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    The Tholian ship is the first alien one I've bought, it's the only alien one that I wanted from the start of the collection and I'm pleased with it.

    The only problems I've had have been with the starfleet ones, the NX-01's nacelles aren't as straight as they could have been and my Excelsior looks badly cobbled together. Mind you the Excelsior was more a random buy, didn't want it as much.

    The rest are just fine, got the Prometheus last week and there's nothing wrong with it.

    I admit I'm not the biggest fan of where they put the seperations of the various parts, and they're getting a lot more noticable, but still, I like what I have so far.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    Turn that Dauntless upside down and it looks like a warp speedboat.
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    My opinion on ships to use. First I am assuming no actual shuttle or similar ships, Runabout, Delta Flyer, even Starfleet 2 man attack ship/ Maquis Raider aren't technically shuttles.

    TNG and TOS and Original films were limited by Model construction, so pretty much any original model that has real promise would get picked, as compared to later DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise, where ships were created for almost all races we were shown.

    Also for myself this is Trek based on materials that would have been part of the art department and approved by executive producers (film and tv), not things like FASA (Loved them as a kid), not the old technical Manual, not novels and computer games.

    TNG produced many cobbled together models from spare parts, redressed many models with minor differences, and even created some out of plastic and razors, which I also won't consider as in my mind they aren't serious work.

    1. Original Enterprise (Will be done)
    2. Romulan Bird of Prey
    3. Klingon D7
    4. SS Botany Bay
    5. K7 Station
    6. Fesarius (once mentioned and then later said not likely)

    Those are the only TOS pieces that I could see making any cut due to lack of detail on others (like the Tholian ship of that time). But I would still get it.

    TOS films
    7. Enterprise Refit (Done and poorly)
    8. Klingon Ktinga (Done)
    9. Enterprise A (to be done)
    10. Regula One (yes its a redress put upside down, but it is the more prominent station)
    11. Reliant (Done)
    12. Excelsior (Done)
    13. Oberth (will be done)
    14. Klingon Bird of Prey (Done)
    15. Space Dock
    16. Mechantman (first used here and had several later uses and redresses)

    17. Enterprise D (done)
    18. Ferengi Marauder (done)
    19. Romulan Warbird (Done)
    20. Borg Cube (Not stupid Lamp)
    21. Stargazer (Done)
    22. Cardassian Galor Class (Done)
    23. Nebula Class Variant (kit bash and a good one) - Thank God not the Phoenix (Done)
    24. Klingon Vor'Cha Class (Done)
    25. Romulan Scout Ship (Not the redressed Science Ship)
    26. Enterprise C (To Be Done)
    27. Tamarian Cruiser (also used as T'Lani Cruiser, and a redress for others)
    28. Pirate Ship Destroyed in Unification (Seriously could lose this one)
    29. Borg Ship from Descent (mentioned)
    30. USS Pasteur - I really, really want this one.
    31. Future Enterprise D ugly 3 nacelle kitbash (Done)

    TNG has a few others of course Jonalin, reused ship in Gambit I and 2 from DS9 first season), and the Pakleds ship that was used in TNG more then once, DS9 and heck even ENT.

    TNG Film
    32. Enterprise E (Done)
    33. Borg Sphere (done)
    34. Enterprise B - ugly modification of original Excelsior model (Will be done)
    35. Akira Class (Done)
    36. Steamrunner Class
    37. Norway Class
    38. The Phoenix
    39. Saber Class
    40. Son'a attack Ship
    41. Federation Scout Ship
    42. Ru'afo Ship (really didn't care for any of the Son'a but they played a major role in a film)
    43. Romulan Valdore (Will be Done)
    44. Shinzon's transforming Reman ship (I hate ships that transform)

    TNG films leaves still several other options. The ships Guinan's people were on, The Stellar Observatory, Captain's Yacht, the Solar Collector, the Romulan/ Reman attack craft, the Holo ship.

    45. Deep Space Nine (Done)
    46. Runabout with Roll bar (actually would rather have one with out) (Will be done)
    47. Bajoran Freighter (Redress of Paklads ship, but used several times for Bajor)
    48. Bajoran Assault Vessel
    49. Bajoran Impulse Craft (Kira and Dax used in Siege)
    50. Maquis fighter (later used in TNG and Ds9 as Federation Attack ship)
    51. Hideki Ship (Will be done)
    52. Jem'Hadar attack ship (Will be done)
    53. Solar Sailer (Done)
    54. Negh'Var (Will be Done)
    55. Karemma Ship (redressed for several others)
    56. Defaint (Done)
    57. Cardassian Freighter (also used as Klingon Freighter)
    58. Ty'Gokor Station
    59. Jem'Hadar Cruiser (Done)
    60. USS Centaur (kitbash and a good one)
    61. Jem'Hadar Battleship
    62. Breen Cruiser
    63. Xhosa cargo freighter (You might notice I like the various cargo ships used on Trek)
    64. Dominion Station
    65. Daedalus class ship

    Ds9 had several other options, from a huge number of kit bashed ships to various alien crafts of the week. Wouldn't mind the orbital weapons platform either.

    66. Voyager (Done)
    67. Maquis Raider (will be done)
    68. Kazon Raider
    69. Kazon Carrier (large Kazon/ Trabe Vessel)
    70. Array
    71. Vidian Ship (if they must) Vidians only had redressed ships if I recall, but they were a major early player for Voyager, and one of the better designed races.
    72. Voth City Ship (wouldn't mind the Medical City Ship in Critical Care either)
    73. Bio Ship
    74. Kremin Time Ship (Done)
    75. Hirogen Ship
    76. Dauntless (Done)
    77. Malon Freighter
    78. Delta Flyer (Done)
    79. Ship from Disease (Terrible episode great ship design) but would be tiny as hell (for a long time, the most detailed Cgi ship on Trek, go figure).
    80. Borg Queen Diamond
    81. Prometheus (Done)
    82. Equinox (Done)
    83. Raven

    Voyager as a seeming less endless number of ships that could be used, some of really nice design, some utterly crap.

