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    So by that logic me writing "Dogs have eight legs" is fanfiction since I'm a fan and that is fiction.
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    Why? Is the internet in danger of running out of space? Whether or not it's of value to me or you is irrelevant. :rolleyes:
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    Are irrelevant threads deleted in order to conserve space on the internet then?

    For example a thread in the fanfic forum about the pros and cons of eating apples rather than oranges would not create a danger of the internet running out of space, but it would nonetheless be deemed as being 'not fanfic' and subsequently removed.

    Post after post of:

    2256: a starship leaves the Federation.

    2257: a starship comes back.

    2258: another starship leaves the Federation.

    ...and so on isn't fanfic is it?
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    It's honestly no worse than a lot of the other drivel posted here. YMMV.
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    Part 8

    Anna escapes from the Galkolz Empire into Commonwealth space. She decides to visit some of the Commonwealth's member worlds.

    Further exploration occurs on the Dyson Sphere.

    The surviving crew of the Challenger returns to Federation space.

    Anna responds to a distress call and rescues the Section 31 agent from the Commonwealth's 'Section 41' (the Commonwealth's version of Section 31).

    An exploration team gets into trouble with restless natives on one of the Dyson Sphere's larger islands.

    The 207th member joins the Federation.

    The Enterprise SCC 2701 rescues Anna and the Section 31 agent from Section 41. The captain is convinced that the Section 41 sees the Federation as a threat to the Commonwealth, though he doesn't see why.

    The New Dominion sends a Jem'Hadar ship to follow the Even Odds...

    The Enterprise crew and their passengers help to stop a conspiracy from taking over the Commonwealth.

    Further exploration occurs on the Dyson Sphere.

    On the recently discovered duplicate Earth, Swedish agents discover the presence of the Xeno-anthropology team...

    The Commonwealth Starfleet Command orders the Enterprise to take Anna and the Section 31 agent back to the Federation and to make contact with it. The Enterprise leaves Commonwealth space...

    Two exploration teams get into difficulties whilst exploring the Dyson Sphere.

    The Xeno-anthropology team tries to stop the Swedish agents reporting their presence to the King.

    The Commonwealth Enterprise explores on its way towards Federation space.

    The Commonwealth Enterprise meets the USS Europa at the end of the month.

    Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

    Tom Paris accidently leaves advanced technology behind on a world to the coreward of the Federation.

    The Enterprise/Europa contact goes well. Europa contacts Starfleet Command in the Federation. They tell the Europa to stall the Enterprise until they can make a decision about contacting the Commonwealth.

    Anna takes off in her ships in an edgewards direction, away from both the Federation and the Commonwealth. The Section 31 agent steals one of the Europa's shuttles to follow her. (Section 41 agents whom had been shadowing the Enterprise follow them.)

    Three exploration teams get into trouble whilst exploring the Dyson Sphere.

    Anna visits a Pre-industrial world.

    Anna visits several pre-industrial worlds. The Commonwealth agents interfere with the local cultures slightly...

    Further exploration in the Dyson Sphere discovers more T'Kon and Iconian ruins.

    A group of Starfleet officers gets lost in one of the Sphere's largest forest when their escape pod lands there. They barely survive.

    Anna visits a group of Pre-industrial planets. The agents following her cause trouble with the local polities...

    The Even Odds runs afoul of the New Dominion.


    Gary Seven appears on the Sphere. He warns the leader of the Federation expedition that that a time of trial is approaching.

    Anna continues running from the Federation and the Commonwealth.

    Starfleet Commands tells the Europa crew to keep the existance of the Commonwealth a secret and to tell the Enterprise that the Federation will establish a secretive contact with the Commonwealth.
    The captain of the Enterprise doesn't like it, and tells his crew so when they depart from the roundezvous to go back to Commonwealth space.

    Many First Contacts occur in the Dyson Sphere.
    Anna visits an abandoned sentient space station. She keeps it company for a few weeks before going on her way again.

    Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

    The Cardassians loose their bid to join the Federation.

    La Forge becomes captain of the the USS Manitoba NCC 99747, a Nova Class explorer.

    Many first contacts occur in the Dyson Sphere.

    Anna runs into a First Federation armada which is fleeing from something. “Not more trouble, maybe I should have run in the opposite direction” she says upon seeing them. However, whatever was troubling the crews of those ships wasn't troubling her.

    The Enterprise returns to the Commonwealth. Knowledge of the Federation is deemed to be on a need-to-know basis.

    Gary Seven appears on Anna's ship. He tells her to prepare for a time of trial “But he won’t tell me what that trial is,” she puts in her log. That doesn't stop her from speculating about what that trial might be.

    An exploration team on the Dyson Sphere discovers an interdimensional portal. They then have to deal with an alternate of one of their members...

    Paris returns to the world where he left advanced technology behind and retrieves most of it, before leaving.

    The Europa returns to the Federation.

    Anna lands on an Iron Age pre-industrial world. She decides to involve herself with a barbarian tribe, whom are troubling a Roman-like empire...

    Anna gives the barbarian tribe help in raiding the Kalateo Empire.

    The Section 41 agents whom had been following Anna infiltrate the Kalateo military, hoping to capture her.

    The 208th member joins the Federation.

    The barbarians sack a Kalateo city.

    Further exploration occurs in the Dyson Sphere.

