Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

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    Don't second guess me.

    I ALWAYS mean save the world. Always.
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    Well, maybe just a little ;) - ok alot ;)
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    On board the TARDIS

    Jack wanted to know what the hell was going on with the Doctor. One minute he was on target with the returning Nathan to life bit, the next he was almost panicking. He knew about River from his time in the Time Agency. He knew exactly who she was. He served as a Justice Coordinator aboard a Tesselector a few times – not permanently, but enough to know that she was wanted by them. And that she had murdered the Doctor and served in Stormcage. Now she was free from that, but he still wanted to know what happened to the Doctor to make him flip out like this.

    “Doctor, a moment of your time, if you please?”

    The Doctor stares at Jack as if he’d grown a second head and then comes back to reality.

    “Oh, yes. Yes, of course. River, we were on a mission at the moment. Care to share what you know?”

    “Well, from what I can tell, the Iconnu are attempting to destroy the world, allowing them to exist here in some form. A lot of the signals I’m getting suggest that they are awakening some rather nasty creatures – The Great Old Ones for instance, and even some Elder Gods. It all stems from here however.”

    “From Earth?”

    “Not just Earth, from Midwestern America.”

    Coyote Sands Arizona

    February 14, 2010

    Gabriel Gray was very concerned. He knew the Government was after him, but he did not know what to do. Tracey Strauss was also worried. She too was on the Most Wanted List. Jail or Run. She had been on the run for many months now. She and Gabriel had a lot in common.

    “We just made it out safely,” says Gabriel. “Those Winchester Boys got picked up yesterday. The FBI was the ones to get them.”

    “I have contacts in DC, perhaps I should find out more about them?”

    “We are in danger here, Tracey. Our fellow Specials could turn us in at a moment’s notice.”

    “So what do we do? My powers are growing, and yours are through the roof.”

    “I think we should find out more. Information is vital to our survival now."

    “I will make some calls.”

    Claire Bennet was feeling dislocated. All she knew was gone. Her friends went home; her mom and dad were busy. Her brother was not even acknowledging her, and no one was able to figure out what was so important about Nathan being resurrected. She remembered his military funeral and that the casket they buried was not Nathan Petrelli but an empty one. They told everyone that his body was burned to ash in the plane crash, but now they wanted to make it look like it crashed and he survived. How can they do that? Lyle came up behind her and gave her a hug. Maybe, she thought, I am not the only one feeling like this.

    Noah Bennet was talking to Angela Petrelli. Together they were working on some details of the return of Nathan.

    “So with all of the pomp and circumstance from the funeral, we still have to make it look like he is still alive somewhere? This could get sticky but I may have a plan.”

    “Do you care to elaborate?”

    “Not just yet. We may need some outside help. I have a guy but it’s a long shot now. Ever since yesterday, I mean.”


    “One of the men in the raid on the diner was my contact – Bobby Singer. I let him know about Coyote Sands. I just have to get a message to him.”

    “Do you have a picture?”

    “Will a newspaper clipping do?”

    “Yes, this will do nicely. Leave this to me, Noah.”

    On the TARDIS

    “Doctor, what are the Iconnu? When she mentioned them, you looked like you nearly had a panic attack,” asks Peter.

    “The Iconnu are a race of ancient evil beings. They were from the Dark Times. They are disembodied spirits capable of possessing the living and are commonly referred to as Demons, Devils, Daemons, Qlippoth, or Cthulhoids. They were sent into a realm of unreality called the Far Realms and they exist only to spread chaos and evil. All the stories that you have heard about demonic possession involve these creatures.”

    “Who sent them to that realm?”

    “A race of beings called Avangions, or if you like, Angels. They are a race of relatively benevolent peoples also without form. But they take on vessels at the vessel’s agreement. Demonic possession is done without consent,” replies River.

    “The point is that something very bad is going on, and it started in the Midwestern United States, so since our mission to help resurrect Nathan is in Virginia, perhaps we should start there and move west.”

    “Virginia is not where the events are happening. Ever since 1989, and again in 2005 a series of meteor strikes hit a rural area of Kansas. Since then, there have been numerous accounts of mutated humans causing all kinds of havoc. So if we want to find out about this? There are a number of places we could go to, but one of them stands out – Smallville.”

