropped out into normal space, joining the Kragoth in orbit of Raatooras. The four Captains beamed down onto a large opera stage, circled by Augment-audience seating.

    "Welcome to the celebration for The Children of Khan!" came the announcement from Hokke who stepped onto stage with them. "You four are in for a delight. This world is now claimed ours, and your Fleet Captain, here, has been so kind as to prepare a little something for us."

    Sigon pulled out his disruptor. "You can forget the niceties, Augment. We've come to take Menchez back, despite the inhabitants of this world being lost because of us."

    "Only by extension, may I add," Deloss said, taking out his weapon. "A Takarian Sage did the actual work. We were just late to stop him. Did anyone even read the ULC? Oh, universal library chronicle."

    Menchez then put his hands together, prepared to recite his rhythmic epic:

    "As you may know, our sorrows grow;
    We share them high, we share them low.
    But what say you, is how we deal?
    Why, a brand new society: to help us heal!"

    Kronen instinctively aimed his own disruptor out at the Augments, while turning to his commanding officer. "Sir, are you... reciting Takarian-like poetry? Delta Quadrant inspired?"

    "A world anew, of beings so strong;
    Like the Arin'Sen past, they'll come along.
    Feasts of no other, with blood-food to suffice;
    Don't you think, think it would be so nice?"

    Elektra took out her weapon and turned to her three other counterparts. "You fools want to redeem yourselves? Then we must trust Menchez is doing this for a reason and do our job! You know, that thing you were supposed to do last time?"

    "But this time he's acting really strange," said Sigon as he saw an Augment come running for him. "And, let's be honest, he ordered Elektra to have us all killed. I say he dies first! As a byproduct of poetry-slamming, not that whole him-regretting-me-saving-his-life-thing that one time."

    As the group opened fire on incoming, attacking Augments, Menchez continued his surly expose:

    "The Sages, thee, of past and lost;
    I call upon you, to judge with cost.
    This world was not yours, of that to command;
    You do not belong on this surface, not this land."

    Suddenly, the entire stadium began to shake, and an Arin'Sen man, already merged with the Great Sage, floated in from the top striking lightning upon the attacking Augments, giving relief to the four fighters.

    "This world belongs to no one but the Arin'Sen," he claimed in an echoed, booming voice. "You are not welcome here."

    Kronen looked on in shock. "You lair! You said you were leaving to look for more of your kind?? I could've been the god here— in a mortal way. I had this great story written about where I died and came back to life. It's nonsensical, but people fall for it every time."

    "Aha! So, we were right. We knew he was here, which was why we tricked Menchez into calling him out," Hokke said, taking out his tricorder. "We plan to offer him real godhood and leadership among the Children of Khan, for access to his unlimited power. It's pretty obvious the Takarians were too dumb to appreciate it. I mean, they ended up worshiping Ferengi."

    The Arin'Sen/Sage floated down to them, with Menchez realizing the situation. "Unlimited power? This world was never really cleansed, was it? You hid the Arin'Sen from the Klingon Empire because we continued to ravage them of their food and supplies? I'd say women too, but Klingons have a strict sexual harassment policy that people are constantly shocked to hear."

    "So, now you're not rhyming?" Deloss said, looking to Menchez. "And does this mean you were playing the Augments all along? Because that would be delightful."

    At that, the entire stadium began to fill with Arin'Sen inhabitants, thought long-dead, glowing with Sage power, as they outnumbered the sparse Augments in the audience. "No! They're alive?? This was to be our planet!" Hokke countered. "We had plans for genetically modified everything! We love GMOs!"

    "The Arin'Sen are resilient people to have put up with the Klingon Empire. The Klingons, nor you Augments, are anything like them," the Sage explained as Sigon, Deloss, Kronen and Elektra turned their weapons' aim at him.

    Sigon signaled his compatriots to stand down. "Wait! He's right. I was instrumental in the annual conquering of this world. True honour would be us strengthening our conquered worlds, not absorbing their resources until they're dry. Together, we are stronger. Right, Captain Elektra?"

    "An interesting perspective, Sigon," the female Orion said as all the Augments were wiped away from the dimensional plane. "Perhaps we divide ourselves when we don't understand the actions of each other."

    The Sage's glow began to dim as he approached the group. "So, you are in fact capable of change, are you? If that is so, I will deal with the Children of Khan, if you five will cease the abuse of this culture. No lies this time."

    "Lies or not, this planet still belongs to the Klingon Empire," reminded Menchez. "We've been its custodians since the 22nd century, and it will take some convincing with the Council to change our demands."

    The Sage looked to him, before slowly disappearing and taking the glow of the local inhabitants with him. "You will do what is right. Calling me out made clear your intentions. The Arin'Sen are yours once again to protect. Do not fail them, or I will be back with my siblings."

    "Speaking of failure, we must not falter on our promise to each other— lessons of division notwithstanding," Deloss said as he, Kronen, Sigon and Elektra all aimed their disruptors at each other in standard Klingon practice.

