Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x10 - "Life, Itself"

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So how's everyone feeling tonight? Seems like the end of an era somehow.

I'm reminded of that Sunday Night watching The Vulcan Hello on CBS and then moving over and watching my first ever episode on CBS All Access. I still wish CBS would actually move from Thursdays when they release episodes (Just to be different) but it was a start of a new era of Trek. It's been hit and miss (And I have many issues with Discovery), but it really feels like not a lot of time as passed between that night and tonight. I think Covid might have something to do with that.
It's the end of an era, yet not. There's still the Section 31 TV Movie but, putting that to the side, who knows how much of what's been developed during the last three seasons of Discovery will carry over into Starfleet Academy?

I feel like I did 30 years ago. TNG was ending, but there was a TNG Movie coming up, Voyager was also coming up and I was really excited about it, and I decided to give DS9 another chance. It felt like the end of an era, but it was really just the middle.

Of course, S31 will just be a one-and-done, so we'll see how it goes with SFA.

We're always in the middle, aren't we?
I wasn't a big Star Trek fan until after my dad and I started watching Stargate SG-1. I was already a fan of the genre because of Stargate and Star Wars but he wanted to expose me to other scifi series so he introduced me to the Original series and then gradually over time I started getting into TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT.
It's good. We find out who Kovich is, and they do connect to Calypso.

Big spoilers:
There is a progenitor in the box. Burnham gets the power to control it and instead throws the box into a black hole so no one can use it. Other creators actually made it and the progenitors as well. Saru and T'rina get married, and we get an epilogue with old Admiral Burnham and Book meeting their son, who is a captain. Kovich has Geordi's visor, a bottle of Château Picard, and apparently Sisko's baseball in his collection and is... Agent Daniels from ENT!

(Edit: spoiler tag removed now that it is out)
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Saru is great in all his scenes. I liked this one more than the last 8 or so. Only the Matrix 3 fight scenes were bad, and some of the slow dialog was too slow. But all the sendoff epilogue stuff was great! Wish they'd use those uniforms and pins earlier, like for all of S3-5 :D

Favorite moment was the Daniels reveal!