    Time of Judgment Part 3​
    Judgment Day​
    Phoenix Federal Building

    Sam, Dean and Bobby were led to the court room with Allison, Pete and Nick. Nick had recovered from his visitation with Castiel and they were setting the bail and hearing date. In attendance were Special Agent Colonel Phillip Broyles and Special Agent Aaron Hotchner. The judge asked what the men thought about having a federal escort at all times, until the hearing date, which would be set in Washington DC. The Agents in Charge agreed, so the judge made sure that since it was a joint task-force which brought them in, it would be from those ranks.

    Peter Bishop asked to approach the bench with Olivia in tow. The judge agreed. “Your Honor, I know that I am a consultant to the Fringe Division, but I would like the opportunity to assist on this case. I know how to use a firearm, and I am sure that I can make sure that they get to the trial on time.”

    “What about your cases? I mean, can it be said that you are invaluable to the solving of these cases. All of you are.”

    “Well that may be, your honor, but these men would pose less of a threat if I was there to supervise them. I mean that I am just a phone call away from either inter-agency group.”

    Colonel Phillip Broyles spoke up. “I am willing to put Fringe Division on hold until this issue is resolved.”

    “In that case, Agent Hotchner, it’s your call.”

    “I would be willing to allow a few of my agents to work on this case – Agent Rossi, Agent Reid and Agent Morgan. They will be on call. Our other cases will take precedence.”

    “In that case,” states Broyles, “I will assign Agent Farnsworth and Agent Dunham. Doctor Bishop and Peter Bishop will continue in their consolatory capacity.”

    “Then I will schedule the hearing for trial on March 23, 2010. Court is adjourned.”
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    In the next segment, Mirror Universe of Star Trek, Pete's World of Doctor Who, and the other universe of Fringe are the same one, just in 2010.
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    Metropolis Kansas

    Clark was working on an expose’ for the Daily Planet, when he got a call from Chloe.

    “Clark, are you watching this? Get to a TV now!”

    Clark turns on the TV and gapes in horror – a group of men have been arrested by the FBI in Arizona. One of them looks exactly like Jason Teague. He calls back Chloe. “Hey Chlo – I am heading out there now, want to join me?”

    “Tess wants us to cover the entire story, so yeah. Hey Clark! Put me down, ya big oaf!”

    “Sorry, the only way was to literally bring you with me. We want to cover the story right?”

    “Let me call Tess, she should know we’re here.”

    After the guys had been able to set bail, and have the escort, the only thing to do was try to lay low and not give these guys a good reason to throw them in jail. They took the men back to the motel.
    Bobby told them that he had a call to make.

    Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop looked at the guys. Olivia started talking. “You will be allowed to live your lives as best as you can within certain limits. First, we want to know your whereabouts at all times. Second, we expect you to cooperate with all of our orders. And lastly, you need to –"

    “Sorry for interrupting, but we have a situation. My contact is about to come over. He knows the situation, but something is off with him.”

    “Is he dangerous?”

    “Define Dangerous, yes, if provoked he can be ruthless.”

    “Who are you people,” asks Peter.

    “It’s like we said, we’re hunters of the Supernatural. Bobby used to hunt – but he’s stuck at the moment until we can get him out of that chair,” says Dean.

    Walter chose that moment to speak up, “You mean to say that you have the power to allow him to walk again?”

    “Well not us, particularly, but a Demon, yes. We do,” says Sam.

    “That is fascinating, isn’t it, Astro?”

    Dean makes a face, “Who’s, Astro?”

    “I am, but my name is Agent Astrid Farnsworth, he just never gets it right. And yes, if what they say is true it is a miracle they are alive.”

    Agent Rossi decided to speak. “Well, we can talk about this another time. We just got a call; we are needed at the airport, because a case has come up. We will be back in a few days.”

    “We can take care of them,” Olivia said.

    Rossi and the others leave, and within a few minutes there is a knock on the door.

    Agent Dunham went to the door. “Identify yourself.”

    “Noah Bennett, you identify yourself.”

    “Special Agent Olivia Dunham, FBI.”

    “Noah Bennett, Torchwood 4, Primatech Company.”

