Spoilers Star Trek: Picard 3x01 - "The Next Generation"


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She cannot be blamed or held responsible for actions she had no control over.


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    praise and worship (God).
    "music is used to glorify God"
    give praise to








    pay homage/tribute to


    thanked her for the meal and left"
    give thanks to bless

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After Janeway freed Seven from the Borg, every time she said "I am Borg" even though she was an individual, it meant "The Borg are hella cool beans."
The Enterprise F is being decommissioned? That didn’t last very long. We get a shiny new Enterprise
The readout even mentions "early" decommission. Probably just so they can have the STO class, then any other show can go ahead with something else if they want.
PIC Readouts 1a2.jpg
Do the writers think accents are hereditary?
I don't think they would have specified his accent in the script. The actor is English, so it might be his natural accent. Though casting might have been instructed to find a British actor.

It took something like 50 years for Garrett to get a statue in her honor? It's not like her death lead to an alliance between the Federation and Klingons.
Might just be the newest one.
As for 7 of 9, I don't recall in the episode her saying which she prefers, just that her captain prefers Annika Hansen. I have to go re-watch.

As for the Borg, well, since Queen Jurati took off with the La Sirena and started the new, kinder Borg, shouldn't most of the Federation (as well as every other species) NOT have had any negative encounter with the Borg? No Hansen assimilation, no Borg v Voyager or v 8472 in the Delta quadrant, Anything past 2024 should be now rewritten history as far as Borg encounters. You can't say that BorgJurati is in the Confederation timeline, because that has never happened since Renee found her molecules on her mission and QueenJurati has appeared in the (Picard) present and helped them with that big rift in space. That means there should also be no Locutus (unless QueenJurati wanted some time with "Mister" Picard.
Slight plot hole (as big as the rift in the Season two finale).
I’m not going down the rabbit hole about Annika v Seven except to suggest the writers spent FAR LESS time on it than this thread has. It’s a clear way to define Shaw as an asshole before we even meet him—SOP for storytelling. Very likely to be followed by a “moment of enlightenment” where he acknowledges his error, because Star Trek. And that’s all the effort that went into “the name”.
Yeah, he probably made it a prerequisite of her serving as First Officer on his ship. "If you serve on my ship I don't want to hear that Borg number being spouted. The Borg were our mortal enemy until fairly recently so you're Commander Annika Hansen."

And it could have gotten even ruder than that.

Or maybe a threat along the lines of: "I can't make you answer to a human name. But if I have to refer to you as a Borg, I will assume your loyalty is to the Borg, and I will ensure that your evaluations merit you never so much as approaching command. Now. Are you going to comply with my request, Commander Hansen?"

It just sits weird that Seven's on his ship at all - from what we've seen, it seems like Starfleet captains typically get to choose their first officers. So it seems like he either explicitly requested Seven with the notion of keeping this potential Borg infiltrator in check, or someone higher up with a grudge against Seven or Shaw forced her into the position. Shaw seems like he's a by-the-book enough guy that he'd choke down that order, but he's also petty enough that he'd take it out on Seven.