Spoilers Star Trek: Picard 3x10 - "The Last Generation"


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And it's over :wah:



I think I'm going to go a little conservative with my score and actually give this episode a 6. It was good, and there was some emotional resonance, but looking at the season as a whole, the plotting could have been better. I think if they had actually cleared up the Borg confusion of is this the last of the collective or is Jurati still out there with her Borg and why didn't she deserve a mention at all, and maybe even eliminated Vadic entirely and just did the Borg the entire season, I might have enjoyed it a lot more. I almost feel like after episode 5, the season shifted gears to the Borg and it wasn't entirely a smooth transition. Maybe that's the bad thing about only 10 episodes, but I think they could have plotted out the episodes better.

Now that TNG is behind us (And I think it got a better conclusion than Nemesis), I'm actually excited for Strange New Worlds, Trek Made for Paramount+ movies, Lower Decks/Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds. I think my enthusiasm for Trek is a lot better this year than it was last year.
Loved it. So hard to believe this season came from the same series as season 2. This was a great episode to go out on, and I'm so glad they didn't try to kill anyone off. Just great.

Why? In a lot of ways it was actually worse than 2. What's amazing is that it even managed to make 2 worse by effectively making Q's "death" pointless nonsense.

The entire last episode was just that. Complete absurdist nonsense. Literally nothing made any sense. It was just completely stupid nostalgia bait.
If you even think about the plot for more than 1 second you'll just start laughing at what absurd nonsense the whole thing was. They didn't put in ANY effort at all. Didn't lift a finger to try to actually make it good. They knew that fanboys are so incredibly stupid that it would all be given a pass because LOOK AT THE ENTERPRISE D.
Loved the hell out of it. The Big D in action, bold as life, our crew doing what they do best, Walter Koenig, Alice Krige! The stuff I was fearing the worst from the spoilers wasn’t actually that bad for me. Only the Titan stuff at the end tag felt a bit pat, obviously a back door pilot tee-up, so it was kinda meh. 8/10.

I lol’d at the Titan’s cook becoming a pilot. I think someone on the writing staff is a Martian Successor Nadesico fan.