Star Trek Into Darkness DVD & Blu-Ray Sales

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    Ya, know...I'll look at a Super-Duper Deluxe Edition with Mega-Extra and drool (IE: The LotR Special Edition Sets). But, then I find once I get it, I barely bother with the Extras, maybe once and sometimes not even that, if you have to play a bunch of stupid games to get to the Extras). Deleted Scenes are probably the most religiously viewed that first time, for me

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    Home cinema has been a passion of mine since the late 80's. My wife cringes at the money I'm constantly dropping on upgrading! For me, as an enthusiast, video/audio quality is of paramount importance - bonus content is extremely low on my list of priorities.
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    As of November 17 its combined U.S. sales for DVD & BluRay:

    20 Star Trek Into Darkness 27,049 2,356,756 $631,470 $50,585,123 10

    Also something that might be of interest to all of you...

    Star Trek was #3 in 2013 for Rentals and Digital Purchases.

    According to iTunes, it was the #4 best selling film of 2013.

    1. Skyfall
    2. Wreck-It Ralph
    3. Argo
    4. Star Trek Into Darkness
    5. Django Unchained
    6. Silver Linings Playbook
    7. Iron Man 3
    8. The Hobbit
    9. Identity Thief
    10. World War Z (Warning, may open iTunes)