Star Trek - Genesis

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    Wow, Gaila went way off the reservation with that little outburst! :eek: I understand she’s grieving her loss, and she does have reason to feel that she’d been used by Kirk while at the academy, but the situation has changed. Here’s hoping she can come to her senses in time to keep from getting booted off the ship.

    We find Kirk staring down the barrel of his responsibility as a starship captain, but unlike in the original universe, he lacks the experience and insight of 15 years of service at lower grades to help prepare him for the weight of his new rank. He still has Bones to lean on, of course, but Spock remains an acquaintance rather than the brother he had become in the original timeline.

    I appreciate how you examine the differences as well as the similarities of this new universe, and in so doing how the reader is able to re-discover these characters in new ways.

    Nicely done! :techman:
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    A great conclusion to Genesis and a very well woven lead to the next tale. i agree with Gibraltar's last 2 comments, as well. I really enjoyed this whole thing. You have the makings of a great writer. Your ideas are fresh and your character portrayals(not to mention your awesome technical descriptions!) are a delight to read. Thank you for a fun time.
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    Thank you all! Glad to have you along for the ride!

    As hinted at in the final chapter, there's more where this came from. I plan to pick up this little unfolding epic after Christmas with Star Trek - UnReality.[/B, so stay tuned to this channel. First I have to archive this story at ad astra, though, not to mention finish reading Gibraltar's excellent story.

    See you round the bend :D
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    I for one can't wait for NuSpock's "THE WOMEN!"
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    This was pretty awesome, dude. Some really good stuff in that. It did get a little busy toward the end, but it was clearly supposed to.

    You have some excellent lines, as well, particularly McCoy--maybe it's because I just read it, but I really liked this one bit:

    You were born, weren't you? You didn't just congeal out of antisocial quirks and bad moods?