    Menchez looked on in shock. "Huh? Oh, the murder and death thing. Ordering my fleet to kill each other may have been a result of my compromised circumstances. Not to mention, conflict and dysfunction is inherent in our instincts, so all we're doing at this point is playing into them."

    "Well, I don't want to be predictable," Elektra said taking down her weapon and activating her transport. "But I won't forgive what my fleetmates did to my Chieftain slave. I'm taking 3 million energy credits from our shared bank as payment."

    When she dematerialized, Deloss reached over to activate his own wrist communicator. "Finally, a non-Klingon method in taking over a world, I, as a Gorn, can embrace. I will prepare a rock-throwing Olympic ceremony that will unite us."

    "No Sage, huh?" Kronen said as he watched Deloss disappear. "This bodes well for my coming back to life story. How did you do your undead thing, Menchez? The Calibus VII virus? Interesting."

    After he was gone, Sigon crossed his arms. "Your poetry was epic and instrumental. Also, it was catchy. We Klingons know this craft all too well, I now realize, and it does not emasculate us at all."

    "Uh, no. No, it doesn't. Besides, I did it better than the Takarians! Hah! Also, I do not regret that you saved my life that time from the Kazon-Rokka," replied Menchez. "Come. We will work as a proper fleet, finally. A party, perhaps, on our vessels this time to celebrate."

    Sigon nodded. "I would like that, Captain. Qapla!" The two clasped each other's wrists in newfound camaraderie and transported up to their respective ships.
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    Author's notes: This was written in July 2018 as part of the Star Trek Online forums Unofficial Literary Challenge #47. ​

    Unofficial Literary Challenge #47: Prompt #1: You and your crew have been chosen to escort a Dominion diplomatic team through the wormhole and back to Dominion space while bringing your side's own diplomats with you to further negotiations. Write a log entry about your experiences.

    Unofficial Literary Challenge #47
    "Dominion Delegation"

    The Negh'Tev-class I.K.S. Kragoth moved to be swallowed whole by the Bajoran wormhole at Deep Space 9. Captain Menchez took a seat in his chair on the Bridge as the ship was then surrounded by the glory of the verteron phenomenon.

    "So, it's come to this, has it? We've been relegated to the ULC's," the aging Klingon remarked, staring forward at the fantastical vision upon the viewscreen.

    RaeLuna, a half-Human, half-green-alien and his first officer, turned from her stance, standing next to him. "Are you speaking of the underwater love cauldron we are to attend in two weeks?"

    "Yeah. That. It's irrelevant, anyway. Our mission at this very moment is to escort Dominion diplomats and Klingon diplomats to the Gamma Quadrant."

    Vato, a rugged Klingon male and the Security officer, looked up from a rear console. "Captain, why did you wait until now to tell us this? I have had both groups violently locked up in the Brig for trespassing for hours now."

    "Oh, when you've been on the job for as long as I have, you find it more fun to reveal details to your crew through passing remarks and detached indifference," chuckled Menchez. "Also, old age memory loss."

    Seconds later, Vato released the two groups from the Brig, prompting them both to rush to the Bridge.

    "This is unacceptable behaviour, Captain!" argued Dahar Master and diplomat Gaurantan, who was accompanied by two other of his Klingon aides. "I will have your head on a Klingon Gin'tak spear!"

    The Vorta, Feylou, and two of his Jem'Hadar soldiers, entered the Bridge from opposite doors. "We, on the other hand, quite appreciate the experience and study of the inner workings of Klingon jailing processes."

    "Did you like the Rura Penthe-inspired Chameloid inmate and accompanying cigar?" smirked Ulkegh, a Klingon female and officer. "It's standard for all KDF containment cells now."

    Feylou clasped his hands excitedly. "You know we did! Morphable humanoids are an obsession that extends right into what some may deem for us as inappropriate. Oh, and thank you for the misplaced-aggressive Nygean-style prison violence."

    "Am I the only one here who is out-raged??" blurted Gaurantan. "This is merely a symptom of a greater problem with you, Menchez: Coming back from being undead, partaking in Winter Wonderlands, nearly-losing your other ship to the Kazon-Rokka, submitting this vessel to the Children of Khan, and singing Takarian poetry on the planet Raatooras? Evidence of foolhardy, fooly cooly foolishness!"

    Menchez stood up to confront the honoured Master. "I submit to you that all those activities are necessary in this universe. That, without the willingness to embrace the absurd, grow, and break the monotony, we would have been truly failures for never having been written— I mean, existed— in the first place."

    "I must say, Great Master," began Feylou, "Your unwillingness to read— I mean, be open to new experiences is surely a fearful and grim situation altogether. That is the basis of all Dominion principles. It's what drives our invasion forces, powers our killing-weapons, and thrusts our pointy-blades into the hearts of our dear friends. We will have to deliberate on whether it is worth continuing talks with you."

    The Vorta then turned to his two ketracel white-addicted soldiers.

    "Come. Let us return to the holding cells for the ritual fight with a horned alien," ordered Feylou. "I hear the key is to kick him in the knee-genitals."

