Starscape BBS Short Story & Poetry Contest

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    While normally I wouldn't make a second thread on this so soon, this is completely different from our previous entry.


    In an effort to foster creativity, increase our writing skills, and just have something interesting to do, we're going to have a Christmas story/poetry contest. This short story or poetry contest can be about anything related to Christmas. Anything you like, as long as it is connected to Christmas in some way. Since we're approaching Christmas, there will be a prize! The winner of the contest will receive the new release "Star Trek (2009)" on DVD.


    So, how do you win this awesome prize?

    ** THE RULES **

    1) You must be a member of Starscape BBS.
    2) The poem or story can be no shorter than 100 words, and no longer than 5000 words.
    3) Submissions must be received before Nov. 17th. This gives you two weeks to write your poem!

    ** DETAILS **

    To submit your poem, please email to or private message to John with the subject Starscape Poetry Contest.
    The winner will be selected on Nov. 17th by myself and the Administrative Staff (we will vote on the winner).
    The winner will disclose his or her address to John only, and the prize will be shipped that day (standard shipping).

    All poems and short stories will be put on display after the contest, so you may all see them.

    The topic can be found here:

    So, good luck to all of you, and get writing!

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    While I generally don't participate in such contests, since I'm not much of a writer, I do intend to repost some of my meager writings including my fanfic. Hopefully we'll have no more board crashes. :p
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    While there will be occasional board maintenance or updates, there will be no board crashes.