Star Trek Day: SAG-AFTRA Picketing at Paramount Studios

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    Hi folks,

    My good pal John asked me to pass along this message to our membership:

    Hi Everybody!

    Phil Phlox here - if anybody's in the LA area, and wants to be part of what I expect to be quite an exciting morning, please join us on the 8th of September, at Paramount Studios, 10AM - 12PM, to picket in protest of Paramount's decision to promote ____ ______ Day (my union won't let me speak the name of the franchise).
    The thing about ____ ________ (not the day, the franchise) is this: it is cherished because actors, writers, designers, and creatives of all sorts have made the 50 plus years of memories that people hold so dear.

    The studios - bravo and bless 'em for this - 'bought the barn' ---- but there ain't no shows in that barn without the showfolk who write and act and design 'em.

    I won't go into a whole yada yada about why we are on strike - and why everybody in our industry who doesn't wear a suit and tie every day is pissed off (no offense to all you suit and tie wearers) . . . but suffice it to say that 86% of the l60K people in the Screen Actor's Guild make under 25K a year, and don't qualify for health care, consequently . . . and the structure (streaming) that has been created by the producers (god knows the creatives weren't asked to weigh in) simply doesn't work, economically, for the people who make the shows that are being streamed.

    This strike won't end until the people who run the industry realize that the actors and the writers have fans behind them, that it's the AMPTP wearing the black hats in this particular morality play, and that they are not going to break our unions, or our collective will to resist. They ain't winning any adherents to their cause in the process of trying to do just starve us out!

    So join us, and help get that message across.

    Bring your homemade sign, but be prepared to have it vetted for approval by the SAG team on the day . . . (don't wear Trek costumery, thanks though). No pets! Bring water, sunscreen. Take Uber/Lyft, it's gonna be hard to park.

    No autographs, selfies, alas - union rules, and it's a moving picket, there'll be strike captains to keep everybody chugging along. . . not that people can't take all the breaks they need. There's a buoyancy, and a vitality, on the line: nobody has any quit in 'em, and the more we can rock the studio's world with folks showing up in support, the better . . . so for all of the rules and regs., you'll have fun, you'll feel energized to be a part of this.
    If you can't make it, but would like to consider contributing to one of the several funds that exist to help indigent actors/entertainment industry professionals weather this very difficult time, check out:

    Thanks from Dr. P