    As the group left through the doors they came, Gaurantan reached out his palm. "Wait. No! We Klingons invade too! It builds our egos and is the foundation of our reward systems!"

    "Well, perhaps it should be more perverse," suggested Menchez as the Dominion delegation left. "Like, maybe we could conquer for sport or the bloodlust?" Then, dreamily, he added, "Mmm. I could go for some tasty humanoid blood right now."

    As he realized the crew was looking at him strangely, Menchez sat back in his chair.

    "Vato, please take the Dahar Master to our best Guest Quarters. You know, the one with all those bed cushions and chandeliers that don't fall even when we're in battle."

    Gaurantan took a few steps back. "What? No! I want to go back to the Brig! I want to fight the voles for my blood cakes! I will not be a failure like you!"

    "Sorry, Your Grace. But it's extravagance and pampering here on out. Hope you enjoy giant leaf fans and wiggly gagh being fed to you one-by-one," threatened Menchez as the Dahar Master was gracefully and respectfully led out.

    The diplomat yelled as the doors were closing him off from the Bridge. "You'll pay for this, Menchez! You'll regret this for however long we Klingons live, which is an undetermined convenience in itself! Wait? Even that's a luxury! No! Noooo!"
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    Author's notes: This was written in August 2018 as part of the Star Trek Online forums Unofficial Literary Challenge #47.​

    Unofficial Literary Challenge #47: Prompt #2: With the release of VIL, do a story where you are assisting the Dominion in a mission, or are a member of the Dominion. Doesn't have to be a Jem'Hadar, could be a Vorta POV.

    Unofficial Literary Challenge #47
    "For the Dominion!"

    The Negh'Tev-class I.K.S. Kragoth dropped warp and joined the Dominion vanguard heavy raider Lyngon-5328 at an asteroid belt in the Torad sector of the Gamma Quadrant.

    "It is agreeable to see you, Captain," came the hail from Lyngon-5328 by its Jem'Hadar Honored First, Kurok'Tekan.

    Captain Menchez stood from his seat at the Bridge of the Kragoth. "You're thinking of Vulcans! Klingons just start shouting obscenities and falsified claims."

    "My apologies, Oh Eternally Angry One," said the Vorta, Feylou, who suddenly walked into frame. "He's new here. Almost like a newborn son to me, considering he still has Dominion birthing chamber goop all over him."

    The Kragoth's half-Human half-green-alien first officer, RaeLuna, raised an eyebrow. "Didn't we just deliver you to peace-talks with Klingon diplomats?"

    "That was my predecessor, Feylou-6. Your precious Dahar Master Gaurantan broke his neck during a discussion about what snackables to have at the table."

    Menchez nodded. "As any Dahar Master in charge of diplomacy would. Also, our gagh addiction is much like your ketrecel white addiction, except we go mad within seconds."


    Beaming down to a low-gravity cave, Menchez, RaeLuna, and security/operations officer Ulkegh met with Feylou, Kurok'Tekan and Second Wui'Xiau.

    "Since it was we who detected the Hur'q here, it us who will lead this mission," declared Menchez.

    Kurok'Tekan readied his polaron rifle. "The only reason you were ever allowed in Dominion territory is because your scent repels the Karemma."

    "petaQ! How dare you take that tone with me!" countered the Captain. "Then again, we are proud of our odorous effect on an entire species. Their Prime Minister completely lost his lunch last week."

    Suddenly, one of the nearby walls opened up, revealing a large group of Hur'q on a level below, celebrating. The Hur'q that opened the wall stopped himself in shock.

    "Whoa! Is there a humanoid convention or have the cows gone missing?" the Hur'q quipped. "Seriously, though, my name is Craven."

    Kurok'Tekan dropped his aim. "Hold on. You can talk?"

    "Oh, please. Talk? Why we're the foremost melodically auditory masters of our generation— meaning, we can siiiinnnnnggg!" And then, after a moment, he added, "But, to clarify, we're a group of Hur'q who circumvented the madness from our dependency on our fungus. Evolution, perhaps? I don't know. I'm just a crystals systems analyst with barely any weekends off. It's crazy at the office some days. My co-worker Jane knows all about it."

    Feylou turned to Kurok'Tekan. "Why are you chatting with this Xindi-wannabe? Our mission here is to exterminate him!"

    "Yeah, we haven't had contact with the outside galaxy in eons. How are things? Do they still use laser disc?" Craven asked.

    Menchez waved those questions away. "Your people have succumbed to the madness previously aforementioned and are running amuck, consuming the cosmos. They specifically attacked my homeworld centuries ago."

    "Ha! Oh yeah, that sounds like us," Craven chuckled. "Seriously, though, we do not side with them at all. Our society is one of simple tailors and barbershop quartets— but the bug versions, of course. We refuse to associate with those foam-mouthed vermin."

    Kurok'Tekan felt Feylou's eyes burrowing into his face, but diligently ignored it. "Then you will assist the Dominion and the Alliance in opening communications with the enemy."

    "Have you lost your mind!?" Feylou snapped at his Jem'Hadar subordinate.