    Anna accompanies some of the barbarians on a raid on the Empire. She is captured by one of the Section 41 agents. He tells her that she shouldn’t have found the Commonwealth, and that general knowledge of the Federation, and its Earth in particular could be very devastating to its society.
    He wants to take her back to the Commonwealth Earth where she would be held prisoner in a facility in its Aotearoa. (Not New Zealand? She asks herself, wondering what would cause the difference). She is interrogated...

    Some civilisations attack the Federation presense in the Sphere...

    The Section 31 agent, with the help of Kalateo Intelligence operatives, rescues Anna from the Section 41 agent.
    After they had gotten Anna to saftety the agent reveals to her the truth about his/her work and Section 31. She doesn't like this and runs off, crashing her ship on another continent of the planet, leaving the agent to fight in the Kalateo Empire against the Section 41 agents.

    Tensions on Cardassia, following the failure of the Federation membership bid, continue to get worse.

    Anna sets off from the crash site towards the Kalateo Empire. She visits several tribes.

    Anna passses through a civilisation that greatly reminds her of the Federation.

    Gary Seven assists a Starfleet Intelligence team so they would find an ancient device, instead of Section 31.

    Anna passes through several civilisations that remind her of the Federation's neighbours.

    Anna crosses an ocean, to the continent that the Kalateo are on.

    As Anna approaches the Kalateo Empire, she begins to hear reports that the Empire is collapsing fast.

    Anna arrives at the Kalateo Empire, or what's left of it! The fighting between the agents having exacerbated the Empire's problems. She steals one of the Section 41 ships and leaves the planet. She heads in the direction of the Klingon Empire.

    Gary Seven helps a Starfleet Intelligence team find an ancient device instead of Section 31.

    The Manitoba begins a voyage of exploration

    The Europa explores a sector halfway between the Federation and the Commonwealth.

    Anna runs into Gary Seven again. He sends her on a mission on a Preserver planet of Twantinsuya...
    Towards the end of the year she realises that she has been followed by the agents whom she had left behind on Lateoval...
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    Part 9

    There is war in the Dyson Sphere as groups that do not like the UFP/Klingon/First Federation/etc presence in the Sphere, attack their presence in the Sphere, and the civilisations that had allied with them. The war comes to an end towards the end of the year. More secrets are discovered about the Sphere, which have mainly to do with how the Dyson Builders sculpted the landscape of the Sphere.

    Anna approaches the Klingon Empire.

    Cardassia begins to stabilise.

    War begins in the Dyson Sphere, when an anti-Federation civilisation attacks the Federation base near its borders.

    Anna enters Klingon territory.

    War continues to simmer in the Sphere.

    Anna visits a few Klingon worlds and approaches Qo'nos...

    Commonwealth agents and the Section 31 agent follow Anna into Klingon space...

    On Qo'nos, A Klingon Imperial Intelligence Agent approaches Anna and tells her about the agents that are following her. It appears that the Klingons know about the Commonwealth too. It also seems that the Federation Council wants her for breaking the Prime Directive.

    “I am not a Starfleet officer, I was never in the Academy,” she says.

    “It seems that they want you anyway, you have disrupted cultures on many planets, your journey seems to have caused a lot of havoc, and the Federation Council wants to talk to you” the agent says.

    “What about the High Council, what do they say?” she asks.

    “The Chancellor knows you are in Klingon territory. As for the rest of the Council I don’t know, but he says that you may stay as long as you wish,” He says.

    Anna decides to stay in Klingon space for a while.

    Tensions between the Federation and the New Dominion increase.

    Anna visits several more Klingon worlds.

    War breaks out in the Sphere when groups that dislike the Khitomer Alliance presence in the sphere attack some outposts...

    Anna leaves the Klingon Empire and heads towards the galactic rim...

    The war in the Dyson Sphere escalates.

    The Section 31 agent, the Section 41 agents and the Commonwealth starship following Anna leave Klingon space...

    Anna visits some warp-capable planets.

    Klingon Imperial Intelligence Agents and a Defense Force ship start following Anna...

    The Europa arrives near the edge of the galaxy.

    Gary Seven leads a team to a planet that Anna's presence had affected... (or rather the agents).

    Gary Seven's team helps another planet.

    The various groups following Anna cause havoc on the worlds they visit...

    Gary Seven's team helps another planet.

    More worlds fall victim to the agents following Anna...

    Anna approaches the edge of the galaxy.

    Ralalita, in the Gamma Quadrant, joins the Federation as the 211th member. The ancient station orbiting it becomes a Starfleet Station.

    Anna reaches the edge of the galaxy. She head in the direction of the Gamma Quadrant and visits a few warp-capable planets.

    The Station orbiting Ralalita officially reopens as Gamma Station Three.

    The Enterprise is sent on an exploration mission in the direction of Lateoval.

    Anna visits several warp-capable planets...

    Anna visits some industrial age pre-warp planets in a region without warp-capable worlds.

    There is a first contact at Gamma Station Three.

    Anna vists several warp-capable planets.

    The Manitoba discovers a Ringworld near the edge of the Galaxy, 250 light years from Delta Vega.

    Anna visits several industrial age pre-warp planets.

    There are further first contacts at Gamma Station Three.

    Anna has landed on a pre-industrial planet and is resting when Gary Seven meets her. She is surprised that he didn’t appear to her earlier.
    “You have to stop running Anna! You have left havoc behind you, and you would create more,” he says.

    “It is not just me! It is the agents following me as well,” Anna says.