    At the mention of Torchwood, her eyes got wide and she mouthed Torchwood to Bobby, impressed. He nodded. Let him in, he gestured.

    Olivia opened the door and there was the man who haunted her dreams since her childhood – the man in the horn-rimmed glasses.
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    The story lines are converging. Get ready for more;
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    Metropolis Kansas

    Tess Mercer was working hard as editor in chief of The Daily Planet. Two of her most trusted employees had called her and reported that they were now in Arizona; she knew about Clark’s abilities and had to laugh at what must have been a terrible shock for poor Chloe Sullivan.

    She turned back to the files she was reading.

    The files from the Veritas Program were consistent about the Kryptonians, but apparently there were others that Veritas knew about. A spy deep within the American branch of Torchwood routinely sent data to Veritas and one of the files described the known alien species – Gallifreyans, Daleks, Kaleds, Sontarrans, Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, Andorians, Tellarites, Denobulans, Slitheen, Gelth, Judoon, Attraxi, Silurians, Cybermen, Nestene, Racnoss, Sycorax, Autons, Martians, Plutonians, Venusians, Nephilim, Lilitim, Cybertronians, and many, many others.

    When Torchwood was destroyed, she was able to gain access to the files and discovered many other interesting things.

    Torchwood knew unequivocally that the alien known as The Doctor was a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. There was so much data on the being that she had to stare in wonder at what the man had done in all of his incarnations – or regenerations as Torchwood called it.

    And she also knew what to look for when it came to the energy signatures of his TARDIS. The new head of UNIT was the daughter of the late Brigadier General Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, who was the head in the 60’s and 70’s and became scientific adviser thereafter.

    The new director Kate Stewart, sans Lethbridge, was facing a major challenge, since most of her people were of the opinion that science did not matter, but that force did. It was nice to see her actively changing these views.

    One reason she wanted Clark and Chloe working on the story in Arizona was that she knew that the men were innocent. She knew all about their travels, and even helped them out behind the scenes, while working for LuthorCorp. Now she was going to sit back and help Clark and Chloe when they needed her.

    Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent were heading over to the motel to interview the legal team which helped the Winchesters and Bobby Singer. The men themselves were willing to submit to an off-the-record interview. Lois had called and was worried about the both of them. No one should be alone in this, she said, so she hopped the next plane out to Phoenix. She was due to arrive in an hour and Clark would be conducting the interview, while Chloe dropped him off.

    Clark was centered on the facts of the case. At first look, the only things that the prosecutors could substantially hold against the men were a few dug up graves and crypts, the impersonations and the credit card fraud. I mean, there was no blood, no bodies, not one bit of DNA but the Winchesters.

    He looked forward to the interview. Lois and Chloe would be foaming at the mouth for an exclusive, and he had to nip that in the bud. Earlier this evening, a call from Tess Mercer revealed more to him than to any of the girls. He was aware of the truth to the men’s claims and he wanted to show his support. She told him that Chloe was to be secondary to the interview. He was in charge and she wanted him to get the truth, not an exclusive. Chloe would get that interview. Clark agreed completely.

    “Clark, I wish I could do this.”

    “I know, but Tess did want me on it. Bring back Lois and then I can fill you both in.”

    And he would, now though, he needed to focus on his interview, as he turned around, he noticed three men exiting the motel room and get into their SUV. They pulled away and another man was coming to the door. He waited until the door opened and then came forward.
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    Inside the motel room, Noah Bennet was being frisked for weapons (of which he had none on him – go figure). As he was allowed in another knock on the door was greeted by Agent Dunham.

    Pete and Nick had set up an interview with the Daily Planet and had advised both Agencies of the fact. Now the man was here and they made sure that all of the men were present.

    “Hi, my name is Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet.”

    “I am Special Agent Olivia Dunham. These are my colleagues Agent Farnsworth, Peter Bishop, and Doctor Walter Bishop. We will be in the other room while the interview is conducted.

    “Actually, if you don’t mind, please stay.”

    “Whatever is revealed will be contrary to the judicial process. I will be in our van with my team.” They leave and go to the unmarked van.

    “So, tell me, Clark, how is Smallville,” asks Noah.

