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    Out, in the infinite, far-flung reaches of a distant future, an alliance of malicious empires has banded together under a common banner against the withering remnants of what is left of the Federation. In the mid-28th century, Starbase 001 stands as the last stronghold against the looming Alliance.

    Star Trek: 001 was an RP I participated in 2003 with a pretty cool group of Trek fans, created by user RMrulz for nine episodes, that holds a special place for me. It was my first RP and I wanted to revisit it now, do a bit of copyediting, formatting and correcting and give it worthy presentation. For me, it was the most fun I had in one of these and I think it was because of the collaborative nature we shared as writers.

    In my revisit: Instead of typical character and location headings, I'm compiling posts as one fiction and cutting down extraneous sections for flow. Each user wrote for their own character and so I can only take writing credit for Lieutenant Rune Sith. Full credits are:
    • RMrulz as Fleet Admiral Tom Garrison & Lietra Kayana
    • Nightranger as Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove
    • Captain Archer as Ambassador Michael Larkin & Jennifer Hurst
    • tucker as Captain David Major
    • Kelly as Commander Samantha Halliwell
    • Spork as Lieutenant Commander Tanik, Chief of Engineering
    • markspot as Lieutenant Commander K'Rak, Chief of Security
    • Joshua as Counselor Othoniel Rasin
    • Hawku as Lieutenant Rune Sith, Deputy of Security & Zeta
    • TPol123 as Lieutenant junior grade T'Kila, Science officer
    • Minigee & RMrulz as Doctor Gao Gent-al
    • Mozg as Lattrel Ottel, Bartender
    • k4m4caZ1 as Daniel Clark, Engineer
    • Ullii as Doctor Ullii Lauren & Yasha Lauren
    • Will Karelia as Will Karelia
    • Omega as Captain Maxwell Sumit
    Episode guide:
    - 1. New Beginnings, Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII & VIII
    - 2. The Last Place You Look, Part I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII
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    In the far future, where an alliance of empires have banded together under a common banner and cause, the withering remnants of the Federation finds itself nearly desperate and beyond hope. Added to this, it is decided to shut down Utopia Planitia for computer upgrades - making the entire Federation more vulnerable than ever before.​

    Star Trek: 001

    New Beginnings, Part I

    "Admiral's Personal Log, Stardate... Oh, who cares.

    "What a mess! The Federation is turning itself into a joke!

    "Okay, I should take it from the beginning, I guess. I wake up this morning and Starfleet Command has a message waiting for me. Before my morning workout, before my breakfast, before even a hot cup of coffee, I read that Starfleet, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to close Utopia Planitia Shipyards.

    "I couldn't believe it when I read those words. Utopia Planitia Shipyards have stood for centuries as the pillar of Starfleet's ship construction. Every famous ship I can think of was built there and they produce more vessels in one year than the entire Klingon Empire.

    "But, beyond all that, I guess what I'm really upset about is that they never even asked me. I am supposed to be the Fleet Commander. The guy in charge of every single Starfleet vessel currently in service. So, it only seems natural that they would consult with me before deciding to close down the place where the majority of those vessels are built. I tried fighting it, but I think Starfleet Command was expecting that. I couldn't get a single officer above Lieutenant to take my calls today. It was very obvious they were avoiding me.

    "So, I plan to fight this. I have no idea how, but I will fight it. Don't get me wrong. Part of me understands why they are doing this. The Federation controls so little space, it is unnecessary to keep building so many ships. There just isn't enough space to fly them in! But at the same time, this sends a very clear signal to the Alliance. It says we are giving up. Without Utopia Planitia, there is no way we could ever keep up building ships in a war with the Alliance. Even if the Bajorans and the Klingons were on our side, we would be no match with Utopia Planitia shut down. Even with it operating, the odds would be against us. I have to wonder if Starfleet has considered what kind of message this will send to the Alliance. And for that matter, is this a sign they are actually considering surrendering, or "joining the Alliance," so to say.

    "On a completely unrelated note, I've received word the U.S.S.
    Domtar, a transport and scout/patrol vessel, has gone missing somewhere near what used to be the Romulan Neutral Zone. The last communication with them occurred when they were only about half a parsec away from Alliance space, so I can only assume the worst. Once the new captain of the station, Captain David Major, arrives tomorrow, I'm going to send him and his new crew out on the Pollux to try to locate them. Two of the officers that were supposed to be transferring to this starbase, Lieutenant Commander K'Rak and Lieutenant T'Kila, were both aboard the Domtar. I can only hope we will find them, along with everybody else on that ship, alive. But, like I said, I can only assume the worst."


    "I'm sorry sir. There's nothing I can do."

    Garrison stared at his viewscreen in his office. He had been trying to talk to one of his fellow Admirals from Command all day, and not one had bothered to get in touch. It was so obvious they were avoiding him. They just didn't want to deal with his objections about closing down the shipyards. He regarded the young Lieutenant on his screen.

    "Lieutenant. You tell your boss that I called, again. Tell him I expect, no, tell him I demand to speak with him. Garrison out." He punched the viewscreen, switching it to the UFP logo.

    "Operations Command to Garrison. Captain Major has arrived on the station," the voice of an officer in charge of the Operations Command Center, known as the OC, informed him.

    "Acknowledged. Have him report to the OC. I'll be there, shortly." With that, he stood up and stretched his aching muscles. Spending the entire day talking to Lieutenants and other officers at Starfleet Command had made him very tense, and he was very stiff. Straightening his uniform, he exited his office into a corridor. Unlike the Captain, who actually commanded the OC, Garrison's office wasn't directly off it, but down a corridor in a suite of executive offices. Among others, Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove and Ambassador Michael Larkin had offices here.

    He walked down the corridor, reached a large set of glass doors at the end. They opened as he neared and he stepped out into the OC. It was a large room, through which basically all of the operations of Starbase 001 were controlled. It had a very high ceiling with several secondary stations on the upper level, around the perimeter of the room. All in all, it was a very impressively designed room. It gave the feeling that a great many things were going on at once.

    Garrison stood off to one side, awaiting the arrival of Captain Major. Glancing at a station, he saw there were a large number of Starfleet vessels, all docking, or in a holding pattern to dock as soon as the way was cleared. Probably all of the new officers arriving, he thought to himself.


    Ensign Othoniel Ephraim Rasin sat in a room, a spare crew quarters aboard the U.S.S. Concord, waiting for his arrival to Starbase 001. He knew that he would not have much time to himself, but after getting all of his affairs in order, he was tired. He closed his eyes unsure of how he felt moving away, out of what he knew and into something new. A starbase. What he was sure of, though, was the yearning to prove himself to his new colleagues. He wanted to— No. He had to prove that he could do a sufficient job. He needed their respect.

    Taking a deep breath, he picked up his bag from the floor, that he insisted on bringing personally, and headed towards the hatch.


    Lieutenant Commander Tanik, the new Chief of Engineering, and Romulan, walked through the door to the OC. He noticed several sideways glances from officers manning their stations. They were apparently trying to be subtle. You'd think I'd be used to it after eight years. I guess it's one of those things I may never adapt to here.

    He shrugged it off and continued to the man in the middle of the room, obviously in command. He noted his rank pips from a distance and was somewhat puzzled. A little too prompt, you dolt! He froze for a second, wondering how to handle the situation. Oh, well. Better go to him anyway, I guess. Heck, he might be impressed.

    "Admiral, Lieutenant Commander Tanik, reporting for duty, sir."

    The Admiral looked up from the display he was watching, somewhat startled by the sudden intrusion. "Ah, Commander. I'm Admiral Tom Garrison. You should really report to Captain Major. I am not really part of the command structure. Unfortunately, he hasn't checked in yet. You're quite early."

    Tanik looked around for a second, wondering how to proceed. Just as I feared. "We Romulans like to be punctual, sir."

    Garrison looked at him contemplatively. "So do I, Commander." The Admiral eased up and chuckled, mildly. "I'll have a yeoman show you to your quarters. When the Captain comes aboard, I'll call you. Dismissed," he said with a half grin.

    "Yes, sir." Tanik walked out the door.

    Garrison stood there, looking at the space where Tanik was earlier. He didn't know what to make of him. Sighing, he shook his head and looked back at the screen.


    Later, Captain David Major tapped the control by the door to the Admiral's office.

    "Enter," came the gruff voice from within. As the doors slid open with their distinctive whir, the Admiral looked up from his desk and smiled. "Welcome, David! How was your trip?" The two men shook hands vigorously before David sat down.

    "Rather boring, sir," Major chuckled. "I spent the entire five hours reviewing teraquad upon teraquad of status reports and crew profiles. Talk about some deep reading. I never knew 001 was the only Starfleet starbase to have blue carpets." He grinned.

    "Ah, reviewing only the crucial information, I see." Garrison laughed. "I'll be sure to mention your taste in my report to Starfleet Command." Suddenly the admiral's smile turned to a frown. "Or what's left of it."

    "How is the status of the Federation? I've only heard scattered accounts of what's going on, but It almost sounds like the Council is thinking of actually joining the Alliance?"

    "I wish I could say it wasn't true," Tom sighed. "But with every passing day, that comes closer to a reality then ever before. I've been trying non-stop for the past two weeks to get through to Command on Earth, but it seems as though they're personally making a point of avoiding me. I'll be frank with you, David. I'm worried about what it's going to come to. The Alliance is growing in power every day. Soon, we won't even be able to hold what sectors we have now." Garrison stood up, and stared out the view port. "I'm trying David. I really am. But this is getting out of my league."

    David's mind scrambled for something to say. "Sir, I'm sure you're doing everything you can, as will I and the rest of the crew. We'll fight this to the end."

    "I hope so, David. I hope so." After a pause for a moment or two, Tom turned back around and faced David. "And if that wasn't depressing enough, I'm afraid that I have some more bad news for you."

    He handed David a PADD from his desk, containing the specs for the U.S.S. Domtar

    "About a week ago, Starfleet lost contact with the U.S.S. Domtar, a scout and transport ship with low-warp capabilities, minimal weapons and defense. It was traveling awfully close to Alliance space, out by what used to be the Romulan Neutral Zone."

    "Sir, we lost contact a week ago?"

    "I know what you're going to say, David. We should have sent a ship out there long before letting an entire week go by. And, I agree. But, well, there just aren't enough ships out there. Starfleet hasn't really been building any new ones and we keep losing them to decommissioning and to these skirmishes. I'm the Fleet Commander of a pretty pathetic fleet at the moment..."

    His voice trailed off. His thoughts returning to the fight he was going to have to undertake regarding Utopia Planitia.

    Shaking those thoughts off, he returned to the conversation. "Anyway, two of your new officers were on board. K'Rak and T'Kila. They were traveling aboard the Domtar from their last postings. As soon as your new crew arrives, I want you to take the Pollux out. See if you can find them."

    David nodded. "Aye, sir." He paused for a moment, then continued. "Permission to speak freely?"


    "I'll go out there. Somebody has to. But after a week? I don't know. I just don't expect to find anything."

    "Neither do I, David. Neither do I. But we still have to try." David nodded. The two men sat in silence for a moment. "Go meet your crew. We'll talk more later."

    Tom watched David walk out the door. He sighed and turned his chair so that he was facing out the window. Staring out at all the stars, he was trying hard not to become too pessimistic about the situation.


    Soon, I'll be closer to Earth than I've been in six months.

    "So what's it like out there, Ambassador?" the Ensign at the helm of the shuttle asked. Not being in the mood for small talk, Larkin acted like he didn't hear him. "Sir?"

    "Not like it use to be, Ensign. That's for sure. I can remember being told stories by my father of how the Federation used to encompass hundreds of worlds, complimented by a vast fleet. Now we've been reduced to a third-class power. Hell, power, that would imply some influence in the Quadrant." He decided to save the rest of his opinions for someone who would appreciate them. He didn't want to damage this young man's perception of the Federation either, well, anymore than it probably already was. As he looked at him, he couldn't help but wonder if he really understood what was going on outside Federation borders. Freighters being attacked, crew's taken hostage, vessels disappearing, all because of the Alliance.

    As he considered his own words, he thought about the closing of Utopia Planitia. Those shipyards have built some of the Federation's finest starships. He couldn't help but wonder if he was looking at the end. "I just hope the Admiral can save it," he whispered to himself.

    Just then, the comm panel beeped. "Starbase 001 to Shuttlecraft 9. You're cleared for docking. Approach upper docking bay."

    "Acknowledged." Larkin looked out the view port at the glistening blue waters of his home. It'd never looked so beautiful. As his eyes traced upward, he caught his first sight of the starbase. One of the last remaining links to a long lost era and humanity's last hope against an intractable enemy.

    The shuttle snaked around the base. The pilot was about to turn in to the docking port when the Ambassador almost shouted, "Take another pass." He was in awe. "Do you know what this represents, Ensign?" He paused for a moment.

    The young Ensign looked at him, out of the corner of his eye. "Yes, sir," he said proudly. "It's our last hope. If this station should ever fall, we would have lost everything."

    "Don't ever forget that," Larkin said. They finally pulled into the bay and docked. Larkin stood and grabbed his luggage. "Thanks for the ride, Ensign. You've got a long trip back. You better be going."


    Larkin walked through the docking port and into the huge starbase, looking for a turbolift. He went through a few corridors and passed a window. Looking out, he saw an unusual number of starships waiting to dock.

    He started walking without looking and ran into a Lieutenant. "I'm sorry. Hey, could you tell me where I might find a turbolift?" he asked the officer.

    "Just up that hall, sir, on the left."

    As the doors opened, he saw a Romulan officer waiting on the lift. "Commander." He had read the personnel files the Admiral sent him, but his name escaped him.

    "Tanik. And, you are?"

    "Ambassador Michael Larkin. Good to meet you."


    Larkin then walked towards Admiral Garrison's office and ran into Captain Major. He looked in a hurry, so Larkin just gave the Captain a nod. Then he reached the Admiral's office and pressed the door chime. "Come in."

    Larkin stepped in and shook hands with Garrison. "Admiral, good to meet you in person." Larkin didn't like to waste time so he thought it would be best to get started. "I hear we have a problem with Utopia Planitia?"


    As Ensign Rasin was outside of Captain Major's office, he checked to make sure he looked perfect. I probably should fix my hair. I do not want to look too fresh from the Academy. Ensign Rasin touched the pad just outside of the door and was called in by the Captain.

    "Ensign Rasin, reporting for duty, sir," stated the young officer.

    "At ease. How are you, Ensign?"

    "I am doing alright, Captain. Thank you for asking."

    "The Domtar is missing," the Captain blurted, quickly. "I want you to be apprised of the situation and to keep your eyes open. Your job as Counselor entails more than just giving the crew advice. It includes giving me any knowledge that you possess that could help."

    "Yes, sir," Ensign Rasin said, seriously.

    Well that was interesting, Rasin thought after he was dismissed. He walked to his quarters where he began mining mission data on the disappearance of the Domtar.


    Lieutenant Rune Sith stepped off a turbolift and onto what was known as The Deck, a multi-level open space for commerce and dining. This was going to be his workplace. Full of commotion and trades people, he passed alien after officer after alien. He'd never seen so many people in one area.

    "Wow." Sith gaped at the enormity of The Deck. He had already visited his quarters. Sitting on his shoulder appeared to be a strange device of some sort.

    The Deck was four high levels with a wide vertical space in its middle. Bridges crossed from one side to the other and lifts carried people up and down. He wanted to check out the Bolian bar.

    "One thakilan. I heard those were great here," Sith ordered when he got to the bar. He was out of uniform, but after this drink he planned to get dressed. He was scheduled to meet his superior officers, soon. The device on his shoulder *clicked!* in excitement.

    "So, what do you think, Zeta?" Sith asked it. Then it popped up on his shoulder with eight metallic legs. It was a robotic spider.

    *Click, click. Wow.* Zeta mimicked Sith's earlier remark.

    "Utopia Planitia's gone," a drunken officer cried out to someone sitting near him. "Me and my friend had an in to submit schematics for a new class, but now we won't even have a chance." He smashed his drink on the floor and got up, grabbing the guy near him. "You fools. There's no future for us now!"

    "Let go of me!" the other guy struggled, only half as drunk.

    Sith ignored his drink and walked over. "What is going on here? Let's keep things in order, please."

    The officer, Carley, threw the other guy back and then grabbed Sith's shirt collar in anger. "Don't tell me what to do, buddy."

    Sith knocked Carley's right arm to the side and quickly grabbed Carley's left, spinning him around. He held Carley's left arm to Carley's back so that he couldn't move.

    "Alright, alright. I just need to get some rest." Sith let the downtrodden Carley go and watched as the man stumbled out of the bar.

    *Chirp, click— some rest.* Zeta mimicked; his voice like a parrot.

    "Hard times," Sith observed, feeling sorry for him.

