Star Trek: When Hell Freezes Over

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    Preface: In 2374, The Dominion War is in progress but the war does not put the lives of everyone on hold. Newly Weds Worf and Jadzia Dax return to Deep Space Nine to discover The USS Enterprise-E is docked at the station, and it isn't for a congratulations.

    When Hell Freezes Over

    Deep in what once was the demilitarized where Federation space meets Cardassian space sit’s a planet like no other. A single planet, a rogue planet in fact sits ambiguously in a sector of disputed space. It was once an uninhabited planet of fire lakes, lava flows and ash skies. This however was once upon a time and not the present case as it became cooled down and the atmosphere could sustain life, a nomadic species from the Beta Quadrant found this planet to be a home. The clement was nearly perfect for them, this species is calls themselves the Wukan, their planet, Wukania. The planet which was once a hellish uninhabitable land became a land of snow and ice, nirvana for Wukans who’s physiology was built for the cold, they were tall creatures and had thick fur of a variety of neutral colors.

    They had very few encounters with other species but they did make a few encounters with the Klingons, Breen and Gorn. The Wukans had earned the respect of the Klingon Empire for their mastery of bladed weaponry combat as well as their fierce ability at hand to hand combat. The Wukans and Klingons were not allies by any means but they were not enemies either, they had a neutrality that had lasted ever since their first contact. The Breen Confederacy on the other hand were aggressive towards the Wukan on their first encounter and the few encounters following. As for the Gorn, they had only one encounter with a Wukan scouting vessel and the Gorn vessel destroyed the Wukan vessel, no further encounters were made.

    The Wukans thought they were finally living in peace, as they had been un disturbed fro the past ten years. However, the year is 2374 and Wukania was located in the heart of chaos. Wukania has been invaded by a new enemy, one that is ruthless and volatile, merciless killers who identify themselves as Cardassians. The Wukan manage to send a distress call to anyone willing to help them, little did they know that a war was going on around them of galactic proportions. The distress call is answered by more than one ship, two groups of individuals offer their aid in helping defend Wukania, one group who call them selves the Maquis and the other’s from The United Federation of Planets.

    Chapter 1

    Star date: 51127.34018264837 (February 16th 2374)

    The shuttlecraft had been approved to dock at the station. Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax was at helm and her newly wedded husband, Lieutenant Commander Worf was sitting right beside her. She reached over to tap a command in, her hand brushed his as he was going to input the same command. She turned her head and her eyes met his, she smiled brightly and her cheeks were flushed with a rouge tone. Worf remained as unemotional as a Vulcan but he looked at her and grunted “Can’t you keep your hands away from my section?”

    Jadzia was at first stunned and surprised by his rudeness. She looked at him as if to say something about his attitude but that was quickly put aside when she saw the smirk materializing on the corner of his mouth as his eyes focused forward again. She lifted her right arm and shoved his shoulder, jolting him to the side a bit. She smiled and he returned the sentiment the best he could but it wasn’t a smile in the sense of the word. “Very funny Worf, developing a sense of humor I see. Am I rubbing off on you already?”

    Worf grunted “Most certainly not” he said with a huff. Jadzia went back to her station’s responsibilities and Worf went back to his. The shuttle took a swing around the station before engaging in the docking procedure. Worf looked at the docked Sovereign class starship at Deep Space Nine. Worf could not read the registry number as her passed by but he didn’t need to nor did he need to scan the vessel to know, he felt it in his heart and his heart never steered him wrong and indeed it would not fail him now.

    Jadzia watched as Worf’s eyes wandered astray. She notice of the same ship that had captured Worf’s attention and she raised an eyebrow and turned to him “Is that” she needed not to finish the question. She was son interrupted by Worf who finished her question by naming the starship. Dax smiled at Worf “Perhaps Captain Picard came to congratulate you in person on our marriage?” Jadzia knew this wasn’t the case as Worf had already received a subspace message from Jean-Luc congratulating them both.

    Worf glared at her “Perhaps not” he said sharply. She returned his attention to his station and saw that their shuttle was being hailed by the station. “Lieutenant Commander Worf here” he said answering the hail. It did not take long for Deep Space Nine to respond. Worf was nervous as to why the USS Enterprise-E was docked at Deep Space Nine, but his questions would soon be answered.