    “Uhm, I don’t know you, sir.”

    “That’s okay, I am familiar with you. We can talk freely in here. I just jammed any outside recording capabilities.”

    “You know me?”

    “Yes, just like I know Agent Dunham and Peter Bishop. Walter used to work with us, but I suppose that the brain surgery took a toll on him. What is Tess up to these days?”

    “You know Tess?”

    “Of course, who did you think gave Veritas their information?”

    “You betrayed us, all of us.”

    “No. I gave information, what the people did with it is not my concern. I was a deep member of Veritas for many years. At first I thought that Lionel Luthor was a hope, but his death made that impossible.”

    “Lex killed him.”

    “I know. I came here to help these young men acquit themselves. All the information is on this disk. Nick, Pete, please use this since it contains the facts of each of the situations in the case. Dean, Sam, Bobby, with this you will be off within a day, so just sit tight. Put a rush job on this, Gentlemen, these guys need to be back on the front lines immediately.”

    Nick and Pete look at the data on the laptop and move out the door so fast they nearly trip over each other.

    “What was on that,” asked Dean.

    “Closed Circuit Camera evidence of every hunt you ever made, with sound. People think vampires, and ghosts can’t be photographed. Well satellite imagery is near perfect. I know what to look for, why do you think Bobby and I are such good friends. I make sure that any hunt, even those your dad went on and any that are affiliated with your groups are monitored and photographed with video, audio and witnessed.”

    “Won’t people get suspicious? I mean can’t that stuff be faked?”

    “Any test will prove its validity, and with a Torchwood Stamp of Approval, well let’s just say that not even the President can overturn that one, although rogue agents in the UK took out the Cardiff Branch just a few months ago. That was unfortunate, since we could have stopped it if we would have been clued in.”

    “Bobby, we have got to get this thing settled between you and Crowley.”

    At the mention of his name, Crowley appears.

    “You rang,” he joked.

    “Ok, I did not see that one coming,” confesses Clark.

    “Ahh, the Kryptonian. It’s nice to see a person of strength in the room. These pansy-asses could never take care of themselves properly. But you, my god, you would definitely be an asset.”

    “Clark, this is the demon we spoke of.”

    “Him? He looks harmless.”

    “Don’t judge the meatsuit. I tend to use this one just a bit. Picked it up in Washington DC in 1969 and I just couldn’t let it go.”

    “Yes, now I know this man,” said Noah. “He’s an FBI agent. He helped out in a case involving President Nixon, Neil Armstrong, the Doctor and his companions.”

    “Yes. Canton Everett Delaware, the Third. I just couldn’t resist; a gay FBI agent in the 1960’s? It’s precious. And when I saw what he did for the Doctor, it was love at first sight. Grant you, I only use him very sparingly. A day here, an hour there, you know.”

    “Why are you here Crowley? Come to rub our noses in this,” asks Bobby suddenly very angry.

    “No, I came to warn you. I represent a group of demons known as the Fallen. We escaped hell long ago. Mainly it was because of the Hunters, but also because of some very interesting events. This earth is not the center of the multiverse you know. Although there is a planet out there that can be said to be that world, in a physical sense at least. But I digress.

    No, I am here to help. There is the Fallen – me and some others, and there are the Iconnu. Evil bastards. They locked up Lucifer tighter than a medieval princess’s chastity belt. Now I realize that you intend to stall the vengeful meeting of Brother against Brother, but there are more important things to consider. Lucifer is out. He is traveling the world. I came across a strange assortment of characters in my efforts of self-preservation. This group of people is seemingly unconnected, but has been working for Lucifer without their foreknowledge.

    Apparently a copy of an ancient manuscript known as Days of Fire was seen on this continent. We are going to have to track it down before Lucifer does. He intends to use it as his Manifesto so to speak. If he does that, the Iconnu will take over the world. Unfortunately, your current predicament is rather difficult to circumvent.”

    “I am taking care of that,” says Noah.

    “And who might you be?”

    “Noah Bennet, Torchwood.”

    “Oh this just gets better and better. Well you men are in amazing hands, a Kryptonian and a super-secret agent.”

    “What’s a Kryptonian,” asks Dean.

    “Tell him, Bobby. I want to see this reaction.”

