Spoilers Star Trek: Picard 3x01 - "The Next Generation"


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Story time: I'm a regular customer at a local breakfast restaurant I have come to love as my "happy place", and have been coming in since dealing with a personal trauma I went through a couple years ago (before the pandemic started; also I realize there is a separate conversation going on about trauma and this is totally unrelated to that). I love going to this restaurant every morning when they open their doors at 6am, and it's become a ritual for me to come in almost daily, to the point that I'm even working there part time now, and have been for the past six months. All this to say over the past two years I've been coming in, I usually leave the restaurant at around 7:30am on my days off after hanging out and chatting up my friends who work there, and I head over to the nearby Walmart on foot to do some window shopping. I always have my headphones in to listen to my music as I walk, and for several months the soundtrack to Star Trek Insurrection as composed by Jerry Goldsmith was my personal favorite pick to listen to. More often than not I have lamented how much I miss the days when Star Trek had the benefit of Goldsmith's scores to elevate their stories to new heights, and I often feel like I am the only person who still listens to his music.

So you can imagine my AWE STRICKEN SHOCK when the traces of the themes from Star Trek Insurrection that I have been listening to EVERY MORNING FOR TWO YEARS STRAIGHT, SOME TWENTY YEARS AFTER THE MOVIE WAS RELEASED, begins playing in this episode. Specifically, it sounds like the theme used in the tracks "New Sight" and "Children's Story", the latter of which I first discovered on these walks. I literally almost broke down crying. This is such a deep cut reference to the Star Trek of my childhood and youth, and the primary reason why I love the Kurtzman-era of Star Trek the best.

THEY GET IT. On a personal level, THEY UNDERSTAND STAR TREK like no one else ever has.

Haters be damned, this is the finest era of Star Trek ever to grace our screens. I'm blessed to count myself lucky to have been here when this was released. Now I can look back at the 21 years since I last saw my beloved friends from "Star Trek: The Next Generation", and say to myself and them, "IT WAS ALL WORTH IT."
Looks like it's common in kurtzman trek.
It's common in pre-2009 Trek too.

Nearly every main character in TNG had some sort of trauma in their background, or have trauma happen to them during the series.

Then in DS9 the Siskos had their trauma with the Borg and their wife/mother being killed, Kira spent most of her life living and fighting the Cardassians.

I think the TNG era cast with the least trauma was the Voyager crew, other than being stranded 70 years from home.
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Picard started calling Bill "Will" in season one, and it was emperors hew clothes after that.

"Bill" and "Will" are accepted, common, nicknames for "William." We don't know what Riker preffered but everyone pretty much always called him Will unless they were being formal, so we can draw our own conclusions.

Seven wants to be called Seven and doesn't identify with the name "Annika" and the two names have no connection beyond being assigned to the same person.

She's being deadnamed, pure and simple. This isn't using a name that's also commonly used in place of her regular name (like calling her Sev) someone making a slip of the tongue on a nickname heard earlier or... referencing... A name to a character she has in a different movie/show (I mean... Huh?)

This is taking a name she disassociated herself with, that probably gives her painful memories, and smacking her in the face with it. It's insulting and only equatable to the same thing is in the Trans Community. Full stop.

Realize it.

Knock it off.
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“I don’t want to set the world on fire. I just want to start a flame in your heart.” My mother loved it when I told her about this opening up the ep.

Wonder how it will relate to the season?

In the usual (ironic) Fallout reference that it supposedly is, it's about the idea of the wholesale destruction of everything around them. If its related at all to Plumber's Vadic? She's setting out to burn down everything ever related to Picard's Heart.
I don't know about Fallout, but the song tends to be associated with Pearl Harbor, having been popular at the time.