    “They are causing havoc where they are causing havoc because they are following you,” Gary says.

    “And if I continue what I am doing?” Anna asked.

    “More havoc would be caused, and more people would be following you, creating havoc themselves and fighting, one thing I am sure that you don’t want, and that is for the Cybernators to be following you, and that will happen eventually,” Gary said.

    “So you are saying it will end with a lot of chaos in the Galaxy and my being cybernated?” Anna asks. Being cybernated was definitely something she did not want to experience.

    “That is one way it could end, there are many possibilities, it is your choice, if not for your choice to explore the Galaxy, the Federation and the Commonwealth would have not known of each other for decades. Possibly a century, now they know of each other, also the Kalateo Empire on the planet which they call Lateoval, You know whereof I speak, would still be standing. Whereas it has now fallen and barbarians are destroying knowledge all over its former lands. Lateoval’s history would have been entirely different. There is practically no telling what effect that would have in the centuries and millennia ahead. The havoc that has been caused has weakened both the Federation and the Commonwealth, and possibly the Klingons also, they might fall sooner than they otherwise would have,” Gary said.

    “It is my choice?” Anna asks.

    “It is, I, or the organisation whom I represent, will not hinder you, it is up to you” Gary says. Anna stays in that village for the rest of the month while thinking.

    Anna leaves the planet and plots a course towards Lateoval, wondering whether Gary Seven had been truthful about the Kalateo Empire falling. She stays on the course...

    There are several first contacts at Gamma Station Three.

    The Europa explores a sector of the Gum Nebula. They also assist in the aftermath of a Great Hounding.

    Anna passes through the coreward edge of the Federation on her way to Lateoval.

    Anna arrives at Lateoval Three months after leaving where she met Gary Seven. She finds that the Kalateo Empire had fallen, and that barbarians had been and still were sacking most of its cities.

    She finds that its great libraries had been burned. The future for Lateoval had changed. ‘I hope the Preservers had taken heed and saved some of the Kalateo culture’ she thinks shortly before leaving the planet. She then sets course for the Commonwealth Earth. In her wake the Federation starship, USS Alabama NCC 104124, sends down some crewmembers to investigate the aftermath of the Kalateo’s fall.

    Several surrounding systems are explored from Gamma Station Three.

    The Europa explores another sector of the Gum Nebula.

    Further explorations occur from Gamma Station Three

    The 212th member joins the Federation. This is the Lalia World Concordium.

    Anna arrives at the edge of Commonwealth space shortly after Christmas...

    Anna enters the Commonwealth and ship pushes the engines of the ship she is in as fast they can go. That however still draws the attention of Section 41. The recently refitted Enterprise SCC 2701 has to rescue her from them. The captain offers to take her to Earth. She accepts, as the Enterprise can go faster than the ship. It takes a week to get there.

    The Section 31 agent, the Federation starship, and the Klingons follow the Enterprise. On arrival at CPN Earth, she goes to Starfleet Command, and asks them to call off the Commonwealth pursuit. One of the Admirals takes her aside and says that they have no control over Section 41, and they would pursue her anyway. She realises she would have to lose Section 41 anyhow. She then apologises for the havoc caused in the Commonwealth, and beams back up to the Enterprise with the Enterprise officers.

    The Commonwealth Starfleet Command and the Commonwealth Council decide that to keep on following Anna, would probably lead to a possible conflict with the Federation, which they do not want. The Enterprise is ordered to contact the Federation starship and to ask them to take Anna back to the Federation. The Enterprise meets with the Starship Alabama and the Alabama takes Anna back to the Federation. The Alabama drops Anna off on a Federation planet, after 3 months of travel time.

    Anna stays on the planet exploring it for 6 weeks. Then Q appears to her. “Let me guess, the Continuum wants you to follow me. I have made amends to the Commonwealth for causing havoc there!” Anna says.

    “You may have made amends to the Commonwealth, but what about all those primitive worlds, where the agents following you have messed things up, not to mention Lateoval where you actually did interfere. The Kalateo had potential,” Q says. 'That is saying a lot, for a Q,' Anna thought.

    “Fine click your fingers, fix the problems, the Continuum can do it,” Anna says, uncertain what Q would say, or do, as a result of her suggestion.

    “If the Continuum did do that sort of thing, they would be no better than the Borg were, or many other races who set themselves up as false gods. If it was me a century ago, I would have been only too happy to do it, but now, I have an example to keep and the Continuum would probably strip me of my powers again,” Q says.

    “I don’t know what to do about it, do you want me to go to Earth and make amends to the Federation too? Or wait for Gary Seven and give him some sort of message from the Continuum?” Anna says.

    “It is your choice to make amends to the Federation. However, as for Gary Seven, it is none of your business what the Continuum thinks of him and the organisation that he represents,” Q says.

    “I think I will go to Earth, make amends, and maybe then go around and try to fix some of the problems I caused. It is too late for Lateoval maybe, but probably not for most of the planets,” Anna says.

    “That is a good attitude, I can and allowed to provide a transportation service, for a limited amount of time,” Q says.

    “I accept your offer,” Anna says.

    “Where to?” Q asks.

    “Earth, San Francisco,” Anna says, without hesitation as she wants to clear her record with Starfleet Command before approaching the Federation Council. Q clicks his fingers and he and Anna appear in San Francisco. Anna knows where she is when she appears there.