    “Not much is written on them, just what I have from old Indian legends and the information from Veritas. Professor Swan was in that group. He told me some things.”

    “You knew Virgil Swan, asks Clark.

    “Yes. He knew about Kryptonians. Clark Kent? Are you Kal-El, Clark,” asks Bobby.

    “How does everyone know me without me knowing me?”

    “Clark, I work for a number of agencies, not the least of which is Torchwood. Argus, Department 7, Warehouse 23, the Twilight Project. I have a significant number of people working day and night to protect this world. For many years I played the part of a dedicated agent for a group known as the Company. The fact is they were a branch of the American Torchwood Institute. I found that out the day my daughter was handed to me. One agency in particular, which will probably raise a shit-storm in the future, is Checkmate.

    They know about you Clark, and they know about all your so-called Justice League. The Blur is a definitive threat to those in power. I know because another group which I represent is fighting Checkmate tooth and nail. I can never leave any of my affiliated groups. I can never be revealed. However, I trust you Clark. And if I can trust you, I know these men can.”

    “Well now that that sappiness is over. Let’s get to the matter at hand,” says Crowley with his usual snarkiness.
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    Back on the TARDIS

    “Smallville Kansas,” says the Doctor. “I wonder what we will discover there.”

    “Doctor, my brother,” said Peter Petrelli.

    “No, not him for sure.”

    “No, I mean we were working to restore him to life. You told everyone to watch Fox News about his miraculous return.”

    “No, I said for them to watch Fox News in regards to the terrible things about to occur in the next year. His return will be broadcast on every news channel and Fox will get an exclusive with both Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren. The thing is we have a serious problem here. The situation is dangerous in the extreme.”

    “Doctor, the Iconnu can wait a few more segments of time. These men need you now.”

    “All righty then, let’s get on this. Peter, your brother’s body is being held in a private storage unit. We need access to his cryopod.”

    “It’s a freezer.”

    “I beg to differ, if it was a simple freezer, you would have noticed the depletion of energy and lots of melted water since they are not made well in this part of the century and since no one has come forward to complain about that, I submit to you that it is a cryopod. A self-contained cryopod. Very chic for the ultra-rich of which your brother certainly qualifies for – notwithstanding the divorce proceedings.

    “Heidi never got the divorce final. He died before it could be. She got the flag and everything.”

    With that, the Doctor set his course for the storage unit.

    Far away, a young man lay dreaming. At first it was a wonderful dream. Filled with visions of his mother and father, and then it started getting dark. It started to rain and the rain turned to blood. A voice called out ominous and threatening. “Micah Sanders, I am Uluru. You will bring me forth to enslave your world in blood and fire.”

    He woke up screaming.

    Olivia Dunham and her Fringe Division Team were in their van. Peter had noticed her reaction to the man with the horn-rimmed glasses, Noah Bennet, and decided to call her on it.

    “Olivia, what happened in there? One minute, you’re all gung-ho, the next you’re like an animal caught in a trap.”

    “That man worked with my stepdad to get me put into the Cortexiphan Trials in Jacksonville.”

    “Oh dear,” says Walter. “Yes, I remember him now. He worked for the Company that hired Belly and I to administer it and to monitor the children’s responses and even their resting rates. There were a number of trials as you know. The one in Ohio was conducted by a Doctor Jonas Zimmerman. I believe he was transferred here to the Coyote Sands Military Base as a part of project Icarus. That was the codename for our little experiment, run by a colleague of mine by the name of Chandra Suresh. You see Daedalus was Icarus’s father and they achieved flight, but then Icarus was tragically killed, by flying too close to the sun. I think of those times and I see how close we are to flying too close to the proverbial sun in each of our cases. I just wish that I could have been more aware of it at that time.”

    “So what do you want to do about him?”

    “I can’t do anything. If he is telling the truth that he works for Torchwood, than that’s all there is.”

    “Can’t Broyles help out?”

    “Even the President answers to Torchwood, Peter. There is nothing that I can do.”

    “Wait, how can the President have to answer to them?”