    The human then made his way around The Deck to the offices section. There were two offices. One for his superior, Lieutenant Commander K'Rak, and one for himself. He looked through the glass doors finding K'Rak not there. "That's weird. He told me last week to meet him here, today."
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    New Beginnings, Part II

    David stepped out onto 'The Deck', and marvelled at the sheer mass of people moving here and there, standing, sitting, talking and the like. Snapping out of his daze, he turned left and headed for his destination.

    He had ordered a senior staff meeting, and while this was the long way to the conference room, he felt a need to see as much of the starbase as possible. Entering the command wing, David greeted a couple crewmen standing in the corridor and entered the conference room.

    "At ease," he commanded as he took his chair at the head of the table. "Welcome to Starbase 001." He glanced around the table, making eye contact with every officer there. "I'm Captain David Major, although I suspect most of you already knew that." He grinned. "I hope you have all taken the time to meet each other. If not, there will be plenty of time to do so in the coming days. However, at the moment we have a more pressing matter."

    David stood up and tapped the panel directly behind his seat.

    "This is the U.S.S. Domtar. It's a cargo and personnel transport, minimal shielding and weapons. As you may have noticed, there are a couple seats empty. Our Chief Science officer, Lieutenant J.G. T'Kila, and our chief tactical officer, Lieutenant Commander K'Rak are both on the Domtar, which was scheduled to dock here at Starbase 001 a week ago. It never made its appointment. The Admiral has ordered us to take the Pollux out, search for the Domtar and bring her back. Any questions?"

    David scanned the room looking for any signs of confusion. He saw none.

    "Very well then. I want the Domtar ready for launch in fourty-eight hours. I expect you all have a lot of work to do. Dismissed."

    One by one they filed out, some saying a word or two of congratulations on the promotion before they left. He caught his new First Officer by the arm before she exited.

    "Commander Halliwell," he smiled. "May I see you in my office?"


    Tom stared at Ambassador Larkin, a bit taken aback by his question. Recovering, he opened his mouth to speak. "How? I was under the impression that was still classified information. How do you know that?"

    Michael just smiled. "Considering my position, I have a few contacts in high places. I'd like to think you and I will develop a successful working relationship, so that you become another 'contact in high places' of mine. And besides, word is spreading quickly. It is just too hard to keep something like this a secret."

    That was a comment one could take offense to. But Michael had a way of speaking, of saying things, that completely defused any hostility one might feel. He did not mean to be overconfident, or arrogant, he was simply stating a fact. "As do I, Ambassador. Although I don't know how 'highly placed' I am anymore. I've been trying to reach Starfleet Command for almost a day now, but they are dodging my every call. I'm considering paying a visit to San Francisco myself."

    Michael sat back and thought for a moment. "Well, I have quite a few favors owed to me. If you're not having any luck with the official channels, perhaps I can try something a bit more unofficial. We have to find a way to convince Starfleet to keep Utopia Planitia open."

    "Yes, we do. If it closes down, the Federation is doomed. There is no mistaking that, it is finished. The Alliance will either launch an outright attack, or we will join them ourselves within a year."

    They both paused for a moment, considering the implications of the words Tom just spoke. Michael stood up. "Well, if you will excuse me, Admiral, I will get to work. My office is just down the corridor, and I'll be in touch if I get anywhere."

    "Please, call me Tom. You're in a position where you've earned it. And I'll also contact you if I make any progress."

    Michael nodded, then turned and left the office.


    An hour later, Tom was sitting in one of the restaurants on The Deck, off to one corner of the large area. He hadn't eaten all day, and wasn't all that hungry, but decided to force himself to eat something. Besides, he really needed to get out of his office for awhile. There were only so many times he could try, and fail, to contact his friends, or at least the people he thought were his friends, at Command before he started to go crazy. Watching the multitude of people going about their business, he began to formulate a plan in his head.


    Halliwell looked to Captain for a brief moment. She remained quiet. She couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities of what had happened to the Domtar. She couldn't really help herself to tell the truth.


    She looked back to Major, suddenly realizing she hadn't answered him yet. "Sorry sir," she answered. "Just thinking. Sure. What do you want to talk to me about?"

    Major walked over to the door of the conference room and indicated for Halliwell to follow him, she quickly caught up with him and did so a they made their way to Major's office.


    Sitting in his office, in the Medical Bay, Doctor Gao Gent-al was polishing one of the many hypo sprays sitting on the med cart. Wow this is some fun, polishing.


    Sith entered the Bridge of the U.S.S. Pollux and went over to tactical, accessing the internal registry. An Ensign was at a panel behind him, working.

    "I really hope we find the Domtar, all right," Ensign Lorenzo said, switching consoles. "I've served with Lieutenant T'Kila before. She's really great. Not your average Vulcan."

    Sith nodded to this. "If the Alliance was responsible for this..." he drifted, momentarily. "I've had way too many run-ins with them in the past. If they had anything to do with this, you can be sure I'll personally be there to take them."

    He stopped tapping at the panels, feeling his jaded emotion. Serving the U.S.S. Vitality, he had encountered pushy Breen and Cardassian ships more times than could be desired. Sith deactivated his session at the tactical console and left the Bridge.


    "You've got to help me with this, Donald," Larkin, in his office on Starbase 001, pleaded with his old high school buddy.

    "Michael, believe me, there is nothing I would rather do, but this goes way beyond you and me. This order was given by the highest levels of the Federation."

    Michael leaned back in his chair. "If I can get enough people we should confront the Federation Council with this."

    "I'm sorry Michael. I'm not the person I once was," Donald said, crestfallen.

    "I guess not," Michael said and abruptly ended the transmission. He stared at the console and decided that he would take a walk. As he got up, he looked out the window at Earth and then proceeded to the turbolift.


    As Michael walked along the deck, he caught sight of Admiral Garrison "Admiral— Tom, may I join you?" Michael asked.

    "Of course Michael, have a seat."

    Larkin looked at the Admiral for a few moments before delivering the bad news, "Sir, I have been unable to get any of my contacts to help me with this, some of them even tried to act like they didn't know what I was talking about." Larkin stopped, looked down at the table. A waiter came up to him "I'll have a Scotch on the rocks. Admiral, can I get you another drink?"

    "Why not? Besides, I've got something to talk to you about that might peak your interest." Larkin looked at the Admiral and smiled.


    Lieutenant Commander Tanik looked up at the huge Quantum Induction Core in Starbase 001's Main Engineering. Most Starfleet ships had this type of core and this station was no exception. Only older and slower ships still had M/AM reaction systems. Like the Domtar. I hope they're alright.

    Tanik was snapped out of his reverie.

    "Is there something I can do for you, sir?" a young female Ensign asked.

    "Oh, no. Thank you. I just decided to take a look at my future workspace before I leave," Tanik replied.

    "Oh, okay. I'm Ensign Sarah Shannon. I've been in charge of Engineering during the crew transfer. I'll be your mate."

    Tanik blinked. "I beg your pardon?"

    "Engineer's mate. You know."

    "Ah, yes," Tanik continued, a little bit of green flushing his cheeks. He tried to hide his embarrassment. "A pleasure to meet you, Ensign Shannon. Lieutenant Commander Tanik."

    "Nice to meet you." She turned away, apparently leaving. As he turned away, he heard her voice again.

    "Are you a Klingon?"

    A nearby lieutenant looked up at this. Tanik forced a smile on his face. He turned around and faced her. "I am a Romulan." He stated with the most joviality he could muster. It wasn't much.

    Her face fell. "Oh, uh... Sorry." She turned away and went to the other side of the corridor, at her station.

    The lieutenant shrugged and smiled. "Blondes..."

    Tanik turned away to consider this. He chuckled.

    I REALLY need to get to the Pollux.


    Major walked into his office before Halliwell and looked at her. "Please," he said pointing toward one of the chairs. "Sit."

    She crossed her arms, an old habit of hers, and shook her head. "I'm fine standing, sir."

    He nodded. "Okay then. I, erm, just wanted to welcome you aboard the station, really." He began sitting down and crossing his legs. "I know you haven't had a chance to explore yet."

    "A fault on my behalf," Halliwell commented nodding and finally decided to take a seat. "I missed the transport. I apologize."

    "I'm not saying anything bad," Major replied noticing the defensive tone in her voice. "Just making conversation."

    That's it, David, he thought. Bring her into conversation until you drop the bombshell on her. He decided to continue.

    "You have a friend on the Domtar, correct?" he said looking back up to her.

    She shifted slightly in her seat. "That's right," she answered calmly. "What begs the question?"

    Major stood up. "From what I can tell, a good friend of yours."

    "Yes sir," she replied quietly looking down. "Robert is a good friend. Known him for years. We used to be the bestest of friends."

    Major put up a hand to stop her and came straight out with it. "That's the problem, Sam." He paused. "Is it alright to call you Sam?"

    She shrugged. "Whatever goes with you, sir," she said back. "Why did you bring this up? What's the problem?"

    "I think it would be best if you sat this one out." She stood up slowly and looked him in the eye and shook her head. "Sir?" she asked quietly.

    "You heard me, Commander," he said quickly in response, "I think that it will cloud your judgment, whether you like it or not you are already emotionally involved."

    She took a deep breath. "Why, though? Are you scared I'm going to do something stupid?"

    "No," he replied as calm as he thought he would be. He looked to her.

    "Then why won't you let me go??"

    Major walked over to her. "We have no idea what has happened? We have to assume the worse and I don't know if you'll be able to handle the situation."

    She tightened her hands at her side. "Captain," she began. "I am a Starfleet officer. I am prepared for the worst possible situations and, secondly, I am a doctor. In med school, you learn to make rational decisions. When a person's life is in your hands, you must not hesitate. You have to be fully aware of the situation, no matter what is going on, no matter who they are, friends or not." She paused to take a breath. If she wasn't as strong-willed, Major thought she would have cried. "And you stand here telling me that if Robert weren't there, you'd be happy for me to go along?"

    David got up and walked around to the front of his desk. "Commander." He paused suddenly changing his mind. "Very well," he nodded returning to his seat. "Prepare your things. We leave in 14 hours. Dismissed."

    "Yes, sir," Samantha responded tuning around to leave.

    Just as she reached the door, David called out again. "Commander!"

    "Yes?" she turned around.

    "I'm trusting you."

    "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." And with that, she was gone. David glanced down at the mess on his desk, hoping he had made the right decision. Shaking his head, he picked up a PADD and resumed work.


    14 hours later and stepping out of the turbolift, David stopped in awe. This was the first time he had been on the bridge of the Pollux and he was overcome with awe. The entire ship was a masterpiece of beauty and functionality. Snapping back to reality, he made his way to the command chair, nodding to Samantha as he sat down. "Status?"

    "Final pre-launch checklist completed. Permission to leave has been received from starbase operations."

    "Very well. Helm, begin launch" David ordered. The ship launched as the docking clamps gave way, and they began to move. Minutes later, they entered warp.


    "I do not trust the Romulan. I bet he is some Romulan spy!" said Ensign Jake Baker, who was sat in the Counselor's office.

    "Now, please. That is just nonsense. He is a decorated Starfleet officer," Counselor Othoniel Rasin reminded his fellow Ensign. "I am sure as you get to know Lieutenant Commander Tanik that you will trust him."

    As Ensign Rasin was talking to his colleague, he crossed his legs trying to get comfortable in an oddly shaped chair.

    "The other day, he walked past me and just... smiled," retorted Baker.

    "If everyone who smiled at you was a spy, Jake, most of the women and even some of the men would be locked up in the brig," Othoniel said while chuckling at his joke.

    "Please, Othoniel, ALL the women," Jake said as he started laughing.

    "God, it's nice to still be able to joke around. A lot of the people around here are so rigid," noted the Counselor. "So, is all of this with Tanik over with or are you still going to be writing conspiracy theories about him for another 10 years?"

    "Yeah, I am over it. It just seems odd, I guess. I mean, a Romulan!" Ensign Baker said as he was about to exit the office.

    "I know it's odd, alright, but who can explain all of the things that happen in life? There is a reason for this, I am sure of it," the Counselor said, almost inquiringly.

    "A reason? You believe in fate?" said the surprised Ensign as he took a step farther from the door.

    Just as the Counselor was about to answer the question, Ensign Baker's commbadge bleeped.

    "Please report to the science lab, Ensign. Your assistance is required," the unfamiliar voice stated.

    "I'll tell you about it later," said Othoniel.

    "You better. Dinner tonight?"

    "Sure. I'll keep my schedule clear," said Othoniel as he watched Jake begin to leave his office.

    Othoniel walked towards his desk and re-examined the PADD that he was reading previously.


    The view of the Gambit's transporter room changed to the view of a Admiral Tom Garrison's spacious office. Hardgrove looked around at the decor. Tapping his commbadge, he scrambled to a secure channel and activated it.

    "Admiral Garrison. Please report to your office."

    Not waiting for an answer he closed the channel quickly and dimming the lights slightly, Hargrove took the Admiral's chair and waited.

    As the Admiral's doors parted, Garrison stepped through in to the shadowy room. The doors quickly shut behind him and locked with a hiss. Garrison looked around his office thinking he had been set up until he heard a familiar voice for a second time.


    Garrison frowned. "Yes?"

    Hardgrove spun the admirals chair around and faced him.

    "Captain Hardgrove," he smirked. "I just returned from a meeting with the leaders of the unified systems. They're willing to talk. Our superiors are working out the details, but I suggest we do our best to keep the shipyards open. With the unified systems opening their borders, they are going to need help defending it. I am currently on my way to a meeting with the Smuggler's Coalition. Their leader may be willing to help us gain trade routes and needed supplies. As well as aiding the Federation by setting up small operation bases."

    Tossing Garrison a data rod, Hardgrove stood up from the chair and tapped his commbadge.

    "I'll be in touch."

    Hardgrove then transported out, leaving only the beams after sparkles behind.

    "Computer, restore the lighting to its normal level," Tom requested. A moment later the lighting returned to normal and he sat down behind his desk.

    Intelligence officers. They think they're so important. A fleet captain has the nerve to call me by my first name? That arrogant little.... He let his thoughts trail off, not wanting to dwell on the contempt he had been slowly building for Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove over the past several months. As arrogant and annoying a man he was, he was incredibly important to the Federation. His list of contacts seemed to have no end, and he was always finding a way to make some backwards deal that benefited the entire Federation. Tom had to admit he was a bit concerned about Hardgrove's tendency deal with outlaws... but these days he couldn't really complain. The Federation would take the help anywhere it could get it. All that mattered was that it remained a secret from the general population, the people had to continue to believe in the ideals of the Federation, or the entire system - or what was left of it, at least - would begin to crumble.

    Sitting at his desk, he turned the data rod over and over in his hands. He wasn't really sure what it contained, probably a report on one of Hardgrove's latest deals... and he wasn't sure he wanted to read it either. Especially with what he had been considering himself lately, ever since the idea first came to him the other day while he was on The Deck.

    He was startled out of his thoughts by a beeping sound. Putting down the data rod, he activated his holoterminal and saw he had an incoming message from Admiral Jenco. The holoscreen activated, and a miniature version of the man who currently held the chair of Starfleet Command appeared on his desk.

    "Tom. How are you?"

    Tom regarded his friend and mentor. "Miasha. I've been better, but I think you know that," he said curtly. Perhaps former friend is more accurate...

    "Look, Tom, I'm sorry I've been avoiding you. But what did you expect? You know I'm opposed to shutting down Utopia Planitia, but my hands are tied on this one. The Federation Council itself voted on this one, and the vote passed by a narrow margin. I, and the rest of Command, can fight it all we want. But the vote has passed - it is final."

    "Miasha, this does not sound like the man I once knew! You are legendary for your stubbornness, for your will and determination! What has gotten into you? Where is the man I was once proud to call my friend?"

    A brief flash of anger passed across Jenco's face, he did not like hearing these words. He was not used to hearing them, most people would never speak that way to the most senior admiral in all of Starfleet. But with Tom it was different - he had taught Tom at the academy, he helped him rise through the ranks, always around to provide advice when needed. He looked at Tom as a son, and that was probably the only reason he would tolerate such words.

    "Tom, I don't like your tone...."

    "And I don't really care!"

    "Tom! Don't forget your place. Friends or not, I am your superior."

    Tom looked away for a minute, drawing a deep breath to calm himself. "You're right. I'm sorry. But Miasha, we can't just roll over on this one. If we allow Utopia Planitia to close down, that is sending such a clear signal. We are basically crying out 'Attack us now!' "

    "Do you think I don't know that?"

    "What about the Council? Surely they must realize the sort of signal this is sending out."

    Miasha looked away for a minute, and when he looked back there was sadness in his eyes. "The Council? Between you and me, I think they are hoping this sends a message that they are not willing to fight, and that they are considering joining the Alliance."