    “Welcome home Commanders, I hope your honeymoon went well” came the female voice of the communication’s system. “Worf, you have some friends here waiting to see you. Speaking of which Sisko needs both you and Jadzia as soon as possible in the conference room” Kyra Nerys mentioned to Worf as she welcomed Worf and Jadzia back. Jadzia docked the shuttle with ease, the doors slid open and the corridor leading to a main corridor or the station opened. Worf and Jadzia exited the shuttle and began to walk to the main corridor, when the doors slid open a silent hiss Worf stood face to face with his past.

    Worf was looking at the female before him. Dressed in a Starfleet uniform with Medical or Science department color visible. The women met eyes with Worf and then at Jadzia. “You must be Jadzia Dax, pleasure to meet you.

    Congratulations on your marriage, my name is Counselor DeAnna Troi” Troi said as she extended her hand to Jadzia who shook it and smiled. “Worf” Deanna said wrapping her arms around him in a hug which he awkwardly returned. “Captain Picard asked me to meet you two here personally.” Worf grunted as if to ask why She and the Enterprise were here. “Captain Picard and the rest can fill you both in, the situation is somewhat beyond my understanding, I know that it deals with the Cardassians.”

    The three began their walk to the conference room a few decks below. The door to the room slid open and a long table was present, many Officers were aligned along it on opposing sides and at one end was Captain Sisko, while down the table at the opposing end sat Captain Picard. Captain Picard and Commander Riker looked at Worf as he took a seat that was about equal distance from Sisko and Picard. Picard was first to adress Worf as Jadzia took a seat directly next to her husband and Deanna sat directly next to William Riker. “Congratulations Commander Worf” Jean-Luc said with a polite nod “I wish I could say that my arrival here was under better circumstances but as you can tell by the meeting taking place this is not the case.”

    Captain Sisko jumped into the conversation addressing Worf “Worf, earlier in the week Deep Space Nine picked up on a distress call coming from within what once was considered the Demilitarized zone between Cardassian and Federation space. The inhabitants of the planet in question identify themselves as Wukans. Now, this species of course did not mean anything to us but General Martok was able to lend us a hand seeing as the Klingon Empire had made contact with these people before. We were pleased to know that the Wukan language is similar to that of ancient Klingon tones.”

    Worf had not heard of the Wukan in many years so his interest in the matter was heightened. “The Wukan are said to be great warriors, full of honor and pride. Experts at bladed combat Captain.” Worf looked around the room, there were a few Deep Space Nine personnel present. Captain Sisko, Chief O’Brien, Doctor Bashir, Jadzia and himself. The remaining guests at the table was Captain Picard and his Senior Staff. There were only two faces of Picard’s crew that he had not met before, a Andorian Lieutenant whom Worf deducted was the Security Chief & Chief Tactical Officer and a Benzite male with the rank of Ensign, he had to be the Senior Flight Control Officer. “We will be responding to the distress call?” Worf asked hearing about the distress call and the interest in it.

    It was Commander Riker who answered this time. “The Federation has ordered the Enterprise to escort the USS Defiant to the planet, where an away team of Enterprise and Deeps Space Nine personnel on board the Defiant will land on the planet. The Enterprise will remain in orbit as long as she can and defend the planet from Dominion ships, hopefully the Dominion will be caught off guard and wont have much of a presence in that sector.” Riker folded his arms at his chair “Worf, the Defiant is yours and I will be needing you for more than just the defiant. The Universal translators can understand some of their language but only someone fluent in Klingon and Ancient Klingon dialects will be able to make much leeway with these peoples, your communications skills will be needed on this one old friend.”

    Both Captain Sisko and Captain Picard looked as if they were both going to intrude, in fact both men began to speak at the same time and suddenly stopped. Captain Picard nodded at Sisko as to assert that Benjamin say what he was going to and he indeed did just that. Captain Benjamin Sisko looked at Commander Riker “I appreciate your eagerness Commander but your presence will be best suited on the Enterprise with Captain Picard.” Benjamin began to stand but sat back down when Riker spoke up.
    “And who will be leading the away mission Captain Sisko if I may ask?” Riker said with his question that was not meant to be as blunt as it sounded but Will was displeased by being told that he would not be leading this away mission. Riker waited for Sisko to say something, he could tell the Captain was at a loss for words.