    The Hur'q flailed his bug arms. "Yeah, we couldn't even if we wanted to. No one remembers the old tongue. There was that one guy, but he was squashed by a giant Spock clone. Came out of nowhere."

    "Some progenitor you turned out to be," Feylou continued with Kurok'Tekan before turning to Menchez. "Then you, Klingon, will complete your mission or I will have the entire Dominion fleet descend upon you like a plague of bug-like aliens of some kind."

    Menchez quickly and swiftly snapped his neck, allowing the now-dead Vorta to fall to the floor. Everyone watched in shock before Wui'Xiau pulled up his weapon at the Captain. Kurok'Tekan just chuckled, prompting his Second to man-down.

    "Hahaha! You know they'll just make another one, don't you?" the First reminded Menchez. "Also, they always expect the Klingons to do the head thing. Like, a hundred of you have done it since the Dominion War."

    The old Captain nodded. "We are compelled to murder Vorta. Perhaps it is their prey-like distinction. By the way, don't ever put us in a room with Kelpien people. We will eat their faces off without even killing them first."

    "The Jem'Hadar are not bred to use our mouths to consume, as we only require the White, but we have had Kelpien before and it is absolutely delicious," agreed Kurok'Tekan.

    Craven held up his bug arm. "Hold on. We haven't had official outsiders other than some giant clone and you guys in centuries, but we were able to replace our madness-driving hunger with one thing: a major Kelpien import. Would you care to join us?"

    "Would I?? That's probably what I've been smelling since we've come down here!" the old Klingon perked, excitedly.

    Kurok'Tekan nodded. "We have drawn blood, so now we will feast."

    "Now you're getting us!" Menchez slapped the Jem'Hadar on his back agreeably as the entire group followed Craven into the festivities below. "You know, you Jem'Hadar are alright."

    "Klingons and Dominion working together," mused Kurok'Tekan. "Stranger things have never happened, nor will again, nor should have to begin with."
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    Well and thoroughly lampooned - Thanks!! rbs
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by multiple players for the Earth Spacedock RP on the Star Trek Online forums. My character was Elric (w Zeta). This continues from the last ESD entry. Written in August 2018.​

    Earth Spacedock, Page 150-153
    N.V. Vengeance, Corridors

    A group of Krenim security officers carrying chroniton rifles came down the corridor, looking to Elric. "Captain! Have you seen that entity anywhere?"

    Sek, slowly leaving the bridge and walking towards them, turned to Elric. "Where'd it go?"

    "Through the floor, a deck below us," Elric replied, looking to the group. "We've also disabled the temporal capabilities of this vessel."

    "Well, suppose we're all stuck here then," replied Sek. "Considering that we went through a temporal portal to who knows where... or when. I also doubt they could even use the ship considering that we've taken the bridge and should--"

    Shivak exited the door, turning to Sek. "The Na'kuhl locked down the computers, rendering us unable to take control of the ship. The viewscreen indicates the presence of the U.S.S. Firestorm-K to the vessel's rear."

    "Well, so much for that," replied Sek, who turned to Shivak, nodded, and activated his communicator. "Sek to U.S.S. Firestorm-K. Do you hear me?"

    "Hear you loud and clear, Commander," said Captain Nat over the comms. "I'd like to think you're to blame for the ship ceasing any attempts at resistance?"

    "We've taken the Bridge," reported Sek. "Toros and the being are both getting away, but we're already mobilizing to locate and capture them."

    Captain Nat opted not to respond, instead appearing alongside Sek and the others in a flash of light so he could respond in person. "Guess we better go find them then and, given that the Na'kuhl don't appear to have any ship-wide Q power dampening systems here..." the Captain paused, materialized three heavy-looking Boolean guns, handed one to Sek, and then continued. "If they bring any portable ones, mind blasting them away?"

    Sek took the weapon, finding it surprisingly heavy. The Captain handed one to Elric, and then handed the last one to Claire, whom he didn't appear to recognize. "Have we met?"

    "The name's Claire," replied the Android. "We were sent to the future from the 25th century by my father who for some reason thinks it's imperative we stop what's going on here."

    Elric struggled momentarily as he lifted the heavy weapon. He spoke to Captain Nat. "Since you have powers over space and time, can't you just snap your fingers and bring Toros and the being to us?"

    Captain Nat shrugged, snapping his fingers. Repeatedly. No one arrived.

    "Guess not," said the Captain. "Toros seems to be carrying around an anti-Q medallion... or something. Dunno why I can't bring the being out here, it doesn't seem to be affected by my powers, unfortunately. Hopefully, I'll still be able to use my powers on it indirectly, else my coming here would've been pointless."

    "Wonder where everyone is getting their anti-Q medallions these days..." remarked Sek. "We'll just have to track them down the regular way."

    "Whatever Toros is using seems to be scattering my ability to pinpoint his exact location," stated Captain Nat. "Can locate the being just fine, though. Shall we?" he inquired, motioning down the corridor. Elric followed.

    Captain Nat lead the way, walking down the corridor and then turning to another one. Sek and the Krenim security officers all followed.