    84. Enterprise (done)
    85. Suliban Cell ship
    86. Suliban Helix
    87. Forunate (One of my all time favorite designs)
    88. Intrepid class
    89.Klingon Raptor
    90. Klingon Bird of Prey (Will be done)
    91. Klingon Freighter
    92. Early Romulan Warbird (Done)
    93. Romulan Scout (will be done)
    94. Andorian Ship (Will be done)
    95. Vulcan Surak Class (Will be done)
    96. Vulcan D'Kyr (really want this one)
    97. Orion Vessel
    98. Reptellian Vessel
    99. Xindi Insect vessel (Done)
    100. Xindi Aquatic vessel
    101. Degra's Vessel
    102. Other Xindi Vessel (unknown which race).
    103. Sphere or Xindi Weapon
    104. Nx-Alpha
    105. Horizon

    Enterprise had a large number of ships built for it and in many ways they showed a large improvement over the alien of the week ships built for Voyager.

    So thats basically my wish list trying to keep almost entirely to well known ships, or ships that played important roles in major story lines. Or ships that were seen many times over.

    And that takes us way past 90 ships, doesn't hit the new JJ timeline (though I think most of those will fail under specials, unfortunately, generally love the films with the exception of how little distance is shown and the design of ships, the earth station is an exception as well as the shuttle, both of those I really enjoy).

    So without digging up alien of the week ships (with a very few exceptions), without mining the vast number of kit bashes that TNG and DS9 and Voyager used both model and cgi versions), and without doing duplicates of any nature. The film and tv universe as plenty to use.

    Now I am not totally against outside ships (theres a ringship I would love, Love to see), I want to see them really use the full line up of material actually created and designed by the various art departments that were hired for the show first.
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    Anyone in the US get confirmation of JJprise shipping yet?
  5. judge alba

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    got my first ship the other day. the romulan warbird.
    have to admit I wasnt too impressed with it, but then it may be my dislike for the ship overall.

    well loved the plaque that came with it from the ent d though so cant grumble :)
  6. Richard Baker

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    Nov 11, 2008
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    Just curious- if you did not like the Warbird why did you get it?
    I am buying mine as one shots- most ships I either have other editions of or do not care for enough to spend the bucks for them.
  7. 137th Gebirg

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    I wasn't a big fan of the Warbird myself either. The green color they used was WAY too dark and oversaturated from the original, which was almost gray - the green coming from lighting and other post-production filtering. I also found the upper spine of the model to be a bit too much on the flat side, and should be more rounded, like the original filming miniature.
  8. Dac

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    It's accurate to the Digital Muse model though.

    In fact, it just struck me the other day - every single one of the models produced is based on a CG model. And going forward, I imagine everything will also be based on a CG model. There are exceptions - The AGT Ent-D was modified by either Rob Bonchune (who I think is providing the models for the collection) or the guys at Eaglemoss themselves. Plus I don't recall the Maquis Raider being a CG creation, but its not hard to build something from scratch. I wouldn't be surprised if they nabbed a fan made one from somewhere.

    So when it comes to this collection, you can't judge the models based off the physical miniatures but rather the CG meshes made for the show and films. That's how they're quickly turning these around by 3D printing/rapid prototyping based of CAD designs.
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    I subscribed to the collection to start at issue 1. I guess that no.5 was the lowest number they had so far.

    Still going to keep collecting though. :)
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    May 20, 2013
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    Got a shipping email for my JJprise special issue today. At the rate I was charged for this month's models, I expect to get the shipping email for the Nebula/Xindi Insectoid/AGT E-D tomorrow then.
  11. Destructor

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    I'm a subscriber. Loved the Warbird. Fine if you don't like the design but you can't fault the model.
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    Got my shipping confirmation and tracking for the JJPrise.
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    Me too.
  14. trekker670

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    They've been sending tracking info for the regular shipments too. I got the notice for the JJPrise, but not the standard issues, so I'd assume this month's models may be a bit behind due to the added logistics of shipping the JJPrise. Something similar happened around the time of the DS9 release.
  15. Tosk

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    I still don't understand how I got my JJPrise back in April if it's only just going out now. Oh well, glad people are finally getting theirs at least. I wasn't going to get it originally but glad I did.
  16. trekker670

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    It was released several months ago in the UK, some retailers in the US imported it from overseas to offer it sooner than the official US release.
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    Aug 12, 2014
    New to the board here, used to post over at the star trek boards on the official site

    Anyway i signed up for the eagle moss series in July, happy to say i got the Enterprise D and this month im getting issues 2 and 3

    Really want the NX 01, Voyager and Defiant, hoping to collect everything
  18. trekker670

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    Welcome aboard! You're in for a treat!

    If you're interested, there have been a few other posters that reported that Eaglemoss let them "catch up" on their back issues, so you get one giant (or a few big, but slightly smaller) shipments and then you're caught up with the monthly issues.
  19. Sans

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    Apr 13, 2011
    While this is true, the one thing this will not do is get you the subscribers gifts any faster. EM counts these catch up as just one dispatch, if it's counted at all. Having done just that, I just got the plaque with issues 19&20.
  20. Stevil2001

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    Dec 7, 2001
    Yeah, I think that's why the Stargazer's saucer is thin-- because that's how the saucer looks on the CG version of the ship created for the Stargazer novels.