    “The Torchwood Institute was founded in the 1800’s Victorian Era, by the Queen herself. I came across them a few years ago when one of our cases ended up traveling to Cardiff Wales of all places. A strikingly handsome agent, Harkness, told me that it was Torchwood’s problem and not ours and that they’d take care of it. Naturally I called CIA headquarters and Interpol and found out that they also answer to Torchwood. Any country that holds a British Citizen, presently or in the past is in the jurisdiction of Torchwood. That’s why Hong Kong went back to the Chinese. They won’t play fair, and neither would France, Russia or Germany.”

    As she was talking a sound like a ruffling of feathers was heard in the backseat beside Walter.

    “Hard Artichokes Rarely Keep. Norwegian Elephants, Singapore Sleeps. Why hello there my fine-feathered friend, it has been a very long time. I thought that the medications I take would not have let me see you again, but it is plain to see that I was mistaken.”

    Thinking that Walter was having another one of his hallucinations, Peter turned back to help him out of it, but when he did, he saw a man in a trench coat, sitting with Walter.

    In the TARDIS

    “Well here we are then. Jack, you, Peter, and Hiro will find the Senator. I will be back. I need to get Claire and then we need to go back to the site of the plane crash.

    “There was no plane crash. Not yet."

    “Yes but there will be and it will be 3 weeks and 4 days before we rescue your brother from a near atrocity. My dear, care to play a little back-country, deep-south deliverance with me?”

    “Oh, you are so naughty!! Of course I would. By the way, where did all of this come from? The last time I saw you, you were in the Cemetery where mom and dad were buried.”

    “Quite right, but since then I had a number of adventures which restored my soul and shall I say, restored my child-like abandon.” He winks at her.

    “Who was she?”

    “Well, since you were not in the picture anyway. Her name was Clara.”

    “And why was I not in the picture?”


    “Oh no! You do not get to use that one on me!!”

    “Let’s just say, I lost you. But I will find you and then we will resume our adventures at your discretion.”

    “My leisure, Doctor. You are always my ticket to fun.”
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    Not getting better is it?
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    Soitenly Sir.:lol::guffaw::lol:
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    I think you need to include a few more series.

    The forty or so that you have so far don't seem to be capturing anyone's imagination.
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    Being cynical is never pretty. Could I suggest a new frame of reference? Total and complete suspension of disbelief. All shall be revealed in time.
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    No one is bothered enough to comment on the actual story though are they?

    Let's be blunt - no one is reading it.
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    I am sorry you feel that way - but there is no way that 1069 views represents no one. Even clicking to look - Thank you all - I appreciate your interest in at least doing that much.

    For those of you who enjoy the story, it will continue, and I do enjoy writing it. :rofl: :techman::bolian:
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    Angry Fanboy

    Well... the number of views the thread has isn't quite representative of the number of people reading the story - people commenting is a far more accurate measure of readership.

    But I think you're aware that Sandoval is baiting you so I'm not too concerned! :lol:
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    Not really worried, I'm not even 1/2 done with Chapter One - This proposes to be a long story, but I promise that I enjoy writing it.

    Comments are not necessary but are appreciated as long as they are productive to promoting the story and not demeaning of the story.:techman:
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    Angry Fanboy

    Well as I've said it's unfortunate that no one has commented other than myself and Sandoval, and I've given you my reasons for my own lack of interest.

    But as long as you're enjoying writing it then that's what's important, not whether people are reading it or not. :)
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    Sheriff Jody Mills was floored when the news about Bobby Singer (the town drunk to her), that he was in fact in collusion with the mass murder family known as the Winchesters. She never took Bobby to be that kind of guy. She was just about to call the FBI when another call came in.

    “Sioux Falls, Police Department, Sheriff Jody Mills speaking.”

    “Thank god I got ahold of you.”

    “Who is this?”

    “My name is Melinda Gordon. I have it on the highest authority that Bobby Singer and the Winchester Boys are innocent.”

    “Really, and what can I do about that?”

    “We need to speak in person. I am hopping a flight right now to Sioux Falls. We need to go to Phoenix.”

    “Ma’am I cannot just up and go like that.”

    Suddenly, a rush of wind and what sounded like a flap of wings and suddenly there was a man standing in front of her wearing a trench coat.

    “You must help her, these men are important.” He touches her head and vanishes. She forgets he was there but his message remains.