    "Hmm, it's moved up to the deck above us," said the Captain, motioning to a turbolift.


    Na'kuhl Base, 28th century Breen space

    The battle outside began expanding outward as Na'kuhl forces quickly abandoned the now-N.V. Vengeance-less base and began retreating in every possible direction.

    The Krenim Coalition forces moved to intercept them. Admiral Anna's forces started chasing them down, while Emperor Nat's forces instead opted to stay behind, picking off stray ships and retrieving their forces from the Na'kuhl base.


    N.V. Vengeance

    Captain Nat and his followers neared the turbolift and the Captain turned to Elric.

    "Toros is on a deck below," stated the Captain. "I highly suggest you take the opportunity to go capture him. Take Sek with you, you might need the extra firepower." He motioned for Sek to give him his cannon and he obliged, retrieving his CRM 200 to use in its place. The Captain nodded to him and then to Elric. "Good luck."

    Captain Nat entered the turbolift, followed by the Krenim Security Officers. It began moving upwards. The doors opened, and the familiar black orb hovered menacingly down the corridor ahead. Captain Nat started walking towards it, followed by the Krenim Security Officers.

    "So you're the being I keep hearing about?" inquired the Captain.

    The being simply replied by firing a wide sweep of energy beams, nearly vaporizing the Krenim Security Officers. The Captain motioned his hand, whisking the officers away to safer places unknown. He also dropped his mobile cannon, leaving it somewhere close by to pick up at a moment's notice.

    "Sounds like it," stated Nat. "Why shouldn't I simply destroy you right here and now?"

    "You cannot," replied the being. "Only The Destroyer of the Destroyer could possibly destroy me. They are not here."

    Captain Nat took off, taking on a golden glow, engulfing his hands in chroniton-infused golden fireballs, and lunging at the being fist first. The Captain met no physical resistance upon reaching the being, instead vanishing elsewhere in a flash of darkness.


    Gateway Planet

    Regent Nat found himself stranded on the planet Gateway, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Regent Nat neared the source of the light, noting it's vaguely gate-like shape.

    "I am my own beginning, my own end. Observer of time. Some call me the Guardian of Forever. You must restore the river of time. The Destroyer of Forever seeks to use it for other reasons that cannot be allowed to pass."

    "Fine. Where and when are they?" A gaseous cloud slowly formed inside it. The Regent just shook his head, throwing his arms up in the air and walked into the portal.


    Earth Spacedock, 25th century

    Regent Nat found himself on ESD. "Hmm, this looks like--" He was interrupted by the sound of something loud heading in his direction from behind. Captain Nat then fell to the ground and stopped glowing. "This doesn't look like the 28th century I was in five seconds ago..."

    The Captain suddenly took note of a shadow-like entity coming from around the corner of the corridor. He turned to look, shrieking and moving to block as the monstrously formed being moved in to attack.

    "YOU!" shouted Captain Nat, generating a barrier around himself and repelling the being. "You've been seeking out a means of destroying the Guardian of Forever, haven't you?"

    The being was taken aback, standing its ground and charging up an energy beam. "It will be destroyed, and there's nothing you can do to stop me." As the opposite wall gained a sort of visible transparency as a viewscreen, showing Krystal and the Regent's battle with a Betazoid. "A certain someone was kind enough to seek vengeance against the one who might destroy me; I was all too willing to push them in the right direction. Destroyer of the Destroyer, no more. Feel free to watch as your friend is completely destroyed beyond repair."

    Captain Nat moved to teleport to the Regent as quickly as the being moved to teleport to Krystal; the being fired a beam at Krystal as quickly as Captain Nat moved to block it with a barrier, sealing off everyone from the being's siege. Captain Nat could almost swear that it had started glowing with rage.


    Regent Nat just looked up in shock, largely ignoring the Betazoid now. Captain Nat narrowed his eyes at the being. "You've lost. Give up."

    The being's energy beam ceased. "I am endless. Time has no effect on me. I will return, and y̼͇͈͖o̠̯̮u͎̠̬͕̻̼̙͢ ͘w͈̪̼̞̪͔̞i̺̝͖l͈̠̫̣͜l͎͜ ̹̹͡p̺͝a̲̘̩y̟͈̜͖͓!͎̤"
    With that, the being vanished. Captain Nat kept up his guard for a moment, then stopped, turning to Regent Nat. "Suppose that actually worked out. How's Krystal?"

    Regent Nat shrugged. "Dunno, been too busy beating up this guy. Might've thrown a dagger at her, but not much else." Approaching security officers turned to the Regent, but then both the Regent and Captain Nats vanished in a flash.


    N.V. Vengeance, 28th century

    The turbolift doors opened, and Sek emerged; Toros and his 2 guards were already in view. Sek immediately gunned down one of the guards with his CRM 200, with his shields absorbing the returned fire from the other guard as Sek incapacitated them.

    "Well, General," said Sek, aiming his weapon at Toros. "Looks like you're done. Your little crusade is over. Stand down."

    "It was never a little crusade," replied Toros, quite calmly. "I was born and raised in the temporal war. It is who I am."