    “When you are finished with the making of the amends with the Federation I shall be at a famous Creole Restaurant in New Orleans, the food there is worthy of the Continuum,” Q says, and he vanishes in the customary flash of light. Anna goes to Starfleet Command and after explaining that Q brought her to Earth apologises for the havoc caused in the Federation. Starfleet Command wants to punish her for breaking the Prime Directive.

    However the Federation Council, after much deliberation, clears her of all charges and allows her to go on her way. In the meantime, the Section 41 agents and the Klingons are thrown off Anna’s trail by Q’s teleportation of Anna; they go back to the Commonwealth and the Klingon Empire respectively. Anna arrives at the Sisko’s Creole Restaurant in New Orleans a month after arriving on Earth, at the beginning of July. After having a meal there she leaves Earth with Q again.

    She and Q travel to various planets she had affected, those that Q says can be helped. Also they travel to the planets randomly, so that no one would be able to make sense of Anna’s journeying. This happens for 3 months. Then Q says that he has to leave her. “And now the Continuum says that I must leave you alone, most of the planets that can be helped have been, maybe I will introduce the Commonwealth to the Cybernators…” Q says.

    “What of the others?” Anna asks.

    “Unfortunately, the Continuum will not allow me the additional time for escort you to those worlds,” Q says.

    “I will see you again?” Anna asks.

    “Time will tell,” Q says.

    “I think introducing the Commonwealth to the Cybernators would produce more havoc that they can I’ll afford at this time,” Anna says.

    “You are right of course. The Commonwealth will probably learn of the Cybernators from the Federation, and now I must go,” Q says, and he waves goodbye, and in a flash, he is gone, and Anna is back where she was 4 months before. She finds that the ship she had come in was as she left it, she sets out to explore again setting a course for the planet where she last met Gary Seven. She planet hops on warp capable and uninhabited planets all the way there, and arrives there at the end of the year.

    Gary Seven is waiting for her when she lands where they had met before. “So? Have I averted more havoc, as you would have put it?” Anna asks, wondering what Gary Seven would say.

    “You have, making amends with both the Commonwealth and the Federation was good. You should have had taken my word about Lateoval though, you could have saved time, and not had needed help from the Q Continuum,” Gary Seven says.

    “How did you know about me being with Q? And it was just one Q, one who is well known to the Federation at that,” Anna asks

    “You were observed with him,” Gary Seven says.

    “Anyway, without his help the Klingons and Section 41 would still be following me, and I would have been here a year later,” Anna says.

    “True and you have done a good job fixing things at those planets, without Q’s help of course,” Gary Seven says.

    “Good,” Anna says.

    “And now you can continue with your exploration where you left off, you can continue going where you were going before, other than the organisation I work for and the Q Continuum, the area of space ahead is unknown to the Federation, the Klingons, the Commonwealth, the Typhon Pact, the Cardassians, Cornelians and all other organisations you know about,” Gary says.

    “So I could just keep on going and it is mostly safe?” Anna asks, after she had thought for a minute.

    “It isn’t that safe, there is nothing like the Federation or the Commonwealth there,” Gary says.

    “Ok,” Anna says. And so Gary Seven leaves, Anna leaves the planet after staying overnight. Gary Seven didn’t need to tell her not to cause havoc, she had learned her lesson. She leaves the planet and heads off into the unknown, towards the Delta Quadrant…

    The Federation alliance makes a temporary peace with the New Dominion.

    At Gamma Station Three, more first contacts are made.

    The Enterprise investigates ancient ruins near Breen space.

    Cybernators attack a remote Federation colony.
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    So from your answer that "it is fan fiction" I take that this is your own personal timeline from your own canon? But not back story to an actual story? Find it incredibly weird to have dialogue and a scene in a timeline. Don't come across that very often. This is why I'm curious if this all part of a larger story because it seems like that.
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    More lists of things that could happen! Yay! :lol:

    January: Enterprise goes out...

    February: Enterprise comes back...

    March: Enterprise goes out again...
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    Which drivel would that be, Bill? 'Cause out of the worst stories I've seen posted here the best I can say about them is at least the authors didn't waste their time and ours posting a freakin' outline!
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    It is part of a larger story.
    It is back story to various fics (although is has gone past the fics posted here so far)
    It is a personal fanon timeline...
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    Part 10

    At Gamma Station Three, some of the new species come to trade.

    The USS Felis NCC 100247 begins its 8 year voyage of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant.

    The Enterprise (NCC 1701-F) begins exploring to one side of the Alabama’s route from the Commonwealth to the Federation. They become involved in a situation on a planet that had been affected by Anna’s journey. (And that hadn’t been visited by Anna and Q). They also explore a nebula.

    Q appears on every Federation Planet over 9 months, in order of the members joining, studying each in turn.

    Anna Jones meets another traveller like herself.

    The Cybernators attack a secret Typhon Pact outpost...

    A legion of Jem’Hadar defect from the New Dominion to the Dominion.

    More exploration and trade from Gamma Station Three.

    The Felis discovers Preserver planets, with cultures from Earth, Bajor and Tellar along its exploration path…

    The Enterprise returns to the Federation after a long exploration mission.

    High ranking members of Section 41 decide to infiltrate the Federation, so as to investigate whether it is a threat to the Commonwealth.

    Anna rests in a region with low traffic.

    Q is seen on several Gamma Quadrant Federation colonies.

    Conferences are held on Gamma Station Three about New Dominion encroachment into that region.

