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    Hi guys,

    I just wonder to ask a interestin' questionfor you guys,

    Is does aliens asylum in London or SF(san Francisico) or on the earth apart from Middle East?

    The 2nd question is what name of alien female entered to meet her boyfriend in the bar or nightclub when the camera move to chief scotty and the alien little boy? Any idea what species is that?

    Other question when 3 beam up from dreadnought class ship I saw one alien species in security bay what is it?

    Thank you for help guys,


    P.S I don't know if the question might be same other thread if so please delete or change new title if admin don't mind? Thanks again.
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    The club Scotty was in was in San Francisco. And as far as U know, none of the new alien species seen in the film have been given names yet.
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    If you're doing some fanfic or something similar and looking to use the species, then just make something up. I did that for several of the species seen in ST09.
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    Not yet revealed, but the IDW comics have named Scotty's sidekick (not a "little boy"), Keenser, as being of the species Royla.

    Keep watch here:

    If eventually named in a tie-in, check Memory Beta.