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    Wow, thanks for your participation Sci! I've learned a lot from your posts, very appreciated!

    And thank you for the reading list! :bolian:
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    In the ATT/TNG/TTN/Destiny set of novels I gave you, I can think of exactly three spoilers for the DS9 Relaunch. I'll give them to you right now behind the cut.

    1. "A Time for War, A Time for Peace" makes reference to Benjamin Sisko's being in the Bajor Sector, meaning that his return in the DS9 Relaunch novel "Unity" is spoiled, as is his survival to the year 2379.

    2. Ezri Dax is one of the key characters in "Destiny," so the fact that she survives to the year 2381, and her decision in "Avatar" to switch from the medical track to the command track is spoiled.

    3. The Federation Councillor from Bajor appears in "Articles of the Federation," a spoiler for one of the surprise endings of "Bajor: Fragments and Omens" (set 4 years earlier) and for the process by which he was chosen.

    The Trek novelists do a good job of simultaneously linking everything, yet keeping things separate. :)

    I would reckon, yes.

    No problem! Happy to help! :bolian:

    My attitude has always been and remains that for the Federation economy to function, it would have to be a combination of capitalist and socialist concepts. Of course, in all fairness, that's based on my belief that neither Capitalism nor Socialism is particularly functional or moral in their purest forms.
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    This will only happen the the "post-scarcity" society mentioned earlier in the thread.