    More exploration and trade from Gamma Station Three

    The Felis makes many discoveries.

    At the Dyson Sphere, one of the civilisations joins the Federation, after being allied with the Federation for the past few years.

    Anna discovers evidence of Federation exploration in a system far beyond the official exploration area.

    The New Dominion attacks a Dominion colony, in the beginning of a long ‘lukewarm war’.

    The Enterprise explores space close to the Federation.

    A Cybernator ship is destroyed attempting to take over a Federation colony.

    Rumour of a threat deadlier than the Dominion reaches Gamma Station Three. More discoveries and first contacts are made.

    The Felis hears of a separate threat.

    Anna rescues a crew of an exploration vessel, after that vessel encounters difficulties.

    The New Dominion establishes an outpost between Dominion Space and the wormhole.

    Q is seen on various Klingon worlds.

    A fleet of Federation ships destroy a Cybernator outpost located near NGC 6281.

    Gamma Station Three is attacked by an anti-Federation alliance of worlds, beginning the 2nd Gamma War. This war doesn’t escalate beyond the Ratalita system though.

    The Felis doesn’t hear about the 2nd Gamma War at this time. It makes some first contacts. And finds a pre-industrial Preserver world where there are many cultures from different Federation worlds on it, including Bajorans, Tellarites and Nasats.

    Anna Jones, after going across space where there are no interstellar nations, runs into a nation which seems to be under attack by an alliance of Species 8472 and Hirogen hunters. She finds that Species 8472 and the hunters were acting independently. She realises that she can do nothing to help them. She continues on her way.

    Gary Seven stops a Section 31 operation that was happening on an outlying colony of the Commonwealth.

    Section 31 stops a Section 41 operation that was happening on an outlying colony of the Federation.

    Gamma Station Three prevails in the 2nd Gamma War which ends towards the end of the year.

    The Felis makes more discoveries.

    The Enterprise patrols an area of space contested by the Federation and the Tzenkethi...

    Anna helps the crew of an exploration vessel from a planet very similar to Earth get back to their home planet. She finds that it looks very similar to Earth, but with many differences.

    A marine civilisation is discovered in the Dyson Sphere’s largest sea.

    A planet rebels from the New Dominion and is taken by the Dominion.

    The Enterprise is involved in diplomatic missions with the Tzenkethi’s neighbouring polities.

    Gary Seven prevents Section 31 from obtaining an Iconian artefact.

    Section 41 Agents manage to copy all of the data at Memory Alpha...

    Q is seen in the Typhon Pact...
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    Part 11

    The Felis runs into trouble often, but still makes friendly first contacts.

    Conditions on Cardassia have improved enough for another application to be made for Federation membership.

    On Gamma Station Three, treaties are signed following the end of the Second Gamma War.

    Another marine civilisation is discovered on the Dyson Sphere.

    Anna explores a nebula in this year...

    Gary Seven investigates a Federation outpost near Commonwealth space.

    A Cybernator ship is destroyed near Gamma Station Four.

    Trade through Gamma Station Three peaks at a level three times the level prior to the beginning of the Second Gamma War.

    The Felis approaches Federation space, surveying barely explored regions in a spiral pattern in their approach.

    Gary Seven investigates a Section 31 outpost on New Victoria.

    The Felis completes its mission and returns to Federation space.

    Anna discovers another Dyson Sphere.

    A Section 31 operation near Lateoval is thwarted by Section 41.

    Tom Paris retires from his personal exploration of the Alpha Quadrant, and settles down on Earth. He gives the Alpha Flyer to Miral’s son, who starts exploring himself.

    In the Dyson Sphere, another civilisation asks to join the Federation.

    At Gamma Station Three, many mysteries abound.

    Anna leaves the Dyson Sphere she had discovered, heading back towards the Federation.

    A third marine civilisation is discovered in the Dyson Sphere.

    The Enterprise, during exploration of a star system, makes first contact with a very unusual species, which have a ritual for everything. The amount of ritual makes for a very tedious first contact.

    Anna discovers the derelict of a centuries old Klingon ship...

    Gary Seven investigates Section 31 activity within Federation space.

    The Felis begins another voyage of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant.

    Anna discovers a duplicate of Mars in a star system on the edge of an open cluster...

    A majority of Cardassians on Cardassia Prime vote for the government to prepare for membership in the Federation.

    The Enterprise goes on many diplomatic missions near the Dyson Sphere.

    At the Dyson Sphere more discoveries are made about the Sphere’s origins.

    The Felis discovers another duplicate of Earth, though this one has a previously undiscovered species living there.

    A New Dominion ship skirmishes with a Starfleet ship near Gamma Station Three.

    A third marine civilisation is discovered on the Dyson Sphere.

    Anna, after over a decade of exploration, decides to head back to the Federation to see how it has changed in her absence.

    An organisation is established in rivalry of the Federation in the Dyson Sphere.

    More mysteries from the station’s past are uncovered at Gamma Station Three.

    V’rea Paris (Miral’s son) runs afoul of a Section 41 operation.

    The Enterprise explores a distant region of space, making first contact with at least 2 warp capable civilisations.

    Gary Seven warns a Federation colony about the possibility of a natural disaster.

    Anna discovers a colony of Tzenkethi dissidents.

    The Cardassians join the Federation.

    The Felis explores many nebulae.

    At Gamma Station Three there are many discussions about nearby civilisations joining the Federation.

    Anna responds to many distress calls through the year.