    N.V. Red Sand, Bridge

    Elric entered the Bridge to find all of the Na'kuhl crew unconscious and lying all over the floor. There, the android spider Zeta and Claire were operating the ship controls. The Tadaari-class Red Sand was at high warp.

    "What is going on? I thought we were going to fight Toros? I feel like I'm missing out on all the action," Elric said. "And I'm having deja-vu."

    Claire turned to him. "I don't know. Zeta transported us to one of the escaping vessels and took over. I knocked out this crew, and now we're heading out into open space."

    "Zeta, what are you doing?" Elric asked, walking over to the helm where the spider had several interlink web cables locked in.

    There was no response.

    "Perhaps you're malfunctioning," wondered the Captain. He attempted to access a panel on Zeta, but a mild electric shock repelled his human touch. "Any chance we can over-ride?" he turned to the other android.

    She shook her head. "I tried, with no luck. He seems hell-bent on going somewhere."

    "Where are you taking us?" Elric asked in sotto voce, hoping he'd find out soon enough.
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    Love the script used for the Time Being. And Elric's electronic spider going all mysterious over their next destination...

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Wow! A lot going on here. All very well told and energizing. I'm in it to the end, now.


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    He's a sneaky spider. :D
    Thanks! ESD is probably going to start trailing off now. The next part gets a bit random.
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    Your writing has been improving as you tell this tale. I know these are retelling of a game and the character decisions (and at least some of the dialogue) was created by other players, but you're including more descriptions of environment - more smells, colors, etc. More details about the action, making it easier to follow. And starting to characterize the dialogue more so that each character is starting to come out as an individual. Keep it up - Thanks!! rbs
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    Thank you, RBS! I will redirect much of that cred to the other players. I actually find myself instinctively cutting down description in general due to the comedy stuff. I always end up dialogue-heavy.
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    Author's notes: These are compiled posts by multiple players for the Earth Spacedock RP on the Star Trek Online forums. Starbase 001 is the designation from a previous RP that I took part in, Star Trek: 001, and the beginning is a pseudo-crossover with that. My character was Elric (w Zeta). This continues from the last ESD entry. Written in August-September 2018.​

    Earth Spacedock, Page 161-163
    Earth Spacedock (aka. Starbase 001), 28th century

    The N.V. Red Sand docked at the large Federation station, and Elric and Claire followed the android crystal spinner spider into a large multi-floor high and crowded social area called The Deck.

    Checking the Federation database on a PADD, Elric looked up. "Apparently they also call this station Starbase 001 in this century. Looks like they're recovering from a war with an alliance of Romulans, Ferengi, Breen and Gorn, who claimed the Federation became too corrupt."

    "This is basically where our era's Recreation Deck is, only larger. Why'd Zeta bring us here?" Claire asked.

    Elric shrugged as Zeta led the two into a bar known as the Double~Helix. There, in a sparsely populated back section, Zeta crawled up a wall and tapped an invisible bubble. The interaction suddenly revealed another Zeta, appearing to be trapped in the energy bubble.

    "It's you!?" Elric said in shock.

    Claire scanned with a tricorder. "His future self must've sent out a distress call, but on a frequency only himself could detect. I'm reading a lot of chroniton particles."

    *Click! Click! Click! Ccccclick!* chirped their Zeta, finally speaking again.

    "Your future self caught a spatial anomaly before it could destroy the station? Maybe I can transform the chroniton reserve in my mechanical arm into anti-chronitons and disperse the phenomenon," Elric said, as he began reconfiguring his limb.

    He then reached out and shot a burst into the future-Zeta's bubble. The bubble then increased and engulfed the three of them, making them out of temporal sync with the 28th century and invisible, causing a bubble of energy to appear in the 25th century on Spacedock. The bubble on 25th century Earth Spacedock began floating around aimlessly.


    Earth Spacedock, 25th century

    "Well, it turns out my chief science officer, Sangok, still hasn't returned from Toros' ship," said Malin, now sitting in another seating area with the other two Xindi, in addition to his senior staff. "So we'll have to hold off on making any actual group decisions until he does. However, I'd imagine you probably don't have all the time in the world, so..."

    "Sorry to interrupt, but what's that glowing bubble over there?" questioned Malin's first officer, a Xindi-Primate named Megri, as she motioned to an energy bubble as it aimlessly floated by.

    The Xindi-Arboreal engineer, Tranner, pulled out his tricorder and scanned it. "Something temporal, it seems. Detecting plenty of chronitons coming from this thing."

    "Hello? Is anyone out there?" Elric's voice from the bubble spoke. Meanwhile, from Elric's perspective, he, Claire and Zeta were in a confined, giant energy eggshell.

    "That there is," replied Malin. "You sound oddly familiar..."

    "I doubt that," the floating Elric orb said. "I'm actually from the 25th century. I was brought here to the 28th century by an artifact controlled by an artificial intelligence. Then I became trapped in this thing with my team."

    "We're in the 25th century," said Malin, turning to Megri. "Inform the Spacedock personnel and have them send a science team, this is probably important."