    Sisko looked at Riker “I recommend that Major Kira Nerys lead the away mission on the planet. She was part of the Bajoran resistance, he combat skills and surface combat abilities clearly make her more suited for leading the away mission Commander Riker.” There was a tension growing in the room and it would be Captain Picard that would trump it.

    Captain Picard had been listening to the exchanges between the Station’s Commanding Officer and Jean-Luc’s First Officer. Picard stood up and looked at Riker and then at Sisko “Gentlemen, what we have hear on this planet is a major situation that only diplomacy will solve. We need to be able to establish a communication with these Wukans which only Commander Worf and possibly Commander Data will be able to do. Once we finally establish a method of solid communication we can coordinate with these Wukans. Being that this is a diplomatic situation, I myself will be leading the away mission. Commander Worf will carry myself and a few of my crew to the planet where we shall land and begin this dire mission. Commander Riker will have command of the Enterprise.”

    Commander Riker’s blue eyes connected with Picard’s eyes. “Captain” Will said letting the words that Captain Picard said sink in even further. “Captain, that planet will have a strong Cardassian presence, I can not let you down there under these conditions, we are in a War.” Will could tell that his words were not having any effect of his Commanding Officer. “As your First Officer I” Will began but stopped mid sentence when Picard lifted his hand as to silence Riker and begin to reassure him.

    “Will, I will have a proper Security detail and many outstanding Starfleet Officers around me. I need to work with these Wukans if there is any chance to protect these people, the planet itself is a strategic key point in this war. I have the full trust in Lieutenant McAdam’s and her Security Officers to see to it that no harm comes to myself” Picard said glancing at the Andorian who nodded her head. Picard then glared in the direction of Captain Sisko “With that said Captain, when do we depart?”

    All eyes in the room darted in one direction. Right down to the head of the table, at Captain Benjamin Sisko. Cpatain Sisko looked around the room and then out the observation viewing area at the Defiant “Time is something we can not spare much of in this war. The Defiant will depart at 0600, as will the Enterprise-E as escort per orders of Admiral Ross.” Sisko stood up and dismissed everyone at the conclusion of the conference meeting, all exited in an orderly fashion with the exception of Captain Picard who remained standing but waited for the room to clear until it was just him and Sisko. Benjamin looked at Picard “Something you wish to discuss in private Captain?”

    Jean-Luc remained behind standing. Sisko addressed him once the room was clear with the exception of the two stern Captain’s. “I understand that the events of Wolf 359 will always be between us Captain Sisko, but I do not want our relations jeopardizing this mission, the Federation’s victory of this war may be decided on this planet. I wish to discuss who you plan on sending on this mission.” Picard walked over to where Benjamin stood and took a seat close by. Sisko took his seat and looked at Picard.

    “Very well Captain” Sisko said with a neutral tone. “Worf of course will be needed on this mission to establish effective communications with the Wukans, as well as command the Defiant. As for the rest of the Station’s personnel, my Chief Science Officer, Jadzia Dax. I also will be sending my Chief of Operations and my Chief Medical Officer.” Sisko looked at Picard “And yourself Captain?”

    Jean-Luc leaned back and his chair “Lieutenant McAdams, my Security Chief and Chief Tactical Officer, a Security officer or two, Counselor Deanna Troi, my Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge and my Chief Medical Officer Doctor Beverly Crusher.” Captain Picard thought further “My Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Data would also be useful in this matter.”