    "Are you serious? Joining the alliance is officially under consideration now?"

    "No, no. Nothing like that. But there have been a great deal of rumblings, many people think we already lost. There is only so much an old man like myself can do."

    "Miasha, we have to fight this." There was desperation in Tom's voice now.

    "I'm sorry Tom, I've done all I can. I'm an old man and I'm tired. I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of losing."

    Tom couldn't believe he was hearing his friend say these words. He turned around in his chair and stared out the window, several moments of silence passing between them.


    He turned back to his desk. "You give up? Fine. But just remember, doing that makes you no better than the cowards on the council that don't see how horrible the Alliance is, and how joining it would destroy every ideal the Federation holds dear. You give up? Fine. I'll fight this alone." He hit a button, and Miasha disappeared. He sat there for a long moment, then punched the desk in anger.

    He turned back around again, looking at the distant stars. It appeared the plan he started to develop earlier might have to be put into action after all. I just hope doing this won't be a mistake...
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    Shutting down Utopia Planetia? Pretty desperate... Thanks!! rbs
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    Yeah! It's politics of the highest order.
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    New Beginnings, Part III

    Halliwell had taken a seat at the science console on the U.S.S. Pollux. For the time being, there was nothing else for her to do but just sit and wait. She liked to keep herself as busy as possible. Major glanced to her from his seat and turned to Sith, who was hard at work at tactical.

    The first officer had been quiet since they left. She hadn't taken her eyes off the console and had kept her head down. Anything to avoid conversation, she thought. She turned to look into one of the scanners, shook her head and then tapped a few buttons.

    "Commander. When we arrive, if," he paused re-thinking his words. Don't get all negative on the crew yet. "When we find the Domtar," he paused again at the look on her face. He turned back towards the front. He had to turn away. "Doesn't matter," he whispered.

    Halliwell looked at him, confused, but remained silent.

    "Captain, we are approaching Old Neutral Zone," Ensign Lorenzo later reported from the helm.

    Sith checked his console, moving holographic shapes around, simultaneously tapping at them and making hovering buttons appear and disappear. The tactical console popped up a hailing button and Sith checked the external scans, ship ID, and hailing devices. The Pollux continued to speed towards its destination.

    "Captain, we're getting a hail from a Klingon bird of prey?" Sith reported and questioned in one breath. "At our destination."

    Major nodded and Sith activated the hovering viewscreen. A really old, skinny, starving Klingon war veteran shoved a couple hanging decorative bones out of the way and peered into his viewscreen.

    "You fools! Turn back now. It's already too late for your other vessel!"

    Major and Halliwell glanced at each other. This was not your average Klingon. He was obviously one of the few who escaped the Empire a century ago after their fatal war with the Alliance. That's where the last of the ancient bird of prey's were used. He appeared alone on this ship. His failed generational crew possibly dead of starvation.

    "The Domtar? What do you know of it?" Captain Major inquired, fearing the worst.

    "Turn your vessel around if you wish to live! Nothing will stop them!" The old Klingon rattled with a small hint of schizophrenia.

    "What did you see?" Captain Major wanted this information. Now.

    The Klingon started rocking back and forth, completely out of it. "Beware, beware..."

    Captain Major stopped, realizing time was of the essence. "I'm sorry," he said to him before turning to Sith. "Cut communications."

    A silence befell the Bridge for a moment. Soon, the Pollux dropped out into normal space. They slowly passed the badly damaged K'Vort-class bird of prey and headed out into the distance. The old man's fate was already drawn.

    Sith's bored android spider moved from his shoulder to his forearm as he scanned the area. "Captain, I'm picking up the Domtar. 40,000 kilometers to port. No life signs, sir."

    Tanik stepped out onto the Bridge during the assessment. There was another audible silence. Worst case scenario, Tanik thought, silently.

    After a few minutes, Captain Major spoke up. "Take us to her, helmsman."

    Several minutes later, the Domtar appeared on screen. It was perfectly intact. "What the? What could have happened to them?" Commander Halliwell asked.

    Everyone on the Bridge stood perplexed. Tanik's head shot up, a sense of dread visible on his face. "Commander, scan the area for high frequency tachyon particles."

    Commander Halliwell looked up, somewhat surprised. She looked at the Captain, as if awaiting his permission.

    "Go ahead," Major said, also some surprise evident in his voice.

    Halliwell's fingers moved the holo-buttons rapidly. "I'm picking up localized small tachyon disturbances. What are you getting at, Commander?"

    "Display a three-dimensional graphic of the disturbances on the screen," Tanik said, driven.

    The graphic came on screen. Everyone gasped. It was in the shape of a Romulan warbird.

    David got out of his chair. "Romulans," he growled. "Commander. Continue scans. Are there any more ships nearby?"

    Samantha's hands worked the controls. "I'm not detecting any, sir, but our tachyon beam only stretches, at most, 100 kilometers. They could be out there and we just can't see them."

    Major stared at the viewscreen, deep in thought. "They've obviously detected us, so why aren't they doing anything?"

    "They most likely think that we can't see them," Tanik responded. "I doubt they think we're currently a threat to them."

    "Is there any way you can disable their cloaking device?"

    The Lieutenant Commander thought for a moment and then responded. "We could try a sustained dolamide burst. It would penetrate their cloak and they would have to drop it to purge their nacelles."

    "Do it." David sat back down in his chair. "Let's see what they're up to. Red Alert!"

    Suddenly, the viewscreen filled with a blue light, dissipating to reveal the Romulan ship, but of a class David had never seen before. "Report!" he called to Samantha.

    "It's Romulan, alright. Our scans can't penetrate the hull."

    "They're raising shields and powering weapons!" cried out Tanik. On the viewscreen, the ship turned around heading straight for the Pollux. The ship shook violently as a green burst of energy hit them. "Direct hit, port nacelle. Shields at 75 percent."

    "Return fire!" shouted David as he held on to avoid falling out of his chair.

    "No effect."

    "Captain!" Samantha called. "They seem to have some sort of kedion shielding! They're coming back for an attack run."

    The ship lurched again. "That last one took our shields offline!" Tanik shouted.

    "Get them back!" David returned.

    "Sir!" the helmsman cried out. "They're leaving!" Major looked at the screen and saw it was true. The Romulan ship had turned around and went to warp.

    "Follow them."

    "We can't, sir. Their last shot knocked out our port nacelle. As well, we're venting plasma," reported Tanik.

    David swore. "Commander, keep a sensor lock on them as long as you can." He turned to an engineering crewman. "I want that nacelle up and running ASAP. Commander Tanik? In my ready room. Now." Major stormed off the Bridge.

    Halliwell looked at Tanik as he followed the Captain. "Good luck," she whispered softly to herself, looking back down to the console. Things aren't looking up, she thought.

    She watched the sensors, carefully. "Still got 'em," she whispered partly to herself and partly to the rest of the crew. Sith shifted slightly and his hands twitched over the keys in anticipation, ready for anything.

    "Engineering to the bridge," came a voice over the comm.

    Halliwell looked at Sith, then back to the comm. She pressed the button on her console. "Bridge. Halliwell here."

    "Commander," came one of the voices. "It's Ensign Taylor. We require some assistance down here. We need Commander Tanik." She listened in. It sounded like extinguishers going off. "We've taken a great deal of damage."

    "He's with the Captain," she replied, calmly as she could. "You'll have to deal with it as best you can."

    "There's something else. One of the guys needs medical attention. He's been knocked out and none of the medics know what to do."

    "Call the Doctor then," Halliwell suggested drumming her fingers along the console.

    "You left him back at the base."

    She looked up to Sith and got out of her seat. "I'll be right down there. Can you do me a favour, Lieutenant?" She saw Rune Sith nod, slightly. "Keep on eye on these sensors." Then she walked, quickly, over to the turbolift. "I'll be in Engineering," she stated before she disappeared.


    Halliwell stepped out and looked round. Her hand flew to her mouth. Taylor ran over to her. "Commander," he said, motioning for her to follow. She looked to the crewman on the floor. She knelt down and felt his pulse. It was steady. She looked up to Taylor. "He was working in this section when one of the conduits blew," he explained.

    She nodded, checking his face. "He has a severe burn," Halliwell assessed. "We need to get him up to sickbay, quickly."


    Taylor and one of the other Ensigns carried him into Sickbay. Halliwell ran straight over to the desk looking at all the medicines she required. "What's his name?"

    "Crewman Dwyer, Michael."

    Halliwell quickly gained access to the logs and found his name. She had to check to see if he had any medical conditions or allergies. He didn't. She carried on searching for what she needed.

    "Oh my god," Taylor shouted.

    Halliwell turned back to him and looked to Dwyer. "Don't hold him down," she replied, quickly filling the hypo-spray and running over to them. "He's having a fit." He looked up to her, blankly. "It's just the shock." She held up the hypo-spray and put it in his neck. He quickly stopped. Taylor looked up to her and smiled. "He's stabilizing."

    A female ran in. An Ensign. "Commander Halliwell? I'm Ensign Gillian Sadler, I've come to assist you. I am a nurse." She looked to Dwyer. "What's wrong with him?"

    "The burns are no concern of mine," Halliwell replied. "I think that he took a blow to the head when he fell and he's been fitting. He appears to be in a state of shock." She then ran over to the doors.

    "Commander, where are you going?"

    "I'm needed back on the Bridge." She looked at the hypo-spray in her hand and threw it to Sadler. "If he starts again, use 2cc's of delactovine." Then She ran off to the turbolift.


    "Lieutenant Commander K'Rak, U.S.S. Domtar. Security Officer's Log, supplemental.

    Domtar has been attacked by an unidentified ship. We were unable to locate the vessel and I believe their cloaking technology to be superior to anything we have encountered before. We suspect that the ship was Romulan, but we cannot be sure of anything at this point. Systems across the Domtar are failing and we have received casualty reports from every deck. All weapons are offline at the moment, so we are dead in the water, waiting for the enemy to strike. I fear that should the enemy attack again, we will be unable to fight, forcing us to die dishonorable deaths. We must do all we can to defend ourselves until we are rescued. The Domtar's chief engineer is hard at work as we speak, attempting to restore systems. But things do not look good.

    Additionally, the Captain of the
    Domtar is missing. His life signs are not appearing anywhere on the ship, but no body has been found. So, I have no choice but to conclude that he was captured by the enemy when our shields failed. We are unable to scan the enemy ship.

    Life Support is failing, and we can not survive for any length of time if someone from
    Starbase 001 does not come to find us soon."


    "Why the hell did you hold that information back until we were out on the field? If you told us beforehand, we could have—"

    "Done what?" Tanik finished Captain Major's sentence with another question. They stood, alone in the Captain's Ready Room, on the U.S.S. Pollux.

    Major took a breath and calmed down a little. "It just makes me wonder. What else do you know that could help us that you aren't telling?"

    "A lot. However, I'd be breaking my orders to tell you. In fact, I already have broken them with that tachyon business," Tanik replied.

    "What? Who's orders?" Major asked, incredulously.

    "A rather unpleasant Starfleet intelligence officer. I think his name was Hardgrove. He's a Fleet Captain. I also believe he is assigned to the starbase."

    Major stood there, his mouth practically gaping.

    Tanik seemed surprised. "You did not know this?"

    "Tom and I need to have a little chat. Intelligence sneaking around my station," Major shuddered. "Anyway, I need to know what you know about this. I don't care if this Intelligence officer told you not to."

    "That probably would be prudent. However, I don't think you're going to like it."

    "What's to like?"

    Tanik chuckled. "I was once stationed on a prototype warbird in the Old Neutral Zone, when I was in the Imperial Navy. We would proceed under cloak and used a paralysis field to disable Federation starships that ventured too far into the Neutral Zone. We would then abduct the crew and," Tanik paused, "perform experiments on them."

    Major's eye's widened. "What kinds of experiments?"

    "Biological and chemical." There was an eerie silence. Tanik broke it. "In fact, that is why I and the others defected." Major looked back at him. Tanik continued. "We were once a great Empire. A long time ago. But then we became obsessed with stealth and subterfuge. I refuse to be a part of an empire that advocates cowardice above all else." He looked sad. "But, the Federation stands up for it's ideals. It never breaks them," Tanik said, almost proudly.

    Major turned away from the window he was staring out of. "If there is anything else?"

    "Not right now, sir."

    "Dismissed, Commander."

    As Tanik turned around, he said to himself, "A long time ago." He sighed, sadly, to himself. Then, It seemed as if inspiration had taken a skillet and knocked him upside the head with it. "A long time ago!"

    Major turned around, startled. "What is it, Commander?"

    "Well, sir. We won't be able to keep them on sensors for very long. But, we can still do a passive scan for impulse engine exhaust. It would only show up on an impulse turn, however. There should be a comet, Icarus IV, nearby."

    Enlightenment dawned across Major's features. "I see. James T. Kirk."

    "Yes, Captain. You know your history, sir."

    "We could herd them up through the comet. It would make them visible! Get down to your engine room, Commander. We need warp ASAP!"

    "Aye, sir."


    "Lieutenant JG T'Kila, U.S.S. Domtar Science Officer's Log, supplemental.

    "Our ship was recently attacked by an unidentified vessel. Security chief K'Rak believes that it may have been Romulan, but he is not sure at this time. Life support is failing and we have determined that the Captain is no longer onboard the ship.

    "We have determined that the hull of the
    Domtar is intact and undamaged, but all systems across the ship are failing. We only have approximately six hours left until we run out of life support.

    "I believe that our attackers used some sort of advanced weapon to damage our systems without affecting the structural integrity of the ship."


    The Pollux drifted in space, on a slow rotating axis, venting plasma. "In about half an hour, we'll be out of transporter range of the Domtar." Sith checked the helm.

    Captain Major had just entered the Bridge before Halliwell. "We have a plan for the Romulans, but not the Domtar."

    Commander Halliwell went over to the console and conducted a multi-phasic scan of the Domtar. "Some kind of energy dampening weapon scattered all the Federation technology. It's also blocking any scans for lifesigns."

    Sith turned around, thinking out loud. "It's possible that same weapon was used on our nacelle earlier."

    Halliwell nodded. "Either the Romulans think the Pollux has been affected by the weapon, or the Pollux actually has been affected by the weapon and it just hasn't kicked in yet."

    The Captain knew he needed to get around this, fast. "There has to be a way to neutralize the effects. Is there anyway to correlate the data of the damage to the our nacelle with the data to the systems of the Domtar?"

    Halliwell glanced to to the side in thought. "Perhaps."

    "We'd have to be on the Domtar." Sith added.

    Captain Major nodded. "Take an Away Team to the Domtar. I want that ship online." He went over to a console to view an update from Tanik in Engineering. "In the meantime, we have some Romulans to take care of..."


    An Away Team including Sith beamed into Deck 14 of the Domtar. It was empty and dark, with defective lights flickering the distance. "Sorry. This was the best I could do." Someone remarked.

    The team split up to get to work on the systems. Sith nodded to them and turned to go down two dark hallways, finding an operations console barely online. He accessed it and placed a power device next to the panel.

    *Click! Click! Chrip.* Sith's shoulder angel, Zeta, scurried around.

    "Not now, Zeta! I have to get this working." Bringing your android spider along an official away mission. Great idea.

    *Chrip! Click, click!* Zeta stood off of Sith's forearm, alert.

    "What, Zeta?" Sith countered, annoyed. "What's the problem?"

    Sith heard a noise and turned his head to the right. Out from the shadows of the dark corridor emerged a Romulan. The Romulan stared right at Sith, not intending on letting him get away.
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    Interesting wrinkle on the romulan weapon - hit a nacelle, then you can leave as the damage is irreversible. Kind of like the jem'hadar anti-coagulant, just for warp drives.

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Oh, very true. There's a lot of Deep Space 9 influence in these.
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    New Beginnings, Part IV

    Security Chief K'Rak entered the armoury, intending to check the status of the ship's weapons. He found phasers scattered all around the floor. After testing them, he determined that none of the weapons in the armoury were operational. He bellowed a curse in Klingon and touched his communicator.

    "K'Rak to Bridge." There was no response. "K'Rak to the Bridge," he said, more urgently. Still, there was silence from the Bridge. K'Rak walked to the turbolift only to find that it too was not operational. "Hu'tegh!" he yelled before heading for the nearest Jeffries tube.

    I must get to the bridge and find out what in the name of Kahless is going on here.

    He was startled by the sound of disruptor shots coming from behind him. Whipping around, he pulled out his phaser, instinctively, cursing to himself when he remembered that it wasn't working.

    Must've been that cowardly weapon the Romulans used to disable us, he thought with contempt.

    He dove into the Jeffries tube, next to him, slamming the grate closed behind. As he crawled as fast as possible through the tube, he heard the enemies' footsteps.


