Star Trek Comes To Reality!

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    April 1978 was the first time our nation turned its lonely eyes to Southfork Ranch, the winningly diabolical genius of J.R. Ewing (as played by Larry Hagman) and Victoria Principal's high-waisted pantsuits. It was the booze-and-sex-soaked caricature of free enterprise and executive lifestyles that proved irresistible not just to stagflation-weary Americans but viewers from France to the Soviet Union to Ceausescu's Romania.

    "Dallas" wasn't simply a television show. It was an atmosphere-altering cultural force. Lasting nearly as long as recovering alcoholic Larry Hagman's second liver

    1980s in Romania, "Dallas" was the last Western show allowed during the nightmare 1980s because President Nicolae Ceausescu was persuaded that it was sufficiently anti-capitalistic. By the time he changed his mind, it was already too late -- he had paid for the full run in precious hard currency. Meanwhile, the show provided a luxuriant alternative to a communism that was forcing people to wait more than a decade to buy the most rattletrap Romanian car.
    After the dictator and his wife were shot on Christmas Eve 1989, the pilot episode of "Dallas" -- with a previously censored sex scene edited back in -- was one of the first foreign shows broadcast on the liberated Romanian TV.

    ~~30 years after~~​

    In the year 2014 people all around the world desperate and sick of pollution and poverty go on the streets with only one vision in their minds: the utopia society they've seen on TV show Star Trek. They scream "We deserve this kind of utopia!" while they swing with their protest signs like with giant hammers. They demand from politicians to be like computer and other technical industries that have already taken Star Trek as their model for producing new future. "No more anachronistic politics!" they yell united. "No more backward thinking." and before politicians try to "reason" with the masses they get bogged down and there are no new politicians, but new politics of people. Led by the footsteps of brilliant Dr. Robert Bussard scientists from around the world quickly gather to make nuclear fusion possible, just like 5 decades ago collection of some of the brightest minds in the world gathered in the farm in Los Alamos to develop nuclear fusion where they were forbidden to say "No this can't be done" as an answer.

    In few months there is an ignition. The world is being transformed. Humanity re-born. All of a sudden there is this unimaginative large amount of energy released for everyone to cheaply use. Food and all sorts of elements are being created in the cores of fusion reactors by cheap manipulation of matter on molecular level. Wars and world hunger dissipate in a gush, because who needs war for oil, gold or what ever when it can be created for nothing. People, armed with large amounts of energy, start cleaning up the ecosystem. Mountains of garbage start to get lower and lower until they completely disappear. Chimneys of highly pollutant factories get thorn down and large machines for cleaning the air get turned on and all of a sudden air starts to be breathable again. People stop getting this "unexplainable" and sudden tumors and cancers. Animals all over the planet start getting large new lands to roam around again.

    New spaceships that are fusion powered are 5000 times faster then previous chemical ones so people can now travel to Mars in few days and into outer planets just few weeks. Instead of doing boring jobs and wasting their lives on them to pay for the bills of the homes, that are like critically ill people that constantly need to be pumped with energy and heat, people now explore Mars, Europa, Titan and terraform Venus. Such machines are being created that it almost compares to some fantasy world where door to the other dimension are being opened that people get so inspired that they all want to to learn about science and participate in it as much as they can.

    And, indeed, Nuclear Fusion transforms people from worms to butterflies. The current times are only remembered in dark, gritty HBO dramas because people of Fusion times look at us like we're now looking at people in medieval times.