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    Hi all I was wondering if anyone can help me with a question. I have been passed down a heap of Star Trek videos and they are brand new never been played 1967 &1968 collector edition series videos and a few other things that are Star Trek original merchandise from the same era does anyone know what they would be worth or should I just keep them for myself but I don't want to play them because they never have been before. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    Hate to disappoint you, but my understanding is that in the age of DVD and Blu Ray (TNG is available on DVD and is being released on Blu Ray) and digital and essentially longer-lasting media, tapes just aren't worth a heck of a lot to anyone.
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    Thanks again for your input
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    You're about twenty years too late.

    You might get a couple dollars a piece on Ebay if you're lucky.
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    I hate to disappoint as well but you seem a little under the scope of the art of true collectivist ,I'm a collector of many rare and valued items so I am sorry to say but it's not the picture quality that a collector is looking for when purchasing it's the packaging and cleanliness of the item that is compared with other such items. Thanks for your time and quick response, it is much appreciated.
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    But they aren't in any way "rare". Paramount pumped those things out by the tens of thousands.

    That person will never get $5 for that tape.
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    Then keep them for yourself. I'm sure they'll make nice bookends.
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    I just packed up my old Trek tapes and donated them to a school that gets $$$ for items donated like books, CD's, video tapes, etc. I assume they just recycle them, but at least I know it's money for them and it's going to a good cause.
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    Well, not to be snarky, but you could put them to use like Tom Hanks did in Cast Away.
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    Since you're in Australia, these are either the ghastly Hollywood House videos of random episodes (mid 80s), or the CIC-Taft series of videos that used the UK artwork and masters (late 80s)? They will probably be PAL and not compatible with VCRs in the US.

    Collectors collect for many reasons. ;)