    Benjamin nodded “The Android” he said as he was familiar with the name, most Starfleet officers were. “Very well Captain, you depart at 0600. Have your crew ready before than and board the Defiant. Federation probes of the planet, the few that were not destroyed by the Dominion show that the average temperature of the planet this time of the year is around six below Celsius, so dress warm Captain.” Sisko stood up and left the conference room leaving Jean-Luc sitting alone staring out at the stars.
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    Chapter 2

    Lieutenant Commander Worf sat in the command chair of the USS Defiant with his arms on the arms rest, his hand gripping them tightly. He sat straight but not in a relaxed posture. Worf observed his unique bridge crew for this mission. Jadzia was at the science station, McAdams was at Tactical. Chief O’Brien was at Operations with Geordi LaForge taking Engineering. Lieutenant Commander Data was at helm. In Sickbay was Doctors Julian Bashir and Beverly Crusher, whom were joined by Nurse Alyssa Ogawa per Crusher’s request. Counselor Troi and Captain Picard were resting before the Defiant made her landing on the planet.

    The route to Wukania from Deep Space Nine was rather short, it was a route that took the Defiant close to Cardassian space but enough to stay on the fringes of it. The planet of Wukania was close to Panora and Komora, both were colonized by Cardasssians and were well within Cardassian space. This mission may have been for diplomacy but it was a wreckless and suicidal one and back on the Enterprise Commanding William Riker knew that. The Enterprise-E was following close behind the Defiant at a matching war speed. The Enterprise soon raced a head of the Defiant passing over head, Riker wanted to scope out the space ahead before the Defiant passed through.

    Commander Riker sat in Picard’s chair running his fingers through his brown beard. Will could not help ponder if he had made the right call by backing off from his pursuit of leading this suicide mission. The Acting Security Chief, McAdams was on the Defiant, she was an outstanding Security Officer which was one reason Lieutenant Daniels had recommended her tom be his Assistant Chief. Riker would have felt better at least slightly if Daniels had been on the Defiant, but he had been granted an Extended Leave Of Absecence for a month from the Enterprise just three days ago. Riker was used to having the same faces around him, even when in the Captain’s chair but the faces of the bridge crew were different. Riker looked at the Ops Officer “Lieutenant Kadohata, at current speed what is our estimated time of arrival?” When Miranda responded to Riker by informing him that it would be two more hours, Riker sighed at the thought of Jean-Luc being on a planet with hostile forces ,“Very well” he replied as she continued her duties. Commander Riker then focused on the helmsmen “Ensign Grael maintain current heading and speed.”

    Commander Riker Stood up and took a walk around the bridge. He headed up the steps to where the relief tactical officer, Ensign Obarakeh. “Ms Obarakeh, status report?” Commander Riker was impatient, the bridge crew could tell but none seemed to bothered by his constant questioning and requests for status reports. He placed his right hand on the woman’s left shoulder and glanced over at her station.

    Ensign Obarakeh was slightly startled by Commander Riker’s hand being placed on her shoulder. “Nothing out of the ordinary to report Sir. I have been sweeping the area with intense and extensive long range and short range sensors.” Obarakeh smiled at the First Officer when he smiled as her left her side to check on another bridge officer. Riker eventually returned to the command chair, settling down.
    A half an hour later, he stood up once again “Lieutenant, you have the bridge” Riker said as he walked off the bridge onto the turbo lift. “Computer, deck ten” Commander Riker said and soon the turbo lift began to move after the doors slid closed properly. Will Riker was on his way down to Ten Forward to visit with the only counselor he trusted with his concerns besides Deanna. Guinan had moved onto the Enterprise-E after the previous Enterprise was destroyed. She continued her duties as manger, hostess and bartender of Ten Forward as her friends urged her to. She was still her normal self but she had talked to Jean-Luc about leaving soon and heading to earth to open up a place of her own.

    Commander Riker walked into the calm and quiet Ten Forward which was barely occupied by anyone at this hour. Guinan was standing behind the bar dressed in her normal attire with her trademark hat, today’s color was a sort of a mint green, it looked lovely on her as everything did on Guinan, she had a glow to her that everyone enjoyed. Will took a seat at the bar, sitting right in front of her. He did not say a word to her, just slunk into his seat with his elbows on the bar and his head quickly planted into his palms.

    Guinan smiled behind the bar “long day?” she asked questioning him but she knew what was on his mind as soon as he stepped into Ten Forward. “What can I get you Commander, something to eat, drink?” She watched as his head lifted up from his palms, he was slightly smiling but not fully as was his usual expression when she was around. “You know I am here to listen, slow day so far down here.”