    The Enterprise returns to the Federation after its long mission of exploration.

    At Gamma Station Three, an ambassador from a mysterious civilisation arrives...

    Anna discovers a failed colony of 22nd century human colonists. She finds that they have regressed to the Iron Age.

    Gary Seven investigates the influence that Paris had on a pre-warp world.

    Anna discovers an abandoned Constitution Class ship...

    The Enterprise begins another voyage of exploration.

    A New Dominion ship skirmishes with a Klingon ship near Gamma Station One.

    At Gamma Station Three, a hidden data module is recovered that gives the Federation more information about the station’s early history.

    Anna accidentally interferes on a pre-industrial society, giving advice to the inhabitants of an island under threat by a colonial empire.

    At DS9 there are tensions between Bajoran and Cardassian residents.

    The Felis re-enters known space, as it approaches the Federation.

    At the Dyson Sphere more information about the past is discovered. (It is revealed that the T’Kon had discovered the sphere...)

    The Enterprise patrols the Federation/Gorn border.

    A second organisation is established in the Dyson Sphere in rivalry of the Federation (and the other rival organisation.)

    The Felis returns to Federation space after its second long range exploratory mission.

    Anna works for a group of freelance traders for a few months.

    The Federation Rival organisation in the Dyson Sphere expands significantly.

    Tom Paris re-joins Starfleet. They assign him as captain of an old Nebula-class ship, the USS Vega NCC 91447.

    Another civilisation joins the Federation in the Dyson Sphere.

    Anna explores closer to the Federation.
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    Part 12

    The Federation gains its 225th member. The Voyager-A is decommissioned, with the Voyager-B being commissioned.

    The Felis begins its 3rd long range exploration mission.

    Anna discretely explores a pre-warp world.

    The Enterprise explores on the far side of Klingon space.

    At the Dyson Sphere, a Starfleet group go on an epic journey.

    The Felis discovers a third Class O world with a civilisation in its ocean.

    Gary Seven and some associates stop a Section 31 operation from destabilising a Federation colony.

    The Enterprise begins a 7 year voyage of exploration.

    The Commonwealth and the Federation enter into an alliance. If one nation is attacked, the other will also attack the aggressor.

    The Enterprise whilst exploring near the galactic rim, makes first contact with an extra-galactic explorer, who says that she has found the Milky Way to be very like her home galaxy. The explorer soon leaves, leaving the Enterprise crew and the Federation with a mystery.

    Gary Seven is seen on a Federation world. It is unknown why he was there.

    The 230th member joins the Federation.

    Anna visits a duplicate Andor...

    The Felis returns to the Federation.

    Several nations ally with the Federation in the Dyson Sphere.

    The Enterprise explores the far side of Cornelian space.

    [Star Trek: Gamma Mission 2, 2450 - 2459]

    The Felis begins its 4th long range exploration mission…

    By this time the Federation has perfected Quantum Slipstream Drive and most Starfleet ships have it.
    This allows for exploration in regions far distant from the Federation, Starfleet begins to leap-frog in its explorations.

    The 232nd member joins the Federation.

    Federation explorers discover many hidden installations in many of the Dyson Sphere’s biggest forests.

    The Felis enters unexplored space for the 4th time, discovers some unique civilisations.

    The Enterprise explores a sector 10000 light years from the Federation.

    No less than 5 ships are assigned to the Dyson Sphere at any one time.

    The Felis continues its mission.

    The Enterprise F is almost destroyed protecting a Federation colony from an unknown aggressor. It requires a refit before the ship is space worthy again.

    At the Dyson Sphere another civilisation (a small one) joins the Federation.

    Voyager comes to the rescue of the Enterprise.

    Gary Seven assists on New Victoria when a small asteroid hits the planet.

    The Felis discovers yet another duplicate Earth; this one is 2500 years behind the Federation Earth, with a Rome under Julius Caesar that has 19th Century technology. Other civilisations on this Earth include a China under the Han Dynasty, a Carthage in Exile and Parthia.

    The Enterprise F re-enters service towards the end of the year, after 18 months of refit.

    Anna Jones returns to the Federation. She then begins to write an integrated account of her journeys.

    A nation attacks the Federation, and is swiftly defeated. It turns out that they were unaware of the scale of the Federation.

    The 234th member joins the Federation.
  14. Maxillius

    Maxillius Commander Red Shirt

    Jan 6, 2007
    I don't care what those other [personal attacks removed!] say, I like this. Got my imagination going.
  15. Sandoval

    Sandoval Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 21, 2010
    Of course it did. How could one's imagination not be got 'going' by such inspirational gems as:

    The Felis begins its 3rd long range exploration mission.

    The Enterprise begins a 7 year voyage of exploration.

    The Felis returns to the Federation.

    The Felis begins its 4th long range exploration mission…

    and not forgetting my own personal favourite:

    The Felis continues its mission.
  16. USS Fardell

    USS Fardell Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 26, 2001
    Part 13

    The Felis enters an area where there are only pre-warp planets.

    The Enterprise explores a distant sector.

    The 235th member joins the Federation.

    The Enterprise has a joint mission with a Commonwealth ship, investigating a possible threat to both nations…

    The Felis encounters many Preserver planets.

    At the Dyson Sphere, more civilisation's ally with the Federation.

    The 236th member joins the Federation.

    The Felis has an uneventful year in its journey.