    Michael sat alone in his office aboard Starbase 001, staring out the window, wondering what the Admiral had in mind. He said he would meet him here in a few hours to discuss his plans, but what could it be?

    Just then, the comm went off. "Incoming subspace transmission."

    "Route to monitor," Michael told the computer. The black screen was soon filled with the lovely face of his long time friend Jen, from Earth.

    "Michael, I heard you were back in the area. How are you?"

    "I've been better, to tell you the truth." He looked into her eyes and so wanted to tell her that he loved her but just couldn't work up the courage.

    "I've been wanting to talk to you in person, would it be alright if I came aboard the station?" Jen asked.

    Michael's heart stopped. "Sure, uhh, how is tomorrow for you? We can have lunch."

    "Great," she said. "I'll see ya tomorrow then, Michael."

    The screen went black again. He turned back toward the viewport and began speculating about what she wanted. Just then, the door chimed.

    "Come," Michael yelled out.

    "Michael, we have some things to discuss. But, before I do, I need to know I can count on you, no matter what." Admiral Garrison started talking before the door shut.

    "Sure thing, Tom. What's on your mind?" Michael asked inquisitively.

    "Saving the Federation from making a big mistake."

    Michael arched up in his chair and motioned for the Admiral to have a seat.


    Lieutenant junior grade T'Kila sat in the Captain's chair on the Bridge of the U.S.S. Domtar, being the only senior officer there. The only other person was the helmsmen, a young Ensign named Limestone. Security Chief K'Rak should be back by now, she thought, worriedly.

    He had left for the armory about fifteen minutes ago to check if their weapons were working and he still had not returned. T'Kila pressed her communicator. "Bridge to Lieutenant Commander K'Rak," she said.

    There was no response.

    "K'Rak, please respond."

    Still nothing.

    "I am going to the armory. You have the Bridge, Ensign," she informed Limestone. She tried the turbolift, but it wouldn't open. Before she had a chance to react, several Romulans beamed onto the Bridge.

    "Shit!" yelled Limestone. "Romulans."

    T'Kila turned around. One of them shot Limestone, who immediately slumped to the ground. Then all of them headed after her. She tried to defend herself, but even being a martial arts expert she was no match for four Romulans.

    Two of them grabbed her by the arms and another one held up a pistol to the back of her head. "Follow me!" Barked the final one.

    To T'Kila's amazement, the Romulan who appeared to be the leader opened the turbolift with no trouble at all. "Deck 8." he said.


    They arrived very quickly, and they started walking down the corridor. "Where are you taking me?" T'Kila asked.

    "Shut up", the one with the pistol said. "You will find out, soon enough."

    The Romulan leader led them into a room which was vacant quarters. They shoved her down into a seat. Then the leader spoke. "T'Kila," he said. "I need some help and I think you are just the person to give it to me." He gave her an evil smile.

    "What kind of help are you looking for?" T'Kila asked, neutrally.

    He smiled again. "The Federation is growing weak. My followers and I are set to take over it very soon. However, we cannot do it without the help of a few... friends... that are members."

    "So, you want me to spy for you?" T'Kila asked him.

    "Exactly. We have more important jobs that need doing also but, as you know, you are not one of Starfleet's most trusted members." He smirked at that. T'Kila looked down, remembering with guilt that incident so long ago. "Ah, I can see you still feel bad about that. But they had no right to demote you! It was an accident! You don't owe Starfleet anything. This is your chance to get back at them for what they did to you."

    "What happened was my fault. I have no reason to be angry with the Federation."

    "No? Well, if you don't agree to help me, I will have to kill you. I cant risk this information getting out. So which will it be?"

    "If those are my options, I guess you will have to kill me."


    K'Rak ran through the Jeffries tube, plotting a course of actions. He climbed the ladder to Deck 8, where the guest quarters were. He entered his quarters and removed, from the wall, a ceremonial bat'leth from the 24th century. It would have to do since all of the phasers were out of order. The next course of action was to locate the other members of the crew. He stepped carefully over several dead bodies lying in the hall outside his room.

    Suddenly, from down the corridor, he heard muffled conversation. The voices sounded Romulan. Cautiously, with bat'leth in hand, he walked toward the room the voices were originating from, only to find it locked. Taking a step back, he prepared to knock down the door...


    The Romulan leader grabbed T'Kila by the neck and jerked her up. "Listen here, you little..."

    T'Kila kicked him in the... important area, really hard. He howled with pain and stumbled backwards. Two of the others advanced towards her. She whirled around and kicked one of them on the face, but the other one managed to grab her and shove her down on the ground.

    The other one pointed the disruptor at her again. "One last chance to change your mind," he told her.

    She just glared at him. Suddenly they heard some loud thumping noises on the door, and it collapsed. In charged the heroic K'Rak.

    He gave a loud warrior's cry and ran towards the one with the disruptor. He sliced his head off in one clean jerk. The leader stood up, not hurting as bad anymore. He pointed his disruptor at K'Rak but before he could fire K'Rak chopped off his head too. The one on top of T'Kila stood up to fight K'Rak. He dodged K'Rak's blows and pulled out a long sword. Unnoticed, T'Kila snuck up behind him. She kicked him on his lower back and, when he turned around, the Vulcan did a nerve pinch on him. He fell to the floor unconscious.

    K'Rak looked at the carnage beneath their feet and was proud of himself. I have fought honorably, and killed the dastardly Romulans.


    Halliwell, after successfully convincing the Captain, walked carefully along Deck 13 aboard the Domtar, armed with her trusty weapon and a tricorder. She looked to the two Ensigns with her. They both looked as nervous as herself.

    She shook her head and looked down to her tricorder. "Oh dear," she whispered. "Romulans," she whispered and looked round. "This way," she said running down the small corridor. She looked back round the corner and as two Romulans walked straight passed. She looked down to the tricorder. "There's some bio-signs here," she whispered. "Three. All very faint."

    She walked toward them, focusing hard on it. She turned a corner here and a corner there. "Sith to Halliwell."

    Halliwell tapped her commbadge. "Go ahead."

    "Better watch your step," he replied. "There are Romulans wandering about like they own the place." She couldn't stop herself from smiling at the figure of speech he used.

    "I know. Two just went by," she whispered. "Have you found T'Kila and K'Rak yet?"

    "Negative," Sith answered, sadly. "I'm doing the best I can. We're currently searching Deck 14. No sign of anyone alive. Commander?"

    "We're searching 13. I've located three bio-signs. Very weak but they may have a chance."

    "Understood. Be careful, Commander," he replied.

    Halliwell nodded. "You too. Halliwell out."

    She looked down to the tricorder. "Should be just behind this hatch." She looked at it. It didn't open for them. She looked at it and sighed heavily. "Stupid thing," she muttered.

    "Pardon me, Ma'am, but if we just..." an Ensign watched as Halliwell aimed her weapon at the console and shot at it.

    She looked to the Ensign. "What? Time is of the essence."

    Halliwell stepped in and ran over to the injured crewmen. She went to the first one and took his pulse. She shook her head, sadly, before running off to the next one.

    A young woman. She went over to the final one. "He's alive," she said.


    She looked down at him. "Rob?"

    "Last time I checked," he replied and she nodded, sadly.

    "What happened?"

    A shot fired, then another one. She looked behind her at the hatch and the two Romulans stood there. "Stay where you are!"

    Halliwell looked to the Ensigns who were with her. They were on the floor. She looked from them to Robert, picked up the phase pistol and fired at the two. She hit one then ran behind one of the containers as he fired. He smiled and took aim at Robert. She stood up to shoot but she was too late. She looked on in horror as her friend died instantly. She felt tears well up in her eyes and glared at the Romulan as she pulled the trigger.

    She stood there, looking at them. All dead.


    Sith stood in the hallway of Deck 14, catching his breath from the second round of kicking that Romulan's ass. The Romulan finally lay unconscious on the floor, as blood dripped off his lip.

    "Sith to Halliwell." He looked around confused. "Commander, come in?" he replied. A slight panic in his voice. "Do you copy?" He feared the worse for the first officer.

    Zeta hibernated on Sith's shoulder as Sith next made a run for it. He leapt over a broken container and clung onto a ladder that led up to Deck 13.


    Sith climbed to Deck 13 and turned a corridor. He stopped at the sight of Commander Halliwell. She appeared to be tapping at a console, out-of-focus, deactivating primary precaution commands. "We need to initiate self destruct."

    Ensign Carley stood there, with a smoking phaser rifle. "Lieutenant. You have to stop her. I came in here and phasered a Romulan that was fighting her and then she started talking about destroying the ship!"

    Sith stepped over the dead bodies on the floor and approached his Commander.

    "It's the only way to put a stop to these Romulans." She continued tapping at the panels. A few working red alert lights pulsated in the background. The alert sound was in-operational on this deck.

    He examined her. "This isn't like the Commander at all. Could whatever affected the crew be messing with her too?"

    "The Alliance did this to us. To the Federation." She countered, absentmindedly, as she continued her work.

    Sith looked to the side. In the past, the U.S.S. Vitality was forced to destroy an asteroid-mounted science facility when its territory was claimed by the Cardassians. This just adds to the proof the Alliance stops at nothing.

    "Sir, if you're right, then it's getting to you too," Carley noticed a switch in Sith's focus.

    "Quiet, Ensign. That's an order." He grabbed Commander Halliwell's shoulder. "We can't do this. We have orders from Captain Major to—"

    Halliwell knocked Sith's arm away. Sith brought it back over and pulled her away from the station. "Stop! We have to do this." She went to push Sith, but Sith quickly arched his arms between hers and knocked them to the side.


    "What is happening to the invasion team? They missed their check in, as usual," Commander Slevok gritted aboard the cloaked Chaltok-class warbird Rukorna.

    "They are probably convincing Lieutenant T'Kila as we speak," the Centurion Xehk reassured. "If that is unsuccessful, we can always use the remaining crew survivors for, well, the Science department would be an accurate claim." He stretched an unsettling smile.
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    New Beginnings, Part V

    On Deck 13 of the Domtar, Sith was quick to block a swing from Halliwell. Carley quickly pulled up his rifle and phasered her. Halliwell fell unconscious in Sith's arms. "Ensign!" Sith yelled in shock.

    Carley went over to the console to deactivate the self destruct. He knew what she did to get it online and could reverse it. "You know you're next, sir."

    Sith slowly laid Halliwell to the floor, glancing at her. He felt really bad for whatever was troubling her. "And how do we know it's not affecting you too? Just stop. I can hold it. She could have too. All it takes is focus."

    Carley moved a few shapes around. "You did the same for me at the Bolian bar on Starbase 001 earlier."

    As Halliwell lay unconscious, Sith checked her pulse. She was okay. "If we keep moving, it could stop the effects of that weapon," Sith said, recalling his scans of the Domtar's systems.


    T'Kila and K'Rak ran down the corridor of Deck 9 as fast as they could. As they went, they passed several bodies of dead crewmembers, but they found none alive. They came to the turbolift.

    "Please be working," T'Kila muttered as they walked up to it. Tada. The doors opened automatically. "Yes!!" she exclaimed.

    They got off at Deck 10. T'Kila scanned for biosigns but nobody on the deck was alive. So they got back in the turbolift and went up to Deck 11. When they got off, they read one human biosign and three Romulans.

    "The Romulans are on the other side," T'Kila stated. "I believe we can get to the crewman without being caught."

    K'Rak nodded in agreement. When they found the human, he was lying on the floor groaning in pain. He had blood dripping out of his mouth and he looked like he had been punched on the face several times.

    "Ensign, are you alright?" T'Kila asked, kneeling down beside him.

    "My head..." he whispered. "The Romulans came."

    "We know. You need medical attention immediately. Lieutenant Commander K'Rak will assist you to Sickbay." She turned to K'Rak. "I will search Decks 12-14."

    "Very well," he replied and they headed in their separate directions.


    K'Rak entered the turbolift pulling the wounded Ensign along behind him. "Sickbay," he told the turbolift. Perhaps, he thought, if the turbolifts are working, then the phasers are now working too. K'Rak did not have a phaser with him, but he reached down to the now unconscious Ensign and removed the phaser from his belt. Setting the phaser to stun, he aimed it at the wall and fired. The wall of the turbolift glowed red and K'Rak holstered the phaser.

    The turbolift doors opened in front of Sickbay and K'Rak hauled the Ensign out. He was relieved to find that the doors to Sickbay were now operational. However, he feared the worst as he entered and his fear was proven correct when he found the ship's Chief Medical Officer slumped over a table, a knife in the back of his neck. K'Rak set the Ensign down on the nearest biobed and tapped his communicator.

    "K'Rak to Bridge," he said, but there was still no response. Everyone on the bridge must have been killed, he thought. He pulled a hypospray of anesthetic from the doctors table, injected the Ensign and then began the messy job of cleaning the his wounds.


    T'Kila stepped off the turbolift and looked around Deck 12. No sign of any Romulans. There was one human biosign on this deck, very faint. She headed towards it.

    "T'Kila to K'Rak" she said, touching her communicator.

    "K'Rak here," came the reply.

    "Sir, have you successfully reached Sickbay yet?"

    "Yes. The Doctor is dead. I am treating the Ensign's wounds."

    "Very well. I will keep you posted on my progress. T'Kila out."

    She was saddened to hear that Doctor Nixon had been killed. He was very nice and he and T'Kila were starting to become friends. She came to the Holodeck where the lifesign was. When she entered, she found a female Lieutenant lying on the floor.

    Before T'Kila could even reach her, she stopped breathing and died. As T'Kila approached the body, she saw that the woman had gashes all over. Trying not to make a face, she quickly exited the room.

    She had to quickly duck behind a bulkhead when she got back into the corridor, because a Romulan walked by.

    As soon as they were passed, she hurried to the turbolift to go up to Deck 13. She found nobody, dead or alive, on Decks 13 or 14. She reported this to K'Rak.

    "Meet me in Sickbay," he commanded. She agreed, and down to Sickbay she went.


    Sith carried Halliwell down a corridor towards Sickbay. He stopped in his tracks as he faced two Romulans, holding disrupters. The floors of this deck were horribly littered with dead officers and Romulans. "Oh, crap."

    Both Romulans fired their disrupters, missing Sith as he kneeled quickly to the floor. Zeta leapt off Sith's shoulder as Sith was letting Halliwell down. The robotic spider spread its legs through the air and clung onto one of the Romulan's faces, taking that officer to the floor. "Ugh!!"

    The second Romulan fired again, but Sith dove over Halliwell and rolled closer. He stood up in the Romulan's face and with speed, force-palmed the Romulan in the chest. The Romulan was shoved back, letting go of his disrupter, but kept his footing. "You pathetic human!"

    He stepped up to Sith, cornering the Starfleet officer against the wall, but Sith quickly swung open a nearby upper optic plasma hatch and the hatch door hit the Romulan in the face. The Romulan punched Sith in the stomach. Sith opened a far hatch and that door swung open and hit the Romulan in his arm. Sith then double-jabbed the Romulan in the chest, then the face, and kicked the Romulan back.

    The other Romulan got up, throwing Zeta off him as his friend fell into a collision. Both Romulans hit the floor, clumsily. Zeta crawled up Sith's arm to watch the Romulan's reaction.

    "Get off me!" one of them yelled at the other.

    Sith kneeled and rolled over, grabbing the fallen disrupter and shot twice at each Romulan, knocking them out. Sith then got up slowly to bring Halliwell into Sickbay.


    T'Kila and K'Rak turned around as the Sickbay doors opened. They instinctively drew their phasers and aimed. T'Kila relaxed when she saw that it was not Romulans.

    A man wearing a Starfleet uniform carrying a woman stepped forward. "Lieutenant Rune Sith, Starbase 001," he said.

    "Lieutenant T'Kila of the U.S.S. Domtar. May I presume that members from Starbase 001 are here to find us?"

    "Yes, that is correct. We need to find everyone who is alive on the ship and get off here right away."

    "We are the only survivors" she replied, motioning to herself, K'Rak, the wounded Ensign and two other people. "We have checked the entire ship."

    "We should beam out immediately," K'Rak stated.

    Sith contacted to Pollux and all of them gathered around to prepare to beam out.

    "We've drifted out of transporter range. The Pollux's engines aren't online yet," Captain Major replied over the comm before he cut it out.

    "Crap," Sith replied. He placed Halliwell on a biobed. K'Rak walked over and Sith nodded to him. "Commander. I spoke to you last week."

    "Yes," K'Rak replied. "We must get Commander Halliwell conscious." He went over to get a hypospray.

    "I just remembered, Ensign Carley is still onboard. We found a way to get what's left of a few systems online," Sith reported.

    "What if we get the engine's online? We can move ourselves into transporter range of the Pollux," T'Kila suggested.

    Halliwell sat up. "...Agreed."

    "We'd have to get to Engineering then," Sith explained.

