Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

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    I enjoyed ATTACK THE BLOCK, so going proto-Edgar Wright is not a bad call IMO.

    In a perfect world, I'd go with writer/director Tom McCarthy, but only if it was starting over from scratch and didn't have to cater to summer audience pyro levels. Based on repeated viewings of THE STATION AGENT and having just seen and been blown away by THE VISITOR (no relation to DS9), this guy is genius on character, and the latter had some surprisingly clever cinematic moments as well.
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    Exactly my thoughts. I just mused about this a little after seeing FC again a few days ago: The reason why the film has always irked me is that it 1. feels rather small (it's a bottle show really) and 2. that the Borg were treated as, yes, space zombies who were under the control of a conniving seductress - very pulpy. The reason why the Borg worked in TNG in the first place was, IMO, not so much their being cyborgs, but their hive mind, the fact that you couldn't negotiate with them or easily destroy them. They were a sort of totalitarian anti-Federation which also gave their confrontation with the Enterprise an interesting political angle.

    Now usually in stories of this nature, there is a group of villains who have a leader - the objective becomes to defeat the leader so that the followers are not a threat anymore. But since the Borg have no leader, defeating one of them, or an entire ship of theirs, becomes all the more futile. That's their original appeal, and FC diminished that by introducing the queen.

    It was on a VGR episode that a character said (Arturis in Hope and Fear, I believe) that he considers the Borg a force of nature, essentially comparing them to a hurricane or something: You can't really fight it, but you can try to defend as best you can and, when it's gone, rebuild. That is what the Borg should be.

    But really no matter how they would do it, I think the Borg have a mass appeal that TPTB would be foolish not to exploit for ST13, and considering how fresh and exciting they have made several aspects of Trek canon in this new iteration, I have much confidence that they could pull off the same feat with the Borg.

    I say: Bring them on!

    EDIT: Also, concerning the problem of "giving the villain a face", couldn't you just see the Borg assimilating, say, Spock and him then showing up on the Enterprise's viewscreen declaring "I am Locutus of Borg. You life as it has been is over. Etc."? Seems like something they would think about.
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    There was a mention of "Mudd" with respect to the shuttle in this movie. Not sure if that rules out Harry Mudd for the next movie or not.

    I did love the latest movie, but it maybe a good idea to have less "darkness" and more fun and adventure in the next one (but hopefully no Ferengi). They can do Borg or Wrath/Vengeance of Khan in the 4th movie.
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    Mirror universe! But this time ship v ship would be awesome if done right
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    Kirk's new Genesis blood causes him to age at exponential rate, becoming a much older version of himself!!
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    Apr 25, 2013
    me and my dad both want to see a war with the klingons.
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    narrative parameters file
    Give Khan a rest for now. He deserves one.

    A Borg plot would be wretched, mostly because bringing chaos to order on the Kathy level should take Kirk about a single episode at most. Why waste a whole movie on that? That’s not a jab at Janeway, btw.

    If they had to go Borg, I think I’d want the next film to end with the Enterprise lost in space. That way, they could pick up Christine somewhere along the way and maybe a Medusan, too, to help our crew find their way home for Star Trek 14, a show, a cartoon, a song and a dance, whatever. Just keep bringing on the Trek.

    At any time or place in my book, the Klingons are always cool and most welcome, as are Romulans. I’m also into a non-villain scheme. I crave only the telling of an original story with a rich Trek flavor.

    Also, nuDavid must be spawned. So Kirk/Carol for as long as that’s needed, but a long-term monogamous Kirk would be too astonishing, jarring, and farfetched for my tastes. The Wrath of Carol Marcus sounds a bit catchy as far as titles go. However, I fear the aspect of the Trek as “a guy thing” could be ruinously queered if such a route is taken. We can’t have that.

    From the Delta Quadrant with Love,
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    Definitely Klingons. The creators have claimed they gave us "just a taste" of them in STID for a reason, anyway.
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    May 19, 2013
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    If they go Borg, I hope it's more of a Q Who scenario where they encounter them far from Earth. I'm a bit tired of threats to Earth. It's not more compelling to me if I see the Golden Gate bridge, guys.
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    Some suggestions:
    1. Klingon mind-sifter
    2. Saavik - She turns up as Spock's love child after Spock's teenage liason with the Romulan Commader (girl)
    3. Romulans, Klingons, the Federation team up against a common galaxy threatening foe.
    4. The cew comes upon the Guardian of Forever and have a chance to stop Nero but this means negating most of their existence.
    5. They team up with a very normal Captain Janice Lester

    Lame? Well maybe thats why I'm not a Hollywood script writer
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    Well, if Vengence was automated, maybe that means M-5 is out there-- a menace.
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    May 9, 2013
    I honestly don't know... it seems weird that they'd grow into the original mission and not be a series really. But I'm thinking Klingons will probably play a big role. I wouldn't mind a try at some new discovery type of movie though.

