Spoilers Star Trek: Picard 1x05 - "Stardust City Rag"

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It’s an homage to the old Microsoft game Freecell since we know MS makes it to the 24th century.

Data’s species (Android) is an homage to an old cell phone OS.

see it all fits!

Oh and someone has voted already. Nice.
Off Topic, But In a serious note, I’d actually like to know what happened to the Kelpiens after they were liberated by Discovery. They were warp capable by the end of S2, yet they’ve never been seen again in 24th Century Trek, so it’s unlikely they joined Starfleet.

Im sure we will find out in Disco S3. Saru won’t be able to help himself in finding out what happened to his people over the last 900 years. I’m putting money on a civil war between the Kelpiens and Ba’ul breaking out, leading both races to destroy themselves.

I'm in the camp that thinks just because we didn't see them doesn't mean they weren't there. Per Memory Alpha, by 2373 there were at least 150 member planets.

Of course they didn't know about Kaminar during TNG and DS9 because the writers hadn't thought it up yet. I too hope it's touched upon in DSC S3. Even just a readout Saru is looking at. Siranna could have been ambassador for a while. It would be nice closure for Saru.
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Bruce Maddox? Come with me if you want to live.:borg:
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*transitions into Voyager theme*
Can we change the poll to go to eleven? This episode is probably going to earn a -1 demerit for Maddox recasting, but I still want to give it a 10. So, can we make this one go to eleven?
Funny coincidence that carnival is starting thursday next week here in Germany (especially in the Cologne area) and this episode drops that day and just happens to have our characters disguising themselves.