    "Let's proceed with it and get out of this bloody nightmare," Halliwell suggested, her head being somewhat clearer.

    K'Rak and Sith helped her to her feet. "Are you alright, Commander?" Sith asked, concerned, as everyone headed for the doors.

    "I don't know," she searched her memory and feelings for what happened earlier. "Thanks, but go on. I'm right behind you."

    Sith nodded, "Alright. Take it easy, Commander. Come on, Zeta." He turned and headed for the doors as well.

    *Click-- click.*


    T'Kila, K'Rak, Sith and the three Ensigns strode quickly down the corridor. Due to her excellent Vulcan hearing, T'Kila was able to discern that Commander Halliwell was not behind them. She turned around, and when the others saw this, they stopped.

    "Commander Halliwell must still be in Sickbay. I will go to assist her," T'Kila said.

    "Be careful," Sith cautioned.

    T'Kila hurriedly walked back to Sickbay. Suddenly she heard someone walking beside her. She turned around and punched them before she even saw who it was. Fortunately for her, it was a Romulan. He stood up and charged at her.

    "I will not let you get away with this information!" he cried. He tackled her. She managed to roll over to where she was on top of him, but as soon as she stood up, he shot her. Oops.


    Tanik walked out of the turbolift to the Bridge of the U.S.S. Pollux. "Engines are fully operational now, Captain."

    Major turned. "Good work, Commander—"

    The comm officer interrupted him. "Sir, we are getting a message from the away team. They wish to beam up, immediately."

    Major looked relieved and hit a comm panel. "Transporter Chief, lock onto the away team and beam them up, now."

    "Aye, sir," the chief responded.

    As soon as that was said, the Romulan warbird decloaked.

    "Oh, crap." Major hit the comm panel again. "Do you have them?!"

    "Yes, sir. However, it was rather difficult. It was as if someone was trying to snatch them away at the last moment."

    "Understood," Major terminated the channel quickly. "Red alert!" The klaxons sounded. Major walked over to Tanik. "They were right on top of us. Why didn't we detect them?"

    "I don't know, sir. It appears that they have adapted their cloak to be undetectable with a tachyon scan," Tanik replied. "Mind you, that if they went through the trouble of upgrading their cloak, we probably will not be able to detect impulse maneuvers. We'll have to come up with another plan."

    "Shit. Well, they are very visible right now," Major looked at the viewer, thoughtfully. "What are they waiting for?"

    The warbird was just sitting there.

    Tanik answered, "They could be thinking over their next move. This may be our chance."


    During the transport, K'Rak had felt an odd tugging sensation, like he was being pulled in two directions at once. That was odd, he thought to himself as he materialized onto the pad of the Pollux's transporter room and made a note to find out what had happened.

    Halliwell sat up and looked round her. She looked next to her and saw a Vulcan, whom she recognized her as Lt. JG T'Kila. She crawled over to her and checked her pulse. It was steady. She looked round again and everyone else had disappeared, presumingly to their stations.

    She looked at the chief. "Get her to Sickbay," she ordered, getting up slowly and looking concerned. "It shouldn't take her too long to wake up." He nodded and tapped his commbadge.

    Halliwell stood up and leaned onto the wall. She felt like she had a hangover. Strange. She wondered what had happened to her as she walked over towards the nearest turbolift. She got in and looked round. That light's bright. "Bridge."


    Major turned round as Halliwell walked in. "Nice of you to finally join us, Commander," he replied turning back to Tanik. She quickly walked next to him and stood there. He looked to her. More like glared. He was going to have to have a little word with her later.

    Sith looked over to her from her position. "T'Kila's injured," Halliwell finally said looking round. "No damage done, though." She grabbed her head and shook it. "I feel terrible."

    Major looked briefly at her. "That's cause you were shot."


    Upon entering the Bridge, K'Rak carried with him his now usable phaser and the bat'leth from his quarters. He was most happy that he had had the opportunity to use this revered Klingon weapon, especially against an enemy so vile as the Romulans. On this day, his honor had been preserved.

    The Captain approached him. "Captain David Major," he said, hand extended. K'Rak shook it. "Commander, give me a status report," said Major.

    "Sir. Our internal scanners indicated that the Domtar was boarded by eight Romulans. Five of them are confirmed dead and one has been brought here as a captive after attacking Lieutenant T'Kila. The other two are believed to still be on the Domtar. Only five of us survived and were able to escape. The ship's Chief Medical Officer is dead and the Captain has disappeared. I believe he has been captured by the Romulans."

    "What would the Romulans want with him?" mused Major.

    "Sir, the most likely assumption is that he will be used as a hostage. However, there are... rumors... that the Romulans have been capturing humans to use in scientific experiments. Guinea pigs, if you will. I believe this may be the reason why our ship was left intact structurally when they boarded. It may be that they wanted the crew for these experiments. "

    "Dear God," said Major. "What kind of sickos would do that kind of thing?"

    K'Rak's face was grim. "Romulans, sir. Romulans."


    T'Kila slowly opened her eyes. It was dark in there, wherever she was. "Nice to see you awake, Lieutenant," an unfamiliar voice said.

    T'Kila spoke, but her head throbbed when she did. "I told you..." she whispered. "I told you I wont do it."

    "Erm, Lieutenant, you are on the Pollux. I am Medic Antley."

    "Oh," she muttered. She tried to sit up and, after a moment, was successful. "I... cannot see very well."

    "Yes, that is one of the effects of the weapon that was used on you. You should regain full sight in a few minutes. Would you like something to help your pain?" he asked her.

    "Yes, please. That would be very nice." She said befre he gave her a hypospray. After a moment her head didn't hurt anymore. A few minutes later, she could see just fine. "I need to get to the Bridge," she finally said.


    Sith walked by just as K'Rak stopped him. "Lieutenant." Sith stopped. "When we get back to Starbase 001, we will go over station security protocols."

    Sith nodded and smiled. "Just wait 'till you see how big that station is."

    He left K'Rak and went over to the helm which was abandoned. Sith scanned space for a second and picked up some strange readings. "Captain, the Romulan ship is positioning themselves closer to us..."

    Out in space, the Chaltok-class warbird moved to an angle above the Pollux and powered its quantum disrupters.

    Captain Major turned around as T'Kila entered the Bridge and he quickly introduced himself. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Captain," she said.

    "There is a Romulan warbird and they are positioning themselves to attack," Major explained. T'Kila nodded in acknowledgement and headed to her station.

    "Sir, I recommend that we raise our shields," Lt. Commander K'Rak suggested.

    "Agreed," said the Captain. Little did they know how little good shields would do them.


    On the Bridge of the I.R.S. Rukorna, Commander Slevok asked, "Are weapons fully charged?"

    "Yes, sir. They are raising their shields."

    Slevok gave a long, evil laugh. "Those foolish humans. They truly have no idea what we can do." He watched the tiny ship, the Pollux, for a moment, trying to decide the most fun way to destroy it.
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    New Beginnings, Part VI

    Admiral Tom Garrison walked into Michael Larkin's office on Starbase 001 and sat down at the Ambassador's desk. He sat there for several moments, gathering his thoughts together, not saying anything. Larkin sat patiently, waiting for Tom to begin speaking.

    "Before I say anything, I guess I should ask you this. Have you had any success?"

    Larkin shook his head. "I've been blocked at every turn. Some have ignored my calls completely. Some take them but say they are busy and must go after a minute. Some just come right out and tell me that there is nothing they can do. I've gotten nowhere."

    "Neither have I." Tom looked passed the Ambassador, staring out the window for a moment. Then he looked back to Michael and opened his hand. In it was a data rod, similar to the one Hardgrove had given him earlier.

    "I've obtained this data rod. How I got it isn't important. But I've got it. On it is a recording of a meeting between the head of Utopia Planitia, the head of San Francisco Shipyards, and a couple other top admirals. You would think that I, being the head of the entire fleet, would have been included, but apparently not. Now, this meeting discussed something that I doubt you know. The official Starfleet plan is that San Francisco Shipyards will increase production to combat the loss of Utopia Planitia. They won't cover the loss 100%, but the plan is for at least 50% of the duties of Utopia Planitia to be picked up by San Francisco. This still isn't enough and, if the Alliance attacked, we would lose. It would take a while, but eventually the war would destroy our ships faster than San Francisco could build them. Now, that you already knew."

    Larkin nodded.

    "Here is what you don't know. San Francisco Shipyards recently had a computer malfunction and Starfleet Command has decided to replace their entire computer core. This wasn't decided until after Utopia Planitia was scheduled to close and Starfleet doesn't want to change their closing plans. So Utopia Planitia will close on schedule, but San Francisco will only be operating at 20% efficiency for the next 18 months."

    Larkin's eyes widened in surprise. "If the Alliance finds this out..."

    "They will attack immediately and we won't even last a month before the war ends. With no shipyards to produce new ships, there won't even be a war. There will be a massacre," Tom finished the Ambassador's thought.

    Larkin sat there for several moments, processing this new information. "How exactly does Starfleet plan on keeping quiet, for 18 months, that they have almost no operating shipyards?"

    "I wish I knew. I have not been given any information. I am not even supposed to know this!"

    Larkin thought about his next words for a moment, then went ahead and spoke them. "I don't know what you are planning, but I get the impression it won't be legal. Before you even tell me what your idea is, before I am put in the position of either helping you or turning you in, I need to review that data rod. I need to see what is on it for myself and also verify for myself that it is real."

    Tom smiled. "I had a feeling you would say that." He set the rod down on the desk. "It's all yours. It isn't much use to me anymore, anyway. I already know what's on it. I've memorized every word spoken. I've seen it so many times. Contact me when you've finished reviewing it. Let me know what you decide."

    Tom stood up and walked to the door. Turning, he studied the face of Larkin. "I know I'm putting you in a difficult situation. You don't know what I'm planning, but it's no secret I'm asking for your help with something illegal. All I can do is promise you I'm doing this for the Federation."

    He left the office, leaving Larkin sitting there.


    "Captain, they have much more substantial firepower than us! Our advantage is our small size and maneuverability. If they get a lock on us, we will be destroyed," Lieutenant Commander Tanik said upon the Bridge of the U.S.S. Pollux, the urgency in his voice clear.

    "Understood, Commander. Helm," Major paused. Here we go, he thought to himself. "Evasive maneuvers."

    "Aye, sir," replied Sith.


    "They're powering up their impulse engines and commencing evasive maneuvers," an officer said aboard the I.R.W. Rukorna.

    Commander Slevok chuckled. "Good. Much more fun, wouldn't you say, Sub-Commander?"

    The Sub-Commander hesitated for a second. "Aye, sir." He looked back at his screen. "They are swinging to port, sir."

    "Rotate axis to conform with the starship's trajectory," the Commander barked.

    "Aye, sir." The Sub-Commander looked at his display again. "Sir, they are too small and fast. This thing maneuvers like a pig, sir," he quietly said to the Commander so that none of the others would hear.

    "I know. I want them to think they have the upper hand. Eventually, however, they will overtake us and swing around the stern. I want you to power the aft antimatter cannons."

    The Subcommander looked enlightened. "Aye, sir," he said with the same stoic voice as before.


    "They are attempting to rotate to port, sir," Sith said, aboard the Pollux.

    "They don't want us to get to their stern," Major thought aloud. "Helm, give me everything we've got!"

    Tanik raised his head, suddenly aware of the Romulan Commander's strategy. "No, sir! The only thing they have in their stern are the planetary antimatter cannons. He wants you to think it is vulnerable by rotating away!"

    They were almost all the way around. "Helm, full axis rotation to port. Raise elevation and take a hard turn to port!" He looked over to K'Rak. "Tactical, prepare to fire all port phasers on my mark! Mark!"

    The Pollux suddenly turned on its side and went up and over the Romulan vessel, its phasers blasting away while the warbird's small but numerous point defense disruptors attempted to drive the Pollux off.

    "We have finished our run. Minimal damage to the warbird," K'Rak said, obviously disappointed.

    "What about damage to us?" the Captain asked.

    "Shields at 93%, sir," K'Rak responded.

    "Skimming the surface," Major said to himself.


    "They seem to have finished their run, sir. They are off to starboard, continuing away at 1/25 impulse power. Shields are at 96%, Commander," the Sub-Commander said, taking the ear receiver away from his ear.

    "Impressive. I won't underestimate him again," Commander Slevok said, driven.


    From the viewscreen on the Pollux, the crew watched as the warbird suddenly headed off at warp speed. Captain Major looked around. "I have the feeling they'll be back," he said.

    "Probably with reinforcements, sir," Sith added.

    Major nodded. "We need a plan. Meeting in the briefing room in half an hour."


    "Sir, I believe we should go back to Starbase 001 to drop off the injured crewmembers from the Domtar and get repairs, before we endeavor to go after the Romulan warbird," T'Kila said as everyone was now sat around the Briefing Room table.

    "I agree," said K'Rak. "If there is more than one ship next time, we will not be able to prevail in a battle."

    "That's what I was thinking," the Captain replied. "Does everyone agree?" Everyone nodded. "Very well then. Back to the starbase we go." As everyone walked out of the briefing room, slowly, Halliwell stood up and turned to leave. "Commander Halliwell."

    She turned round slowly and looked at Major who was standing there with his arms folded and his voice sounded less friendly. What is going on? "Yes, Captain?"

    He walked round to her and looked to her. "How you feeling now?"

    "My headache's gone," she replied, quietly. "You said I got shot."

    He nodded and interrupted her. "That's correct." She looked at him in question, and he looked back up to her shaking her head. "Ensign Carley shot you."

    "Why in the..." she began.

    Major shot her a look, one that didn't register with her. "You were endangering the lives of all the people on that ship." She looked like she had no idea and she probably didn't. "You tried to blow it up, Sam. You rigged the thing to self-destruct."

    Her hands flew to her mouth in utter shock. "I... I did?"

    "Yes, you even fought back with Lieutenant Sith when he tried to stop you. Ensign Carley stunned you. You weren't very co-operative, let's just say." She held her head down low. She felt very ashamed of what she heard and shook her head. "I can't believe I did a thing like that."

    "Well," Major finally replied. "You did. You made a promise to me that you wouldn't do anything stupid, both back at the base and in this very room not hours ago." His voice was raised slightly. "I've got a good mind to take you back to the base and leave you there."

    Halliwell folded her arms and looked back up to Major. "I'll accept anything you throw at me, sir. I was out of line."

    "I won't deny that," Major walked over to the window and looked out it for a moment, his back turned to her. "But I'm not going to." He turned back to her. "Whether you were affected by the weapon or not, this is your last chance. This better not happen again. I don't want to lose you as First Officer, but I will do what it takes to ensure the safety of the crew."

    Halliwell nodded slowly to him. "Thank you," she whispered quietly and walked out.


    When she exited to the corridor, she jumped when she saw T'Kila standing there. "Are you alright, Commander?"

    "I'm fine, thank you. How are you? You took a pretty bad hit," she replied as they walked down the corridor.

    T'Kila nodded to Halliwell. "I know. It's not as bad as other injuries I have sustained."

    "Good to hear," Halliwell replied smiling.


    K'Rak paced the Bridge of the Pollux as it docked with Starbase 001, wondering what could have been done better to affect the outcome of their conflict with the Romulans. Eventually, he was forced to conclude that they had been at a disadvantage and were lucky to have escaped. In fact, it was likely that had it not been for the knowledge of Tanik, the Romulan engineer, they would have been destroyed. Perhaps he does deserve... some... respect, even if he is a Romulan, he thought.

    K'Rak approached the Captain. "Sir, I recommend that we put the station on alert, immediately. "

    "Agreed," Major tapped his communicator. "All hands, this is the Captain. Man your stations and be prepared for my orders. " He tapped his communicator again. "Captain to the transporter room. Six to transport immediately to the OCC. "

    "Aye, sir," said the Ensign from the transporter room and K'Rak soon felt the familiar tingle of his molecules being torn apart one by one.


    Michael stood in the transporter room, waiting for Jen to materialize for their lunch, but his thoughts were far from meeting an old friend. He had every intention of viewing the data rod, but every time he went to put into the console, something inside him made him hesitate. Then he would pace his office floor until he thought he would wear a hole in the carpet.

    Then he would be standing at the console again with the rod halfway into the computer, then he shoved it in. He had the computer analyze the data rod after he'd finally watched it. He thought that lunch with an old friend would help him pass the time while the computer finished the analysis.

    A tap on the shoulder pulled him back into reality. He turned.

    "Michael, it's so good to see you again," Jen said, giving him a big hug.

    "Jen, my God, it's been too long. You look great."

    Jen blushed a little, as did Michael. He had never said that kind of thing to her before.

    "Well, shall we get something to eat?" Michael offered.

    "Absolutely," she said with a smile.