    Megri nodded, got up, then walked off. The Xindi Ambassador and his aide just watched with great interest.

    "I've sent for a science team," stated Malin to the orb. "Can you tell us anything else about your condition?"

    "Wait a second," Elric said squinting through the shell. He wiped the wall before him, making his view semi-transparent. From the outside of the floating bubble, nothing would change, except for the fact he could see the group and where he was floating. "Oh, we really are back home! Fascinating."

    Then the orb sported a female voice. "We got trapped in this thing after we tried diffusing a chroniton-filled spatial anomaly in the future. Seems like we wormhole'd back here, where we come from, unintentionally."

    "Oh, that's Claire," the orb said, with Elric's voice.

    Krystal noticed the strange bubble and goes over to investigate. "Never a dull moment around here is there?" she asked as she got closer.

    Nick sighed disappointedly and got up, following Krystal. "Just wanted to have a nice conversation," he muttered to himself.

    "Oh hey," the energy bubble said. "It's me, Captain Elric, Claire and Zeta."

    "I knew you sounded familiar," remarked Malin. "Didn't we meet aboard Admiral Nat's flagship?"

    Megri came back, followed by another three Xindi. One of them, Qala, an older Xindi-Primate, spoke up. "Malin!"

    "Your timing couldn't have been much better," replied Malin. "Any idea what's up with this orb thing? A Starfleet captain and a couple of his friends are trapped inside, apparently."

    Qala pulled out a tricorder and started scanning the orb. "It's temporal. What in the world did you people do?"

    The basketball-sized orb floated over, and Elric realized he could control it. "There was a spatial anomaly threatening Earth Spacedock in the future, and we tried to diffuse it with anti-chronitons. By the way, anyone know how that Na'khul-Being-Toros stuff worked out?"

    "I heard it went fine," replied Malin. "They apparently captured Toros and the being."

    "I've never encountered an anomaly like this one before..." said Qala. "What's it like in there?"

    "Kind of pasty and egg-shell-y, and crowded. I wiped away some of it so I can see out the front. Claire is standing next to me, and Zeta is on my shoulder," the orb said. "Perhaps this is my life now. I'm just a floating sphere of energy who gets hungry every day."

    "So you're definitely not in the future any longer?" inquired Qala. "Do you know about the condition of the original anomaly you used those anti-chronitons on? Also, when were you in the future, specifically?"

    "Could we beam them out with a transporter?" asked Tranner.

    Krystal crossed her arms across her chest and thought for a moment. "I'd poke it, but for some reason, I feel like chronitons and I don't get along very well."

    "I'm not poking it either. Had enough weird stuff happen today and I just wanted to enjoy my meal and company," Nick said.

    "Sorry about that," Krystal said. "I see weird, I want to take a look. And that... is weird."

    "Understandable," Nick said. "Everything seems to be taken care of over here. So I guess we could go back over to our food if we want."

    "Whoa, whoa, food? I haven't eaten in centuries! I could definitely go for a taco or burger or something," the orb said emanating a momentary surge of flowing energy. "I'm coming with."

    But as it moved, android spider clicks spurted free, prompting Elric to pause the motion. *Click! Chirp! Clickkk! Click!*

    "Oh, Zeta says the original anomaly in the 28th century was infused with chronitons by future-Zeta to contain it before it could destroy Spacedock somehow. My anti-chronitons must have transported it and us through time."

    Claire speculated, "It's some kind of volatile containment-based phenomenon."

    "So this orb thing could destroy spacedock at any moment?" replied Qala. "We'd better relocate it, just in case. If that's even possible."

    "Is future Zeta in there with you?" inquired Malin. "Also, what would happen if the original anomaly were released? Preferably in empty space somewhere?"

    Krystal adopted a thoughtful look as she tried to think of something.

    "Hey, what you thinking?" the orb asked. "I don't think I'm a threat, do you? I'm just really hungry for some reason." Then, replying to Malin, "It appears that future-Zeta was set free from his entrapment in the future. The original anomaly may explode, I assume. But not before I have replicated cupcakes."

    The orb floated over to a replicator and began lancing out minor energy tendrils, activating it. After a cake materialized, an energy tendril connected with it and dematerialized/absorbed it.

    "Oh man, that was good. What else should I order Any requests?"

    Just then a female voice yells out, "What the hell is that thing?!"

    "We're not quite sure yet," replied Qala. "Long story short, a Starfleet captain we've barely even met ended up in the future, where some robot stopped an anomaly by trapping it in a temporal anomaly, and then the captain shot it with anti-chronitons and ended up here, as this... thing... which we have yet to figure out. He seems oddly hungry for some reason."

    "I still think we should move it off the station," said Malin, looking to Qala. "Any idea where we can get a ship?"

    "We still have the ship we were using on our experiments," answered Qala. "It's only a Nova-class Science vessel, but it's expendable enough in case something bad happens."

    "Alright, then that's settled," stated Malin. "Now we just need a way to get this Elric orb thing into Qala's ship..."

