Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 4x06 - "Stormy Weather"

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That was quite a drag, only Gray stood out. I like when they take things slow, not wild action all the time, but this was too slow for too long XD
Why do they have to go to the pattern buffers if the plasma damages the ship itself? Do the buffers use so much less energy than life support?
Are the Kelvans coming back? Better get green drinks ready! :D
Great episode. This season definitely seems to be moving towards the events of "Calypso". To be honest, I was starting to think that we reached it in this episode before the episode proved me wrong. Discovery keeps getting better and better and I love it. I look forward to finding out which extra galactic race is responsible for the DMA.
I like it, but ‪‪I also like the USS Knight NCC-2000.
I like the NCC-2000 as a reference to the KITT (Knight Industries Two-Thousand).

But what about the "Knight"-class of StarShips?

And Rider-Type shuttles?

We can also reference Andrew Probert since he designed the "Galaxy"-class StarShip / Enterprise-D and he also designed Airwolf.

We can add in retractable Triple Tube Torpedo Launchers as a homage to Airwolf =D
I like the NCC-2000 as a reference to the KITT (Knight Industries Two-Thousand).

But what about the "Knight"-class of StarShips?

And Rider-Type shuttles?

Love all of it! And ‪‪I was thinking of the Knight 2000 processor, the component that gave KITT his AI in the original.
Solid episode. However, and I realize this is wrong of me, but when the doctor is asked if the crewmember made it out of the hallway, all I could think is, "well.... sort of..." He DID make it out of that section.

I quite enjoyed the nod to Scotty's transporter pattern buffer trick as a solution to Discovery's problems.
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Thanks to you both.

Daaaaarrn, we need a new Enterprise! Two actually, one pre-Burn and one post-Burn. I want Eaglemoss models and see them in STO. *needy mumbling*

I agree. I also want to see a Defiant as well. Voyager and the Reliant have gotten love. Enterprise and Defiant need some too!!!!
Oko got more backstory in an emergency (again). It was about - I can't remember, but it had to do with how something in her past related to the present.

That's what I call character development. Sensational episode.

"Zora, I'm sure it's a fascinating experience, but perhaps you should deactivate your emotion subroutines for now."

Now the computer needs therapy mid-crisis? Discovery really has taken sappy and soapy to new heights. I've been fairly generous this season but boy, this rubbed me the wrong way.

- Pity it wasn't Nagilum. I was waiting for the DOT's camera to show Discovery ahead of it.
- Grey / Zora stuff in the bar was fine.
- Book - meh. Don't care.
- Starfleet - are you aware that one of the primary ships you have investigating the DMA is run by a sentient superintelligence that is exploring it's emotions and may have absorbed a touch too much angst of it's crew? Look into that!

The mystery box gets the perfunctory nudge with only two episodes to go before the primary reveal, followed by a two-part finale extravaganza. Can't say the extra-galactic tidbit did much to tantalise me.

As always, there are some decent moments sprinkled in there. A lot fewer this time round, unfortunately. My viewing experience with Disco tends to be when they go big on Burnham, I go sour. I might have liked the episode more had it not got in it's own way with the usual saccharine twaddle.
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It feels like they're trying to give all the extra characters some nugget of story, but it's amusing to have each of them drop some tragic backstory in the middle of a mission as a way to explain their motivations... if only we had 3 seasons of the show to do that work instead of a couple of lines. :p

The show also repeats my pet peeve with Star Trek, where no culture exists after the year 2000 and any reference to music has to be couched in what's contemporary to the audience. I totally get that it's hard enough to come up with clothes people would wear a thousand years from now without making it all neon lycra jumpsuits like in TNG, but you'd think in a thousand years someone else would have written a couple of hits.

All that said, I liked the episode. It was more focused - which was my complain with last week - and was confident enough to have a single storyline carry the episode and develop several characters.
This one felt like a high concept Braga episode mixed with nu-Trek storytelling. Solid enough episode, although some parts of it felt forced.

If I’m being honest I liked the previous episodes better and they were written by the new writers. This one wasn’t and it falls into some of the same pitfalls as last season.

I still enjoyed it however.
Good episode. I like the Zora parts. There was a good sense of peril from being stuck in the void. I like that the DMA is from outside our galaxy.

I feel that the writers will probably make the DMA creators the AI from Picard because they will think they are clever tying the two shows together. And it might give us more backstory on the AI baddie that we did not get in Picard. But I kind of hope they don't got that route just because I want something more original.

My only real nitpick is the weak hull. I get that the writers wanted some stakes and some drama in the escape but it makes little sense that the hull would be so weak.
So, it seems that the next trip the Discovery makes may be through the Galactic Barrier.
I wonder what new upgrades she'll get with this refurbishment?
Also, will any of the crew get ESP powers?
Will Book's mental power get amplified?

I liked this episode a lot gave it a 9.

Do we dare to assume that the Kelvans are to blame?

I know they are saying in the episode that a new antagonist may be involved, but they haven't mention the Kelvans were eliminated as a possibility.