    A duplicate of the USS Voyager NCC 74656 arrives at the Federation. What is strange is that the ship appears to be the Voyager, it is definitely not from a parallel universe, and the surviving crew and their descendents are definitely who they say they are… The 2nd Voyager crew is shocked to discover that the original (?) Voyager had made it home 68 years earlier.

    The Enterprise patrols the Federation-Tzenkethi border.

    An exploration team finds clues as to the Dyson Sphere’s origins in the depths of the Sphere’s largest forest.

    The Felis encounters more rumours of the threat it had heard of in its previous voyages….

    A nation attacks the Typhon Pact and is swiftly conquered. They were unaware of the scale of the Pact.

    The 238th member joins the Federation.

    The Felis has many minor battles, when it encounters a syndicate of trading worlds that also engages in piracy.

    The Enterprise begins a 2 year voyage of exploration.

    A major diplomatic function is held at Gamma Station Three.

    Another civilisation in the Dyson Sphere joins the Federation

    The Felis returns to Federation space.

    The Enterprise contacts many explorer ships from other civilisations.

    The Federation gains its 240th member, a Klingon colony that had left the Empire. At this time the Federation and the Empire are still allies. The Enterprise explores a nebula near Commonwealth space.

    The Voyager B begins a mission to search for more duplicates of the original Voyager. (To intercept them before they arrive at the Federation.)

    The Felis undergoes a refit.

    Starfleet begins to trace the journey of the Voyager duplicate.

    The Enterprise F crew prevents a conspiracy from taking over the Federation, with the help of Section 31.

    A Database on the sentient species that were originally seeded in the Dyson Sphere is discovered.

    One of the Cardassian colonies that had left the Federation some years earlier rejoins the Federation.

    The Enterprise makes a first contact near the Galactic rim.

    Typhon Pact activity near the Dyson Sphere increases.

    Miral’s son barely escapes from the destruction of the Alpha Flyer, and hitchhikes back to the Federation. It is later revealed that Section 41 was responsible for the destruction as he had been getting too close to a secret Commonwealth facility…

    Anna decides to publish the account of her journeys.

    The Felis is damaged in a battle and has to trade with a small Federation-like entity for repairs.

    An outlying Tzenkethi world breaks away from the Coalition and the Typhon Pact.

    In the Dyson Sphere, a cavern is found beneath its largest mountain. It contains a record of the Sphere’s history.

    Some of the Cardassian colonies that had left the Federation a decade earlier rejoin.

    A second Tzenkethi world breaks away from the Typhon Pact.
  17. USS Fardell

    USS Fardell Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 26, 2001
    Part 14
    The Felis discovers a duplicate of Mars in an uninhabited system...

    The Typhon Pact retakes the first of the breakaway Tzenkethi worlds.

    Anna’s account of her journeys is published. It doesn’t mention the Commonwealth, Gary Seven or what happened to the Kalateo Empire.

    The Felis returns to the Federation from its 6th exploration mission.

    The Enterprise encounters explorer ships from many civilisations...

    The Enterprise completes its last voyage of exploration.

    At Gamma Station Three, there are many diplomatic conferences.

    The 246th member joins the Federation.

    The Enterprise becomes an Academy training vessel...

    At Gamma Station Three, more information about the station’s past is recovered.

    Voyager B discovers evidence of a Voyager duplicate more than 3000 light years away from the Federation.

    A 20th civilisation in the Dyson Sphere applies to join the Federation.

    The Felis discovers a cluster of industrial age Preserver worlds.

    At Gamma Station Three, an exploratory ship drops out of transwarp, making first contact with the Federation…

    The Enterprise is drawn into a Kobyashi Maru-like situation.

    The Felis discovers a Preserver world of Maori.

    The Typhon Pact retakes the second breakaway Tzenkethi world.

    One of the moons of the outer-most of the planets in the Dyson Sphere is discovered to be hollow.

    There is a massive uprising in the Breen Confederacy...

    In the middle of its 7th exploratory mission the Felis makes contact with a race that fits the description of the threat they had been hearing rumours about. The ship then heads directly back towards the Gamma part of the Federation, to warn them.

    The Enterprise comes to the rescue of another starship on the edge of Federation space.

    More mysteries are found in the Dyson Sphere.

    The 250th member joins the Federation. This is a Cardassian colony that had previously been a member of the Federation.

    At Gamma Station Three, a new program of exploration starts.

    The Felis enters a region of space where warp drives are slower, forcing them to change course so that they can get to the Federation faster.

    Another data holding cavern is discovered in the Dyson Sphere.

    Voyager discovers a semi-stable wormhole 3000 light years from Federation space.

    There are more first contacts at GS3, and some mysterious attacks start against Federation colonies in the near vicinity.

    Anna returns to the University of New England to update her degree.

    The Felis returns from its 7th mission of exploration.

    Voyager explores several nebulae.

    The mysterious attacks continue against Federation colonies near GS3.

    The Federation gains its 240th Member.

    The Enterprise F is decommissioned in January. The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 G is launched in November.

    The Felis begins its 8th mission of exploration.

    The attacks continue against colonies near to GS3, a taskforce arrives for further investigation of those attacks.

    The new Enterprise finishes its shakedown cruise and is involved in diplomatic missions close to Federation space.

    At Gamma Station Three new mysteries are exposed.

    The Felis discovers the framework of an abandoned Dyson Sphere construction.

    The taskforce finds that the New Dominion has nothing to do with the attacks. The attacks continue.