    "How about a shuttle?" Krystal suggested. "I wouldn't trust a transporter with an anomaly, and he said he had some control over that thing so... do it the old fashioned way?"

    "We'll probably want the ship's sensors to run better scans," replied Qala. "But using a shuttle to transport the anomaly itself would be a safe precaution. If anything, it'd be safer if we left the anomaly on the shuttle entirely, ensuring it doesn't destroy the ship if something goes wrong."

    "We'll need someone to pilot the shuttle," said Malin, turning to Krystal. "You up for it?"

    Krystal thought for a moment. "Seeing as how I've yet to be given my ship back, I'm just cooling my heels here so... got nothing better to do," she said before turning to Nick. "Might want to make our food to go. We can talk on the way."

    A woman in an Oddysey Command Uniform approaches to join, her five golden pips visible to all. "Mind if I join you? I am Fleet Captain Sharon Raneson, U.S.S. Victory."

    "Captain Nick O'Connor, U.S.S. West Point," Nick said stoically, turning back to look Krystal.

    "Captain Krystal Jade. Technically, U.S.S. Lexington," Krystal replied. "Still waiting to get my ship back after Admiral Nat relieved me. Honestly... I don't even remember why he did that in the first place..."

    Raneson raises an eyebrow. "Lexington? As in the ship that gets all the weird assignments?"

    Krystal had a slight smirk on her face. "Know of any other ships that have that rep?"

    "I know of no other ships like that. sounds thrilling. As for your request to join us, Captain Raneson. I'm afraid me and Captain Jade will barely be able to fit in the shuttle along with this big temporal orb. Barely any room. Don't think you'd enjoy that," Nick said, quickly grabbing his food and Krystal's.

    "Well, guess we'd better get moving," said Qala. "Feel free to come along, but I doubt we'd have much use for you right now."

    "Maybe bring your ship," suggested Malin, turning to Raneson. "Knowing how things have been going this last while, I wouldn't be surprised if we got ambushed by one group of people or another."

    Raneson nods. "I'll get the Victory underway." She then heads off to do so.

    "I'll prepare my ship, then," said Qala, walking off.

    "I'll prepare the New Xindus II," replied Malin, starting to walk off while motioning his officers, and the other two Xindi, to follow. The Nova-class U.S.S. Molly and the Narcine-class New Xindus II both began preparing for departure.

    "Let's go," Nick said to Krystal, smiling and sounding enthusiastic.

    Krystal headed for the hanger, motioning for the orb and Nick to follow.

    "No, no, this is good," the orb said as it followed along. "We're going to fix me, fix the situation, and put general conflict behind all of us for some much-needed downtime. And, oh man, do we need normalcy and simplification, am I right?"

    As they passed an island console, the Elric orb unintentionally connected a band of energy to it and absorbed it into itself. The orb slightly increased in size as a result.

    "Holy tribble! That tasted amazing! How have I not had computer before? Guys, guys, seriously, I have to just do this one thing. Seriously, I'm down for the shuttle plan, I'm totally there. But I need to see a chip about some tetrabytes." Then stopping, the orb said, "I'll meet you down there in a few."

    Then it moved down another way toward an astrometrics research facility.

    Qala hailed Krystal and Nick from the Molly. "Our sensors indicate the anomaly heading in the wrong direction. I wouldn't waste any time. We wouldn't want it to destroy Spacedock."

    Nick watched the orb wander off with a look that said 'why' on his face before he tapped his commbadge. "O'Connor here. I think the orb went off to... eat a computer? Please advise what action I should take to stop it."

    Krystal just blinked as she watched the orb. "It... also got bigger..."

    "I highly advise getting that thing aboard a shuttle immediately," said Qala over the comms. "Don't even bother flying the shuttle, we'll pilot it remotely. Just let us know when the shuttle is ready and which shuttle you put it in, then we'll beam you both aboard."

    "Alright. O'Connor out." Nick said as he tapped his commbadge and cut the comm, looking to krystal. "Let's go get that thing, and fast."

    "Right," Krystal replied before rushing after the orb. "Elric! Wait!"

    Inside the astrometrics facility, the orb slowly made itself known by the lashing of tendrils of energy flung out, absorbing computer station after computer station. Several specialists began screaming in shock and surprise.

    "Don't worry everyone," the orb reassured to the noisy and panicky group of scientists. "I'm one of you, a Starfleet officer. Oh, hey Bill, haven't seen you in a while. I was in the future and stuff. Ha, yeah, it was crazy."

    He neared the main console, which displayed the scientific data for the entire known quadrant.

    "Why is there astrometics on Spacedock anyway? We send ships out in 5-year increments for that. Oh well, bottoms up!"

    The orb flung out five electric tendrils and deconstructed the machine, chunk by chunk until the orb duplicated into half the size of a small shuttle.
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    The old definition of a ship was a vessel too large to be carried by another ship. You loaded a boat on a ship, but not a ship on a boat. Can a shuttle craft carry something half its size? Maybe the new python shuttles.
    This python is obsORBing its meal. Yeah, bad, I know.