Star Trek VI: Time elapsed

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    I've always felt that they headed toward the center of the galaxy, but never actually got close to it. The great barrier might extend around this arm of the galaxy, for instance. We were, after all, never told just how long it took to get to the great barrier. Sybok may have been under the impression that if one pierced the barrier, one was taken to the center.
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    As much as I understand and appreciate the attempt at rationalizing a silly point in the script, the dialogue is pretty clear that the Great Barrier is located at the center of the galaxy and Sha Ka Ree lies beyond the barrier. Actually, the Enterprise isn't the only attempt at traversing the barrier. Kirk indicates that "no probe has ever returned."

    Maybe, like the (likely non-canon) Star Trek: Star Charts book indicates, the Great Barrier is a spherical energy field engulfing the whole galactic core and all the stars within. The diameter of the Great Barrier is approximately 15,000 light years. Sha Ka Ree is not depicted to be at the center of the galaxy. Instead, it is at the outer edges of the energy field, some 7,000 light years away from the actual center.

    That could work a little better perhaps. And, perhaps the crew was in the brig for a few days that were not shown "on screen."
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    I suggested some time ago in another thread that the "center" isn't the physical center, but the spiritual center of the galaxy ("Center" with a capital "C") for many of the galaxy's cultures.

    And this is what has led many spacefaring cultures to independently mythologize the place as God's place, the transcendent realm out of which the universe comes, back to which it goes.