Star Trek Into Darkness And Beyond

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    Star Trek into Darkness isn’t quite finished yet, but there is already talk about the movie to follow it. Producer Bryan Burk introduced a screening of the first half-hour of the movie to reporters this weekend and gave an update on the progress of the movie, as well as looking ahead into the future of [...]

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    I love Karl Urban's face in this teaser when Kirk tells McCoy, "C'mon, this is gonna be fun!" :lol:
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    Personally I’d rather have the third movie in 2015 (to get the Abrams movies done and over with), with a new TV series in 2016. That would premiere on Thursday September 8, 2016. 50 years exactly! :)
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    That's an awesome idea!
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    One more Trek Movie with the originals then we get 3 movies with the next generation being recast. Julianne Moore as Crusher, Eva Green as Troi, Cheadle as Laforge, Daniel Day Lewis is Data, Jonathan Frakes as Riker, and Jason Statham as Picard. In the Alternate timeline Picard is English and not French therefore the accent doesn't have to change....

    In reality I hope this movie knocks it out of the park, if it does then after its over it will be talked about. That talk is what will keep Star Trek current. As long as it stays current I'll be should never be something that we look back on. It was here 47 years ago and it is here now...