    At a restaurant on The Deck, Michael pulled Jen's chair out for her, and motioned for her to sit. As she did, he caught a whiff of her hair. It was intoxicating.

    "So, what's good to eat around here?" Jen asked.

    Michael suddenly realized that he hadn't eaten any solid foods since he got here. "I'm not sure," Larkin said. "Let's check out the special."

    They both accessed the menu's on the PADDs. Michael found his thoughts again on the data rod until, "Michael, I need to tell you why I came here... I--" Jen started to speak but was interrupted by the computer.

    "Ambassador Larkin, analysis complete."

    Larkin nearly jumped out of his seat. "What's that all about?" Jen inquired.

    "Jen. I'm so sorry, I dragged you up to the starbase and I have to cut our lunch short."

    "It's okay Michael. Just let me know when would be a good time to come back."

    "Thank you for understanding." They both stood and hugged each other, then he proceeded to his office and she to the transporter room.


    Larkin reached up and tapped the control outside Garrison's office. No answer. He tapped again. Same result. "Computer, locate Admiral Garrison."

    "Admiral Garrison is in his office."

    Larkin tried the bell again. Still nothing.

    "Larkin to Security. Report to Admiral Garrison's office on the double." He waited for what seemed like hours, then the security men came down the hallway. "I need in this office. The computer says he's in there, but he's not answering."

    The tallest of the security officers tapped a few controls on the door and they all burst in.

    Garrison was in his chair, slumped over his desk.

    "Medical emergency in the Admiral's Office," Larkin yelled at the computer. "I want this office scrutinized. I want to know exactly what happened in here." Larkin told the security officer.

    "No need, Ambassador," Michael swung around at the sound of Tom's voice. "I just fell asleep. I was exhausted."

    Michael let out a sigh. "Thank God. I thought after what--" Michael stopped himself realizing that the security officer's were still there.

    "You're dismissed," Garrison said to them. They walked out the door and stopped the medical team in the hallway, and they all turned out of the office and left. "I assume you've come to give me your answer, Michael."

    "Yes, I have, Admiral." Michael hesitated a moment, and said, "I'm with you Admiral. We can't let this happen."

    Garrison sighed in relief and then smiled. "Excellent," he said

    "So, what's next?" Larkin inquired.


    K'Rak rolled his eyes inwardly after learning of the false alarm involving Admiral Garrison. Leave it to an... Ambassador... to make a mistake like that, he thought.

    K'Rak had always been distrustful of people who tried to negotiate their way out of situations, rather than taking the honorable road and slaying their enemies.

    Negotiation is for women and cowards,
    he thought with a snort. His thoughts were then interrupted by the chirp of his communicator.

    "Commander K'Rak, this is the Captain. Please report to my office for a debriefing."

    "Yes, sir. I am on my way." On the way, he prepared in his head to tell the Captain exactly what had happened.


    When he entered the office, Major was sitting at his desk. "Have a seat, Commander." K'Rak sat stiffly in the chair by the desk. "Now, give me your account of what happened aboard the Domtar."

    Slowly, K'Rak began to tell the Captain exactly what had occurred. He began with the appearance of the Romulan warbird.

    "The ship appeared out of nowhere. We were unable to detect their cloaking device. They were traveling at 1/4 impulse speed, and we immediately tried to go to warp. The Domtar is not equipped to take on a warbird. However, before we could go to warp, our ship was hit with a... wave... from the Romulan ship. The ship rocked, but was unharmed, physically anyways. Systems across the ship immediately began failing, and several crewmen died as a result. They suffered symptoms similar to a heart attack, but the Doctor was unable to determine the cause of death before he was killed by the Romulan boarding party. I theorized that it was a carrier wave with a virus of sorts, that attacked biological and electronic systems. This would explain why the ship itself was intact, but people inside were killed.

    After approximately one hour, the ship was boarded by a party of approximately eight Romulans. They attempted to gain control of the ship, and took hostage Lt. T'Kila. I do not know what they wanted with her, but clearly they intended to kill her if she did not cooperate. We... disposed of these Romulans, and then proceeded to search the ship for the remaining Romulans. We found several crewmen, including the Chief Medical Officer, dead, most killed by Romulan disruptors. At approximately the same time, the rescue party from the Pollux arrived, and the five remaining survivors from the Domtar were brought back to the Pollux. We believe that two Romulans remained aboard the ship, but it is unlikely that they were able to survive without life support, and they were out of transporter range of the Romulan warbird.

    Also, the Captain of the Domtar has disappeared. We have confirmed that he is not on the ship, and he is not among the survivors. The only logical assumption is that he was abducted by the Romulans. We can only speculate on their purpose."

    "Wow," Major said, "That's a lot to swallow. Well, your dismissed, Commander. Thank you for your time."

    "All in the line of duty, sir." K'Rak exited the ready room, and walked to the turbolift.


    People everywhere. Sith crossed his arms, and his right shin over his left foot as he leaned his upper back against the wall aside an open floor between restaurants. He faced his head down as his spikey hair pointed outward. He appeared to keep to himself, but in reality was aware of every person's movement around him. Decisions were being made upstairs.

    The Deck was like an entirely separate world from everything else. Earlier he had witnessed the Ambassador sitting briefly with a friend at Restaurant Alpha, a conversation between Ensign Lorenzo and Lieutenant T'Kila, and an alcohol-device malfunction at the Bolian bar. But all he could think about was the Romulans... He wanted to kick some ass. He had enough of people pushing the Federation around. Enough.


    Larkin closed the lid to his suitcase and made his way to his monitor. He tapped a few controls, "Computer what is the local time in Ohio?"

    "The time is 19:00 hours."

    Not that late. She may still be awake.
    "Open a channel to this monitor." Michael waited for the computer to find the monitor, he had to contact her, considering where he was going, he may never see her again.


    "Jen, I wanted to contact you and let you know I'm going to be gone for a few days. Maybe a week. I can't tell you where I'm going, but I'm sending you a text message. I want you to open it only if you don't here from me in a week."

    "Michael what are you talking about? Where are you going?" she asked with worry in her voice.

    "I can't talk about it, but I can tell you that when I'm done, the Federation will be far better off than when I left. Goodbye, Jen."

    "Goodbye, Michael." He closed the channel and headed out the door.


    "Good luck, Michael," Garrison said shaking Larkin's hand in Docking Bay 3.

    "I've left the co-ordinates of where I am going. If I'm not back within a week, I want you to send the Pollux to this area to search for me. The person I'm going to meet isn't very trustworthy." Larkin said.

    "Michael, what should I tell the crew of the Pollux?"

    "You don't have to reveal anything. Just tell them that this was my last known location and you want me found. At least, I hope you want me found." Michael said, laughingly. "I'll see you in a week, Admiral."

    Michael walked through the airlock to the shuttle.


    Later, Michael was sat at the helm, en route to Chin'Toka System. He watched the proximity sensors with a close eye. If he didn't get this information to his contact, the entire plan could fall apart.

    "Entering Cardassian space," the computer said, coldly.

    "Status of the cloaking device?"

    "Cloak is operating within normal parameters."

    The last thing that he needed was to be intercepted by a squadron of Cardassian warships. "Computer, alter course to 310 mark 215. Increase to Warp 5."

    "Warning, sensors indicate a Cardassian patrol ship, Galor-class." The Cardassians had been using the old Galor-class warships as border patrols for years now.

    "Have we been detected?"


    "Time to co-ordinates?"

    "Fifteen minutes." After making the two day journey he was finally within reach. "Approaching Chin'Toka system," the computer stated.

    "Drop to impulse. Take us to the third planet." Michael watched as the dark planet filled the window. "Open a channel to these co-ordinates." When the channel opened, he said, "Larkin to Telle."

    For a moment, there was nothing but static. Then a familiar distant and cold voice said, "Michael, how have you been? I understand you have something for me? Beam down and we can talk. Telle out."

    Larkin looked at the planet a moment, thinking about what he was about to do. He got out of his chair grabbed a hand phaser, a phaser rifle, and the data rod the Admiral had shown him earlier. Then he hesitated and turned back to the console. "Computer, compose a subspace distress call and key it to transmit to Starbase 001, to be activated when I tap my communicator. Give them my co-ordinates and tell them I require assistance."


    Then he stepped up to the transporter, looked around and said, "Computer, energize."


    And, with that, the transporter hummed and he found himself standing in front of Telle.

    "Welcome, Michael."
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    New Beginnings, Part VII

    T'Kila entered the debriefing room aboard Starbase 001. "You wanted to see me, Captain?" she said to Captain Major, who was already there. She sat down in a chair.

    "Lieutenant Commander K'Rak tells me that you were taken hostage by the Romulans for a short period of time. Can you tell me exactly what happened, starting with when they abducted you?"

    So she told him how they had killed Limestone and tried to get her to spy for them and how she and K'Rak had fought them and escaped.

    "They're going to take over the Federation??"

    "They're going to try to, sir."

    "Well, with the way things are going these days, they probably wont have much trouble. You're dismissed, Lieutenant. Thank you."


    In the Security office, K'Rak reviewed the transcript of T'Kila's debriefing and shook his head. So, the Alliance is planning an assault against Federation, he thought. And it seems that they plan to attack from the inside.

    His face was grim as he realized what this meant. Even at this moment, Alliance agents could be on the starbase. He decided that it was necessary to ask the Captain for clearance to closely screen anyone and everyone who entered and left the starbase. No one was free from suspicion. K'Rak had heard the tales of the last staff of the starbase and their dismissal. He was determined not to let anything like that happen so long as he managed security. He turned to his computer console.

    "Computer, find all background information for everyone on the starbase." The computer began processing, and K'Rak decided to check out The Deck while he waited. He knew it would take days to review the information on the thousands of people living at the starbase, but it was necessary in order to make certain that none of them were an agent of the Alliance.


    The Deck was a mass of people, hundreds of civilians and officers interacting. K'Rak noticed Lieutenant Rune Sith, his Deputy of Security, across the walkway from him, and made a note to meet with him soon. Bored of all these people, K'Rak walked to the bar to order a drink and wait for someone to start a fight.

    T'Kila was off duty and had nothing interesting to do, so she decided to go to the bar. When she entered, it was pretty empty. She looked around to see if anybody she knew was there and soon spotted Lieutenant Commander K'Rak sitting off by himself.

    She walked over to him. "Do you mind if I join you?"

    "Of course not," he replied. She sat down. "How are you, Lieutenant?" he asked politely.

    "I am doing well. Thank you."

    "Listen," he said. "I want you to keep a very close eye on the people in your department and report any strange behavior to me immediately."

    "As you wish, sir. But may I asked why?"

    "You can never be too careful when looking for Romulan spies," he replied. "I fear that there may already be some on this starbase."

    "I sure hope not," T'Kila said.

    Just then Commander Halliwell walked over. "Can I join you guys?" she asked.

    "Certainly," T'Kila replied.


    "Telle, what I am about to give you is to be taken directly to your superiors. You may access the information to judge its authenticity, if you wish."

    In the underground caves on Chin'Toka III, Larkin cautiously looked around. He noticed a Breen and a Cardassian soldier with weapons in hand. "Not very accommodating are you, Telle?" Michael said trying to break the tension.

    "You can never be too careful these days, my old friend. Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. If it wasn't for you, I would have been dead by now." Michael had testified in a court case to the fact that Telle was innocent of leading a raid on a Federation colony along the border, while he was in fact with Michael at a conference.

    "You would have done the same for me, Telle," Michael said.

    Telle just looked at him. Michael took the silence as a confirmation. "May I ask why you felt it necessary to betray your people?" Telle asked with a smile.

    "I'm not betraying them. I'm saving them. If the shipyards are closed, we would be defeated in no time." Michael said, agitated.

    "I see. So, you're a hero," Telle said, sarcastically.

    "If we're done here..."

    "Yes. Of course, Michael. I will see that this gets to the proper people." Telle withdrew with his two comrades.

    Michael tapped his commbadge and signaled for transport.


    On route to Starbase 001, Michael sat back in his uncomfortable chair, thinking about what he had just done. He was knocked out of his thoughts by a sudden jolt. "Computer, report."

    "The shuttle has sustained a direct hit."


    "A Cardassian patrol ship."

    Michael sat up. "Computer, red alert. Shields to maximum." The computer beeped in acknowledgment. "Computer, identify attacking ship."

    "Cardassian Galor-class. Vessel identification, Tragor."

    That's Telle's ship,
    Michael thought to himself. "Computer, hail that vessel." Michael became worried. "On screen." Michael swung his chair around so he could see the monitor. "Telle, what the hell are you doing?"

    "Michael, I'm sorry, but I have to take you into custody for violating the sovereignty of our borders."

    "What?" Michael said astonished.

    "Drop your shields and prepare to surrender."

    Michael thought for a moment and made his decision. "Telle, I'd love to talk some more, but I really need to be going." Michael closed the channel and tapped a few controls on the helm and he jumped to maximum warp. "Computer, is the vessel pursuing?"

    "Affirmative. Vessel closing at Warp 9."

    "How long until we reach Sector 001?"

    "25 Hours, 16 minutes."

    Michael thought. "Computer, scan for a planet with an M-Class atmosphere."

    "Stand-by." Michael waited. He glanced at the sensors and noticed the Tragor closing on his position. "Planet located bearing 133 mark 236."

    "Alter course. Maintain speed." Michael soon saw the planet getting closer. "Computer, drop to impulse and take us into the planet's atmosphere."

    "Warning, atmospheric contaminants will interfere with sensors."

    Perfect, Michael thought to himself.


    Halliwell sat down next to T'Kila and K'Rak quickly and looked over to the bartender and held up her hand. "Cola, please."

    K'Rak looked at her oddly and just shrugged his shoulders and carried on downing his own drink. The bartender walked back. She took the glass with one hand and smiled. "Thank you." She took a sip as she turned back to K'Rak and T'Kila.

    "Has the Captain seen you both now?"

    "Yes," T'Kila replied looking to K'Rak. "He's seen us both now."

    Halliwell nodded absently and took another sip and looked round the almost empty bar. People here and people there.

    K'Rak sat up finally. "I am going," he said, getting up and leaving.

    T'Kila just shook her head slowly, Halliwell watched him go. "What's wrong?"

    "He's probably just nervous," T'Kila said moving slightly in her seat. "It's been a long day."

    "That's for sure," Halliwell commented looking at her now empty glass.

    "Are you alright Commander?" Halliwell glanced back to T'Kila quickly and nodded. "It's just that you seem a pre-occupied."

    Halliwell put the glass down on the bar and looked back to the bartender. "Another one of these please?"

    T'Kila looked at her confused.


    Back in his office, K'Rak stared at the massive pile of background info on the inhabitants of the starbase and groaned inwardly. With a population of over 4000 people, the base was far too big for him to examine alone. He touched his commbadge.

    "K'Rak to Lieutenant Rune Sith. Please report to my office, immediately."

    "On my way, sir."

    When Lieutenant Sith arrived, K'Rak motioned for him to take a seat.

    "I have decided that it is necessary to review all available information on every person on Starbase 001. I believe that the Alliance may be planning to, or may already have, put an agent on the starbase. Now, with as many people as there are on the base, we will have to divide up the workload. I will review all of the officers, and you will review the civilians. Since there are approximately 2500 civilians you may need to assign some of the work to another member of security. Report anything suspicious to me as soon as you find it. In the mean time, remember to be very careful about who you trust with confidential information, and keep a close eye out for people who may be acting strangely. You have approximately one week to review all the files."

    "Yes, sir. I will let you know as soon as we are done."

    "Dismissed, Lieutenant."

    Sith left the room and K'Rak began reviewing the files. He decided to start with the lowest ranking officers and work his way up. He opened the file of Acting Ensign Bob Smith and started to read. As he read, he thought about his ...uncomfortable... encounter with Commander Halliwell earlier. He wondered what had caused him to act like this and decided it was probably just his nervousness over the fact that anyone could be an Alliance spy.


    Commander Halliwell sighed as she took her drink. "I... I had a friend on the Domtar. Robert. We were old friends, we had known each other for a long time. I hadn't seen him in three years. Anyways, when we got to the Domtar..." Her voice cracked and she looked like she was trying not to cry. "We found him, and he was... dead."

    "Oh my God. I'm so sorry!"

    "Thanks. Anyways, I... sort of went crazy. I tried to auto-destruct the ship. An Ensign had to shoot me. So, needless to say, Captain Major isn't very happy with me right now."

    "It is understandable, though. You were greatly distressed at the time. Most humans would react in a similar way."

    "Yeah, I guess so. But that doesn't change the fact that I did it. And Rob... the last time I saw him, we had a huge fight. Then we didn't talk for three years. He died thinking that I hated him." Halliwell looked to T'Kila. "It may sound pathetic to you," she laughed lightly and shook her head. "I'm beginning to think the Captain is right."