    Will Riker looked at Guinan, his half smile blossomed into a full one “Too long” he said answering the first question. “Tellarite Fizz, black cherry please.” Guinan went to work making him the drink which was fruity and carbonated, sweet just how it should be. “The Defiant will be arriving at the planet in less than two hours. He’s going to be down there on the planet with Cardassian forces, and Deanna with him.”

    Guinan smirked from behind the counter of the bar “Commander, I have known Jean-Luc Picard for quite sometime, as you have as well. If there is one thing about that man I have learned is that, he is quite of an exploration enthusiast, a peacekeeper.” Guinan poured Riker more into his glass topping it off “I believe that you are forgetting something Commander Riker.”

    Commander Riker starred intently at Guinan with a curious look. He took a sip from his drink and then lowered it setting the glass down on the bar. Will ran the statement through his head but could not come up with anything. “And what may that be?” he finally asked. He waited for Guinan to answer, unsure where she was going with the statement.
    Guinan study the man’s reaction to her statement.

    She quickly smiled “He’s lead his fair share of away missions before being assigned as Commanding Officer.” Guinan cold see that her point was sinking in with William Riker and she turned to place the bottles back in their respective places. “If you will excuse me Commander, I promised a math of chess with Lieutenant Craig.” Guinan left Ten Forward, leaving her words fester in Riker’s mind.

    William Riker knew that before he became the Commanding Officer on the Stargazer, Picard had indeed lead many of away missions. Riker was sitting in the dim Ten Forward alone now as Guinan and the rest have left, he was in a timeless gaze when he was suddenly brought back to reality. He was sipping on the last of his fizz when the ship shook and the fizz shot into his nasal area instead of down his throat causing him a slight discomfort. He tapped his badge “Bridge what the hell was that?” Riker stood up from his chair and staggered out of Ten Forward as he heard the ship’s sounds of a red alert being issued.

    Back on the Defiant consoles were exploding left and right. Worf was tossed out of his command chair and onto the floor. He climbed back into his command chair, a gash across his temple bleeding softly “Status report!” he yelled out as the Defiant suffered a barrage of weapons fire in a sudden spree attack. Worf looked around the bridge, the ship was shaking.

    The Andorian at Tactical reported in “Commander, I don’t know where the hell they came from! Three Cardassian Galor class vessels, wait a minute, update Commander make that six Galor class vessels. Our Shields are severely damaged, they are down to 70% and falling rapidly.”

    McAdams returned fire the best she could targeting one vessel at a time but they were fast and evasive Galors. “I managed to take two out Sir, shields are down to 45% the remaining Galors have broken off their attack on us and are focusing their assault on the Enterprise. Our Weapons are off line, The Enterprise is taking heavy damage Commander, those Galors are running circles around them, the Enterprise can’t take much more, their shields are down to 80% and dropping fast.” The tactical station alerted McAdams to further bad news “Commander! A fleet of eight Jem’Hadar fighters are approaching fast.”

    Captain Picard had made his way to the battle bridge of the Defiant “Commader Worf!” Picard shouted. Picard observed the main viewer which was showing the Enterprise be torn apart by a combined attack of Jem’Hadar fighters and the remaining five Galors. “Target those Galors and fire with everything we have!”

    Picard was not used to being on a starship that was not of his command during a battle and he wasn’t going to stand there and do nothing. Worf had been inured and was out of his Command chair moving into the position at Tactical after McAdam’s console exploded severely injuring her. Doctor Bashir and Nurse Ogawa took her to sickbay. “Mister Worf, report!”

    Worf was at tactical with a large gash across his temple. He was fading in and out of consciousness. His head grew heavy and his sight grew dim, in and out of blackness, sound and no sound. “Weapons are back online Captain, targeting the lead Galor, firing photon torpedoes, maximum yield and spread. Direct hit!” Worf watched as another Galor was shown as destroyed. There were now four fighters and three Galors attacking the enterprise, but the tactical station was showing another wave of ships on the way.

