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    Rape starts when she says 'No' and he keeps going. Unless you have the right to say 'No' at any time and be taken seriously, then the right to say 'No' at all is meaningless.

    VOY actually had some good female characters. While I don't particularly like Janeway, she was three dimensional, for the most part. And while Seven't arc became awfully repetitive, at least it was consistent. I could have done without Kes, but she got more play than Hoshi. And Torres, my favorite VOY character was hopelessly underused. But when she got her material she was great.

    That said, I think you're right that modern Trek has yet to really treat women as three dimensional when it comes to sex. Hoshi's liason last season at least showed that she had realistic human appetites. With the exception of Torres none of the VOY women ever got laid. And holodeck men don't count, ladies. DS9 was more realistic when it came to fully rounded women characters like Dax and Kira.

    I'd really like to see more screen time for Hoshi. I think Park is a good actress and can excel if given the material. Three dimensional women are always more interesting, and sexy, than the alternative dolls.