    "Why do you think Robert hated you?"

    Halliwell took the last sip of her cola, and put the glass slowly down on the table and drummed her fingers along it, wondering and turned back to T'Kila. "It was over something very stupid," she replied playing with her hands. "He didn't like my husband."

    T'Kila raised her eyebrows slightly and looked up to Halliwell. "You were married?"

    "Yes," she answered quietly. "It only lasted three years. Needless to say, I think Rob was right to hate him, even though I hadn't discovered it at the time."

    "I did not know," T'Kila said.

    Halliwell smiled to her. "No one knows, really. Not even the Captain."

    "Why would you choose to keep this hidden?"

    Be careful what you say Sam. "Let's just say it would have been awkward."

    "I don't understand."

    "You don't have to," Halliwell replied standing up. "It's been... nice talking to you, Lieutenant."

    "It has been... interesting."

    T'Kila watched as Halliwell headed out the bar.


    Nearby, Sith just finished speaking with Helgger, a Bolian, at a table. "So my last question is, is your history report correct?" Sith held a PADD with the info.

    "Yes, it is." Helgger nodded.

    "Okay, then. Thanks a lot." Sith got up to leave.

    "Wait! What was this all about?" Helgger got up too.

    Sith stopped. "Oh, uhh, nothing. I'm just deciding the... civilian of the month award."


    "Yeah, you get your plaque on the wall and everything." Sith said.

    "That's great! I hope I win. Did I mention I work out every week?"

    "Sorry. I gotta go." Sith went down the hallway for his next interviewee. He used a tricorder-PADD to simply localize the person on station's sensors. "Mr. Telgsworth..."

    Sith began walking along side a strange looking alien, never before seen. "Um, what are you?"

    "Excuse me?" Mr. Telgsworth asked. "That's awfully rude. You don't just ask someone what they are."

    "Sorry." Sith check his PADD. "It's just that are so many species out there and—"

    "I don't appreciate your specism!"

    "It's not that. I just have to intervie—"

    "Get away from me!" Mr. Telgsworth pushed Sith away and walked on.

    Sith just put a star icon next to his name on the list, "I'll get back to him," and bumped into an old friend from the Vitality. "Neilson!"

    Neilson used to be the pilot on the Bridge of the Vitality until the Vitality was retired a couple weeks ago. "Oh— uhh, hey Sith." He covered his stomach with his arms and looked around nervously.

    "What are you doing here? I thought you were going to work on the Earth Core team?"

    He continued walking. "You know I can't do that. I'm a pilot, godammit. Why'd they stick me there?? You know I get claustrophobic." He seemed a bit stressed.

    Sith tried to keep in step. "Neilson, we're doing a security check on all the people on the station. You can't be here, or you'll be a suspect. Or don't you remember your Romulan girlfriend last year?"

    Neilson was hardly listening. "I just had a grey skin thing. Can't talk now. Gotta go somewhere open... yeah that's it... A big open space." He looked around at people and walked on, leaving Sith.

    Sith just stood there, shaking his head in disappointment. "Hard times..."

    Zeta slept on his shoulder, ignoring him.

    "Well aren't you going to copy me?"

    Zeta woke up, annoyed and jumped onto the wall to continue regenerating in peace.

    "How rude." Sith walked away and met up with the next person.


    K'Rak entered The Deck, hoping that he would be able to order some bloodwine from the bar this time. It has been a long time since I have had authentic bloodwine, he thought.

    In his hand he held the PADD with crew information on it. He had already examined the records of several hundred crewmen, only finding a few that seemed suspicious. Next on his list was Lieutenant JG T'Kila, the starbase's Science officer.

    Her record was almost spotless, except for one glaring incident. It seemed that during an away mission on one of her previous postings, she had mistakenly shot at fellow officers, mistaking them for hostiles. She had received a discommendation and demotion for these actions, but had continued to serve ever since. K'Rak believed that the reason that she had been kidnapped by the Romulans was because of this incident. Perhaps the Romulans were trying to persuade her to betray the Federation. He decided that he would have to have a word with her. He saw Lieutenant T'Kila still sitting at the bar and he approached her.

    "Excuse me, Lieutenant, but I need to ask you some questions."


    K'Rak sat down at the bar and requested bloodwine and was pleased to see that they did indeed have it.

    "First of all, I need you to describe to me, in detail, the incident that caused you to receive a discommendation."

    "We were on an Away Mission, exploring the planet Omnicron VII, when an unknown alien race appeared, and opened fire on us. We returned fire, but myself and another officer hid behind a bush. The first officer and chief science officer ran by, and we, mistaking them for enemies, fired on them. Fortunately, they both survived, but I still received a discommendation and a demotion. I considered resigning my commission, but decided to stay in Starfleet. I received a new posting until this year, when I was assigned to Starbase 001."

    K'Rak nodded. "Do you think that this incident had anything to do with your abduction by the Romulans?"

    "Yes, sir. They mentioned the accident, and asked me to defect to the Alliance. I refused, and they were preparing to kill me when you appeared, and I was able to escape."

    "So, you have no plans to defect to the Alliance?"

    "Absolutely not, sir. I told them that I would sooner die than work for them."

    "Thank you, Lieutenant. That is all."

    K'Rak stood up and left, considering what he had heard. He would have to identify her as a possible risk, but he had a feeling that she was completely loyal to the Federation and he was not worried about her being an Alliance agent. K'Rak scanned down to the next officer on the list and walked toward the turbolift.


    "Romulan girlfriend?"

    Sith nearly jumped out of his boots. "I... uh... didn't see you coming."

    "Good. Romulan girlfriend?"

    It was as if Tanik's eyes were boring holes into Sith. "Uh, yeah. Neilson had a Romulan girlfriend last year."

    "Who was she?"

    "Sabinus, I think. Why?"

    Tanik lightened up. "I see. Of course."

    Sith looked at him questionably.

    "She was a member of my crew that defected. Most of them are on Earth, but there are some up here on the station. Sabinus is my neice. I opposed her joining the Imperial Navy, but we ended up on the same ship. I believe she is on the station."

    Sith now understood. He wanted to protect her.

    "Well, I'm going to the bar. I need a drink."


    T'Kila sighed and ordered herself a glass of tequilla. As she sipped at it, she was deep in thought. Why couldn't she ever get away from that incident on Omnicron VII? It was always coming back to haunt her. And now the starbase's Chief security officer suspected her of being disloyal to the Federation.

    No. Even after they had demoted her, she had stayed with them. As embarrassing as being demoted was, she knew it was her own fault. They never should have fired without being 100% certain who it was. She had hoped that when she came to serve on Starbase 001, she could leave the incident in her past, but it appeared that it wasn't going to be so.


    "Computer, report."

    The computer beeped. "Cardassian vessel holding standard orbit of planetoid."

    Michael thought. After leaving a cloaked sensor buoy in orbit, he had fled into the atmosphere. He had been sitting here for two hours waiting on them to leave. "Computer, alert me when the vessel reaches it's farthest orbit from this position."

    "Acknowledged." Now all he could do was sit and wait. He started making sure all the weapons and the engines were running at peak efficiency. Just as he finished his diagnostic the computer beeped. "Vessel has reached maximum orbital distance."

    All right.
    He tapped the helm and took off through the atmosphere, heading out into open space. "Computer, report the Cardassian vessel's position."

    "Unable to comply, no vessel in sensor range."

    They must still be on the far side of the planet.
    Michael opened an encrypted message to Starbase 001. "Captain Major, this is Ambassador Michael Larkin, I am under pursuit by a superior Cardassian force. I am on route back to the station after a meeting with some top officials. This matter is highly classified. I would ask that you not go into to much detail with your crew about this matter but I need immediate assistance. Please come to these co-ordinates as soon as possible. Larkin out." He keyed in the co-ordinates, and sent the message.

    "Warning, proximity alert, three Cardassian vessels approaching at high warp." Larkin keyed the shuttle to go to maximum speed, but the three ships were too much for him. Suddenly the shuttle jerked and Michael was thrown back a bit.


    "Cardassian vessel has locked on a tractor beam." The comm system came online, and Telle appeared on the screen.

    "Ambassador, you are outnumbered. Please don't make me destroy your vessel before I get what I want out of you." Michael was taken aback. What could he have that Telle would possibly want?

    "Sorry Telle, I've done what I've came to do. Let me go."

    "I'm afraid I can't do that, Ambassador."

    "Warning. Shields failing."

    Before he could attempt to demodulate, he was transported aboard the Tragor. He could only hope that Captain Major received his message.


    Admiral Tom Garrison sat in his chair, all the lights off in his office. He had his chair turned away from the desk and the door and was staring out the window.

    Did I do the right thing? And why did I let Michael talk me into letting him go? I should have been the one out there on this mission. But he knew Michael was right. He was the best man for the job, with his contact on Cardassia.

    Tom sighed. I just hope he comes back alright. But, even more, I hope he gets that information through to the Alliance. If he didn't... Tom let his thoughts trail off, not wanting to think about what would happen if Utopia Planitia closed down. His thoughts had been full of doom and gloom enough lately, he didn't want to consider again the implications.

    His terminal beeped, and he turned around. He had received a message, text-only, from Ambassador Larkin:

    Message delivered. En route to home.

    Upon seeing that message, Tom immediately began considering the next phase of his plan. But he paused for a moment and looked back out the window.

    "I hope you make it home," he whispered.
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    Looking for someone suspicious - and everyone looks suspicious...

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Nothing like a healthy dose of lots of paranoia. :D
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    New Beginnings, Part VIII

    On the Tragor, the moment Larkin had stepped off the transporter pad, his communicator and hand phaser had been confiscated. He was then cuffed and blindfolded and led down a corridor to a small room.

    They lifted the blindfold and threw him into a poorly lit room. It smelled dank and there must have been a leaking conduit because he could hear a drip every few moments. Michael tried to remove his restraints but they were magnetically sealed.

    After several hours in this room, the door opened. The rush of light blinded Michael for a moment. When his eyes readjusted he could see Telle, standing in the doorway. Telle grinned and said, "Ambassador, would you be so kind as to come with me?"

    Michael just stared at him.

    "I thought you might be like this. Very well. Take him." He motioned to a few guards who picked Michael up and dragged him down a hallway to a large room with what looked like a bio-bed.

    Don't give into them, Michael thought to himself. They laid him on the table and restrained him at the chest, waist, and ankles. A tall Breen officer injected him with something, he then blacked out...


    Michael awoke in his holding cell, noticed that he had no clothing on and that he had several small incisions on his body; one on each foot and one on his chest. This can't be good, Michael sat alone in the dark cell, hoping that the Starbase had received his message.

    Then a voice came from the darkness. It was Telle. "I would like to ask you some questions, Michael." Larkin didn't answer "Very well. You have been extremely difficult. You resisted our drugs fairly well."

    "Glad to hear it." Michael felt an extreme shock in his feet that worked its way up through his legs, to his stomach. He cried out in agony.

    "Behave yourself Michael, or I'll increase the intensity," Telle said.

    Larkin jumped to his feet and shouted to the unseen voice. "What do you want, Telle?"

    "I want you to hear the good news. I've passed your message along to the leaders of the Alliance and, to say the least, they were very pleased."

    "Good. So why am I here?"

    Telle laughed. "You'll find out soon enough Ambassador." He cut off the comm line.

    Michael was again alone. He began to relax, then another shock sent him to his knees once more, but this time it did not stop. It stayed on for what seemed like hours.


    David stepped into Garrison's office on Starbase 001 and took a seat. Turning around to face Major, Garrison took a deep breath.

    "I suspect you've read my report?" David questioned.

    "Indeed, I have. Makes for very interesting reading material."

    "Sir, I want to go back and find out what happened to the Domtar's captain. The Romulans are up to something. I want to find out what it is."

    "You know I value your opinion David, but request denied. There are too many issues to be dealt with here on 001 and I don't want you and the rest of the crew away any more than you have to. I've already dispatched the Celestial. She'll be leaving orbit and enroute within the hour.

    "But sir—"

    Garrison cut him off. "This is final David. I suggest you drop the subject."

    Major glanced down at the desk, deciding how he should respond. He could tell Tom was worried about something, but it wasn't his place to ask questions. "Very well, sir."

    "It has come to my attention that there are some fears that there could be Romulan activity closer to home than we think. I want you to investigate the matter closely. Am I making myself clear?"


    "Good. You're dismissed."

    As David left, Tom turned back around to face the window. If only you knew David. If only you knew...


    K'Rak yawned and struggled to keep his eyes open in his Security office. He had been reviewing the background files for days and was nearly done. Next on his list was Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove. K'Rak frowned when he saw the contents of the file. It is nearly empty, he thought to himself. The file contained only Hardgrove's name, rank, serial number and the title Strategic Command Intelligence Officer. So he's in Starfleet Intelligence, is he? K'Rak instinctively distrusted him, as the members of intelligence agencies were notorious for being dishonorable. However, if he was so highly placed in Starfleet Intelligence, it was highly unlikely that he was a double agent. K'Rak closed the file and moved on to the files of Ambassador Michael Larkin and Admiral Tom Garrison.

    He was interrupted by the sound of his door.


    Captain Major entered the room. K'Rak stood quickly. "Sir."

    "At ease, Commander. I came to tell you that Admiral Garrison has some concerns about Romulan infiltration being closer to home than we previously thought. I want you to keep an extremely close eye on everyone who lives or visits the base and I want you to run a Level 2 diagnostic on the ship's computers. Report the results to me as soon as possible."

    "Yes, sir. I will keep you informed."

    "Very well." Major left the room.

    As he began preparing the ship's computers for the diagnostic, K'Rak wondered if he was going to get any sleep this week.


    At Docking Port 4C, Sith crossed his arms and leaned against the back wall, cooly. He watched out the hatch as a Vulcan pod was docking from Earth.

    The Captain stepped out into the port corridor and nodded to him courteously and continued on. This was Sith's queue. He got up and walked along side the Vulcan Captain. "Greetings. I am Lieutenant Rune Sith, Security Officer. We're doing an investigation on the station and I thought maybe I could ask you some questions?"

    The old Captain stopped and took a good look a Sith. "...Rune Sith...? Rune Sith? Is that you?" He peered into Sith's eyes, knowing that glare anywhere.

    "Master Shikel? Heh, heh, heh." Oh great, Sith thought, trying to avoid eye contact. This is the second person I ran into that I know. "Oh, heyyyy, how are you?" Sith asked his old fighting teacher.

    "Think fast!" Shikel jabbed his fist towards Sith's chest. Sith quickly crossed his arm into Shikel's arm, redirecting the jab.

    Shikel then flung his other arm out and pinned Sith in the shoulder. Sith was almost knocked back, but quickly flung both his own arms out at the Vulcan master. Shikel easily blocked and redirected each of these attacks. He then forced-palmed his hand into Sith's other shoulder, sending Sith back a few steps. "Augh!"

    "Good." Shikel nodded without emotion. "But you still need work. I see you have survived the ranks of Starfleet. Keep it up."

    Shikel then walked away, leaving Sith rubbing the pain in his shoulder. "Grgh," Sith growled in frustration. He had yet to defeat his old fighting master from Starfleet Academy. It's been, what, five years? Sith checked his padd. "There's no way he can be a Romulan spy. He's too irritating!" He updated the stats.


    Sith entered the Security office as K'Rak was sitting at his desk in stress. "Report," K'Rak inquired.

    "No luck, so far." Sith put down his padd. "It's going to take me at least another two or three weeks to go through everyone."

    K'Rak nodded. "It's also going to take me a while."

    "Sir, we have to consider the possibility we aren't going to find anything. There's a good chance this agent is a master at covering their tracks."

    K'Rak thought about this for a moment. He then got up and handed Sith his PADD back. "That is a possibility. But not all agents cover their tracks so well."

    Sith nodded and left the Security office.

    He thought that maybe for all the painstaking work it'd take, the Federation was worth it.


    Tom paced his office back and forth in front of his desk. "Computer, what is the time?"

    "The time is 0200 hours."

    0200 hours... It should have happened by now. Why haven't I heard...? Following Tom's idea, before leaving the station Ambassador Larkin had arranged it so that the information he presented to his contact would be transmitted over official channels within the Alliance. Starfleet Intelligence would surely pick up the transmission and inform Starfleet Command that the Alliance knew the secret about San Francisco Shipyards.

    That transmission was scheduled to be sent at 1100 hours... three hours ago. Tom couldn't understand why he hadn't heard anything.

    Suddenly, the computer beeped, informing him he had an incoming message. He quickly walked to his desk, sat down, and activated the holoterminal. Admiral Miasha Jenco, the man he had spoken with earlier, the highest ranking admiral in all of Starfleet, appeared on his desk.

    "Miasha, what can I do for you?"