    “More ships approaching, four of them.” Worfs face lit up “Wait!” he shouted “They are Klingon Birds of Prey.” Worf noticed a communication channel hailing, it was the lead Bird of Prey “General Martok is hailing Captain.”

    Chapter: 3

    Picard turned to face Worf and grinned “Well then, you better answer his hair Captain” Picard said standing up vacating the command seat, following tradition by acknowledging Worf, commander of the vessel as Captain. Worf moved away from tactical after establishing an audio and visual communication. Worf slid into his command chair, Picard moved off to the side. Worf grunted and his grunt was returned by a warriors grin from Martok.

    Worf sat in his command chair and spoke up “General Martok, I was beginning to believe that you would miss this great battle.” Martok grunted and bellowed out a laugh to Worf’s Klingon humor. “General, The Enterprise took heavy damage, Commander Riker will require your assistance until they can begin repairs. As for the Defiant, we will manage. We will continue to enter the planet’s atmosphere and land on the surface. This was an honor full meeting General, Worf out.” Martok gazed at Worf with his single eye and gave his bid to his Klingon brethren.

    Back on the Enterprise, the emergency lighting aluminated the bridge. The red alert still flashing and the ship rocked like a baby in a cradle. The rocking had finally substained but the bridge was rather bare. The command chair sat vacant. Tactical station was occupied as well as the helm and operations stations. Lieutenant Kadohata was in command, the attack happened so suddenly and under her watch. She was injured, her face was bruised and there was a possibility she had sprained or broken her left wrist, she as in intense pain if she moved it. “Helm full stop!” she ordered to the helmsmen who was just coming to as well. Kadohata turned to the tactical officer “Ensign” she said after noticing the Klingon vessels who were taking out the remaining enemy vessels “Hail those Klingon vessels and thank them for their assistance.” The ensign gave a nod of acknowledgment. Kadohata tapped her communicator “Bridge to Commander Riker, Commander we could use you up here. Commander?” Commander Riker was not responding. Finally after a moment a male voice answered but it was not Riker’s. It was not Riker’s and he soon identified himself.

    “This is Doctor Breng in Sickbay Miranda. Commander Riker has just been brought in unconscious, knocked out cold. It appears he has suffered trauma to his skull from impact to a bulk heador some object. The Commander is suffering from extradural hematoma, there is a build up of blood in his dura. We are doing everything we can Lieutenant. I have medical staff working on him now, I am not expecting many complications, I will keep you apprised.” The Doctor looked at two of the human nurses “Move him to that bio bed, lets get going people!” The medical staff on duty started to set up a bio bed and the equipment needed to monitor neuro activity. Doctor Breng was a chubby Tellarite male who had only recently been assigned to the Enterprise-E. He served under Doctor Crusher as her Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Breng took the Commander’s right hand and clutched it “We will have you back on your feet Sir. I promise not to fail you” Breng said to his unconscious superior.

    The Defiant had seen better days but that did not prevent her from making a safe landing on the planet’s smooth icy cold surface. The Defiant landed on a stretch of frozen tundra. Inside Medical personnel, treated the injured while Worf made prepreation for the crew. Counselor Troi was the first to appear ready soon followed by Captain Picard, both dressed for the climate outside, conditions were much like that of Andoria in the winter, cold, windy and nearly un predictable blizzards. Captain Picard looked at Worf “Well Commander Worf, I do hope that you dress warm” Picard said with humor intended as he knew like Cardassians, Klingons despised the cold. Worf gave a snarl at the Captain’s sarcastic remark.

    Within the next few minutes the entire crew of the Defiant were suited up for the weather and ready to embark. Lieutenant McAdams and Lieutenant Junior Grade Kellogg stood ready both armed with type three phaser riffles. Worf himself was armed alike, as was Jadzia and Lieutenant Commander Data. Lieutenant Commander La Forge and the rest carried standard type two hand phasers. Lieuteant Commanders Dax and Data carried tri-corders while Docotrs Bashir and Crusher as well as Nurse Ogawa carried medical kits. La Forge had his engineering kit. Everyone was dressed for the planet’s climate even Data whom as an Android had no need for the special uniform but for purposes of camouflage, he wore the uniform.

