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    No, Palpatine would want people to fear the Jedi, not feel sad like they're some misbehaving celebrities.
    Subtly turning their public image towards faceless, warmongering religious fanatics much better suits the "they attempted a coup and melted my face off" narrative.
    When Order 66 goes off, he wants people to be terrified to open their doors to any Jedi stragglers. He wants them eager, desperate even to inform on them. He certainly doesn't want anyone questioning the official narrative with "but they looked so heroic in the holo-reels!"
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    I think he had wanted it so that when he got Anakin to his side, he could used that to his advantage. He hadn't wanted his new Darth Vader to get totally disfigured and need an encounter suit with full on scary mask (though he probably thought that was funny). He had intended his new student to be very powerful and perhaps the face of his new Empire.

    Imagine that upward trend the Empire would get with the Hero: Anakin Skywalker, Hero of the Republic, and the only Jedi to not betray the Republic, at Palpatine's side. Even Anakin's partner, Obi-wan "the Negotiator" Kenobi, betrays the strong of a message is that?

    The rest of the prologue suggests that people are starting to fear the Jedi because so many have turned to evil and betrayed the Republic (in the old EU there were a few students or followers of Dooku that turned, and all the students that had been under Mace Windu had turned due to having used his dangerous lightsaber style). The Galaxy was afraid. The only shining light of hope was Skywalker and Kenobi.
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    I finished up Most Wanted last night, and I enjoyed it. The story wasn't anything mind blowing, but it was pretty enjoyable. What really made the book stand out for me was the character work for Han and Qi'ra and the worldbuilding for Corellia. All but a couple chapters of it take place on Corellia, so we get to see a lot more of it than we did in Solo.
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    Recently finished Master and Apprentice. The story itself is kind of meh, though there is a pretty good plot twist I didn't see coming. The novel really shines with the character work, providing some really interesting insight into the relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan with a really compelling look at Qui-Gon as a person including flashbacks to his teenage years training under Dooku. The new characters introduced in this novel are some interesting and memorable characters as well.
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