    He just sat there, not saying a word, staring at Tom for several moments. The silence stretched on, with each man attempting to figure out what exactly the other knew. Finally, Jenco drew a deep breath.

    "Tom, I'm not going to play games with you. Two hours ago, Starfleet Intelligence received a report that the Alliance is aware of a secret about San Francisco Shipyards. A secret that makes the Federation vulnerable to attack after Utopia Planitia shuts down."

    Unsure of what Jenco knew, Tom said nothing.

    "For the next several weeks, San Francisco shipyards will be almost shut down while undergoing an upgrade. This information did not become available until after it was decided to shut down Utopia Planitia, so it was decided that plans would not be changed - this would just be kept a secret. But, then again, you know all of this already."

    Tom wasn't surprised to hear this comment, but he still pretended to know nothing. "What are you talking about?"

    "Oh please, Tom, don't insult me by pretending to be innocent. Who do you think engineered it so that Hardgrove delivered that data rod to you. Hell, who do you think 'allowed' him to steal it in the first place? I knew he took it. I'm the one who leaked the information on how to acquire it."

    Tom was shocked. "But... why?"

    "Because I wanted you to get it. I knew you would do something like this. It was the only way to save the Federation."

    Tom turned away, trying to gather all his thoughts. He found an uncontrollable anger rising up in him. When he turned back to face his former mentor, teacher, and friend, his eyes were flashing with anger.

    "You set me up!"

    "No, Tom... I didn't--"

    "Do NOT interrupt me. I don't care if you were my teacher. I don't care if you outrank me. I don't care if we were once friends. I will NOT be interrupted."

    Miasha winced at the line "we were once friends," but said nothing.

    "You used me. You tricked me into doing your dirty work. There was nothing you could do through official channels, and you're too worried about your job to do anything as risky as what I did... what Ambassador Larkin is out there doing right now. So you played with me like a child plays with a toy, jerking me around to do exactly what you wanted. And if somebody ends up having to take the fall for this, it will be me."

    Miasha looked down, there was really nothing to say. He didn't feel that the harsh words being spoke were justified, but really had no way to refute them. There were several moments of silence, and then Tom spoke again.

    "Miasha, I don't know what's happened to you. You were a great man once. A man I looked up to. A man I wanted to be like. But now, you are old, and you are pathetic. You would do this to somebody you call a friend? ...... I don't know who you are, but you are not the Miasha Jenco I once called my friend."

    "Tom, please. I did this because I knew you would do this, because it had to be done to save the Federation. Please don't take it so personally..."

    "Then why didn't you tell me all this from the start? We could have done this together, pooled our resources."

    "I.... I don't know."

    "I do. It was too risky for you."


    "Goodbye, Miasha."

    Tom closed the channel, and sat at his desk. He just sat there for several moments, not moving, until a single thought entered his head. I wonder if Michael is ok...


    In Systems Room 17, Deck 9, the door opened and a figure stepped into the doorway from the bright hallway. The lights were off in the room, and the hallway was bright, so the figure was silhouetted. The figure walked into the room, and the doors shut. It knew the layout of the room by heart, and walked over to a holoterminal. It pushed a few buttons, and a message appeared on the screen. It read:

    Incoming transmission from Ambassador Michael Larkin - Automated Distress Signal. Message suppressed, all logs of message deleted.

    The figure walked to the door, which opened and again bathed the room in light. It walked out of the room, and the doors shut.
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    You have a probably under appreciated ability to spin off-the-wall completely nuts stories in one thread and grim thrillers in another.

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Oh, I can only take credit for Zeta and Rune Sith, who don't even compare to many of the other stories (writing credits in the OP). Just had to share them lest they disappear from the internet forever.
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    This is the second episode for Star Trek: 001, written from July to August 2003, an RP written by a group of Trek fans. My character was Rune Sith and Zeta.​

    Star Trek: 001

    The Last Place You Look, Part I

    Admiral's Personal Log, Supplemental

    The Federation has been saved... at least for now. Ambassador Larkin succeeded in delivering the message to the Cardassians and, as planned, the Federation became aware that the Alliance now possesses the knowledge about San Francisco Shipyards not operating at full capacity. So, at least for now, Utopia Planitia Shipyards will remain open.


    Tom sat back in his chair, and thought about the log he had just recorded. Maybe it isn't such a good idea to put that in a log, even if it is a personal log, he thought to himself.

    "Computer, delete that log entry, and begin recording again."


    Admiral's Personal Log, Supplemental

    The Federation has been saved... at least for now. It appears that, for some reason, Utopia Planitia Shipyards will remain open. I do not know why, but I can't say I am unhappy with this decision. Perhaps somebody in the Federation finally realized how dangerous a move this was and how it would be sending a very bad signal to the Alliance.

    Speaking of the Alliance, there isn't much of anything new with them lately. They have been quiet for a couple weeks now. In fact, the only border skirmish reported in the last month was the recent incident with the
    Domtar. And since then, there hasn't been a sound from them. The rumors are flying that they are up to something, but from what I have been able to learn, our intelligence doesn't have a clue what is going on. Also, the Captain of the Domtar remains missing. I wish I could send another ship to help with the search, but our resources are already stretched so thin... and besides, I don't even know what they would be looking for. All the escape pods on the Domtar were accounted for, and he wasn't on the ship, dead or alive. I wish I had more answers, but I really don't know what happened to him.

    As far as Starbase 001 itself goes, the transition to the new crew has proceeded fairly smoothly. There have been the usual bumps along the way, but David is an excellent Commanding Officer, and I don't expect there to be many problems. There have been, however, several recent break-ins into the main computer. As of yet, no classified information has been accessed... only star charts and communication frequencies. Captain Major has assigned the two most senior Security Officers on the Starbase to track down the culprit.

    Finally, there have been a few reports that the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gao Gent-al, has been acting 'strange.' I don't really know the details, as I'm not in command of the station, but I believe it has to do with him not showing up for his shift several times, acting like he didn't know how to treat simple ailments, and being very moody. David has ordered him to begin seeing the station's counselor, so hopefully that should help.


    "Computer, end recording."

    Tom sat back in his chair, and found his thoughts turning to Ambassador Larkin, who still hadn't checked in. I hope you're OK, wherever you are...


    Lieutenant Commander K'Rak began recoding his security log. "We have recently completed the Level 2 diagnostic on the ship's computer, and have found several unusual things. Several files have been accessed anonymously. They are not secure files, but it is alarming that we are unable to identify the person who used them. I am afraid that if we are unable to identify this person, they will begin accessing classified files. I do not know why this person is viewing these files, but Lieutenant Sith and myself have been asked to investigate. I have instructed the ship's computer to alert me as soon as any files related to these accessed files are viewed. With any luck, we will be able to identify the intruder before he can do any damage."


    The door to the Counselor's office alerted Othoniel that someone wished to see him, but he barely could hear it over the loud music.

    Another? Already!

    "Computer, pause the music, please." And then, "Enter," said Ensign Rasin, perkily.

    The doors glided open, gracefully, and the doctor walked in. He stood just inside of the office.

    "So... how exactly do you want to do this?" inquired the Ferengi.

    "Whichever way makes you feel most comfortable," replied Othoniel as he swiped his glass of water and walked over to the set of leather chairs that the doctor started walking towards.

    There were a few seconds of silence as they both got comfortable. Ensign Rasin placed his glass on a nearby table, then reached for a PADD and began going through it.

    "Apparently, you have been late for a few duty shifts. Cranky and, uh, just plain confused sometimes," said Othoniel as he was going through the report. "What do you think is causing this?"

    The doctor paused just as he opened his mouth and then calmly spoke of some family issues he had been having lately.

    "Mmhmm, well, if you are having trouble sleeping and concentrating we can always talk to the EMH about possible remedies. It would be ill-advised for you to prescribe yourself a medication, so we can talk to him about it. What might work best is just coming to see me, umm, maybe two or three times a week to talk about it. I can show you some techniques to help you calm yourself which may help with your confusion and general stress," the Ensign stated a-matter-of-factly, while he smiled.

    "I would enjoy that. Thank you, Counselor," replied the doctor, politely.

    "No problem, Gao. I am here to help. If you have anything that you need to talk about, just send me a message and I will work you into my schedule."

    "I really must go, though, Counselor. I need to get back to my quarters."

    "Oh, ok. Well, message me to set up an appointment. I'll see you soon."

    As the doctor left, the Ensign could sympathize with him because of what he had gone through with family troubles. He knew it wouldn't be easy for Gao to talk about it all, and to come to terms with it, but he was confident that he could help.



    Ambassador Michael Larkin felt his neck snap to the left. This was the fifth "interrogation" he had received since arriving at the Alliance Prison Camp on Cardassia Prime.

    "Tell me why the Federation is so determined to keep the shipyards open. Do you fear a massive attack?"

    Michael thought a minute about his answer, but he was feeling in a playful mood despite his surroundings. "We just thought that the surface of Mars would look so tacky if we dismantled the shipyards." He then chuckled, but not for long as the devices in his body were again activated.

    He screamed out in pain. He heard the door slide open, and looked in that direction to see a pair of military boots.

    "That's enough," shouted the Cardassian.

    "But Legate..." Telle sounded disappointed.

    "I said, that's enough," the Legate took the PADD from Telle and turned off the device.

    "Ambassador, I am Legate Broden. It's my intention to make your stay here... civil, if you co-operate." He turned to Telle. "Take him back to his cell."

    Michael stood and began to slowly walk out the door. As he and Telle walked down the hall, he saw a man in a Starfleet uniform, walking with two Breen and a Cardassian. He had seen this man somewhere before. Jenkins.

    Captain Jenkins of the Domtar. What the hell is he doing here? And why is he not in restraints??

    Michael could only come to one conclusion.

    He's a spy.


    Almost got it... There. In his cell on Level 3, Michael finally managed to get the panel off of the wall. He looked at the circuitry, but it seemed so long ago that he was toying with the idea of being an engineer.

    He crossed a few of the wires and heard the lock release on his cell door. He stood up and pried it open just so he could look out and see if there was anyone around. Not a soul. He slipped out of the cell, and went down the hall to the computer station on the wall. He typed in a few commands and got a layout of the prison.

    His shuttle was being detained in a bay approximately 20 meters below and 10 meters away from his current position.

    He shut the terminal off and started walking down to his cell. Just then, Telle walked around the corner. He stopped and looked at Michael and grinned.

    "Security to Level 3, Corridor C. We have a break-out."

    An alarm sounded and Michael took off down the corridor.


    In his office, Captain David Major closed his eyes and massaged his temples. The past week had been filled with nothing but stress and he was beginning to feel the effects. "Computer, lower lights and play music file Major 4 Alpha." The lights dimmed and the room was suddenly filled with the soothing sounds of the Vulcan lute.

    Getting up from his chair, David stretched his muscles and slowly walked over to the sofa on the opposite wall. Lying down, he just closed his eyes when the door chimed.

    "Enter," David grumbled as he sat up. "Computer, pause music."

    The room suddenly filled with the bright white light of the corridor as the door opened and in entered K'Rak.

    "Sir! I'm sorry, if this is not a good time I can retur..."

    "Not at all. What did you wish to see me about?" David got up and walked to his desk.

    "There's been another one, sir."


    "This time it was some old engineering logs. Lieutenant Commander Tanik says they aren't overly important, but they were in a secure data file."

    "Dammit. Did you track the access?"

    "Yes, sir, but it was from a public access panel in Corridor 14D. Over 15 people use those controls every hour."

    David thought for a moment before replying. "This is getting out of hand. Every time it happens, the person accesses a file that's a little more important, a little more secure. At this rate, he'll be tapping into command functions by the end of the week. I want you to initiate a code yellow lockdown. Every time anyone accesses a file or makes an entry, I want it logged. Understood?"

    "Yes, sir. I also suggest beefing up the encryption on primary functions. It doesn't hurt to have a little extra protection."

    "Good idea. Make it happen."

    "Yes, sir," the Lt. Cmdr responded as he left the office.

    "Making his way again to the sofa, David took a deep breath. "Computer, resume music."


    It was 1400 hours. The door slid open to Science Lab 4 as a dark figure stepped into the lab. Walking over to the console, their fingers began flowing over the controls until the computer chimed. "Files accessed... Files deleted." Taking one last look around, the figure swiftly left the room.


    In the prison camp, Michael got a few meters when the corridor came to a four-way junction. Trying to remember the way in his mind, he turned right and ran down the corridor. The torture device must have limited range, Michael thought.

    He came to a turbolift. The doors opened and a Cardassian soldier was standing inside with his weapon drawn. Michael took advantage of the soldier's surprise, grabbed the barrel of the rifle and yanked it out of his hand. The soldier landed a punch to Michael's face. Michael turned the weapon and fired. It had been set to maximum. The man incinerated before him.

    Michael stepped into the lift. As the doors closed, Telle came around the corner, but he wasn't quick enough.

    "Main Hangar Bay," Michael said.

    The lift hummed as it took off. He lifted the rifle up to check the power cell, and readjusted the setting to heavy stun. The lift began to slow, and it stopped. Michael stepped out and into the hangar bay.

    He looked around but couldn't find his shuttle. He climbed a ladder up to the second level to get a better view. As he walked down the catwalk, he heard the doors to the Hangar Bay open. He quickly laid down on the walk looking down. It was Telle with about half a dozen guards.

    "Spread out," he heard Telle say.

    The soldiers began to spread away in all directions, then Michael looked over to only to see his shuttle... Most of the hull had been torn away and one of the engines was on the ground next to it, opened up.

    Michael thought a moment and saw a small Cardassian scout ship in the bay as well. He slowly crawled along the walk and positioned himself above the vessel.

    "There." A phaser blast shot past him. Michael rolled to the other side of the walk. He turned back and fired, missing a guard and hitting a deuterium canister. The small explosion knocked three of the guards to the ground.

    This was just the opportunity he needed. He stood up and jumped off the walk to the roof of the vessel, slid down the side to the open hatch and crawled inside.


    "Computer seal doors," Larkin ordered.

    "Acknowledged," said the male computer voice.

    "Power up the engines." The vessel powered up. Michael scanned the Hangar doors. There was a force field blocking the door. "Computer, raise shields, activate thrusters and bring the phasers online."

    "Warning. Powering weapons inside this facility is not recommended," the computer offered back.

    "Understood. Power the weapons." Michael scanned the force field generator to get the field modulation. He then tapped the frequency into the computer. "Target phasers and fire."

    There was a brilliant light as the force field went down and the hangar door was blasted open. The three guards that were still on the ground were blown out into space. He couldn't see any others.

    "Computer activate impulse engines. Take us out."


    Sith sifted through systems, swiftly. He had floating holographic buttons all over the place in Systems Room 8. Some actually began to float away from the console to the center of the room.

    He was multi-tasking, getting to know Starbase 001's computer system, inside-out. "Oh, crap." He walked over and grabbed the floating button from the centre of the room and moved it back over to the main console. There were so many vertical levels of buttons and transferring of keys that he didn't realize that he was losing track of them.

    Zeta crawled over from hibernating on the wall to Sith's shoulder. "I was chasing a protocol access," Sith explained. "Maybe it was a response algorythm." He shook his head now realizing he was unsure.

    *Click, click!*

    "Maybe it was an algorithm." He paused. "Wait a second. Why don't you track it?" Sith glanced over at Zeta.

    *Chrip, click... track it?* Zeta responded.

    "Yeah, plug yourself into the starbase computers. We did it before, remember?"

    *Click, click, chirrrp.*

    "Scan the sub and main access ports and relay existing data transfer information. If you see any signals that look like hack accesses, track them to their consoles."

    Zeta crawled off his arm and onto the floating buttons. The spider stepped its way down the hover-buttons to the flat console maintaining them. It then launched metallic cables out itself into the console, and several hover-buttons above it and to its side.

    Sith watched.

    *Click, click...*

    Zeta then found it, and flung out more cables. They accessed multiple ports, infecting systems. "Good job, Zeta! At least searching manually is faster than getting the computer to go over everything."

    The spider-robot pulled a few cables around and connected to different buttons. One of the buttons overloaded until its glow died.

    "Zeta?" Two more buttons lost their glow due to an overload of data. Zeta sucked those cables back in, in response. He then resorted to plugging them into the base console. "Zeta, be careful." Sith checked the buttons. "You've blown the tertiary power circuits on Deck 12!" Zeta backed off and pulled in his cables. His neural net couldn't handle the entire starbase's computer systems. Sith checked the panels. "You found something! It looks like an unusual access on Station Panel 34-F8."

    Zeta stood up but was too weak to jump over.

    "Come on, let's check it out." He grabbed Zeta and ran out the room.
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    Particulrly liking this installment - very easy to follow and to picture in my mind's eye - crisp.

    Thanks!! rbs
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    Yeah! The Ambassador's story is my favourite from this.
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