    Anna joins Starfleet Academy. The oldest human to do so.

    The 12th member joins the Typhon Pact.

    The Felis discovers a cluster filled with partially terraformed worlds.

    A Klingon colony is destroyed by the perpetrators of the mysterious attacks near GS3, the Klingons use this as an excuse to re-start conquest, they start invading independent worlds near to GS3. They hope to conquer the world the attacks are coming from and bring them to an end. Meanwhile the attacks continue in intensity.

    The Enterprise explores near the edge of the Galaxy.

    The Felis discovers an abandoned ringworld construction…

    A cluster of interdimensional gateway devices is discovered in the Dyson Sphere.
  18. USS Fardell

    USS Fardell Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 26, 2001
    Part 15

    The Klingon conquest near GS3 continues. A member of Section 31 arrives on GS3 to help the station crew investigate the source of the mysterious attacks, which continue throughout the year.

    The Federation and the Commonwealth stop an attempted Cybernator invasion of Lateoval, a portion of which is still reeling from the fall of the Kalateo Empire. Only 1 city of one of the other civilisations one the planet is scooped up by the Cybernator ship. The 2 nations set up a base in the Lateoval system in case the Cybernators come back.

    Anthony Paris (Tom and B’Elanna’s great grandson), begins exploring in the Alpha Flyer 2.

    The 268th member joins the Federation.

    Voyager patrols the Federation/Iiata border.

    The Klingon conquest slows down. The mysterious attacks continue near GS3, despite the ongoing investigation.

    Gamma Base 26 is commissioned and begins operations.

    The Federation and the Dominion sign an alliance against the perpetrators of the mysterious attacks at GS3.

    The Commonwealth sets up a secret base in the Dyson Sphere.

    Anthony discovers a Preserver world where there are Australian Aborigines, they are still living traditionally.

    The Enterprise is involved in the investigation of the mysterious attacks at GS3.

    The Felis discovers a duplicate of Pacifica.

    The 269th member joins the Federation.

    New Dominion agents are caught in the act of sabotage on some Federation colonies.

    The Klingon conquest force and the Starfleet forces based at GS3 uncover the perpetrators of the attacks. A civilisation previously thought to be reclusive, the Na Kalras. Backed into a corner they declare war on the Federation and the Klingons. The Dominion and the Commonwealth also join this war, though their presence much less than the Federation and the Klingons.

    Exploration is carried out from Gamma Base 26

    The Felis discovers 123 M-Class satellites in one system. Most of them have pre-industrial civilisations.

    The Na Kalras are defeated.

    The Klingons then withdraw from the planets that they had conquered.

    Many first contacts are made at Gamma Base 26.

    Starfleet Command forms a covert exploration arm to specifically explore ahead of ‘official’ explorers.

    Anna’s granddaughter Belle decides to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps, she spends the year exploring various Federation worlds.

    Anthony Paris rediscovers one of the worlds documented by Anna and notes the changes that have occurred in the decades since.

    A remote Federation colony falls to the Cybernators.

    The Enterprise patrols the Federation-Typhon border.

    A Ferengi expedition arrives at Gamma Base 26 with rumours of a civilisation that is more capitalist than Ferenginar.

    Belle leaves the Federation, heading towards Lateoval...

    The Commonwealth begins to explore from their secret base in the Dyson Sphere.

    The Dominion sets up a base near GB 26.

    A ship is sent from GB 26 to investigate the hyper-capitalist rumour.

    The Federation gains its 270th member, Capella IV.

    The Enterprise begins a long range exploration mission.

    The secret Commonwealth base in the Sphere is attacked by a nearby civilisation...

    Anthony Paris explores several pre-industrial worlds that seem very similar to each other.

    It is peaceful at GB26

    The Felis is decommissioned after its 8th long range mission in the Gamma Quadrant. The Mus is commissioned and begins its 1st long range mission.

    A Section 31 plot at Gamma Base 26 is foiled by the Base’s crew.

    Belle briefly visits Lateoval.

    The Tetari Consortium (The hyper-capitalist civilisation) makes first contact with the Federation at Gamma Base 26

    The Mus leaves known space.

    Some covert explorers discover evidence of Hirogen activity relatively near Federation space.

    A fleet of Federation ships destroys a Cybernator vessel threatening a remote outpost.

    Belle escapes from a confrontation between a Klingon fleet and a Hirogen hunting vessel.

    Paris discovers the descendants of lost Vomnin explorers.

    A representative of a Tetari Uber-Corporation comes to GB 26. Section 31 sends some agents to GB 26 to determine whether any of The Tetari Uber-Corps would pose a threat to the Federation.

    The Mus is bogged down at an apparently pre-industrial planet when some natives take their warp core…
    The natives were a lot more advanced than they looked...

    The USS New Horizons carries out 3 short-range exploration missions in the Gamma Quadrant, close to GB 26.

    A Cybernator armada is destroyed when it attempts to attack an Aegis outpost near Commonwealth space.

    At GB 26, there is another first contact.

    The Mus regains their warp core and they get on their way again.

    The New Horizons carries out 4 more short-range exploration missions in the GQ.

    The Federation gains its 275th member.

    Belle arrives at Lateoval after exploring every world on the way there.

    Several Sphere civilisations federate...

    A Section 31 operation near the Dyson Sphere is thwarted by Gorn agents.

    Anthony Paris discovers an abandoned Klingon ship near the galactic edge.