    “Who are you again?”

    “I am a friend, someone who can help us get the boys back to where they belong.”

    “I may regret this, but okay, I’ll meet you at the airport.”

    In an Arlington Virginia Storage Center, the TARDIS materializes and Peter, Hiro and the rest of the gang emerge.

    “I will be back with Claire in a few moments – River, would you do the honors of piloting the TARDIS? I want to be precise in this situation.”

    “Not trusting yourself completely, Doctor? I am surprised!”

    “It’s not that, it’s just that I want to be able to delegate certain private things to you, to show my trust and appreciation of you, River. I never did that before and I am sorry."

    “New TARDIS, new Doctor, I am not surprised in the least my love.”

    “I am still the same person, in the same body even.”

    “Just changed, due to a woman named Clara.”

    “Well she and I were very good for each other.”

    “You make her sound amazing.”

    “She was. Amy and Rory met a version of her. A future version but still.”

    “She sounds fascinating. Well I am not going to be jealous my love. Just make sure that I am found and all will be well.”

    “Well everyone, we will be back quickly. Please locate him and wait for us to return.”

    “Okay Doctor,” says Peter. As the TARDIS dematerialized, Jack and Hiro were in an interesting conversation about immortality. Hiro was talking about Adam Monroe, and Peter decided to scout ahead and look for the storage unit.

    In her dorm room, Claire and her roommate Gretchen were discussing what had happened in Central Park and in Coyote Sands, while studying for exams.

    “It’s not that unfeasible to have an alien time traveler. That Jack guy was also a time traveler from another planet.”

    “I know, but with all the weirdness in our lives, where will it end? I just want a normal life. I can’t even get that, for crissakes.”

    “Claire, one thing you are not taking to heart, is that the world is weird. Even more weird than you ever thought. If you don’t roll with the punches and live it to the fullest, it will destroy you. I mean look at me, I just found out that aliens exist, time travel is real and that your dad can be resurrected – dead from being sliced across the neck. Your uncle had to tell you that. Your grandmother would never have discussed it I am sure, and I found out in a diner in the desert, during lunch.”

    “I know. It must be very hard putting up with me.”

    “Nope, just remember to come up for a breath from your whining and moping, okay? No one wants to see or live with someone in close quarters who is always complaining and depressed. I mean you have a lot to live for, much more than me. Amazing things are supposed to happen – but also some horrible stuff. I think we should work together to keep each other sane and happy, what do you say?”

    “Okay. That sounds like a plan.”

    Just then a telltale grinding sound was heard and a localized wind blew the papers round the room. A blue box with a sign that read Police on it appeared in the room. Out stepped the Doctor and a woman that Claire never saw before.

    “Claire Bennet I would like to introduce you to my wife, River Song.”

    Astrid Farnsworth was having a very strange day. First, mass-murdering suspects got released on supervised bail (never happened to her knowledge ever), then a man comes in claiming to work for an ultra-secret division that to her recollection never existed, and that even the President had to answer to it, and then to top it off, a strange man in a trench coat just materialized right next to her between her and Walter Bishop. It was just too much. She screamed, and then promptly fainted.

    “Astro!!! Please friend, help her!!”

    “I will, but what I have to say needs to be said in present company without her recollection, so this is fortuitous.”

    “Oh well, by all means, please tell us why you’re here," says Peter with a snarky attitude.

    “Ahh yes, sarcasm, I am learning more and more about it each day. I am Castiel, and Angel of the Lord. I come to you with a message, Agent Dunham, I am here to tell you that you are important to the Lord’s Plan. Also, that these men are not guilty of murder. They are very important to the End of Days. We seek to stop that event from occurring. Peter, the Lord is pleased with you. You are helping to solve many issues plaguing this world; Agent Farnsworth is also well liked. Walter, the time is coming where you will face great difficulties. Please be strong. You are well-liked and will be able to overcome these issues. God forgives you, and you and he are on good terms. Your repentance is assured. I must go; your agent Farnsworth’s scream has drawn the attention of those in the motel room. You are about to get a call from a Sheriff Jody Mills, I suggest you take it seriously. God is with you.” A flap of wings and he is gone.