    As for Khan... I have a suspicion that they might be saving him for a later take on this alternate universe such as an alternate TNG/DS9 having to deal with him. It would be interesting at least. I'm just glad they didn't kill him off in one movie and left the possibility open for his return.
  13. Seska

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    narrative parameters file
    Not at all. nuJanice as Madam Captain rather than murderess most foul seems to me a clever and fun notion.

    Wouldn't nuTrek be so much the nicer if the ladies were considered to possess the temperament to take on the big chair? I don't remember seeing any lady captains in the last two films. Drag! A Capt. Lester could represent the ladies, and good mental health.

    If the curse of the Furies is to be lifted in the next flick, I nominate Looney Tunes Lenore K. (Lester def. knows her way to Benecia) or Lethe (!!), the dangerously insane Dick Daystrom or Larry Marvick, or Garth of Izar, the wackiest of them all. So sublime it would be to see a new incarnation of Garth, free of accident, free of madness, and free of that Marta. Pike can't seem to catch a break in any _____verse, so why can't some other Kirk-era hero of the Starfleet?

    Actually, Kirk + Capt. Lester + Fleet Capt. Garth = marvelous. WANT.

    Whatever villainy (or better) awaits us, I hope the next adventure brings inspiration to the new generation of Trekkers with ladies in authority, with a Trek-ish optimism toward those afflicted with mental health issues, and catches up with the times by dosing us with a small smattering of gay. I am convinced that lesbian Klingon chicks with pain sticks is the something gay the fewest would object to. And I could live with that. It might also be cool if some of the Klingons could wear pink or lavender, like in TAS.

    Please keep it all coming. This thread is a pure pleasure to read.

  14. Lt. Cheka Wey

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    Mar 14, 2013
    It would be fun seeing him in a series but it would be a letdown not to see him die in a movie.
  15. Vezner

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    Mar 22, 2004
    My guess is that the Klingons will be the primary antagonist in the third film. I also wouldn't be surprised if they brought Kahn back into the mix. Perhaps with the Klingons stealing the cryotubes of Kahn and his people with the intent to exact revenge for the death of their squad of warriors or maybe to even take a second crack at creating Klingon augments (ala the augments from Enterprise or something). Either way, it will make for another big action-Trek film.

    Personally, I'd like to see Kahn left out of it for a third film but I really doubt they'll do that considering how well received his character was in STID. My dream film would be to have a war with the Klingons and to throw the Romulans into the mix somehow. Maybe with them kidnapping Spock Prime with the intent on learning more about the future for their own benefit.

    EDIT: BTW, not that I'm hoping for it, but I wonder if VGER will play any sort of a role in another film. It's assumable that VGER is on it's way to Earth despite the alternate timeline. I wonder how the crew would react to VGER in the NuTrek. If you want a little Borg action, and if you like what Shatner did with VGER in his books, you could have VGER try and assimilate Earth or something. :)
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  16. Shazam!

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    Feb 22, 2006
    I'd put money on Carol Marcus being pregnant at the end.
  17. Gonzo

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    Vger has been dealt with in the comics and is not an issue moving forwards.

    There is a lot of things that could be included in the next film, they could visit the Romulan/Klingon world from Ashes of Eden for instance.

    I think the next film will be something relatively straight forward such as a Klingon war or perhaps an early Borg meeting. What will really decide the story for the next film is whether it is set during the 5 year mission they have just begun or afterwards when they have returned to the Federation.

    It is possible that we could have the meeting between the Enterprise and the Totality which happened in the first five year mission (offscreen) of the TOS timeline but was heavily revisited in the Shatner books.

    We shall have to wait and see.
  18. Gsam

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    Mar 19, 2013
    Carol Marcus being pregnant at the end is even more of a cliché than Khan. I pray to the Trek/JJ gods that this is not even hinted at in the next movie.
  19. Shazam!

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    Feb 22, 2006
    It was foreshadowed in this movie (if one chose to interpret it that way)...

    Carol to Kirk "It's nice to have a family..."
  20. Kabraxal

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    May 9, 2013
    I don't see why they can't do a trimmed 13 episode season with the blow off of that arc coming in a movie. Though a traditional 24 eppie Star Trek with a long arc with Khan and a huge blow off episode would make for great television.