    The crew of the Defiant began to exit the ship. Counselor
    Troi was over come with emotions from indiviuals, one that was more powerful than the others, someone was trying to contact her. She had her empathic blocks up for the time being but she was forced to drop them when one word pierced through them, one single mind, one man. William Riker. His message was faint but the time to it was something that struck Deanna as strange “Imzadi” he said faintly in her mind. Picard and Worf quickly darted glances in her direction. “Captain, it is Commander Riker. Something has happened to him, he is trying to contact me. I can’t establish a firm comnnection, I sense confusion from him. He is so distant, yet the Enterprise is close.”

    Doctor Crusher could see the pain and agony on her friends face “Deanna” Beverly said taking her friend’s hand. “Deanna, Dr. Breng is an amazing doctor, if anything has happened on the Enterprise, Breng can handle it. Commander Riker is in safe hands, I can assure you that much.” Doctor Crusher looked into Deanna’s eyes, Beverly believed in the words which she had just said. Doctor Breng was an outstanding doctor, a man dedicated to his work.

    K’Tun the young Klingon Maquis crew member had exited the wreckage of the small vessel which had had called home for the past year. He was dressed in clothing fit to survive the harsh coldness of the god forsaken ice hell which he was forced to be on. K’Tun slung the engineering kit over his right shoulder and made his way to the camp. Once he reached the camp the vessel’s commander, the Cell’s leader stood with her arms crossed. K’Tun grunted “Ro, I packed what I could. Cardassians will be tearing the vessel a part within the hour, no use making any returns.”

    Ro Laren gave a glare to the Klingon of her crew. “Like it or not K’Tun, we are stuck here for the time being. You, Ishara, Jackie and myself will have to make due. We responded to these people’s call of battle for a reason. We must stop the Cardassians and the Dominion as a whole from taking the quadrant.” Ro sighed “If not for just the quadrant’s sake, for the galaxy.” Ishara appeared from the camp site, a human woman from Turkana IV, the sister of Natasha Yar. Soon she was joined by the cell’s medic, a former Starfleet Doctor, Jackie Elizabeth Pulaski.

    On board the Enterprise, William Riker was fighting for his life. He had slipped into a coma and was in critical condition. Will was in a world of his own, he found himself walking through the corridors or a starship, one of which he was familiar with, it was the Enterprise-E. Riker looked down at his uniform, it was different, still a crimson red undershirt with a grey over vest but uniquely different from that of the Enterprise-E, the communications badge insignia was also the same but something was different. Riker had reached up and brushed his fingers against his rank pips, there were four. He double checked them with a re count one, two three, for he thought to himself as he brushed them one by one in a row. He had made his way onto the turbo lift, the doors slid closed. A white glow awaited him when the doors slid open as the setting changed. Will walked off the turbo left and the door closed, it had vanished. All around him was bright whiteness of a void, and then a figure in a white robe approached, the figure dropped the hood showing his identity, it was the last being Riker ever wanted to see. “Where have you taken me Q?”

    Q huffed and crossed his arms “Now now Captain Riker, don’t point the finger at me. This is all your doing.” Q walked forward “You see Riker, this is where your mind has brought you. The Q continuium, or rather what your mind has composed as it. You are dying Captain Riker.” Q grinned “I am so glad you have chosen to come to me in your final moments.”

    Riker’s eyes widen. He shook his head and raised his voice in protest “Q, I can accept that I am in a coma right now.” Riker sighed “And hell, I will even accept that I am dying as we speak but I’d be damned if my mind would seek you as my last companion.” Riker stepped forward and met Q face to face “Where was I and why?” Riker waited for Q to give him the answers that he was looking for.

    Q gave a arrogant smile. He looked into William T. Riker’s eyes “Riker, you have come to me in your time of need so I can show you what you would be abandoning if you give up now.” Q saw that Riker was about to protest the accusations of giving up “You are only human Riker. Granted you were given the offer to join the Q, a foolish choice by yourself not to join us Riker.” Q gleamed “You were on the Enterprise, in the year 2379. In 2379 if you so chose to battle death, will be Captain William Riker, Commanding Officer of the USS Titan.”
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